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Cafesjian Center for the Arts opens in Yerevan

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November 14, 2009

the armenian reporter

Fireworks marked the Grand Opening of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan, November 7, 2009. Photo: Mkhitar Khachatryan.

The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009

Number 138

November 14, 2009

the armenian reporter

Cafesjian Center for the Arts opens in Yerevan

A world-class museum in the heart of Yerevan "Homeland and diaspora can accomplish anything together"

by Vincent Lima with Armine Amiryan

YEREVAN ­ In the heart of Armenia's capital city, on the park leading to the towering Cascade Complex, and behind the Cascade's mask of white travertine, a new and wondrous world has been created. On Saturday and Sunday, November 7 and 8, this world was unveiled in the presence of the benefactor who gave it to Armenia, Gerard L. Cafesjian, and his wife Cleo. The new world is the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. Attending the Grand Opening were President Serge Sargsyan, Catholicos Karekin II, and tens of thousands of Yerevan residents and their guests. "For all these years we have heard of Arshile Gorky, and for the first time we have the chance to see his work and come into contact with it," a resident of the neighborhood said. On display Libenský Brychtová exhibition "For hibition is housed in the Sasuntsi in the Eagle gallery are 16 draw- Armenia," Yaroslava Brychtová Davit Hall. ings and 7 paintings by Gorky, a signed posters and copies of a book monumental presence in Ameri- dedicated to the innovative glass "Raised our standards" can twentieth-century art. work she has done over the decades In the hall, scores of art lovers On Sunday morning, in conjunc- in collaboration with her late hus- ­ schoolchildren and art critics alike tion with the inauguration of the band Stanislav Libenský. The ex- ­ spoke to Ms. Brychtová about the

President SergeSargsyan, center,arrives attheCafesjian Centerforthe Arts,along withCatholicos KarekinII.He isgreeted byGerardL. Cafesjian.On theleft,behind thepresident, isDiaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan. Yerevan, November8, 2009.Photo: Mkhitar Khachatryan.

process of creating their glass art, Aghamyan, the president of the the nature of her collaboration with Artists Union of Armenia, said. He her husband, their relationship added that Armenians will no longer with Armenia, and meanings to be settle for anything less. "We have found in their abstract work. a new center that is contemporary "This center has raised our stan- and meets international standards. dards and our expectations," Karen It is a great gift for Armenia." f

International Georgia to remain vital transit route for Armenia

If the Turkish blockade of Armenia comes to an end, it will be possible to transport goods to and from the Black Sea over Turkey. But the distances are longer than they are over Georgia, and the Turkish rail system is in pitiful shape, Tatul Hakobyan reports from Turkey. See story on page 11m

Sudan leader cancels Turkey trip amid international protests

by Emil Sanamyan

WASHINGTON ­ Wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), Sudanese President Omar alBashir was due to attend an Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) summit held in Istanbul on November 9, but cancelled at the last moment, international media reported. Turkey previously hosted Mr. Bashir on a bilateral visit in January 2008 and its leaders said they saw no obstacles to Mr. Bashir's attendance this week. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan went as far as to suggest, in Mr. Bashir's defense, that "no Muslim could perpetrate a genocide," BBC quoted the Anatolian news agency as saying. "If there was such a thing [a geno- Sudan'sPresidentOmaral-Bashir,right,andTurkey'sPrimeMinisterRecep cide], we could talk about it face to TayyipErdoganshakehandsbeforetheirmeeting,inAnkara,Turkey,Jan.21, face with President Bashir," Mr. Er- 2008.LeadinghumanrightsgroupscriticizedthevisitandcalledonTurkish leaderstopressurehimintoendingviolationsinSudan'sDarfurregion.AP dogan was quoted as saying. In recent years, Turkey has ex- Photo:BurhanOzbilici. panded relations with Sudan, in spite of international condemna- ity, murder, and forcible displace- was Azerbaijan's leader Ilham Alition of its government, which has ment in Darfur. Lobbying from yev. Media commentaries suggestbeen blamed for hundreds of thou- the United States and the Euro- ed that the reason for Mr. Aliyev's sands of deaths. pean Union is believed to have absence was that he remains unSince March of this year, Mr. encouraged Turkey to have the happy with Turkey's stated policy Bashir has been wanted on visit called off. of normalization of relations with f charges of crimes against humanAlso skipping the OIC meeting Armenia.

