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PEINER High Strength Structural Bolts

General Since September 2007, manufacturers of high strength structural bolts, nuts and washers should be producing their products in accordance with the European Standard EN 14399. Products made based on the old standards DIN 6914, 6915 and 6916 (old `DIN stocks') can still be used and supplied, but cannot be combined in various assemblies with products that meet the new standard. The revised standard does not lead to any important dimensional changes (with the exception of the thread length size "b", which now has the maximum value from the old standard and starting at M24 even somewhat above that). Furthermore, CE marking on the packaging is mandatory and the products demand more stringent assembly instructions and traceability. In addition, the impact value has changed from Kv,min=20J to Kv,min=27J at -20ºC. PEINER 10.9 HV high strength structural bolts, nuts and washers meet all requirements of this new standard. Product HV Bolts HV Nuts HV Washers Old Standard DIN 6914 DIN 6915 DIN 6916 New Standard EN 14399-4 EN 14399-4 EN 14399-6 Marking 10.9 HV 10 HV H

Quality PEINER is a CE-certified supplier of class 10.9 HV bolts, class 10 HV nuts and washers (hardness 300-370 HV) in the sizes M12­M36 in accordance with standard EN 14399-4 and EN 14399-6. These articles are available in both a black and a hot-dip galvanised version. The bolts meet all of the requirements that are set to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. Assembly The standard prescribes that the bolt, nut and washer must come from the same manufacturer. Standard EN 14399-2 describes the test method that the bolt/nut/washer combination should fulfil. Due to the more stringent assembly instructions and a classification in k-classes, the manufacturer should ensure that the required pre-loading force can be achieved in a reliable manner and that overloading is avoided, with reference being made to the assembly methods in standard ENV 1090-1 For hot-dip galvanised combinations, in the friction class K1, the same tightening torque and pre-loading forces apply as stated in DIN 18800-7 (2002-09) Table 6, columns 3 and 7, resp. EN 1993-1-8. For hot-dip galvanised products from the same manufacturer, the various separate elements (in accordance with DIN and EN) can be combined. This is because the values for the tightening torque remain the same.



For the non hot-dip galvanised combinations, according to the new EN standard, the same tightening torques apply as for the hot-dip galvanised combinations, there where DIN 18800-7 (2002-09) Table 6, columns 4 and 8, previously prescribed raised tightening torques. Due to this difference in tightening torque, combining DIN-products with EN-products is not allowed. Peiner high strength structural bolts that meet the new EN standard are supplied in friction class K1. The kfactor describes the linear relationship between the tightening torque (M) and the preloading force achieved for the diameter concerned. Expressed using the formula: M = k x Fv x d (M [Nm], Fv [kN], d [mm]) PEINER preloading products (EN 14399-4 and 6) should meet k-class K1 where 0.1k0.16, irrespective of the surface treatment. The product packaging mentions assembly guidelines and the friction class. The surface treatment applied by the manufacturer ensures that these conditions are achieved. Additional lubrication or degreasing influences the k-value and is not allowed. With respect to the clamping length of a bolt/nut/washer combination, it must be noted that in the new standard the thickness of the washers is included. Certificates PEINER high strength structural bolts are, on request, available with a 3.1 certificate in accordance with EN 10204.

PEINER products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Relay International Pty Ltd

Phone 1800 300 141 Email [email protected] PO Box 229 Sale Victoria 3853 Australia



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