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Find the six names hidden in the wordsearch. Cross out the names as you find each one.

pl e up pa lic ge at e

Help Polly and her friends to solve these puzzles! p b c f x w r c s r a s h a n i v r p i i j d z p y t i s c g h e m l n q s m k k p o l l y o s l a j d g y d l m y n o b l i q v y r a s o c x k e r s t i e y



1. Polly 2. Crissy 3. Shani 4. Lila 5. Rick 6. Kerstie

e n f z p w c j i r

h m l i l a t d n s




Answer: Disco Bat is going on Polly's motorbike.

m do


Follow the path to find which cutant Polly is taking on her motorbike. Circle the correct answer.


Circle five pairs of glasses hidden in the picture. Color the heart when you've found them.


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