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National TFS Office An Oifig Náisiúnta um Loingsiú Trasteorann

Martina Duignan TFS Coordinator National TFS Office Dublin City Council


The National TFS Office (NTFSO) Current waste shipment legislation. Green & Amber list waste. Submitting a TFS. Enforcement.

The National TFS Office (NTFSO)

Dublin City Council has been nominated as the National Competent Authority for TFS in the Republic of Ireland by DOEHLG. Previously TFS was administered locally by individual Local Authorities (34) EPA former Competent Authority of Import Centralising and standardising the process

Purpose of the Office

Implement measures for the supervision and control of shipments of waste into and out of the State. Process, assess and monitor all waste shipment applications, pre-notifications, and movements of waste being exported and imported. Ensure the movement and recovery/disposal of waste is managed in an environmentally sound manner for the protection of the environment and human health. Enforcement of TFS regulations

Purpose of the Office

Education Role for all stakeholders i.e. other Local Authorities, waste brokers, shipment companies. Large administrative role. Also working with other organisations such as Customs, Gardaí and EPA on enforcement issues.

NTFSO = Competent Authority

Destination in respect of the import of waste into the State (taken over the responsibility from the EPA for imports into the State) Transit in respect of the passage of waste in transit through the State Enforcement of all waste shipments exported, imported and transiting through the State

Waste Shipment Legislation

Regulation (EC) No.1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 14th June 2006, effective from 12th July 2007 S.I 419 introduced on the 5th of July 2007 which gave effect to Regulation (EC) No.1013/2006 ­ establishment of the National Transfrontier Shipment Office 12th July 2007

Waste Shipment Legislation

Commission Regulation (EC) No.801/2007 of 6th July 2007 export of green waste for recovery to NonOECD Countries. Replaced by: New Commision Regulation EC No.1418/2007 of the 29th November 2007 ­ export of green waste for recovery to Non-OECD Countries e.g. China, India etc

Waste Lists under Reg 1013/2006

Green = Annex VII self compliance filled in with Article 18 info.

Amber = Hazardous and non hazardous waste destined for recovery or disposal ­ prior written notification needed TFS.

What is a TFS?

Track and trace system of waste movements from `cradle to grave'. Amber Listed waste/hazardous & non hazardous Prior written consent and acknowledgement from the Competent Authorities. Notification Document ­ unique Notification number given e.g.IE 31XXXX Each numbered Movement Document must accompany the waste shipment at all times through countries of transit on route to disposal/recovery facility in country of destination

TFS Notification

Notification & movement documents must be fully completed and accompanied by: The notification fee. Copy of contract drawn up between the notifier and consignee for the recovery or disposal of the waste Financial Guarantee. List of Carriers/Hauliers ­ Waste Collection Permit reference numbers. Detailed Waste Description. Transport Itinerary. Contact details for the Competent Authority of Destination & Transit.

Notifications Processed 2005

Dublin City Council: 201,498 Tonnes Cork County Council: 90,447 Tonnes Louth County Council: 36,432 Tonnes South Dublin County Council: 28,407 Tonnes

Source EPA Waste Report


Green List Waste

Each shipment ­ accompanied by Annex VII completed in accordance with Article 18. Contract ­ must be effective when the shipment starts. Only Green listed waste ­ no contamination or hazardous waste. Final destination ­ importation regulations e.g. Non OECD Countries.

Green List Waste


Dedicated Waste Enforcement TFS team ­ authorised for all of the Republic of Ireland.

S.I. 419 2007 Waste Shipment Regulations

Enforcement Powers

Supervise & monitor: waste shipments for recovery/ disposal of waste through notification procedures throughout the Republic of Ireland. Conduct inspections: on board trains, ships or aircrafts for the purposes of article 50 of the TFS Regulation. Ports: direct shipments of waste to enter or leave the State at a specific port. Control of waste: seize, take in charge, recover or dispose of a waste consignment. Direction to Return Waste: to place of origin, or another facility for recovery/disposal. Prohibit: the import/export of any shipment of waste, or of a class or classes of waste.

Focus of IMPEL

· · · · ·

Promote engagement in the EU Foster good practice in TFS Organise specific campaigns Training and exchange programmes for inspectors Advisory role in the development of new legislation


Information packs sent: LA, DOEHLG, EPA, notifiers/exporters, shippers, hauliers, IWMA and Customs. DOEHLG circulars: sent to each LA outlining the new TFS Office & Transitional arrangements. Web site: guidelines, new S.I. 419, Regulation (EC) 1013/2006 ­ Positive Feedback

National TFS Office

Contacts Frank Melia: 01 222 4374 Martina Duignan: 01 222 4235 Vivienne Ahern: 01 222 4467 Queries: [email protected] Link available on


National TFS Office An Oifig Náisiúnta um Loingsiú Trasteorann

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