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The Readington Township Travel Basketball program mission is to provide a wholesome and safe environment for the higher caliber of basketball player to compete with like players of the same ability from other towns. This will allow the player to prepare him/her self for future competition at the High School Level.


The Readington Township Recreation Committee will over see the travel basketball program through updates from the Recreation Director and the assigned liaison to the program. The roles of people involved are outlined below: The Travel Basketball Liaison is a member of the Recreation Committee who is directly responsible for seeing the program is run in accordance with the established policies and procedures. The liaison has a direct responsibility to bring an issue he/she observes or hears about to the attention of the Recreation Director immediately and the Recreation Committee as soon as it is possible. The Recreation Director is primarily responsible for implementing the travel basketball policies and procedures and will be the first line of contact for any issues the coaches may have during the season. The liaison at the request of the Recreation Director can be actively involved in resolving issues that arise. The Recreation Director at a minimum will keep the liaison updated in a timely manner as significant issues arise. The Recreation Director is responsible for making sure all needs for the program are addressed (e.g. uniforms, equipment, league/tourney payments, facility usage). This can be accomplished through employees of the township or appointed volunteers. The Recreation Committee is responsible for interviewing and selection of the Travel Basketball coaches from the Travel Basketball Coach Applicants along with the Recreation Director. They will be kept abreast of any issues through updates by the Recreation Director and Travel Basketball Liaison. This committee must approve any changes to the policies and procedures of this program.


Travel Basketball Games will be played against other towns and significant travel could be required. Leagues that teams typically (not exclusively) participate in include the Central Jersey League, Garden State Basketball League, Flemington-Raritan Basketball League, North Brunswick Basketball League, Recreation In-Town Basketball League and Montgomery Basketball League based on availability.

Readington Recreation may have the ability to host a league of its own if there is gym time available. Any league hosted will need to be reviewed and approved by the Recreation Director. The person(s) hosting the league will provide a proposed budget and a process that the league will be run under (administration, rules) to the Recreation Director who will review it and have final approval if the league will be offered along with the Recreation Committee. Readington does host three tournaments of its own assuming there are enough volunteers to oversee these functions in the proper manner. The Readington 3 On 3 Tournament is held normally in late October , early November based on gym availability. It is jointly run by Readington Recreation and the RMS Athletic Booster Club and benefits both organizations. This function is intended for both travel and a recreation level player as it has divisions for both. The Readington Township Recreation Holiday Tournament is held Dec 26th through Dec 30th each year The Cynthia K. Critelli Memorial March Madness Tournament is held for girls each year. This tournament is held as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research in memory of Mrs. Critelli who was a Readington teacher for over 27 years and a beloved resident of our community till she passed away on January 1, 2004. Teams

1. 2.

May play in a maximum of two leagues Required to play in Readington Township Holiday Basketball Tournament. Parents must be prepared to work at the tournament. Coaches or their designated person are responsible for developing the work list and overseeing it.. 3. May play in other tournaments with one of these tournaments funded by Readington Recreation. This includes the Cynthia K. Critelli Tournament if you are able to participate.

4.0 SELECTION OF COACH FOR TRAVEL TEAM 4.0.1 Coach Requirements

An adult 21 years or older of good character and moral standing having knowledge of the game may apply to become a travel basketball coach. The following items need to be met when applying: A coach whether previous coach or not must submit an application which is available on the Recreation Web Site to the Recreation Director prior to 9/15 of the year they are applying for.

The prospective coach's child must be a travel caliber player or have no children at all in the program in order to qualify for consideration as the coach of a travel team.. The coach must have been fingerprinted (prior to the first practice) and must not have criminal record. The coach must have safety training (e.g. Rutgers Safety Course) prior to the season starting. If a candidate has not applied to be coach the Recreatiin Director will take steps to find a person to step up and submit to coach the team. If a person is not found the team will not be formed for the year.

4.0.2 Selection Process Overview

The selection process for travel basketball coaches is outlined below. The Readington Township Recreation committee or an adjunct committee put together by the Recreation Director will interview the prospective coach. The interview is optional for returning coaches but mandatory for new coaches. The following criteria will be used for selection: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Knowledge of the game Feedback from parent evaluations from previous season if available The ability to relate to parents and players Contribution to the recreation program Ability to commit the required time for the activity Must have attended a Rutgers Clinic as specified by NJ State Law and be fingerprinted 7. Must agree to and have a history of, if a returning coach, abiding by established travel basketball policy and procedures. 8. Demonstrate that they will be a good role model for children All selections by the committee are final. Coaches have the following responsibilities if they are selected. If the candidate(s) that have applied are viewed as not suitable to be the head coach the Recreatiin Director will take steps to find a person to step up and submit to coach the team. If a suitable person is not found the associated team will not be formed. The Recreation Director will inform the township through the web page that the travel team at this level could not be formed due to lack of a coach.

