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Continuing Education:

2011 - Independent Study for credit: Managing Challenging Behavior in Children with Autism, Tony Attwood - Independent Study for credit: The Mindful Therapist: A New Approach to Cultivating Your Own Neural Integration from the Inside Out, D Siegel. - Ongoing Weekly Training Seminars for RDI®, January - Present, 2011 2010 - National Autcom Conference 10/15/10 · Judy Endow - "The Culture of Autism" · Phil Schwarz - "Identifying, Educating, and Empowering Allies" · Paula Kluth - "We'd Thought You'd Never Ask" · Panel Presentation - "Living Life" - Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum Sessions attended: · Paula Kluth - "The Problem with Behavior Problems: Supporting Students with Autism and Other Disabilities" - All day 3/18/10 · Temple Grandin - "An Inside View of Autism" Keynote 3/19/10 · Susan Stokes - "It's All About Independent Functioning! Developing Critical Life-Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder" · Brian Johnson, Ellen Frazone, Kate Luskin - "Evidence-Based Practices: What's Working" · Peggy Bartman - "Understanding and Programming for Sensory Processing Differences in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" · Judy Endow - "The Hidden Curriculum for Older Adolescents and Adults" · Susan Stokes - "Applications Galore! Practical Solutions for Increasing Independent Functioning Using the iPhone/iTouch" · Eric Courchesne - "The Neural Origins of Autism: Evidence of Prenatal and Early Postnatal Brain Growth Abnormalities" Keynote - 3/20/10 · Ongoing Weekly Training Seminars for RDI®, January - December 2010 2009 - Independent Study - "Strategies for Organization", Michelle Garcia Winner, M.A., C.C.C., 1/09 - "Communicating with Your Child's School", Jill Gonzalez, WI FACETS, 2/2/09 - Independent Study for Graduate Credit - "Autism Spectrum Disorders", Jonathan Gransee, Psy. D. 4/15/09 Strategies From Preschool to Adulthood", Timothy Kowalski, M.A., C.C.C., 4/15/09 - Independent Study for Graduate Credit - "Asperger's Syndrome: Assessment and Intervention - Autism Society of Wisconsin State Conference, May 2009 Chantal Sicile-Kira 2/5/10 - Autism Society of Wisconsin Sate Conference March, 2010


Sessions attended: · Michelle Garcia Winner - "Organizing Strategies to Help Students Carry Out Homework Assignment to Prepare Them for the Real World: An InterdisciplinaryTreatment Approach" - All day 5/7/09 · Scott Bellini, PhD - "The Delivery of Effective Social Skills Programming to Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: Notes and Observation from the Classroom, Clinic, Laboratory... and Dinner Table" - Keynote 5/8/09 · Marge Resan - "IEPs for Students with Autism" · Lynn Stansberry Brusnahan - "What Works for Students with Emotional Disorder or ASD: Comparing and Contrasting Effective Classroom Strategies" 5/8/09 · Lynn Stansberry Brusnahan - "Helping Individuals with ASD Make Social Connections" 5/8/09

- "When My Autism Gets Too Big!" Kari Dunn Buron 10/13/09 - ASW Fall conference: The "Ziggurat Intervention Planning Model and Comprehensive Autism Planning System Model - Designing Comprehensive Interventions for Individuals with HFA and AS." November 2009 - Ongoing Weekly Training Seminars for RDI®, January - December 2009 2008 - "Supporting the Social Needs of Children on the Autism Spectrum", Good Friends, 2/12/08 - ASSEW Workshops: · "Strengthening Relationships when Children have Special Needs", Nick Martin, 4/12/08 · "Asperger's Syndrome and Social Thinking" Mary Graczyk-McMullen, 5/10/08 · "Advocating at School" 9/13/08 · "Functional Behavioral Assessments" Dr. Glenis Benson, 10/11/08 · "Behavior Intervention Plans" Dr, Glenis Benson,11/8/08 - RDI® Advanced Seminar, April 14-17, 2008 - Autism Society of Wisconsin Annual Conference May 2008 · "The Hidden Curriculum: Understanding How Unwritten Information Can Impact the Individual with ASD"; "Social Supports; Academic and Structural Supports" Brenda Smith Myles · "Just Give Him the Whale: Building and Nurturing Strengths, Interests and Talents" Paula Kluth · "Mapping Early Brain Development in Autism" Eric Courchesne, Ph.D. · "Effective Approaches for Supporting Inclusion" Erik Carter · "Functional Behavioral Assessment for Students with ASD's" Marge Resan · "Interventions on Social/Emotional Aspect of ASD" Ling-Ling Tsao, Ph.D. - Social Skills Training - Stephanie Madrigal, August, 2008 - Social Skills Training and Positive Behavior Supports, Jed Baker, Ph.D., 10/14/08 - Ongoing Weekly Training Seminars for RDI®, January- December 2008 2007 - DPI Advanced Autism Training, February 2007 2

