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Summer 2007

Connecting, Informing and Inspiring Reiki Practitioners in Central Illinois

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Spring Reiki Retreat:

Personal Renewal, Global Peace Page 3 Fall Reiki Retreat, September 22 Page 5

Remembering Reiki People...

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Fall Renewal Day

September 22

South of Athens

Registration is STILL OPEN... Register Now! (See article on page 5) ALSO, Mark Your Calendar...

Winter Retreat January 5-6, 2008

"I sat with my colored pencils, a pad of paper and all the loving energy I could possibly feel in my heart and prayed for our dear Mother Earth. From my hour of sending love, --Rebecca Matejka McVay I created this image...."

From the

Publisher . . . the Summer issue of ReikiSpirit. One of the things I enjoy most about this publication is that it Gloria Ferguson provides the opportunity for us to share in the experiences, knowledge, talents and wisdom of so many others in this loving community that we are building. How comforting to know that there is this community of people who cheer for us, who wish the very best for us. As we grow in our awareness of our Oneness, we see how the growth of each of us benefits all of us. May our collective, loving energy help birth a new consciousness of health and peace for us all. In the spirit of Reiki, we see only love. - Gloria

Reiki Quest

ReikiSpirit is pleased to present this new regular column to answer your Reiki questions. Virginia Carlson, a Reiki teacher and retired counselor, will respond to your inquiries. Send them to: [email protected] Q: Are Reiki treatments limited to people?

by Virginia Carlson

A quarterly newsletter serving Reiki practitioners in central Illinois. Published by Gloria Ferguson 1234 North Third St. Springfield, IL 62702 (217) 544-4134 [email protected] Editor Gloria Ferguson Copy Editor Diane Baksys Subscription fee $10 per year


A: Heavens no! Reiki can be extended to people, animals, plants, food, medicine, water, etc. All things are composed of energy, so Reiki can be extended to everything. I know of a person who does Reiki on letters written to soldiers with the intention of them arriving safely with healing words. A friend shared with me that he will give Reiki to a book before he begins reading, so that the words will `speak' to him. Be as creative as you want! COVER ART:

A: We are all natural healers, but as in all things, some individuals have greater energy levels or abilities than others. I believe it was author Diane Stein who had been laying healing hands on others for years before she experienced Reiki. When she was first introduced to Reiki, she said, "Oh, so this is what this is!" Reiki attunements enhance our natural abilities and open our bodies to be better channels of energy. Here is an excerpt from the story behind this loving event:

Q: I know someone who has a lot of energy coming from her hands, but has never had an attunement. How do you explain that?

A: Good question. Reiki goes where it needs to be. It will be effective always, but there are many different layers of healing, so the effects may not be obvious and may take various lengths of time. So yes, Reiki always works on some level.

Q: Does Reiki work on people who do not believe in it?

Healing Mother Earth


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n July 17, from 6:11 to 7:11 a.m., I sat with my colored pencils, a pad of paper and all the loving energy I could possibly feel in my heart and prayed for our dear Mother Earth. I did this as part of a synchronized world-wide event. The instructions were to meditate, pray, sing, play music, dance, draw or perhaps just sit smiling lovingly, all with the intention of comforting our Mother Earth, who is in such distress.

by Rebecca (Becky) Matejka McVay

From my hour of sending love, I created the image "Healing Mother Earth". I hope we can all continue to send her love and picture her rested and restored as we move ourselves into a healthy, happy and spiritually blessed future.

"We have inside of us the power to unite this planet as one race with peace and prosperity for all. This power lies inside us all, and when combined with the loving energy of other humans, we can revive this Earth and catapult it into healing. With this healing will come a new phase of humanity.... Once we have enough humans in the frequency of love, joy and gratitude, then we will begin the exciting journey of rebuilding our earth...." Shelley,



Summer 2007

Spring Reiki Retreat:

