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November 2010

ecoNomic DevelopmeNT - reDmoND, WA

This is the second installment on Economic Development in the City of Redmond, Washington. As you all have heard before, The Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, The City of Redmond and local business leaders have been working on an Economic Development program for Redmond for about the last eighteen months. This has been a finite collaboration between businesses, City and Chamber to create a separate organization to manage and encourage economic development locally. We have worked diligently to create an entity that differs from a municipal-type structure that exists in most cities. Independent, but working with the Chamber and City it will have it's own Board of Directors, who are local and regional economic players. The organization will be funded in-part by seed money from the City and business contributions. Functionally, the organization will promote Redmond with an articulated strategic platform and concise targeted messaging. Real work in real time. Not a bureaucratic agency that is mired in reporting and regulations. That being said, involvement from the City/Chamber partnership is important so we all are in a concerted effort to promote and recruit businesses to come here; have employees that live here; and contribute to the vitality of Redmond.

by chris hoFFmANN

As we talk to folks from other cities and countries, they see Redmond as an international business hub. Microsoft has put us on the map, both physical and virtual in a way that I don't think we quite have our heads around. The future for Redmond and the region is bright, and all of us are an integral part of the dynamics of the future. More to come!

7:30 am to 9:00 am HSBC Banks, Dominic O'Hagan "The Differences of International Banks" at Watercress Bistro 16505 Redmond Way Please RSVP to [email protected] $30 Members $40 non-Members

leADership breAKFAsT Wednesday, November 10th

The question Washington voters should ask themselves before voting on a state income tax this fall is, "Will we be better off with an income tax?" Judging from experience, the answer is, "No." Initiative 1098 would impose a 5 percent income tax on individual income over $200,000 and $400,000 for a couple. In addition, the measure would reduce some business-and-occupation taxes for small businesses and reduce property taxes by about 4 percent.

sTATe iNcome TAx WoulD be ecoNomic suiciDe

by DoN c. bruNell

That might sound reasonable to some, but experience tells us that a state income tax is a bad idea. First, economists agree that it's never a good idea to raise taxes in a recession. Increasing the tax burden on small employers -- many of whom file taxes as individuals -- makes it harder for them to add or retain employees. Secondly, taxes always experience bracket creep. When the federal income tax was introduced in 1913, less than 1 percent of the population had to pay the tax, which

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livAble reDmoND ­ A commuNiTy coNversATioN oN susTAiNAbiliTy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Redmond City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street What will Redmond look like and how will it function in the year 2030? Many changes have occurred in the City since the last update to the Comprehensive Plan in 2004: for example, Downtown is becoming a lively urban neighborhood with new homes and shops, and Bear Creek Parkway has been completed. In Overlake, the 36th Street bridge is being constructed and the City is working with Sound Transit to bring light rail to Overlake by 2021. Residential areas have also enjoyed many improvements to streets and lighting, sidewalks and parks. Redmond's Comprehensive Plan currently extends to the year 2022. In response to City policies and state Growth Management Act requirements for periodic plan review,

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November membership lucheoN

Wednesday, November 17th Robert Malte, CEO Evergreen "Exceptional Care Close to Home" at Matts' Rotisserie 11:30 am to 1:00 pm 16551 NE 74th Street RSVP at 425-885-4014 $30 Members $40 Non-members

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Page 1 Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce - Building Community Prosperity Through Business