- ASSEW Workshops: · "Understanding Behavior as Communication" Glenis Benson, Ph.D., 1/13/07 · "Our Journey with Autism" 2/10/07 · "Conflict Resolution and Mediation" Nissan Bar-Lev and Jan Serak, 3/10/07 · "Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters" Amanda Dobberstein, 5/5/07 · "Therapies for Autism" 10/13/07 · "Teaching Your Child about Bodies and Boundaries" Terri Couwenhoven Spring 07 · "Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism" Temple Grandin, PhD. · "Choosing the RIght Job for People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome" Temple Grandin, Ph.D. · "Everyone Deserves a Social Life" Lynn Brusnahan - RDI® Beginning Seminar June 19-22, 2007 - RDI® Intermediate Seminar June 25-28, 2007 - "Asperger Syndrome" Tony Attwood, 7/25/07 - "Effective Educational Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders" (DPI Autism Training) J. Endow, M. Graczyk-McMullen, K. McGinnity, July 30-August 2, 2007 Ongoing Weekly Training Seminars for RDI®, July - December 2007 2006 - "Thinking about you, Thinking about me" Michelle Garcia Winner, 2/24/06 - "Social Stories" Presentation - Carol Gray, 3/10/06 - Unfolding the Map: Finding Routes to Autism Resources, August 22-23, 2006 · "Community Resources: Grassroots and System Change" · "Teaching Social Skills Across Environments" · "Relationship Development Intervention Overview and Practical Applications for Teachers and Caregivers" Amy Leventhal and Brooke Talbot ASSEW Workshops: · "Visual Support Strategies for People with ASD" Susan Stokes, 11/11/06 · "Collaborating for Success" 12/9/06 2005 - "Sensory Processing Issues and Strategies" Laura Rathmann, OTR, 1/13/05 - "Working with Aggressive students" Carola Pfortner 4/05 - "Consultation in the Early Childhood Setting" 4/05 - Wisconsin Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference 4/16/05 · Shake, Rattle and Read Jan Serak · "Autism Spectrum Resiliency and Risk Management" Dennis Debbaudt 11/10/07 - "English Language Learners in the Content Areas" Cardinal Stritch, 2 credit Graduate Course, - Autism Society of Wisconsin Annual Conference, May 2007


· The Out-of-Synch Child · A Day in the Life of the Copper Class · Using Assessment to Guide Practice and Support Children · Move it or Lose it · Slow Down that Motor! Helping Children Learn to Self-Regulate - Strategies for Responding to Young English Language Learners with Special Needs, 6/05 2004 - Interdisciplinary Team Field Training - Urban Settings, 2 credit Graduate Course, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Spring 04 - Differentiated Reading Instruction, 2 credit Graduate Course, Cardinal Stritch University, Spring, 04 - Milwaukee Association for the Education of Young Children: Patchwork of Training, 2/28/04 · Best Gifts: High Self-Esteem and Realistic Expectations · Discipline for Life: Getting it Right with Children, Madelyn Swift · Bringing Back Integrity - Ours and Theirs - Childhood Developmental Disorders, Anita Remig, Ed.D. 6/11/04 2003 - Wisconsin Early Childhood Association Conference - 4/12/03 · Improving Relationships Between Schools and Families · Rhythm, Reading, Rhyme and Rap · Finding Your Role as Team Player · Childcare and the ADA · Core Concepts of Leadership - Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 2002 - Asperger's Syndrome, 1/14/02 - DEC Conference March 6 and 7, 2002 · Making and Surviving Change · Changing the Way we Think about Natural Environments: Supports and Services in Everyday Routines, Activities and places · The Early Childhood Mental Health Project · Cultural Competence in EI/ECSE · Autism - Social Communication 3/22/02 2001 - Discrete Trial Training - Overview, 3/2/01 - DEC Conference - March 15 and 16, 2001 Innovation and Best Practices for Tomorrow Finding Common Ground 10/12/01 · Successful Communication in Stressful Situations May 2003