Community Dr. Edgar M. Housepian to be honored by FAR

Dr. Edgar M. Housepian will be honored by the Fund for Armenians Relief on January 15. Florence Avakian tells the engaging story of the distinguished neurosurgeon who co-founded FAR. See story on page 3m

Community 9th annual joint Orthodox-U.N. prayer service held

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), was among the religious leaders welcoming Bartholomew, the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch, to New York recently. See story on page 4m

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Washington briefing

onNovember9.Arecordingofthe interview was made available by VoA'sArmenianservice. Sen. McCain further noted that the Armenian government, "while notforgettingthepast,"wasseeking a "gradual improvement with Turkey" and that he supported "progressinTurkey-Armeniarelations." Also on November 9, Mr. McCainspokeatWashington'sJohns Hopkins University during which he criticized the Russian occupation of the former Georgian autonomies of Abkhazia and South Ossetia,andurgedtheObamaAdministrationtomoreactivelychallengeRussia'sapproach.Hevoiced similar criticisms in his interview withtheVoA. On several previous occasions, the senator from Arizona has acknowledged the Armenian Genocide while opposing congressional resolutionsonthesubject. In a conference call with online media on October 11, 2007, Sen. McCain was asked about a resolution on the Armenian Genocide then pending before a congressionalcommittee. While he referred to the ArmenianGenocideas"amongthegreat genocides in human history," Sen. McCainopposedtheresolution,suggestingthatCongressshouldfocus oncontemporarydevelopments. Inanearlierinstance,whilecampaigningforGOPpresidentialnomination in Fresno, Calif. on February29,2000,Sen.McCainsaidthat hehad"deepsympathyforoneof the greatest acts of genocide ever committed," the local Hye Sharzhoom newspaperreported,citinga KJEOChannel47broadcast. ButSen.McCainalsoarguedthat modernTurkeyshouldnotbeheld responsibleforwhathappenedand thathethereforeopposedacongressionalresolutiononthesubject.

by Emil Sanamyan

Armenia ranks below average in nearly half of the indicators used by the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to determine countries' eligibility for its assistance programs, according to an annual scorecard released on November9. Eightratingsshowntobeinthe red included political rights, civil liberties,controlofcorruption,rule oflaw,voiceandaccountability,immunization rates, health expenditures,andfiscalpolicy.Atthesame time, Armenia was ranked above averageinmosteconomicfreedom ratings,aswellasnaturalresource Sen. McCain: Armenian management and government ef- Genocide "amply fectiveness. It was unclear whether the de- documented" termination would have further "Ibelievethatgenocidewascommitimpactontheroughly$180million tedagainsttheArmenianpeople,I aid program aimed at facilitating think there is ample documentaeconomic growth in Armenia's ru- tion of that," Sen. John McCain ralareas. (R.-Ariz.), the former GOP presiLast June, MCC reduced the dential candidate, told the Voice original compact amount from ofAmerica(VoA)Georgianservice

MCC: Armenia "in red" in 8 of 17 performance indicators

$234millionafteritsboard,ledby SecretaryofStateHillary Clinton, determined that Armenia had not effectivelyaddressedU.S.concerns overtheaftermathoftheFebruary 2008elections. Additionally, because of its improved economic performance Armenia,waslastyearreclassified as a lower-middle income country (LMIC) and is now compared with countries that on average have better indicators, also resulting in worseperformancescores. Fellow LMIC countries Georgia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan were shown to be failing in 6, 8, and 11 categories, respectively. Following its war with Russia last year, Georgia saw its MCC compact increased from$295to$395million.MCCaid toUkrainehasbeenlimitedtoa$45 million anticorruption grant. Azerbaijan has not been found eligible forMCCaid. MCCusesthedatafromtheWorld Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Freedom House, Transparency International, the Heritage Foundation, and other entities to compileitsscorecards.

Morton Abramowitz.

