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Persuasive technology

At the heart of this TIG welding current source is the patented transistor heavy-duty circuit breaker, proven in tens of thousands of instances. Together with the precise processor control, these power components ensure outstanding ignition properties and an extremely stable arc. Even the trickiest welding jobs are no problem here. Linkup to an automated unit is however also very easy to achieve, thanks to precise processor control. Attractive, ergonomical and functional We offer the right power for every application, graduated in very small steps. All systems are available as DC-only or as AC/DC systems. The units can be used universally for all welding jobs on stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, alloy and non-alloyed steels, and on aluminium and its alloys. REHM Rocker function With the rocker function, the torch buttons can be used to continuously adjust the welding current over the entire power range during welding (for models 210, 260, 330 and 400). Quiet operation The standby switching for the fan and the water pump ensures a low noise and pleasant continous operation.

REHM Balance Control This high-performance balance control permits small electrode diameters to be used at maximum welding rate and optimum penetration. REHM Automatic Frequency With this process, patented by REHM, the frequency is automatically adjusted to the current intensity during AC welding. As a result, the tungsten electrode is subjected to the lowest possible load. A long service life and optimum efficiency are the result. With the Automatic Frequency feature, its is also possible to weld aluminium with a pointed tungsten electrode. A stable arc in fillet welds proves this. Perfect controllability of the weld pool thanks to standard integration of two-current feature and pulse unit plus disconnectable HF ignition. REHM Changeover Level Reduction This is a process that REHM has patented (Patent No. 40 06 202). In AC welding, the processor control gives the changeover range a gently curving form. This drastically reduces the noise generated by aluminium welding.


The right one for everybody ­ the REHM operating concept

The two selectable operating concepts:

Front circuit board with clearly laid-out multi-button operation

Dialog monitor with DIGITAL operation

With these two different operating concepts, REHM provides a tailor-made solution for every user. The conventional operating concept The conventional operating concept with potentiometers and switches is a favourite of every welder, thanks to its sensibly laid-out operating elements. The welding-oriented scale system and optimum dimensioning ensure that you can operate your REHM TIG system quickly and easily.

The REHM DIGITAL System n Language selection (10 different languages and up to 12 programs can be stored) n Optimum weld formation thanks to selectable current upslope time / downslope time, gas pre-flow and post-flow times and starting current / end crater current n Narrower weld surface thanks to DC pulsing up to 500 Hz n Automatic saving of the latest unit settings


Portable INVERTIG 210 AC/DC 3­210 3­160 50 70 160 140 5,5 5,7 95 230/50 16 0,98 Gas IP 23 23 440x275x520

Current source, TIG torch, mains lead 5 m, with plug, earthing cable 4 m, pressure regulator.

Type Setting range TIG [A] Electrode [A] TIG [%] Electrode [%] TIG [A] Electrode [A] TIG [kVA] Electrode [kVA] [V] [V/Hz]

Duty cycle (ED) in TIG operation at I max (10 min.) Welding current at 100 % duty cycle Power consumption at I max. No-load voltage Power supply voltage Fuses slow Power factor [cos phi] Torch cooling Degree of protection Weight [kg] Dimensions, LxWxH [mm] Standard scope of supply and standard equipment

INVERTIG 260 AC/DC TRANSTIG 260 DC 5­260 5­260 50 20 210 160 9,1 12,1 58 3x 400/50 16 0,97 Water IP 23 85/81

Mobile INVERTIG 330 AC/DC INVERTIG 400 AC/DC TRANSTIG 330 DC TRANSTIG 400 DC 6­330 8­400 6­330 8­400 55 60 25 30 265 335 210 280 11,9 13,4 16,0 19,0 60 62 3x 400/50 3x 400/50 25 32 0,97 0,97 Water Water IP 23 IP 23 92/88 99/95 850x420x860

INVERTIG 460 GW 8­460 8­460 60 40 370 350 22,2 25,0 70 3x 400/50 36 0,97 Water IP 23 190 990x540x920

Current source with integrated pulse and program memory function, TIG torch, mains lead 5 m, earthing cable 4 m, pressure regulator.

Current source with integrated pulse and two-current function; TIG torch 4 m; mains lead 5 m; earthing cable 4 m; pressure regulator showing contents and liters.

Order No.

INVERTIG 140 2150 (D) 140 2425 (K) / 140 2426 (D) 140 3025 (K) / 140 3026 (D) 140 4025 (K) / 140 4026 (D) 140 4650 TRANSTIG 140 2420 (K) / 140 2421 (D) 140 3020 (K) / 140 3021 (D) 140 4020 (K) / 140 4021 (D) W e reserve the right to alter the technical specification without notice. Additional equipment for the units shown are available at extra charge. All systems have the CE and S symbols and conform to the standard EN 60 974- 1.

Key: K = conventional operating concept, D = digital operating concept

REHM welding technology ­ all about us!


n REHM MIG/MAG Shielded arc welding units SYNERGIC.PRO step-switched, gas cooled up to 450 A SYNERGIC.PRO step-switched, water cooled up to 450 A MEGA.ARC continuously adjustable up to 450 A RP REHM Professional step switched up to 560 A MEGAPULS Pulsed welding units up to 500 A n REHM TIG shielded arc welding units TIGER portable 100 kHz Inverter up to 210 A TRANSTIG/INVERTIG mobile water cooled TIG units up to 460 A n REHM Inverter Technology TIGER and BOOSTER.PRO 100 kHz electrode inverter up to 210 A n REHM Plasma cutting units n Welding accessories and Consumables n Welding fume extraction n Technical advice on welding n Torch repairs n Service Development, design and production all under one roof at our plant in Uhingen. Thanks to this centralised organisation and to our forward-looking committment, new knowhow can be quickly incorporated into our production. The requests and requirements of our customers form the basis for an advanced product development process. Numerous patents and awards testify to the precision and quality of our products. Close contacts to our customers and competence in our field are the principles which come first for us in consultation, training and service.

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+49 (0) 71 61/30 07 77

+49 (0) 71 61/30 07 66

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REHM GmbH u. Co KG Schweißtechnik Ottostraße 2 · D-73066 Uhingen Telephone +49 (0) 7161 30 07-0 Telefax +49 (0) 7161 30 07-20 e-mail: [email protected] Internet:


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