The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

reDmoND coDe reWriTe upDATe: A moNThly bulleTiN

You can now follow the Redmond Code Rewrite project on Twitter ( and Facebook (! In September, the CRC continued with discussions of the Design Standards package, and began discussions of the Development Standards 2 package. The CRC issued a recommendation to approve the Design Standards package on October 11. The CRC is scheduled to issue a recommendation on the Development Standards 2 Package on October 18. See the CRC Topics under Review page for drafts of these packages ( RCRewrite/CRCtopicsReview.asp). The Design Standards package focuses on regulations dealing with design standards throughout the City and design standards specific to the Downtown and Overlake Neighborhoods. Contact Steve Fischer at (425) 556-2432 or [email protected] with questions related to this topic area. The Development Standards 2 package focuses on regulations dealing with affordable housing, transfer of development rights, transit supportive development, historic and archaeological resources, parking, high capacity transit corridor preservation and transitions between zones. Contact Gary Lee at (425) 556-2418 or [email protected] with questions related to these topic areas. Upcoming Discussions of the CRC - On October 11, the CRC began review of the Development Standards 3 package, described below. See the CRC Agendas and Summaries page for the current and extended CRC meeting agendas (http://www.redmond. gov/insidecityhall/ boards/coderewriteagenda.asp). The Development Standards 3 Package focuses on regulations pertaining to landscaping, open space and recreation, outdoor storage and service areas, hazardous liquid pipelines, signs, and limitations on external effects of uses. Contact Thara Johnson at (425) 556-2470 or [email protected] with questions related to this topic area. The CRC will begin review of the Final Development Standards package on November 1. This package includes review of those remaining sections yet to be reviewed, as well as a number of changes to sections already reviewed by the Commission. Contact Lynda Aparicio at (425) 556-2438 or [email protected] or Jeff Churchill at (425) 556-2492 or [email protected] with questions related to this topic area. For a complete list of the topics in this package, please visit rcdgrewrite. The CRC is expected to complete review of the final package at the end of November/beginning of December. Background In January 2009, the City began a two-phased effort to rewrite its zoning code (Redmond Community Development Guide (RCDG)). The first phase, completed in June 2009, resulted in guiding principles that will inform the rewrite effort. The second phase, underway now, consists of the rewrite itself, which will be reviewed by the Code Rewrite Commission (CRC) and adopted by Council in spring 2011.

iNTerNATioNAl busiNess corNer-- November 2010 We hAve A lisT oF DemANDs by sAm KAplAN

Last month, the National Federation of Independent Business surveyed small businesses in America on what is the single biggest challenge they are facing. Businesses responded with a number of concerns including taxes, regulations and insurance but the number one factor cited as their biggest problem was low demand. We the people just aren't buying as much as we used to. Of course, Americans have very good reasons to constrain their spending. Despite the recession being deemed over by the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is still high unemployment and individuals, governments and businesses are still deleveraging from the debt party we threw ourselves over the last 10 years. But every good business person is always on the hunt for new customers. If someone here in Redmond, Washington or across the United States isn't willing to buy our goods or services, that still leaves a huge market outside our borders. Yep, as you may guess coming from the International Business Corner, our prescription for a complaint of low domestic demand is to take two exports and call us in the morning. As the National Export Initiative points out, 95 percent of the world's customers are outside the United States. The market that is growing the fastest and has recovered the quickest from the financial crisis is this region's global neighbor: Asia. Because of our geographic proximity as well as our long ties and deep relationship in Asia, the Puget Sound region is better placed than most parts of the country to fill the growing demand in those fast growing markets. In addition, we can begin to expand into international markets in which our region is not as engaged such as South America. Brazil, which puts the "B" in the vaunted BRIC nations, grew at an 11 percent rate over the last year. Between 2002 and 2008, over 40 million Latin Americans rose out of poverty, creating new customers for Redmond companies. Now, of course, not everyone has a good or service that is easily sold overseas. One doesn't expect, for example, a restaurant to export. But with half a million international visitors to our state each year, these restaurants can fill up their tables without increasing domestic demand. And, the Puget Sound area companies that are selling overseas are providing customers for Redmond's barbers, bagel shops, dentists and carpenters. One in three jobs in Washington are tied to international trade in one way or another. That means every third customer at Asante Salon, Blazing Bagels, Avondale Smiles and Cadman, Inc are there because of our region's international business. No region in the country is better positioned to deal with constrained domestic demand. In fact, the times demand it.

Page 2 Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce - Building Community Prosperity Through Business

The Monthly Publication for the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce November 2010

The Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

16210 NE 80th St. · Redmond, WA 98073-0628 · 425.885.4014 · Chris Hoffmann - President and CEO [email protected] Gary Passavant - Director of Membership and Marketing [email protected] Carla Johnson - Director of Communications, Media and Events [email protected] Danielle Lynch - Director of Finance and Operations [email protected]

JoiNiNG us AGAiN This yeAr ThANK you For your supporT!