Turkey warned against distancing from West

"Turkey's leaders must not think thattheycanexpandthecountry's influence without first having a firmfootingintheWest,"Morton Abramowitz, a former U.S. ambassadortoTurkey,andHenriBarkey,aTurkeyscholar,warnedinan articletheycowroteforthejournal Foreign Affairs. Thetwoarguedthatwhilethere has been much recognition of its economic and political progress "Turkey has not yet become the global,orevenregional,playerthat itsgovernmentdeclaresittobe." While Mr. Abramowitz and Mr. Barkey praised the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoganfortakingstepstoimprove relations with Armenia, they also pointed out that this government "hasfailedtocometogripswiththe questionofwhethertheOttomans' treatmentoftheArmeniansacenturyagoconstitutedgenocide." Speaking in Washington in February 2007, Mr. Abramowitz had argued that Turkish officials' denialoftheArmenianGenocideand

suggestions "that this is an open questionthatyougottoleaveitto thehistorians"werenolonger"an effectiveargument." "Despite Turkey's Armenian initiative,tensionsovertheArmenian genocide issue could escalate next year," this month's Foreign Affairs articlepredicted. "Ankara's position is getting increasingly difficult to maintain, particularly with a U.S. president who has said repeatedly that he thinksthekillingsof1915amountedtogenocide."

Coming up: Turkish leader to visit Washington

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to visit withPresidentBarack Obamaon December7,officialssaidthisweek. ThevisitwillbecomethethirdsummitoftwoleaderssinceMr.Obama tookofficelastJanuary. Ahead of the visit, the Armenian National Committee of America calledonPresidentObamatofulfill hispre-electionpledgeandproperly condemntheArmenianGenocide.f

Major Adana conference concludes in Istanbul

ISTANBUL ­ Sabanci University in Istanbul on November 6 and 7 hosted a major international workshop titled, "Adana 1909: History, Memory, and Identity fromaHundredYearPerspective." Scholars from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Turkey participatedintheworkshop,whichwas co-sponsored bythe Gomidas Institute (London),Sabanci University, the International Hrant DinkFoundation,andthehistory departmentsofIstanbulBilgiUniversityandBogaziciUniversity. A capacity audience filled the lecture hall and included professors,students, journalists, andmembersofthepublic.There was simultaneous interpretation betweenEnglishandTurkish.The paperspresentedattheworkshop will be published in English and category. Subsequent papers followedwiththesamesensitivity. Turkisheditions. Lookingatfactorsthatmayhave In opening remarks, Cengiz Aktar and Ara Sarafian wel- led to the massacres, one scholar comedtheparticipants. identifiedthepresenceoftensof The first paper was an unlikely thousands of impoverished mione, adiscussion of Turks who grantworkerswhocouldnotfind saved Armenians in 1909. The workinAdanainApril1909. Two presentations focused on fact that Armenian were massacredwasagiven,andthespeaker Armeniansources.Otherslooked simply examined the presence of attheroleandtestimonyofAmerrighteous Turkish officials who icanmissionaries. Scholars discussed the plunder savedArmenians.Infact,heused OttomanrecordstoshowhowOt- of Armenian properties and the toman Armenians petitioned the ways in which Armenian properstate to recognize one such Turk ties were broken up and parcelfor his role in saving an entire led out to Muslim refugees and community. This first paper took settlers mainly from the Balkans. someofthestingoutofthework- Otherpresentationslookedatthe shop, where the audience could fateoforphansandliteraryreactisympathize with the Armenian onstothemassacres. A more detailed report will apvictims of 1909 without vilifying f "Muslims" or "Turks" as a single pearinnextweek'sedition.


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Art director Grigor Hakobyan

