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Active Process Automation and Business Integration


Active Process Automation and Business Integration

At A Glance

· An IT Workload Automation Broker that integrates business processes across all applications and platforms · Real-time, event-driven scheduling enabling immediate response to critical business events · Service-Oriented approach to workload automation ensuring compatibility with legacy, current and future business processing requirements · Reduced cost of administration through centralized and simplified management of background processing from a single console · Intelligent optimization of schedules resulting in reduced elapsed times for background workload completion and increased online systems availability · Maximized return on IT investment through dynamic workload balancing across all available resources · Increased reliability through automated error recovery and elimination of errors associated with manual intervention · Improved productivity through management by exception and increased enduser application availability

Active Process Automation and Business Integration

Optimize your business processes and IT resources Today's real-time enterprise demands 24/7 response to business events. Enterprise process automation has become essential for maximizing the value of IT and operational resources, as well as for enabling responsive command and control of increasingly dynamic business processes. Having a powerful solution for managing and monitoring complex business processes is no longer a luxury ­ it is a necessity.

To gain control of your business processes you need a solution that facilitates seamless cooperation of all applications across the different technology layers, an intuitive end user interface, application connectors that work at all levels, and workload automation rules that can be modeled consistently in all environments. Cronacle enterprise job scheduling and process automation from Redwood Software constantly manages, monitors and optimizes the systems that underlie your business-critical processes. It is uniquely designed so you can build and maintain responsive, flexible business processes with the high speed and reliability you need to secure market leadership and sustain profitability.

"Cronacle has provided us with a means for controlling our workload effectively and efficiently. The associated benefits, coupled with achieving our primary business goal of enabling unattended overnight operations, assure us that we selected the right solution." Claire Joel Development Manager, French Connection

High-Value Capabilities

Designed to take advantage of interactive applications and web-based infrastructures, Cronacle provides proven job scheduling and background process automation solutions every day to thousands of customer installations worldwide.

Using Redwood's proprietary Active Process AutomationTM technology, Cronacle gives you the business agility, throughput and efficiency you need to optimize the use of available time and resources ­ and to meet or exceed the service levels demanded by your business.


· Maximizes available IT and operational resources · Enables business processes to drive IT workload · Centralizes real-time process control and monitoring · Improves productivity · Has unique integration capabilities across SAP and non-SAP applications

employs this advanced architecture to provide the real-time automation you need to manage even the most complex, dynamic processing requirements. Cronacle manages routine and predictable workloads as well as ad hoc tasks, treating planned and unplanned workloads as events and then building relationships between the events to

create appropriate dependencies. Active monitoring, auditing and archiving capabilities provide a much broader range of automation than is available with simple job scheduling solutions, enabling a wider view on process execution and optimization.

Active Process AutomationTM

Based on our years of experience pioneering event-driven job scheduling, Redwood Software has developed Active Process AutomationTM, a unique technology architecture for modern process automation solutions. Cronacle

"Cronacle was easy to use in comparison to other products and also offered the flexibility and processing power required for handling our high volumes of workload." Richard Berg Technology Manager,Toyota Motor Sales

Through the inherent efficiencies of the Active Process Automation architecture, Cronacle enables a service-oriented approach to process automation, providing a common set of reusable services for process management and control. Customers are able to create a central infrastructure for managing and integrating workloads for legacy, existing, and future applications. Built on open standards, Cronacle integrates readily with the broader systems management environment and fits easily into your existing corporate IT management framework.

Improved Efficiency, Maximized Resources

Wasted time means lost revenue. Cronacle uses Active Process Automation to ensure that IT tasks are performed at exactly the right moment, under exactly the right conditions. By responding immediately to business events, Cronacle maximizes the time available to run workloads and ensures that all tasks are completed efficiently. Processing exceptions are immediately detected, recovery actions automated, and relevant users notified to ensure up-to-the minute awareness of process status. By automatically balancing workload across all available resources, running non-dependent tasks in parallel, and automatically responding to changes in the environment, Cronacle improves efficiency and maximizes the use of available resources, enabling business tasks to be completed more quickly and reliably. Integration with core business applications ensures optimized process flow and end-to-end efficiency of the entire business process.

Business Processes Drive IT

The key to competitive advantage is immediate response to unpredictable demands and requirements. Cronacle aligns the back end technology infrastructure with real-time business requirements, offering unmatched levels of throughput, reliability and scalability. The overhead associated with system configuration and administration is minimized through Cronacle's unique integrated system design and the efficient, object-oriented Active Process Automation architecture. Cronacle customers have improved their competitive advantage by reducing the elapsed time required for end-to-end execution of business processes by as much as 80%, improving customer service efficiency by 40% or more, and significantly increasing the timeliness and data integrity of business intelligence reporting.

Optimized IT for an Instantly Responsive Enterprise

Cronacle Active Process Automation uses real-time business events to ensure the most efficient management of business processes across complex application and platform landscapes. It provides a central point of control for all IT workload and optimizes the use of existing IT resources, reducing total cost of ownership and enhancing the overall efficiency of your enterprise computing infrastructure. By actively managing and monitoring the IT workload that underpins your critical business processes around the clock, Cronacle provides a new level of responsive control and visibility, putting business activities in control of task execution. Through its integration with critical applications, automated detection and management of exceptions, and centralized administration, Cronacle helps you to leverage your existing assets and investment to stay agile and competitive in today's business environment. To learn more about Cronacle Active Process Automation and how Redwood Software can help you improve efficiency and service level delivery, please visit us online at

"Cronacle enables us to ... look at our environment from a business perspective, ensuring that we can deliver the right information to users so that they can make decisions that improve service to our customers." Ken Guettler Manager of Enterprise Systems Management, Orbitz Worldwide

Centralized Control and Monitoring

Increasing throughput and balancing workload across resources improves end user response times and allows better use of the environment, delivering greater return on investment in the business application infrastructure. By applying greater control over business process tasks, Cronacle ensures the most efficient processing, delivering the best possible use of hardware resources, further increasing return on investment and deferring the need for additional processing power.

Improved Productivity

Business users are most productive when the underlying IT infrastructure works with them. Background workload must deliver accurate, timely business information for executive decision making. Cronacle ensures that processes are executed quickly and reliably, enabling users to do their jobs effectively using the most current information for reporting. Your IT staff can manage by exception, focusing on value-added tasks such as workflow analysis and production planning.

About Redwood Software

Founded in The Netherlands in 1993 , Redwood Software provides process automation, job scheduling, and enterprise report management solutions that enable organizations worldwide to maximize the value of their IT infrastructure and information resources to meet today's business challenges. With a local presence throughout Europe, North America, and Australia, and more than 3,200 customer installations worldwide, Redwood solutions are helping organizations achieve their business goals with greater effectiveness, speed, and efficiency. Redwood is a registered trademark. Report2Web and Cronacle are trademarks of Redwood Software, Inc. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serve informational purposes only. For more information or to locate a regional office, please visit our website at © Redwood Software 2009 . All rights reserved.



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