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2010 boArD oF TrusTees

Richard Cole - Treasurer Redmond City Council Executive Committee Stephen Maffett - Chair Columbia Bank Tom Martin - Secretary Evergreen Healthcare Jim Myers - ECOS Committee Myers Chiropractic Bruce Sult Past Chair Falco Sult & Co, CPAs Trustees William Biggs Group Health Coop. Candace Carlson Windermere Real Estate Cindy Courtmanch Marymoor Press, Inc. Barbara Gordon Andrea Lachmann PS Business Parks Dave Norwood Redmond Inn Rob Odle City of Redmond Andrea Southern Redmond Reporter Jim Stanton Microsoft Michael Tenhulzen Tenhulzen Remodeling Pat Vache' Kinections LLC Jason Van Nort Puget Sound Energy Kay Wallin Emerald Heights

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65th Annual Redmond Chamber Gala and Auction


Friday, February 25th, 2011

Hosted by: John Curley

The Redmond Chamber Gala offers an evening of elegance, socializing and opportunity to support the work of our Chamber through this fundraising event. Tickets, auction donations and sponsorship details available soon! 425-885-4014

ThANK you To our 2011 GAlA spoNsors:

Underwriters: Microsoft, Group Health, and Nintendo Reception Sponsor: PS Business Parks Corporate Table Sponsor: Swedish Medical Center Auction Catalog Back Cover: Myers Chiropractic Live Auction Advertisement: Swedish Medical Center Page 3

Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

425 885 4014

The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

reDmoND chAmber eveNTs leGislATive cANDiDATes pANel luNcheoN

busiNess AFTer hours AT coviNGToN cellArs

The Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce held a Membership Luncheon with 12 Eastside Legislative Candidates for the 45th and 48th Districts at the Hotel Sierra.

Each candidate had the opportunity to comment on the 2011 budget, collaboration between Seattle and the Eastside, and initiatives including schools and taxes.

Business After Hours hosts: Jill DeCook and Emily Janssen with Covington Cellars shared wines and appetizers.

Covington Cellars private dining room for winemakers dinner events.

ribboN cuTTiNG


Saturday, December 4, 2010 4­8pm

Now accepting application for Redmond Lights vendor opportunities Sponsorship opportunities still available Volunteers needed

Redmond Chamber Ambassadors and Mayor Marchione celebrate inBalance Wellness Center with the McFaddens.

FriDAy morNiNG NeTWorKiNG

Presented by

Dallas Stewart with CMIT Solutions gives a Microsoft presentation on Office 2010 and Windows 7.

Page 4 Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce - Building Community Prosperity Through Business

The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

NeW members spoTliGhTs AND eveNTs...

installment ceremony to be held November 3rd, 2010 at the redmond main post office 16135 Ne 85th street 11:00 am Redmond Internet Marketing Inc. is a new businessto-business web development and marketing firm, which recently opened offices in downtown Redmond. Founder Steve Bell is a technology industry veteran with extensive business development, marketing, software engineering, and entrepreneurial experience. Redmond Internet Marketing offers a comprehensive set of internet marketing services: · User-modifiable, dynamic sites properly engineered to pull traffic · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - including local (City) targeted search. · Online Video Advertising - from production through hosting, specializing in video SEO. · Social Media Marketing - Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns. · Mobile Application Development - iPhone, Android, and Blackberry website companion apps. · Web Application Development ­ using popular content management systems (CMS) including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress. Bell previously founded the Silicon Valley Networking Lab (SVNL), which certified over 7,000 Wi-Fi products for the Wi-Fi alliance before being acquired by HPAgilent. "I've founded Redmond Internet Marketing to bring a broad range of web development services to Seattle area businesses. Our intention is to develop close, in-person, and responsive working relationships with Seattle-area business clients" said Bell. Redmond Internet Marketing Inc. 16771 NE 80th St., Suite 108 Redmond WA 98052 Tel (425) 298-6630 [email protected] Rainier Specialty Services, based in Issaquah, is a full service commercial janitorial company that serves the needs of clients throughout the Eastside. We offer a full range of facility services including: · Regular daily cleaning · Stone, tile, and grout restorative cleaning that utilizes the latest technology · Engineering and day porter services · Pressure washing exterior surfaces · Carpet and upholstery cleaning · Restroom supplies at competitive prices with on-site "no-hassle" inventory control · Window cleaning Our management team has over 60 years of combined experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We have experience cleaning some of the most challenging facilities ­ including surgery suites, high tech clean rooms, and light manufacturing. Our hiring and screening processes ensure we employ the best people who are matched to the needs of the client. Our training and orientation programs help create on-site cleaning teams whom you can trust to consistently secure and maintain your facility each and every night. Rainier Specialty Services is for the discerning client who values service excellence. Feel free to contact Tom or Christie for a free consultation regarding your cleaning needs. Rainier Specialty Services 425-200-4003 [email protected] I am very pleased to be a member of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce. I have been with the U.S. Postal Service for over 25 years and I have been the Postmaster in Redmond since June of this year. I joined the Redmond Chamber of Commerce to become more visible in the community, to network with businesses in the area, and to acquaint chamber members with the U.S. Postal Service and the many products and services we have available. We are the largest postal service in the world delivering more than 170 billion pieces of mail a year. Our basic mission is to provide reliable, affordable, universal postal service to all Americans. Besides First-Class mail, we have a variety of shipping services available. We have guaranteed overnight delivery through Express Mail. We have several Priority Mail categories with flat rate shipping containers for items weighing up to 70 pounds and "if it fits, it ships" as you've probably heard in our very popular TV ads. We also have a number of international shipping options among our products, including Global Express and Global Priority. We can meet any of your mailing needs. Just drop by our office at 16135 NE 85th Street or give me a call at 425-867-1066. I look forward to working with you. Harleynda Wilcox