Personal Renewal, Global Peace

s each of the 28 practitioners arrived, they were greeted with a sage smudging and a hug before entering the doors and beginning their day of Reiki healing. It was June 2 at the Dominican Sisters' Jubilee Farm--breezy, a bit cloudy, but a perfect day for gathering with like-minded individuals to celebrate our Reiki community's Spring retreat. I was both thrilled and honored to be part of the retreat team. In


by Rebecca McVay

the past, Gloria Ferguson, Grace Blankenberger and Theresa Durbin had always planned, prepared and arranged the spring and winter retreats. As a grateful participant and recipient, I always marveled at how effortlessly it appeared to flow. I must admit that when Gloria and Grace asked if I might be interested in assisting with the planning and preparation for this retreat, I wondered if I could possibly hold up my end of the bargain. Looking back, I can only say "Thank You" for such a blessed opportunity and experience! It was a joyful gathering, with lots of happy and excited greetings. We all had missed each other, and it was good to be back in the company of our loving, extended Reiki family. The usual hustle and bustle commensed; people registered, picked up their folders, put

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Summer 2007



away their sack lunches, grabbed their drinks and found their seats in one of the chairs assembled in the circle in the main meeting room of the Earth Literacy Center at the farm. In the middle of the circle was a table holding a light lavender "peace candle", created and blessed by Brenda Vandenberg, specifically for the retreat. Also in the room were three tabletop displays with pictures of smiling Iraqi children, teenagers and adults enjoying daily life and affection with one another. These images, taken by a Dominican sister, reminded us that everywhere in our world where there is oppression and poverty, there are also wonderful, loving people like our own dear friends and families. Bowls were placed in front of the displays, where people could place petitions and prayer requests to receive healing energy from within the circle. On the inside wall of the room hung a painting inspired by the theme of the retreat. It was an image of the Divine Mother sending healing energy towards the Earth. The word "peace" in twelve different languages was painted into the swirls of energy surrounding her. A vase of fragrant pink roses placed on a small table below the picture gave a finishing touch to the setting in which our healing circle would take place. Once all had arrived, the peace candle was lit and our day of Reiki began. After the announcements and the introduc-

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Spring Reiki Retreat

tions, we were led to prayer and silent meditation. Global healing was the chosen theme for

the retreat, with the specific intent of sending healing energy to Mother Earth. Prayers were selected in advance for recitation by different practitioners. The prayers were from 12 different ethnic and religious sects from around the world. In a spirit of acceptance and communion with all of our sisters and brothers on Earth, we embraced the concepts of the great spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi who said, "Like the bee gathering honey from the different flowers, the wise person accepts the essence of the different scriptures and sees only the good in all religions." The ceremony ended with the music of Olivia Newton-John

A painting of the Divine Mother sending healing energy to Earth blessed us and the healing work we were doing that day.

singing the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. It was a very moving and powerful display of loving energy at work. I deeply treasure the memory of that morning's healing circle. As noon arrived, we were able to share conversation and our "green bag" lunches. Then, we were ready for what we had all been anxiously anticipating, group Reiki healing! Grace decided that it might be fun to select numbers from a set of Uno cards and using those numbers, gather us into groups with other "like numbered" people for our Reiki table work. Each number had a significant meaning, and it was an enjoyable way to explore numerology and practice healing with people we might not usually work with. Our own "Deeksha angel" and Reiki practitioner, John Blank, delivered the Deeksha or "Oneness" blessing. In fact, John generously blessed us with Deeksha at several intervals throughout the retreat. We were able to show him our appreciation for this special gift by showering him with healing energy as he sat in the middle of our group healing energy circle towards the end of the afternoon. The supper sharing is a main event during any retreat, and this was no exception. A wonderful vegetarian meal was catered by Holy Land Diner. The food was excellent, and there were ample leftovers for all who had an empty container left from their "green bag" lunches. As our very full day drew to a close, we gathered once more



Summer 2007

Reiki Retreat

lease join us on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the 2007 Fall Reiki Renewal Day for Reiki practitioners. The retreat will be held at Peggy Patty and Phyllis Lau's home, located south of Athens on 12 wooded acres. We are excited to feature a Healing Powers of TUNING FORKS Demonstration during the retreat. The day will also include lots of time for group Reiki, and time to share your spirit with other Reiki folks! We had a magical gathering here last year. We hope to hold most of the retreat activities outside again this year, in beautiful Mother Nature, weather permitting! We ask that you bring your lunch, a lawn chair, and especially, an open heart. We will supply snacks, iced tea and filtered water. The space is limited to 30 folks, so register early. For a registration form, contact Peggy at: [email protected] or call her at 217/636-8875. Cost of the retreat is $20.00. Hope you can join us for another great Reiki gathering! Blessings! Peggy and Phyllis


September 22

Ahh! Nothing like receiving Reiki from several practitioners at the same time!

in the comfort of our healing room. I remember thinking how beautiful everyone's smiles were as I snapped a picture of the group. I think that same thought every day as I gaze at each participant smiling back at me from the print I have taped to the wall by my computer. We spent an incredible day of sharing,

John Blank gives Deeksha to Priscilla Hauk.

sending love and energy to each other, to our Mother Earth and to ALL our sisters and brothers who live upon Earth with us. I'm still caught up in the wonder and magic of that event. I know that being there with each of you was a powerful healing experience for me, and I can't thank you enough for what you each have given to me. God Bless!

