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Textile Effects

Technical Data Sheet

SAPAMINE® OC textile softener


Softener for natural and synthetic fibers


Softening of all fiber types, preferably by exhaustion Characteristics · Excellent soft handle on all fibers types, especially on PAN · Low sublimation Benefits · Gives fabrics a warm luxurious feel

· Reduced contamination of machinery parts and condensation sports on the fabric · Can help to reduce fabric seconds during manufacturing · Helps to keep the fabric looking newer and fresher for long during wearing and washing of the garment · Excellent product efficiency · Low waste water contamination · Product can be used even form long liquor ratio

· Anti-soiling properties

· Very high degree of exhaustion

Technical Data Sheet

SAPAMINE® OC textile softener


Chemical constitution Ionic character pH Specific gravity at 20 °C Physical form General stability Amide derivative of an aliphatic carbon acid Cationic 3.5­4.5 1.000­1.010 g/cm3 Light beige dispersion

SAPAMINE® OC is stable to hard water up to 20 °dH (water

hardness), to diluted acids and to liquor-pH above 10. The product is not resistant to sulphates, phosphates and in alkaline liquors with pH between 7.5 and 10.

Storage stability

SAPAMINE® OC is stable for 1 year when properly stored in closed containers at 20 °C. The product is not sensitive to either cold or heat. The usual hygiene and safety rules for handling chemicals should be observed in storage, handling and use. The product must not be swallowed. For further information on SAPAMINE® OC - especially particulars regarding safety when handling, toxicological and ecological data - please consult our product specific safety data sheet.



SAPAMINE® OC can be combined with cationic and nonionic products. Preliminary trials are advisable before using the product with anionic products (e. g. optical brighteners for cellulose) or with other products, especially when they are not of Huntsman Corporation.



Technical Data Sheet

SAPAMINE® OC textile softener


The product is preferably applied in a fresh bath. PAN fibers can be simultaneously dyed and softened with SAPAMINE® OC textile softener, provided no salt or solely sodium chloride is used. The cationic character of SAPAMINE® OC textile softener has always to be considered. pH 5.5­6.5 has to be adjusted with acetic acid before addition of SAPAMINE® OC textile softener. A too low liquor pH is disadvantageous. Dissolving/diluting SAPAMINE® OC textile softener is dissolved by pouring on 5­10 times its weight of boiling water and brief stirring up. Stock solutions are very stable and can be diluted with cold water. The water should be weakly acid to neutral. Alkaline water should be corrected with acetic acid. Required amount Exhaust method Application amount: pH: Liquor ratio: Time: Temperature: 0.5­3 % SAPAMINE® OC 5.5­6.5 (adjusted with acetic acid 60 %) 1:5­1:20 15­20 min 30­40 °C Extract water and dry at 110­130 °C without rinsing Padding Application amount: 5­20 g/l SAPAMINE® OC Due to the cationic character of SAPAMINE® OC textile softener a risk of tailing cannot be excluded in padding applications.



Technical Data Sheet

SAPAMINE® OC textile softener

Suggested recipes 1) Polyacrylics, polyamide (yarn, piece goods) 0.5­2 2) Polyester top Softening in the last bath of the backwashing machine, depending on liquor exchange and squeezing difference 5­20 g/l SAPAMINE® OC % SAPAMINE® OC


Depending on the temperature, yellowing could occur on white goods. SAPAMINE® OC textile softener is not recommended for white goods in case of treatment at high temperatures (temperature yellowing). SAPAMINE® OC textile softener could have an impact on the wash and crock fastness of disperse, naphthol and vat dyed fabrics. Preliminary trials are therefore advisable. Spray application (not product specific) Aerosols are generated through the spraying technique that potentially may be hazardous to health. For this reason spray application can only be safely conducted if sufficient ventilation equipment is installed at the product application site which will prevent spreading of the aerosols into the workplace. An alternative would be to carry out the spraying application in a closed system. ATTENTION Our technical data sheets provide directions for the application possibilities of our products. Any influence on dyes, prints and their fastness properties, degree of whiteness, fabric properties, handle, non-slip, seam resistance and material strength, ageing resistance, odor of finished fabric etc. are under the user's own responsibility. Due to the many different textile variations we are not able to submit a general recommendation. Our recommendations are in line with our present state of knowledge and do not provide any guarantee. Therefore initial internal bulk trials are absolutely necessary. The manufacturer is not liable for damages due to improper application or application against our explicit recommendations. Statutory provisions and standard regulations must be observed when handling processing agents. For additional detailed information please refer to the product specific safety data sheet.



Technical Data Sheet

SAPAMINE® OC textile softener

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