reDmoND posT oFFice iNTroDuces hArleyNDA Wilcox

Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

425 885 4014

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The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

Dear Members,


We are creating a NEW Website for the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce and this · NEW Website brings you the opportunity to have an ENHANCED PROFILE in the Member Directory. · In the New Member Directory, you will have excellent ways to advertise your business, all · for less than a dollar a day! The cost to subscribe to this Enhanced Member Directory Profile is only $250 per year. Here are some of the benefits you will get from the NEW Member Directory: · · · · · · · · · Your MINI Site within the Chamber Website Create a "Vision" of your Business Describe your business Make your MINI site visually attractive with photographs of your products Build Credibility And Create Interest Advertise your promotions, upload videos of your services Post events, client testimonials Post breaking news of your business Advertise Your Business on the Chamber HOME PAGE · ·

Your business will be advertised by Rotating ads on the front page of the Chamber's Website Your products and services will be advertised by Rotating ads on the on your MINI Website Easy Editing You will be able to edit your own entries by uploading new pictures, event and promotion information on your site yourself without having to use any webdeveloper Reporting and Tracking You will be able to have access to reports that will give you data on how many visitors came to your site from the Chamber's site

Here is a link to samples of MINI sites that we have created for some of our member businesses. Please contact Danielle Lynch at [email protected] or at (425) 8854014 ext 303 to take advantage of this SUPER OFFER of subscribing to the ENHANCED Member Directory.

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Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce - Building Community Prosperity Through Business

The Monthly Publication for the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce November 2010

member To member DiscouNT

mega putt Member to Member Discount The Redmond Chamber Program (m2m) Winner! offers members cost-saving opportunities. If you would like to offer a discount to other members, contact Carla at 425.885.4014 or email [email protected]

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The Winning Team!

Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

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The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

coNTiNueD From pAGe 1...

livAble reDmoND

sTATe iNcome TAx coNTiNueD From pAGe 1...

ranged from 1 percent to 7 percent. Within five years, the top marginal rate had skyrocketed to 77 percent. Critics warn that bracket creep would be a near certainty with a state income tax. After just two years, state legislators can amend Initiative 1098, and they're free to expand the tax every year thereafter. Third, while Gov. Gregoire says she'll probably vote for the state income tax, her Department of Commerce is touting the lack of a state income tax as an incentive to draw employers to the state. Famed economist Arthur Laffer says approving a state income tax in Washington would be a big mistake. He says that, rather than increase revenue, income taxes inhibit economic growth and reduce tax revenue. In an Oct. 5 piece in the Wall Street Journal, Laffer points out that the revenue growth in the nine states with the highest tax rates was actually 22 percent lower than in states with no income tax. In other words, instead of getting richer, they got poorer. "In one fell swoop," writes Laffer, "Washington would move from being one of the lowest-tax states in the nation to being one of the top nine highest. It's economic suicide." Some of our state's largest employers, including Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Weyerhaeuser and Safeco Insurance, have joined the Defeat-1098 campaign. The campaign says the companies joined the effort "....because of the significant negative impact this income tax will have on the state's economic competitiveness and employment environment." But will an income tax solve our revenue problem? Experience tells us it will not. California imposes every tax known to man, including a 10.55 percent state income tax on high earners, but the state is bankrupt. Oregon has an income tax but no sales tax. "If we only had a sales tax, everything would be fine," say some in Oregon. Washington has a sales tax but no income tax. "If we only had an income tax, things would be fine," say some in Washington. Gov. Gregoire has pledged to transform and streamline the state budget to reduce spending, suggesting that everything is on the table, even privatizing the state ferry system. Sen. Joe Zarelli (R-Ridgefield) has taken the governor at her word, putting together an initiative to reduce spending in the current budget. We look forward to seeing the governor work with Sen. Zarelli to put her commitment into action. These are not easy times. Families across the state have had to make tough choices and government must do the same.