· Effective Communication Between Educators and Parents · Empowering Individuals and Families · Meeting Needs with Functional Behavioral Assessments - Autism and the Associated Disorders, 10/24/01 2000 - "Autism, A Comprehensive View" January 13 and 14, 2000 - "Picture Exchange Communication Training" 2/11/00 - "Pivotal Response Training" 2/11/00 1999 - Surviving and Thriving Day to Day with the Young Child with Autism: Strategies for Participation in Community Resources" CEC conference, 3/4/99 - Floor Time" Rebecca Klaw, July 29 and 30, 1999 1998 - "Social Skills in Children with Autism, Peer Training" Phil Strain, 1/27-28/98 - "Project STAR - Prevention and Intervention for Behavioral Disorders" Ruth Kaminski, 3/2/98 - "Planning Interventions to Manage Children's Challenging Behaviors" Phil Strain, 4/23/98 - "Coping with Difficult Behaviors and Fostering Success" Dolores Scheelen, 4/24/98 - "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" Dr. James Collier, 4/24/98 - "Managing Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Programs" Pam Deardorff and Tom Udell, 4/25/98

Presentations Given

· Series of 4 webinars for parents: "Collaborating with the school team," "Eligibility and IEP basics," Developing an Effective IEP," and "FAQs". 5/31/11 - 6/21/11 · "ASD Overview and Support Strategies" Ebenezer Child Care Staff 6/4/11 · "So, What is RDI Anyway?" Presentation for the Central Wisconsin Autism Chapter 6/2/11 · "Support Strategies for Students Affected by ASD" - Training for Regular and Cross-Categorical Teachers, West Allis-West Milwaukee School District 3/7/11 · "How we can Better Support our Students with ASD?" - Woodfield Elementary School staff training 2/1/11 · "Support Strategies for Students Affected by ASD" - Training for Educational Assistants, West AllisWest Milwaukee School District 1/17/11 · "Relationship Developmental Intervention (RDI): A Parent Coaching Model", Wisconsin Infant Mental Health Conference 6/15/10


· ASSEW Parenting Series, "So, What is RDI® Anyway?"

2/13/10 (2 hours)

· Conference of Hope, "What is RDI® Anyway?" October 17, 2009 (1 hour) · Peer Sensitivity Training - 7th and 8th grades, Fox River Middle School, Oct. 7, 8, 2009, Waterford Graded School District · Presentation - "Communicating with your Child's School"- Me, Autism and You Camp, Lutherdale Bible Camp, in conjunction with LSS. 5/16/09 · Brief overview of ASD, Waterford Union High School District - Woodfield Elementary School 5/13/09 · Autism Overview, Elementary School Team, Waterford Graded School District, 5/12/09 · "Autism - Characteristics and Intervention Strategies", WAWM School District, Irving School Staff, 10/13/08 (3 hours) · "Autism: Overview and Appropriate Supports", WAWM School District, Educational Assistants, 8/25/08 (2 hours) · "Autism - Characteristics and Intervention Strategies", West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, teachers and administrators, 8/9/08 (4 hours) · "Autism - Characteristics and Intervention Strategies", West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, all staff, 4/7/08 (3 hours) · 5th grade peer sensitivity training, 4/4/08 ) · 2nd grade peer sensitivity training, 2/15/08



Continuing Education

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