The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009



A doctor's doctor to be honored by Fund for Armenian Relief

by Florence Avakian

NEW YORK ­ A modest, unassuming, laid back, and extraordinarily gifted and giving individual is Dr. Edgar M. Housepian, a renowned neurosurgeon and professor. These praiseworthy personal traits belie a medical professional whose awards and honors crowd many pages. Visiting him at the Presbyterian Hospital, where so many of his accomplishments have been performed, I found him in a small office, lined with paintings of Armenia, happily continuing his research even though he has been in retirement for 11 years. On January 15, 2010, Dr. Housepian will be honored at a gala banquet sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief (far), for his vast contributions to medicine and his work with relief and medical efforts in Armenia. The event will take place at New York's Cipriani, downtown. During an exclusive interview with this writer at Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Housepian revealed that his motivation for going into medicine and especially neurosurgery started with his father, whom he "loved and respected very much. He had graduated from medical school in 1905, but they didn't have specialties in those days. He was a surgeon, delivered babies, and did everything. But after medicine advanced, fields developed, he gave up surgery and obstetrics, and ended his career by being an internist and a general family doctor. It must have been in my mind that medicine was a very fulfilling field." The young Edgar Housepian got his first job as an orderly in the operating room in New York Hospital at age 14, "when World War II was on, and manpower was hard up. I saw all sorts of operations, even helped out in the autopsy suite. Then I was asked to scrub on a couple of neurosurgical operations. When you're 15 years old, that's pretty awesome. It no doubt at least subconsciously influenced my future career. But I buried that thought, and joined the Navy when I turned 17 because I wanted to fly." He called himself "a rotten kid, like most," when he was young. "While in bed with poison ivy I would cut out coupons for all of the flying schools in Flying Magazine. My family was not amused when occasionally representatives would come to the door. When I was 15, I "fudged" my birth certificate and went to Canada to join the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force). When I got there, they laughed and sent me home." He finally joined the Navy V-5 program but left at the end of World War II because he realized that naval aviation was not to be his career and instead completed college and enrolled in medical school. "Neuroscience is even more interesting, and is burgeoning today because of the advancement in knowledge," he notes. "Since I started medical school in 1949, half of what I learned is now wrong, and the other half I have forgotten. So you have to keep learning. Over the years, the field has become more and more specialized and even sub-specialized. This is better for patients." Since he retired 11 years ago, at age 70, he has continued fielding a neuroscience review course at Columbia University started 32 years ago. At retirement, the dean of the school "gave me a long title, but no salary. I was miffed at first, but then realized how lucky I am. If the dean had given me a small salary, every However, in the middle of the time he burped, I would have had to night, Dr. Housepian received salute," he says chuckling. "This way a telephone call from Dr. Marat I'm able to do what I wanted ­ to be Vartanian, who had spent time at active with students and faculty in the New York Psychiatric Institute their global interests, continuing at Columbia and was the head of to develop affiliations with over 20 psychiatric research in the Soviet medical schools around the world, Union, telling him not to come and stay involved with health care to Armenia because there was a in Armenia. It's very fulfilling. I'm plethora of doctors from Europe, not a retiree who plays golf. When the Soviet Union, and there was no you stop active practice, if you're hotel space. The volunteer trip was honest with yourself, it's like step- canceled, but the equipment was ping off the train. You're standing sent. At that point, it was decided at the station, and the train is 20 that Archbishop Manoogian, Kevmiles down the track. I can't teach ork Hovnanian, and Dr. Housepian neurosurgery because it's changed should go to see how the church that much." could be of help, hence the creation First among his heroes has been of far. Dr. J. Lawrence Pool whom he "It was an awesome experience. calls his "father figure, benefactor, Leninakan (today's Gyumri) was teacher. Everything was special almost totally destroyed. There was about him. He was national squash nothing but coffins all over. If we champion, sailed across the Atlan- had taken our team of 30 doctors, tic, piloted float planes, had a great we could not have done anything. sense of humor and had a thou- I shared a very small room with sand new ideas every month, a true Kevork for 10 days, and no doubt Renaissance man. He kept you on we bonded then." Close to a milyour toes, and supported you." lion dollars was raised through the The Dr. Edgar Housepian Profes- Diocese for humanitarian relief. sorship in Neurological Surgery The far board was then formed by Dr. Edgar which was established by the Co- the Primate, Mr. Hovnanian, and Housepian lumbia University Board of Trust- Dr. Housepian. at Columbia ees is one of dozens of awards and Three weeks after the three leadPresbyterian. honors that he has received. Others ers returned from Armenia, anothPhoto: Julie that he is most proud of include the er team was sent to Armenia with Dermansky. Presidential Citation from the Re- Drs. John Nersessian, orthopedic public of Armenia in 1994; Honor- surgeon at Presbyterian; Dick Fraary Doctor of Science by Armenia's ser, Cornell University neurosurAcademy of Sciences, and Honor- geon; Dick Gulian, head of plastic ary Doctor of Medicine by Yerevan surgery at Memorial Sloan-KetterState Medical University in 1997; ing; and John Stanley Meyers, proand the Humanitarian Award by fessor of rehabilitation and medithe American Association of Neu- cine at Columbia University. Their