the Comprehensive Plan is being updated as needed to enable Redmond to thrive according to the community's vision through 2030. As the update progresses, the Planning Commission will review individual Comprehensive Plan Elements throughout the next year, with additional public hearings with opportunity to provide comments. As part of this effort, the City is also updating the Transportation Master Plan. Both the Comprehensive Plan and the Transportation Master Plan will be complete by the end of 2011. The organizing theme for the update is sustainability, defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. As part of the update to the Comprehensive Plan and the Transportation Master Plan, the City would like to continue a dialog with the Redmond community, including those who live, work or own a business, or recreate here. What are the qualities about Redmond that make it livable, and what may make it more so? How can the City ensure that Redmond is sustainable into the future? Livable Redmond ­ A Community Conversation on Sustainability is planned for Wednesday, November 3rd, at City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. All are invited to come and give your ideas about how the City may begin to undertake its next steps into the future ­ and to talk about how we can do so in a manner that will ensure a community that is vibrant and responsive to succeeding generations. Andy Wappler, former KIRO meteorologist and current Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Puget Sound Energy is the keynote speaker, and PCC Natural Markets will provide dinner to participants. If you'd like to attend, please RSVP so that we may efficiently plan our resources: e-mail to Daphne Harold, [email protected] or 425-556-2421. For more information, contact project leads Sarah Stiteler (425-556-2469, [email protected]) or Pete Sullivan (425-556-2406, [email protected] gov). Also, watch for updates on RCTV, on www., and in local media.

NomiNATioNs For The roTAry AWArD

ribboN cuTTiNG For beAr creeK DeNTisTry

ROTARY COMMUNITY MVP OF THE YEAR AWARD - The Rotary Club of Redmond continues the tradition of "Service above Self" by honoring a Redmond Citizen for the Community MVP Award for 2010. This award will honor an individual or individuals for extraordinary volunteer contributions to the Greater Redmond Community. This award emphasizes Rotary's belief in building strong communities and strengthening Redmond's neighborhoods. Please help nominate an individual or individuals by writing a detailed description including examples of volunteer community experiences in Redmond during 2010 and submit to the Redmond Rotary [email protected] The Greater Redmond Chamber will host the Annual Awards Luncheon in January 2011 and will recognize the Redmond Rotary award honoree. For Redmond Rotary actvities contact [email protected] com Monthly luncheons are at the Redmond Marriott Town Center at 12:00 noon.

Redmond Chamber Ambassadors and Mayor Marchione celebrate the opening of Bear Creek Dentistry at their ribbon cutting. L to R: Derrick Wang (ambassador), staff Lori Krater, Mayor Marchione, Negin Badr, DDS, Meg Acosta, and Chris Grimmond (ambassador). In the background: Debra Glugla and Gary Passavant.

Page 8

Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce - Building Community Prosperity Through Business

The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010

sociAl meDiA meccA

Seattle is a very tech savvy city; not surprisingly many businesses are utilizing social media as a means of communication. This fact is evident in a recent poll ranking the nation's most socially connected cities; Seattle made the list at number six. It seems Twitter has not been widely accepted by many Seattleites. Within the top ten, Seattle had the lowest Twitter usage. In fact, when looking at Twitter scores alone, Seattle ranked 20th. However, we made up for our poor showing in the Twitter category with our Facebook and LinkedIn usage. Perhaps our strong Facebook usage played into their recent decision to open offices in Seattle.

Reprinted from: Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle website on Monday, October 11th, 2010 under the "Stat of the Week".

On Wednesday, September 29, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, announced 173 government programs selected for its newly-created Bright Ideas program. The Redmond Trip Resource and Incentive Program (RTRIP) was one of 600 applications included in this select inaugural group. Bright Ideas is designed to recognize and share creative government initiatives around the country with interested public sector, nonprofit and academic communities.

NeW briGhT iDeAs proGrAm recoGNizes reDmoND

energy and environmental goals can be advanced by creating flexible resources, funding and incentives," stated Erika Vandenbrande, Transportation Demand Management Programs Manager for the City of Redmond. "This powerful combination motivates coordinated action by individuals, businesses and local government to make shared commutes both possible and attractive." Bright Ideas seeks to complement the Ash Center's long-standing Innovations in American Government Awards Program by providing government agencies with a collection of new solutions to consider and adopt when faced with their own challenges. This year's Bright Ideas were chosen by a team of expert evaluators including academics, practitioners and former public servants. The Ash Center's Innovations in Government Program spotlights exemplary models of government innovation and advances efforts to address the nation's most pressing public concerns. Throughout its history, the program has generated a wealth of research based on awardwinning government innovations and the study of how innovation occurs.

