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INFJ THEME The theme of the INFJ is intuition and foresight. INFJs use their insights to deal with complexity in issues and people, often with a strong sense of "knowing" before others know themselves. INFJs tend to be both private and complex, yet they bring a quiet enthusiasm to projects and assignments that are part of their vision and source of inspiration. WORK LABEL Foreseer BASIC CHARACTERISTICS - Quietly forceful - Concerned for others - Serves the common good - Puts his/her best effort into work - Single-minded concentration STRENGTHS - Conceptual - Conscientious - Compassionate - Determined - Harmonious OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH - Be objective and flexible - Try to see beyond own values - Put insights in language of others - Set priorities and stick to them - Be open-minded and listen TO FUNCTION AT THEIR BEST Support for ideas and opportunity to put them into practice. Variety and freedom from dull routine. Recognition and appreciation for their unique contribution. A cause to work for. MAY BE FRUSTRATED BY Being told how to do things. Not being listened to. Lack of feedback and impersonal attitudes. Criticism and confrontations. MAY INFURIATE OTHERS BY Taking an emotional stand and being moralistic. Being too anxious to please. THEY VALUE Participation, cooperation and determination.


ON A TEAM They are the ones to put it in writing. MANAGEMENT STYLE INFJs tend to manage in a predictable, orderly and very personal fashion. They enjoy being responsible both to the organization and people they feel responsible for. INFJs are dedicated, serious, hard working and exceptionally loyal. IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT The ideal work environment for an INFJ is one which goes to great lengths in focusing on people and their needs. Moreover, the organization also needs to have an identity and a purpose beyond everyday routine. VALUES INFJs value the ethical and the moral, wanting the "greater good" for all, both people and systems. They typically learn to value their intuitions and assessments very early in life. Integrity is critically important to them. ATTITUDE INFJs usually expect goodness, warmth and deep human understanding from everyone with whom they work and may gloss over and ignore the darker side. When the real world doesn't measure up they may be disappointed GENERAL SKILLS INFJs are skilled at anything having to do with people. They are terrific listeners and prefer one-on-one relationships. INFJs do not take the spoken word at face value; their ears and eyes are tuned to what lies behind the spoken word DRIVING FORCE INFJs have a high need for empathic relationships which are authentic, deep, compassionate and meaningful. The more meaningfulness in a work situation, the more devoted, dedicated and enthused is an INFJ. ENERGY DIRECTION Within the organization, INFJs' energy will be directed toward change which will make a better world--toward helping humankind. INFJs can quietly become enthused about ideas and programs which assist people to become more of what they are capable of being. AUTHORITY ORIENTATION INFJs want the person in charge to be ethical and authentic. Authority is not granted by position-- it is earned over time through dedication and exemplary behavior. Their first inclination is to respect their superior and to seek approval from the person in charge. ROLE PERCEPTION INFJs tend to wait for others to take the first step in defining how a relationship should be established, its parameters and function. They do not mind giving directives if no one steps up to take charge.


CONFLICT RESOLUTION INFJs prefer harmonious situations and tend to ignore conflicts as long as they possibly can. In fact, they may suppress feelings of ill will to the point of immobilization. Also, it is difficult for them not to personalize a conflict. MODES OF LEARNING INFJs learn through interaction, in dialogue with others or with the written word. They enjoy concepts, theories and ideas a great deal--especially those which explain the human phenomena. INFJs pay attention and understand what drives human motivation. BLIND SPOTS AND PITFALLS INFJs are so dedicated and motivated that they may devote their total being to a cause, a purpose and sometimes a person. They may tend to idealize to their own detriment. Also, INFJs may get very involved in others' problems.



Energizers A flexible schedule with control over work methods and results Maximum autonomy Stressors Dealing with details, especially things in the outer world Working under ignorant, irrational or illogical people Too much extroverting Grip Reactions Intense anger, agitation, irritability, fatigue Overdoing sensory activities, eating, cleaning, repairing, exercising Physical stress symptoms such as muscle tension Seeing external details as major obstacles that impede progress Obsessive attention to perceived sources of stress, difficulty refocusing attention Sleeplessness due to persistent reviewing of problems Remedies Withdraw, find quiet time to reenergize, walk or exercise Focus on hobbies and recreation

Clarity in role definition and limits of responsibilities and expectations An organized, structured, and predictable environment Co-workers who communicate directly and honestly Ability to achieve closure on tasks and projects

Schedule in unscheduled time, take time off Engage in simple, non-pressured sensing activities Change the work schedule, accept help with overwhelming details Receiving nonintrusive, forthright concern from others

A noisy, disorganized work environment

Being asked to violate standards and principles or to tolerate deceit Lack of follow-through and poor performance by co-workers



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