rological Surgeons in 2002. He has recommendation was that after also authored more than 100 ar- the emergency period was over, the ticles on medicine. best contribution would be medical education in Armenia, because Dedication to far it was still 30 years behind Western One of three leaders who created medicine conceptually. the Fund for Armenian Relief after Later, Annette Choolfaian, prothe devastating 1988 earthquake, fessor at the New York School of under the sponsorship of the Dio- Public Health and a far board cese of the Armenian Church, Dr. member, and Dr. John NercesHousepian followed in the foot- sian went back to Yerevan to find steps of his parents who were a working location for the surgideeply involved in the Armenian- cal team which was set to arrive Dr. Edgar Housepian and Archbishop Torkom Manoogian in Armenia, 1989. American community. His father in January 1993, at the request of Private archive of Dr. Housepian. had gone to Armenia in 1916, and the Armenian Health Ministry, for his mother had been a member of complex surgery on victims of the after what they saw in Salzburg, than under the Soviet system. But the agbu Central Committee for 30 earthquake and Karabakh war. Pro- Austria. This project entails bring- his primary focus is on medical edyears. "They entertained Armenian fessor Choolfaian and Dr. Nerces- ing doctors who have never seen ucation, "the only key to improvclergy and officials from overseas. I sian secured the permission of the anything new since they left medi- ing health care. All of the things was immersed in it, but never in- agbu to use the just-refurbished cal school, from the provinces to in which far has been involved volved while my career was devel- surgical suite in the Mikaelyan Yerevan for a month where they have contributed to the developoping." are housed, and receive a stipend ment of close working relationHospital. Two years before the earthquake, and hands-on training by the best ships between the Medical School, Archbishop Torkom Manoogian far Fellowship medical personnel who do so vol- Health Ministry and parliamencalled him and informed him that Program untarily. The new recruits also get tary Health Commission. That's a Catholicos Vasken I was coming to special equipment for their local first for Armenia", he declares with NY, and had a severe back problem. That's when the far Fellowship hospitals and are encouraged to pride, adding, "Many of the former "With his white beard, he always Program was started with tremen- pass on the information to their far Medical Fellows formed the made me think of God and Santa dous support from Dr. John Bileze- communities. "The wonderful farfaa. This is entirely their own Claus," he remarks with a smile. Dr. kian, at the time head of endocri- thing is they thought it up, and are idea. We're only advising and supHousepian admitted him into the nology at Cornell. Close to 90 doc- running it so very well. We're just porting them." The new rector of the Medical hospital, "but he started getting tors from Armenia, selected by the financially supporting it," he says, better and I didn't have to oper- Ministry of Health, have benefited adding that he hopes the celebra- School, Dr. Gohar Kyalyan, created ate on him and was very relieved. from their three-month training tory function on January 15 will an international advisory board I look back on his admission sheet, in America. Four of them became be successful enough so that many with Dr. Aram Chobanian, presiand it says `Occupation, Pope'," he Ministers of Health, and three the more physicians can attend the re- dent and dean emeritus of Boston University and far Board member, says laughing. That was his connec- directors of major hospitals. Medi- fresher program each year. tion with the church until then and cal librarians also benefited, with Anna Shirinian, director of the as chair. Dr. Chobanian has received he points out that he and his three one of them becoming director of Republican Scientific Medical Li- a grant from the Lincy Foundation children were baptized in New the Republican Scientific Medi- brary, has turned the National to support Dr. Kyalyan's program cal Library in Yerevan which Dr. Library into a modern medical in- for curricular reform. The educaYork's Holy Cross Church. Immediately following the earth- Housepian would like to rename formation center. She has set up a tional and postgraduate training quake he called the Primate and the National Library of Medicine of computer lab and English as a Sec- system will be changed, among offered his services. "Anything I've Armenia. ond Language (ESL) program for other advantages. "Education isn't With obvious excitement, Dr. which she has been honored with sexy in fundraising circles but it's done is because I have had access to so many support services." He Housepian relates that these for- the gold medal from the Armenian very important". Dr. Housepian called the president of New York mer Medical Fellows formed their president. During a ten year period, repeatedly stated that the only reaPresbyterian Hospital, Dr. Thomas own alumni association - named far also sent medical journals be- son he agreed to be the focal point Morris, and the next day a large the far Fellows Alumni Associa- cause the Library had no western of the January 15 gala is so that room had been set up with a phone tion (farfaa). One of the first far literature. "Although the program funds can be raised for these medibank, with several volunteers from medical fellows, Dr. Bella Grigo- is supported by the Armenian gov- cal programs. the hospital and community. With- rian, with Dr. Gevorg Yaghjyan, ernment, we would like to see a in five days they had collected mil- Vice-Rector of the Yerevan State brand new building to be a regional Early roots The personal story of Dr. Houselions of dollars of drugs and instru- Medical University, and Dr. Ham- showplace." pian's family is intimately tied to ments. Dozens of physicians (30 bardzum Simonyan, Director of the Genocide. His father, a college with active passports) volunteered far/Yerevan Medical Programs, A first for Armenia to go to Armenia. "I can't believe started a Continuing Medical Edu- Dr. Housepian says that medical Continued on page 4 cation program (cme) fashioned care in Armenia today is better how easily it happened."