RTRIP is an innovative multi-award winning program that offers resources and incentives to Redmond businesses and residents, encouraging them to leave the single occupant vehicle at home and travel by alternative means. This might mean car or vanpooling to work, or walking downtown between shops rather than driving. "The program was chosen as a bright idea because it successfully demonstrates that mobility, economic,

WomeN iN NeTWorKiNG AT overlAKe TerrAce AssisTeD liviNG - ocTober

Upcoming WIN events: 11/30 with Santa at SILVERMARK Inc. 12/14 hosted by GTX Marketing with the Woodinville Firefighters Calendar

breAKFAsT WiTh mAyor mArchioNe

It's More Than Retirement. It's Five-Star Fun.

Call now to schedule your complimentary lunch & tour.

9988 Avondale Road NE · Redmond (425) 558-4700

Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

425 885 4014

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The monthly publication for the Greater redmond chamber of commerce

November 2010


commiTTee meeTiNGs AND eveNTs: 11/2 Gala Committee Meeting 7:30am 11/5 Friday Morning Networking at Fairwinds Redmond 7:30am - 9:00am $10 Members $15 non 11/9 ECOS Committee - presentation by Waste Management at City Hall 12:00 noon Free 11/10 Community Leaders Breakfast with Dominic O'Hagan, HSBC Bank "International Business and Banking" at Watercress Bistro 7:30am $30 Members $40 non 11/11 GRCC Finance Meeting 10:30am 11/11 Business After Hours at Guardwell Storage and Gift Shop 5-7 pm $10 Members $15 non 11/16 Government Affairs 7:30am 11/17 Gala Committee Meeting 7:30am 11/17 Membership Luncheon at Matts' Rotisserie with Robert Malte, CEO Evergreen 11:30 -1:00pm $30 Friday, November 5th & 19th, 7:30 am9:00 am Members $40 Non-Members 11/18 Executive Committee 7:30am 11/19 Friday Morning Networking at Fairwinds Redmond 7:30am $10 Members $15 non 11/23 Board of Trustees Meeting at Emerald Heights 7:30am 11/23 Membership Committees 10:00am 11/25 Office Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday 11/26 Office Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday 11/30 Gala Committee Meeting 7:30am 11/30 Women In Networking at SILVERMARK Inc. 5-7pm $10 Members $15 non-Members RSVP to: [email protected] or call 425-885-4014 Tuesday, November 30th, 5 pm-7 pm

FriDAy morNiNG NeTWorKiNG at Fairwinds redmond

WomeN iN NeTWorKiNG at silvermArK inc.

Bring a friend and come meet a great group of ladies who will help you make good connections while socializing and supporting our member business! Appetizers provided! 16398 NE 85th St. Suite 100 Please RSVP to [email protected] $10 Members $15 non-Members Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Join Membership Director, Gary Passavant and 25+ business professionals for a short educational presentation, round table introductions and a great breakfast! 9988 Avondale Rd NE Please RSVP to [email protected] $10 Members $15 non-Members Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

leADership breAKFAsT Dominic o'hagan, hsbc "How International Banks Are Different"

at Watercress Bistro 16505 Redmond Way 7:30 am to 9:00 am Please RSVP to [email protected] $30 Members $40 non-Members LUNCHEONS PROUDLY SPONSORED BY:

membership luNcheoN robert malte, ceo evergreen medical center

at Matts' Rotisserie 11:30 am - 1:00 pm 16551 NE 74th Street "Exceptional Care Close to Home" Bob will share stories about Evergreen's commitment to quality, safety, improved access and present an overview of Evergreen's future plans for growth and how Evergreen Healthcare will be taking a leading role in healthcare reform in our own community. Please RSVP to [email protected] $30 Members $40 non-Members

busiNess AFTer hours 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Guardwell storage and holiday Gift shopping

23316 NE Redmond-Fall City Rd. Come connect with other business professionals in a social atmosphere. Complimentary appetizers and wine. Guests may use a $10 gift certificate towards any gift this evening. Please RSVP to [email protected] $10 Members $15 non-Members


Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce

425 885 4014

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