You never know what you might learn at these retreats! Mary Bernardi gets instructions on using a nasal cup from (left) Rosie Christy and (center) Carolyn Gray.

Summer 2007



Remembering REIKI PEOPLE...

Elaine Beckman

ill and I met Elaine and Steve Beckman in 1988 shortly after we were married and moved next door to them in our first house. The four of us were about the same age, we both had infant daughters, and we shared many common interests. Elaine was always full of life, quick to laugh and ready to have fun. We became very close friends over the years and did many things together: made dinner, sat outside and talked during the warm weather months, and camped almost every spring and fall. The love of nature and the outdoors were a favorite of Elaine's. Also, Jill babysat their daughter Justine while Elaine and Steve were at work. A couple of days before one of our scheduled camping trips, Elaine went to the doctor because she had discovered a lump in her abdominal area. The doctor told her it was probably just a cyst, and scheduled her for a biopsy. Understandably worried, Elaine bowed out of the camping trip. On Monday, Oct. 23, 1995, at the age of 42, Elaine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In surgery that day, the doctors performed a complete hysterectomy and she was given a temporary colostomy, since the cancer had also spread to part of her colon.


by Bill Hanney

Also in 1995, Gloria Ferguson had taken me to the first level of Reiki. I told Elaine that it may help to relieve her anxiety over having cancer if I gave her Reiki. She was all for it! So once or twice a week, I would give her Reiki. She was very appreciative and thought it was helping her deal with her illness. In May of 1996, Gloria, Barb Erdmann, Mary Bernardi and Theresa Durbin took alternate weeks giving Reiki to Elaine in the first year after the diagnosis. Elaine found it to be extremely helpful in her healing, both physically and emotionally. Through this practice, she became a part of the Reiki community and an inspiration to those around her. Through all of her ensuing chemotherapy treatments and having the colostomy reversed, she was able to always stay upbeat because of her positive attitude and the power of Reiki. She brought people from different walks of life together for the cause of helping her heal from her illness. Elaine believed firmly in the power of Reiki and chose to become a practitioner. On Feb. 12 of 1997. Gloria attuned her to the first level of Reiki In the summer of 1997, we moved to another house. No longer right next door to Elaine and Steve, we were not as

Elaine with husband Steve and daughter Justine, 1993 involved with them on a daily basis. It was during those next eight years that Elaine underwent chemotherapy treatments, tried alternative herbs and medicines, and traveled all over the country to consult with doctors doing pioneer work on cancer. She also widened her circle of friends to include many families at Blessed Sacrament Parish where Justine attended grade school. Elaine was always willing to share her experiences and feelings with all of her many friends. She loved the beach and the mountains because she viewed them as places of healing. It was during the late `90s and early `00s that Elaine, Steve and Justine took many family trips to get away from the daily grind and spend quality time together. By now, they had learned to live with the cancer as a part of life, and Elaine saw herself as a "professional patient" whose job it was to



Summer 2007

stay alive. She found solace in the saying, "This illness may take years from my life, but it will never take life from my years." After battling cancer for nine years, never giving up, so that she could see Justine become a young lady, Elaine succumbed to cancer on Sept. 1, 2004. During the later stages of her illness, she made all of the arrangements for her funeral and burial service; "Elaine's Marching Orders" as we called them. Her funeral at Blessed Sacrament Church was almost filled to capacity with all of the friends she had made during her lifetime: old college buddies, workmates, the Reiki community, the doctors and nurses who had treated and cared for her over the years, and many other friends. Elaine brought a sense of wonder and happiness to everything that she did. It's no surprise, then, that so many people gravitated towards her and will never forget her!