A passion to fly


The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009


Environmental concerns a prominent theme at 9th annual joint Orthodox-U.N. prayer service

NEW YORK ­ Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), was among the religious leaders welcoming Bartholomew, the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch, to New York recently, both at the annual United Nations prayer service and at an interfaith luncheon. Patriarch Bartholomew, known as the "Green Patriarch" for his advocacy of environmental concerns worldwide, was on a three-week visit to the United States. During the events, Archbishop Barsamian had the opportunity to speak with the Ecumenical Patriarch, conveying to him the warm wishes of Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians. The Ecumenical Patriarch thanked Archbishop Barsamian for his kind welcome, and asked him to relay to Karekin II a message of congratulations on the occasion of the Catholicos' 10th anniversary of consecration. changes in the earth's climate. The United Nations is scheduled to hold a conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December. Individuals, businesses, civic leaders, and religious organizations were called to work together to address global warming, in a message from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, delivered at the service by his chief of staff, Vijay Nambiar. "If ever there were a time for unity among religions and peoples, it is now. We must be united in purpose, united in action," the Secretary General wrote. "Let us work together for a safer, healthier, more equitable future for all." Strobe Talbott, a former Clinton administration foreign policy official, and current president of the Brookings Institution, urged a long-range view of the climate change issue. Stressing that combating global warming would require an investment of time and money, Mr. Talbott called on leaders and faithful to "remember that personal sacrifice is nothing new in the realm of politics and religion." "We must learn to live with more frugality," he said. Speaking last, Bartholomew outlined three components of the climate change issue from a faithbased perspective. "First, there is our fundamental conviction that it is our responsibility as human beings . . . to be stewards of God's created order," he said. "We need not see science, religion, and policy-making as oppositional forces, but as partners." He also extolled the value of religious freedom, without which, "it will be a great struggle for human beings to cooperate, with solidarity of purpose." Lastly, he called on Orthodox Christians to serve humanity, and to be open to both supporters and detractors. "The United Nations itself is a living expression of Christ's call to all of us - all nations, all peoples - to practice virtue, and to offer an example to states, movements,

Abp. Khajag Barsamian, Patriarch Bartholomew, and Abp. Demetrios at the United Nations prayer service on Monday, October 26.

`Stewards of God's created order'

At the ninth annual Joint Orthodox Prayer Service on Monday, October 26, religious leaders, U.N. diplomats, and Orthodox Christians living in the New York metro area heard speakers urging that religious communities and world leaders might confront the prospect of climate change. The service ­ organized by the Joint Commission of the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (scoba) and the Standing Conference of the Oriental Orthodox Churches of America (scooch) ­ was held at Manhattan's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral. Patriarch Bartholomew presided. Remarks at the service revolved around themes of preserving the environment, reducing carbon and greenhouse emissions, and averting crises that might be sparked by

