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Pay Range: $500 - $800 - $1000 - $3500 - $5000 Small Venues capacity: 100 acoustic set/unplug $500 Medium Venues capacity: 300 - 500 - $800 - 1200 Large Venues capacity: 1000 and beyond - $3500 International Venues: $5000 plus Travel & Logging expense.

Band Contract

Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif Rebels Production 10153 - Riverside Drive #260 Toluca Lake, CA 91602 (949) 363-8361 [email protected] CONTRACT I. As per our agreement made this________day of ______________, 2005, I, (We), as representatives of ________________________________________________________, (CLUB or VENUE) do agree to contract the services of the Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif for the dates of: ____________________________________________________________________ Said services to be Musical Entertainment for a period of ______hours per date with _____breaks of___ minutes after each hour. II. In return for said services, Club or Venue agrees to pay the sum of $__________________________ ___________________________________with a Deposit of $______________________________ to the Representative of Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif as signed below. *Club or Venue agrees to neither discuss, nor disclose amount of payment with anyone other than Signatory Band Representative. (See Attached Rider) III. Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif agrees to furnish all equipment necessary to facilitate each performance. (i.e. Musical instruments, sound equipment, etc.), unless a professional grade sound system is permanently installed at venue. Club or Venue agrees to provide a proper, safe, easily accessible, sufficiently powered, area (stage or platform) for each performance. In addition, Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif will require the following amenities: __________________________________________________________________________ IV. No performance by Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif may be recorded, transcribed, or recreated by any means whatsoever without the express written permission of Band Representative.(See attached rider) V. This agreement may be revoked only by written notice from either Signing Party no less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to scheduled performance, or by reason of inclement weather, or bonafide emergency. In the event of such emergency or weather-related problem, both Parties agree to negotiate another performance date acceptable to all.

In witness thereof, both Parties do hereby set their hand and seal on the date as set above. _______________________________ CLUB/ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE _______________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________ PHONE: _______________________________ For Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif _______________________________ 10153 ½ Riverside Drive, #260, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 _______________________________________ (949) 363-8361

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif

Rebels Production 10153 ½ Riverside Drive, #260 (949) 363-8361 [email protected] RIDER Ref. Par. II. Due to problems in the past, and in the interest of good will, we request that payment be made by either cash or certified check, and that at least 50% of total sum be paid prior to each performance. Exceptions to this requirement will be decided by Band Representative. Certain performances may require an advance deposit to confirm the date. Such deposits will be non-refundable after 7 days. *We sincerely request that Club or Venue Representative adhere strictly to this clause. The reason for this clause is based on the fact that any amount of compensation agreed on between Band Representative and Club or Venue shall not be construed as a "per member" basis. Jahmings Maccow acts as "Contractor", and shall be responsible for paying any "Sub-Contractors" (i.e. band members). It will be at our discretion as to how many "subcontractors" we feel we need for the performance. Ref. Par. III. Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif is a "self-contained" unit, and normally does not require any additional equipment or supplies. We are willing to use "house" sound systems as long as they meet our requirements. We do not need smoke machines, flashing lights, nor extra "props". We do require a well-built, safe, secure, lighted, easily accessible, stage or platform. Normal "amenities" would be free or half-price soft drinks for band members and spouses, and at least 2 clean, decent hotel rooms if travel distance is a factor. These can be negotiated at time of contract discussion. Ref. Par. IV. Due to the fact that the band repertoire includes several original compositions, we must insist that our performances not be reproduced in any manner unless arrangements are made with us. Normally, CD's and Photos will be available for purchase at our performances. Ref. Par. V. This contract, when signed by both parties, shall be considered legally binding. The preferred method of written notification of cancellation should be by registered mail. Any agreement not canceled by written notice prior to the allotted 15 days, shall be considered still in effect and should be honored. As for weather related or bonafide emergency situations, every attempt should be made to agree on another performance date. _____________________________ For Club or Venue DATE________________ _______________________________________ For Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif DATE:____________________


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