n a Sunday afternoon in May, several Reiki practitioners and interested family members and friends gathered in Washington Park to receive a special Oneness blessing. Deeksha, a transfer of divine energy, assists the recipient in awakening to a lasting state of oneness, inner peace and well-being. Deeksha-giver John Blank traveled to Springfield from Normal to give us this blessing. I and all who attended are deeply grateful to you, John, for giving us this wonderful healing experience. Thank you! With gratitude, Diane Baksys occur through actual words we use. The tone of voice accounts for 40 percent. Posture and gestures claim 50 percent. Man has been communicating through gestures and posturing since the beginning of time. Body language is a non-verbal expression of feelings, levels of confidence, and defensiveness. How a person walks and how a person stands can reflect areas of discomfort or pain. A Reiki practitioner will enhance treatments by learning to read body language. Future articles will touch on a variety of subjects that will assist in the learning that our bodies are similar to computers. Our bodies hold infinite information which, when tapped into, can guide us into being exceptional Reiki practitioners. Please join me as we explore the art of reading body language.


Thank You!

Language is More than Speech

e all strive to be better Reiki practitioners and there are many techniques offered to us today that are compatible with Reiki. In forthcoming articles, I would like to present age-old communication techniques that will allow you to `read' a person's body using chakra work, body language, auras, and the concept of yin and yang. These articles will combine Eastern ancient traditions with our expanding Western culture. To quote an old saying, "Actions speak louder than words". Less than 10 percent of messages spoken face to face


by Virginia Carlson

Mary Spresser, fondly called "Mother Mary" by many is recovering from pneumonia. Mary is a long-time member of our Reiki community and the mother of Reiki Masters Nancy Calumet and Jim Spresser. Please keep Mary and her family in your prayers and Reiki.

Reiki-Prayer Request:

Summer 2007



Reiki Community


G A Fall Reiki Renewal Day is planned for Sept. 22, at Peggy Patty and Phyllis Lau's north of Springfield. If you did not receive a registration form and want to attend, please contact Peggy at 217-636-8875. Space is limited to the first 30 people registering. G A Healing Circle is being offered on the southwest side of Champaign at Jan Shephardson's on the second Wednesday of the month from 7-9 p.m. The circle is open to professional healers from a variety of healing backgrounds. For more information, call Jan at 359-0624 or Nancy Melin at 356-1107. being offered by Jean Ferratier on the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at her home, 1712 Devonwood, Springfield. Please RSVP if possible. For directions, contact Jean at 793-2798 or at [email protected]


(formerly Ascensions)


to our NEW name and NEW location!

1815 West Jefferson Springfield 217-698-2776

G A Drum Circle open to ALL is being offered at Unity Church, Springfield, on the third Sunday of each month, from 2-4 p.m. G A Reiki Circle is

G Carolyn Gray and Karen Ridinger are offering a Reiki Circle on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Main Street Yoga & Healing Arts, 418 N. Main St., Bloomington. Contact Carolyn at 309451-4472 or Karen at 309-888-6285, if you plan to attend.

G A Reiki Circle is being offered at Omniana/ Bodytudes, 989 Clocktower Drive, Springfield, on the second Thursday of the month from 7-9 p.m.

Come join us on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 11-7 for our GRAND OPENING!

Enjoy Snacks, Drinks, Reiki, Massage, Readers, Aura Pictures, and more!

Reiki Training


Gloria Ferguson, RMT

Karuna Reiki® Practitioner I Sept. 8-9, 2007

G Practitioner I Attunement G Four Level One symbols and G Chanting and toning with G Instruction and practice in giving G Practitioner I manual

Class includes:

description of uses Karuna Reiki

and receiving Karuna Reiki Certificate is included

Class time - 7 hours Cost - $200

Preregistration required: 217-544-4134


1234 North Third St. Springfield, IL 62702

Reiki for Distant Healing

The following Reiki practitioners have volunteered to FREELY serve the Reiki community during times of crisis by sending Reiki on request. Call one or more of them to ask for Distant Healing. Grace Blankenberger - 217-546-0269 Theresa Durbin - 217-525-0157 Gloria Ferguson - 217-544-4134 Priscilla Hauk - 217-523-8992 Brenda Peterson - 217-874-2027

Help build Reiki community in central Illinois by supporting this publication. Subscribe today! Make checks payable to ReikiSpirit and mail to: ReikiSpirit 1234 North Third St. Springfield, IL 62702

Published Quarterly subscription fee $10 per year



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