The Selected Coach is required to 1. Sign off on the policy and procedures of the program. 2. A code of conduct regulations must also be signed and will serve as a first warning to the coach for any misbehavior.

3. Attend tryouts (optional) and work with the evaluation committee to select the team. If the coach does not attend the tryout the decision of the evaluation committee is final. If they do attend and there is a disagreement with the selected evaluators on which children should make the team they need to call the Recreation Director by the next business day.. The Recreation Director will then schedule a meeting with the Recreation Committee ASAP to resolve the issue with the two members of the evaluation committee and the coach. 4. Provide the Recreation Director with the list of selected players. The Recreation Director will publish the list of players who made the team on the Recreation Web Page as soon as it is available. This should be done within 72 hours of the last tryout session. 5. Player Registration forms and payment submitted to the Recreation Director after the first practice. 6. Communicate with the player's parents of the team a. Hold a Parent Meeting to discuss the planned season activities and expectations of the players (e.g. attending practice and rules if they do not attend). This is typically done at the first 30 minutes of the first practice by the coach while the assistant works with the players at practice. b. Provide timely information practice dates and times c. Identify any additional cost (e.g. uniforms) d. Identify league games and tournament(s) schedule in a prompt manner 7. Be available or have their assistant available for key meetings or activities. The minimum list includes: a. Basketball Meetings as outlined by the Recreation Director b. Equipment Handout as defined by the Recreation Director c. Picture Day d. Coordinate the work slots for his/her team for the Readington Tournament e. Help promote and support the Readington 3 on 3 Tournament. Some examples include i. encouraging his/her travel team players to participate or donate their time working at the event (7th and 8 th Grade) ii. work at the event personally iii. assist in finding sponsors for the event 8. Provide a Season Budget which includes:: a. Tournaments participating in b. Leagues participating in c. Uniform and equipment needs d. Sponsors e. Cost/Player (this is cost beyond the registration fee) i. This includes items like uniforms, extra tournaments and other activities. All these items should be reviewed and approved by the Recreation Director. The Recreation Director requires this information be provided in a timely matter.


The selection of an assistant coach will be done by the Head Coach once the evaluations are completed and team has been selected. The Head Coach will use the similar criteria that was used for their own selection when selecting their Assistant Coach The Head Coach should confer with the Recreation Director on their choice(s) to get final approval . The Selected Assistant Coach(s) must: 1. Sign off on policy and procedures as well as the code of conduct. 2. Must have attended a Safety Training (e.g. Rutgers Clinic) as specified by the NJ State Law. 3. Must have been fingerprinted (prior to the first practice) and not have a criminal record.


6.0.1 PLAYER ELIGIBILITY Any child is eligible that meets the following requirements: 1. who is or has a parent (or legal guardian) that is a resident of Readington Township 2. meets the age restrictions as defined by the league(s) rules that the team is going to participate in .Player's must play with their class (e.g. in 4th grade you play with 4th grade) unless the child is too old for that division. In that case the child will be permitted to try out for the next age group. 3. has provided a filled out and signed (by parent or guardian) standard try out application form which is available on the Web Site or at the Recreation Office in the Municipal Building for their child or they will not be allowed to participate at the tryout. 4. 6th , 7th and 8th grade players may participate in a maximum of two of the following basketball activities Readington Middle School Team Travel Basketball Recreation level of play. Be advised if you sign up for Recreation basketball and are on a travel team any Recreation game takes precedence over any travel team activities.

