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March 2004

AMBERLAC® 13-031

(formerly STYRESOL® 13-031)

Product Code: 13031-00 Styrene-Modified Alkyd

DESCRIPTION AMBERLAC 13-031 is a styrene-modified alkyd resin for use in air- or force-dry enamels. APPLICATIONS · · · Primers Hammertone finishes General air-dry or baking industrial enamels


FEATURES · · · Fast dry Excellent hardness and adhesion Good color retention

PROPERTIES Type Percent Solids, Weight Percent Solids, Volume Viscosity, Gardner-Holdt Reduced Viscosity, 35% Non-Volatile in VM&P Color, Gardner Acid Value, on Solids Pounds per Gallon, Solution Flash Point (SFCC), Typical Mineral Spirits Tolerance Solvent STORAGE Store in a cool, dry place, preferably under 80°F, to ensure a useful shelf life of at least one year.

Read the AMBERLAC 13-031 Material Safety Data Sheet before handling, storing, or using this product.


Styrenated Alkyd 49 ­ 51 44 approx. T­V D­G 5 max. 14 max. 8.05 avg. 80°F 200% Xylene


Aluminum Hammer Finish Pounds/ 100 Gallons 560.0 112.0 73.0 13.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 761.0

Formula AMBERLAC® 13-031 VM&P Naphtha Xylene Super Fine Nonleafing Aluminum Paste 6% Cobalt Naphthenate Anti-Skinning Agent Anti-Flooding Agent TOTAL


Suggested Bake Schedule 10 Minutes at 300°F Formulation Properties Percent Non-Volatile 37.6 Percent Pigment The above formulation is a fast air-dry or baking finish for industrial use. A good hammer pattern is exhibited without use of silicone additives. The pattern can be enhanced with the use of .6 pounds per 100 gallons of ASAF from Paint Chemicals, Inc.

AMBERLAC® 13-031 (13031-00)




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