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Maximizing the Team's Potential

Full or Half Day Course

This inspiring and powerful presentation was designed to galvanize dental practices around the world. Drawing from 30 consecutive years of increased growth and profitability, Dr. Rasner explains the protocols and foundations that can elevate any dental practice to extraordinary levels of success. Includes: Practice management strategies that increase case acceptance, increase cash flow, and decrease the bumps in your day. Use it on Monday clinical gems that range from enhancing your soft tissue esthetics to dramatically improving your anesthetic technique. Leadership principles that have kept his staff of 21 together for an average of 17 years... without going broke! The psychology of winning: The mental toughness we all need to bounce back from that "bad week". Lastly, where balance fits into the dynamic of success. How the super achiever can give back to the world and not miss out on the most important part of the journey: family, friends and a full life.

Clinical Excellence & Customer Service


Meaningful "Customer" Service. Smiling and thank you's only go so far. This is how you do it! The New Patient Experience. You can be sure case acceptance begins with the first phone call, leading to "yes" and long term loyalty. Out of the Box Marketing that you've never considered that attracts the high quality, valued patients you need to succeed. Phenomenal Case Acceptance. Everything counts: The language you use, the clothes you wear, who presents dollars and cents. The Dream Team: No one achieves extraordinary success on their own. Learn from a clinician who has kept his team together for an average of 16 years! The Balance of Success: Don't miss life and the fun along the way.

Energy, Wit & Humor!



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"Highest rated speaker by attendees."

~ Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 2005


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