Out of town players are not normally allowed in the basketball program but will be considered for participation by meeting all of the following conditions 1. There are not enough Readington children to field the minimum team requirements (10 players). The try out process with only Readington children allowed to participate must be conducted first to see if there are enough interested children. If there are 10 or less players who come to a tryout they should all be taken on the team unless there are safety reasons involved. This should be discussed and approved by Recreation Director if it is believed such a condition exists. If there are 10 players no out of town children may be taken. 2. If the travel team has at least 8 players from Readington Township they are eligible to take up to two children from out of town to complete their team. If 7 or less players have tried out for the team there will be NO team at that age level for the year and the parents will be told the Recreation Program is what we have to offer for the season. The Recreation Director must approve the use of out of town players for any team. 3. If we are selecting children from out of town the following rules define eligibility of that child. a. The child from the other township does not have an alternate town travel program (or equivalent) that they are eligible to participate in. Any child who has an available program in the township where they reside that they elected not to try out for is not eligible to be put on a Readington team b. The child tried out for the town travel program they are eligible for but did not make the team. If they made the team and decided not to play they are not eligible for a Readington Team. It is envisioned that the need to use an out of town player for this program will be quite rare but this process must be followed if it is required to have a team. 6.0.2 TRY OUT PROCESS DETAILS Travel Basketball tryouts will be held and a team is picked by people selected by the tryout evaluation committee. The tryout evaluation committee will include two independent basketball coaches with no connection to the team or two members of the recreation committee and the selected travel coach if they desire. If the coach disagrees with the two independent committee selections then an appeal may be presented to the Recreation Director at a Recreation Committee meeting. The dates for the tryouts will be advertised in the Recreation Web Site, Hunterdon Democrat, Readington News, Hunterdon Review and the Recreation Newsletter by 9/30 of the year tryouts will take place. One Team for the following groups will be made available to participate in if there are enough participants 4th Grade Boys 5th Grade Boys 5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys 6th Grade Boys 7th Grade Boys 7th Grade Girls 8th Grade Boys 8th Grade Girls No "B" teams will be allowed unless there is enough gym space and it is approved by the Recreation Committee. EVALUATION FORMAT The following standard evaluation format will be used for tryouts. Objective evaluation will be 20% of the evaluation based on the following: Scored on a scale of 1 being the lowest and 5 being the top score 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Rebounding Lay ups Foul Shooting Outside shot Dribbling Passing

Subjective evaluation will be 80% of the evaluation based on the following 1. Team Chemistry 2. Game Sense 3. Movement on the court 4. Team Play 5. Coach able ­ Attitude 6. Positions needed on the team 7. Scoring ability 8. Defense


Teams will be assigned practice time in the following manner: 1. 7th and 8th Grade programs will receive up to 2 practices per week All other programs will get 1 practice per week. 2. Allotted one home game per week which can be used for a practice if desired. A schedule coordinator will provide each team will a schedule. It will be updated and emailed to the coaches as it changes. If scheduled gym time becomes available because a team can no longer make it the schedule will be issued with "PRACTICE TIME AVAILABLE" in that slot.

Coaches may request that time from the schedule coordinator via e-mail. The schedule coordinator will do his/her best to assign the available time in a fair manner using first come/first serve as the initial method of giving the available time out. Coaches are responsible for informing the schedule coordinator that they will not be using the gym via email at least 24 hours in advance unless there is an avoidable circumstance which has been approved by the Recreation Director. . If this is not done the team that was assigned the gym time and did not use it will lose its next assigned gym practice time spot. Coaches may switch gym times with each other but should inform the scheduler via email that there has been a switch.

8.0 COST

The cost for individual registration fee for the travel program will be determined by September 1st of each year. The cost will be determined by the history of

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

cost of the league(s) being participated in the past cost of gym time for weekend usage referee cost equipment needs insurance cost team pictures cost

Additional costs are possible to pay for other items (e.g. uniforms) depending on the cost of the above. These costs will be identified to the parents prior to tryouts. Sponsors may be solicited for additional cost but all checks must be made out to Readington Recreation and given to the Recreation Director.


Each league that teams will play in will have different play time rules. This section addresses minimum play time requirements for each age level as required by the Readington Travel Basketball procedures. Play time requirements are contingent on the player attending the required practices and games. Players (or their Parents) are responsible for informing their coach when they will be missing a practice or a game. Normal excuses for missing a practice or a game include being sick or injured but their may be other valid reasons which should be discussed with and approved by the Head Coach. If a player does not attend the required practice(s) or a game(s) without a valid reason as outlined above the Head Coach can decide to take the following action: adjust play time for the game(s) following the missed practice(s) or game(s) after the player attends the next practice (or game) the play time should be back to their normal play time which must be at least the minimum required play time This rule is not to be abused by the Head Coach but to be used to be fair to the players who have made practice and attended the games for the week

4th Grade Boys , 5th Grade Boys, 5th Grade Girls If you have 10 players, each player should play at least 12 minutes a game

If you have more then 10 players, each player should play at least 8 minutes a game. No more then 12 players may be on a team All Other Grade Levels If you have 10 players, each player should play at least 8 minutes a game (one quarter) If you have more then 10 players, each player should play at least 6 minutes a game. No more then 12 players may be on a team



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