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GCSE Science Revision - Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics ) Course: OCR 21st Century Science A Examination Date : 25th, 27th January and 1st February 2010 Which topics : Biology exam 1 (B1, B2 and B3), Biology exam 2 (B4, B5 and B6), Chemistry exam 1 (C1, C2 and C3), Chemistry exam 2 (C4, C5 and C6), Physics exam 1 (P1, P2 and P3), Physics exam 2 (P4, P5 and P6) Revision resources Use the following resources to help you to prepare for your REAL GCSE exam. BBCbitesize website ­ o Select the 21st Century science option and then the topics: all the topics. o The school website ­ o Follow the links for home study work for during the bad weather o Visit the science area OCR website o The examboard website has past exam papers so you can practice exam questions. o Select the option > Science: Twenty First Century Science Suite ­ Biology A (or Chemistry A or Physics A) or follow the link below. ments/index.html Use your revision guides and own exercise books to revise.

Here is a list of useful ways to revise. · Revision cards · Mind maps · Concept maps · Key word cards · Colour pattern charts · Who, When, What, Where, Why, hoW · Write a short story including 15 key words · Acrostic poems or stories · Science song/rap · Quiz to test a friend · Science short poem · One word, 2-word phrase, 3-word phrase, 4-word phrase · Highlighting, sticky notes, reference pages, represent ideas as pictures · Plus anymore brilliant ideas you have!


Microsoft Word - GCSE Science Revision Triple.doc

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