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Site Visit to Muslim Mosque

Please see GUIDELINES FOR VISITING A MUSLIM SITE Al Farooq Masjid of Atlanta 442 14th St. NW, Atlanta Phone: 404-874-7521 Sometimes called the "international mosque" in Atlanta. There is a Muslim school associated with and located next to the mosque. In the same complex is a bookstore called Al-Noor Book Center. The bookstore manager, Muhammad Kashlan, has indicated his willingness to talk with students and answer questions. Directions: Right off of 14th St. Exit from I-85. Friday prayers from 1:45-2:15. Women must wear scarf headcoverings and dress modestly. Men should also dress modestly (i.e., no shorts or t-shirts). There are talks on Qur'an, hadith, and ibadat on Sundays; 1-2 for men and 1: 15-1:50 for women. Call ahead if interested in attending these. Masjid al-Muminun 1127 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta Phone: 404-586-9562 Services: 1:45 pm Friday; 2 pm Sunday Membership: 200 Senior Leader: Imam Furqan Muhammad Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam 560 Fayetteville Rd., SE Phone: 404-378-1600 Directions: Take 1-20 East; exit at Glennwood and turn left. Turn right on Fayetteville (about 2 miles), and the mosque is in a shopping center.


Site Visit to Muslim Mosque

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Site Visit to Muslim Mosque