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Explaining Reading

A Resource for Teaching Concepts, Skills, and Strategies By Gerald G. Duffy


BY Jeff Beal

Thinking about Chapter 1 On page 5, Dr. Duffy has highlighted "The Power of Expectancy". After reading the information in the box share with your reading group an example of when "The Power of Expectancy" worked for you. Review the six characteristics of a literate environment on pages 5-8. Think about your strengths in each area. Devise a plan to improve your strength in one area. The plan should be obtainable within one school year. Thinking about chapter 2. In your own words tell a partner about the relationship between explaining, modeling, and scaffolding. When finished your partner will tell you how his or her understanding is the same as or different than yours.

Thinking about chapter 3. Create a metaphor that will help you and others better understand the relationship between concepts, skills and strategies. Dr. Duffy says that it is the ability to recognize many words on sight that distinguishes fluent, motivated readers. He then continues to say that phonics strategies should only be used on an emergency basis. Do you agree with him? Will you adjust your teaching because of this information and how? Thinking about chapter 4 Make a list of possible occurrences or things that may affect how instruction is scaffolded. Tell us your secret or secrets to successfully scaffolding instruction.

Thinking about Part II Chose an example from Part II of the book and try it out in a classroom. Take notes about what was hard and what was easy. Be ready to report back to your group how you would adapt or modify the lesson to fit your classroom situation. Closing thoughts Write a letter to Dr. Duffy explaining the impact his book has had on you and your students. Make a group list of the things you do to inspire kids to read. Individually choose one that you haven't tried and give it a go.


Microsoft Word - Study Guide for Explaining Reading by Jeff.rtf

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