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Public Hearings Scheduled: My research has shown that TN typically does not plan special public meetings on redistricting. State House and Senate committee meetings are open to the public. Timeline of Tennessee Redistricting: April 1, 2010 Census Day January 11, 2011 107th General Assembly convenes 2012 It appears that TN will wait until 2012 to draft redistricting bills for the state house and senate as the State has been slow to process information from the census. Public Access Policy: TN does not appear to have policies friendly to the public. Little info is posted online and paper versions of proposed redistricting bills are only available in the main legislative library. Other Information: Process: Legislature passes a redistricting bill that must be signed by the Governor. o In TN, traditionally majority and minority leaders from both parties will draft a redistricting bill by the legislature. Republican Control: This will be the first time since reconstruction that Republicans control the state legislature during redistricting period. Deadlines: It does not appear that in TN there is any statutory deadline imposed deadline regarding initiating or finalizing redistricting procedures. Seats to include: o Federal House: 9 o State House: 99 o State Senate: 33 General Assembly's site: State Senate Committee on State and Local Government Contact: o Micki Yearwood, Research Analyst, Phone (615) 741-7891 State House Committee on State and Local Government Contacts: o Lisa Falkenbach, Secretary Phone (615) 741-4881 o Daniel Culbreath, Research Analyst Phone (615) 741-1100 ext. 44983 Fairvote's page on TN: Link to Rose Report's on Redistricting (good general overview guide): Ballotpedia's page on TN:


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