groups who would otherwise op- the Syrian, Ethiopian, Coptic, and pose our efforts to work together Malankara Syrian, as well as Armetowards the common good of all of nian churches. God's created order, " the EcumeniArchbishop Celestino Migliore, cal Patriarch said. the Vatican's Ambassador to the Bartholomew also reflected opti- U.N., was also present. mistically on the close relationship between the Oriental Orthodox "Efforts to model Church and the ancient Oriental tolerance and Churches. "It is not theology that divides acceptance" us," he said. "Rather, we are united On Tuesday, October 27, more than in our commitment to address the 50 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim pastoral, liturgical, and ecclesias- leaders gathered at the New York tical issues on which we may ever headquarters of the Greek Orthobuild our unity in Christ more and dox Archdiocese of America for a Patriarch Bartholomew delivers more. The dialogue must continue luncheon in honor of Ecumenical remarks at the United Nations prayer service on Monday, October 26. and we must continue to seek op- Patriarch Bartholomew. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian portunities for mutual exchange." Also representing the Armenian represented the Armenian Church strengthened in the years since the Church at the service were the Very at the event, which gave religious September 11, 2001 terrorist atRev. Fr. Haigazoun Najarian, Dioc- leaders an opportunity to pray to- tacks. "Here in the U.S. all of you have esan Vicar; the Very Rev. Fr. Daniel gether, hear from Patriarch BarFindikyan, dean of St. Nersess Sem- tholomew, and discuss issues in the made tremendous progress in establishing mutual cooperation and inary; the Rev. Fr. Tateos Abdalian; interfaith community. Archbishop Demetrios, Primate a tone of mutual respect," he said. and St. Nersess seminarians. The Ecumenical Patriarch also Among the Orthodox figures at of the Greek Orthodox Church the service were representatives of in America, noted that the guests warned that "love can grow lukethe Greek, Antiochian, Romanian, from different traditions were unit- warm and even cold," and encourSerbian, and Albanian churches, ed in their commitment to sharing aged religious leaders to safeguard the Orthodox Church in America, "love and peace, and human contact the relationships they have fostered. and the Moscow Patriarchate in in the best possible way." Patriarch Bartholomew approv"The international community," the U.S.A. Oriental Orthodox figures at the ingly said that the religious leaders' he said, "needs your efforts to mod service included representatives of efforts to work together had been el tolerance and acceptance."

A doctor's doctor to be honored by Fund for Armenian Relief

Continued from page 3 student in Kessab during the 1894 massacres, escaped by swimming to a ship, and stowing away to Alexandria, Egypt where he worked in vaudeville for almost a year. "He used to sing me to sleep with wonderful songs." Earning enough to go to England, his father put himself through pharmacy school, then emigrated to America in 1900, working his way through the Long Island College of Medicine. Graduating in 1905, and after completing two years of internship/residency, he sailed from New York to Barbados and up the Amazon River as a ship's doctor. In 1916, he went to Russia with the American Red Cross, then to Etchmiadzin, to take care of refugees from the Genocide. Returning to America, he started his medical practice. His mother, who hailed from Izmir, was secretary to an American woman who was the director of an orphanage, with her she came to America in 1920. His grandmother came to America in 1923. She lived with the Housepian family. "She always wore black. She was in mourning her whole life. Her oldest son was killed, and just as she and my grandfather were leaving the pier Success for Dr. Housepian is receive outstanding education and training, he believes that the gen- "being at peace with yourself, and eral public is empowered to the feeling fulfilled," which he says is point that there is a decline in pro- a state of mind. He lists his successes as his family - his wife of fessionalism." He again reverts to the purpose 55 years, and their three children, of the January 15 event in his his elementary education which honor, and expresses the hope that he notes is more important than the funds raised will also benefit college, and the opportunities the Science and Education Fund he has had to pursue all his in(ansef) which is one of far's most terests - basic research, clinical ambitious programs run by Dr. Yer- care and teaching. In his free time, Dr. Housepian reads non-fiction, vant Terzian. travels, but has temporarily givNeed a strong country en up gardening and tennis after back surgery. called Armenia Who is Dr. Edgar Housepian? "Basic research is the intellectual "An American boy who grew up in a capital for Armenia. The ansef loving family which supported him, program also trains younger sci- with a superb education from gramentists and scholars, and helps to mar school through professional prevent talented scientists and school, who was given opportunischolars from leaving the country ties all along the way, and who also because of lack of funds." And what created opportunities." Always selfare the responsibilities of diaspo- effacing, he relates how during a ran Armenians? "The best way to taxi ride in Yerevan the driver was preserve our heritage is to have a shocked that this renowned doctor strong country called Armenia that and professor couldn't write his one can relate to." name in Armenian. Would he do anything differAdvice for students today? "If ently in his life? "I always wanted they are fortunate to develop a pasto accomplish something really sion for any field of interest to them outstanding - but am grateful if they will have a happy life. MediI have been able to help individ- cine is most rewarding for those ual patients," says this acclaimed who have found this but could be doctor. grim if the opposite were true."

Dr. Aram Chobanian, Abp. Khajag Barsamian, and Dr. Edgar Housepian. Photo: asb360.

at Smyrna to board a ship, he collapsed and she was not allowed to turn back to see if he was alive or dead," he says sadly. His early family life taught him the value of independence and creativity. "Since I've never had a position of real responsibility, I've enjoyed the freedom to be independent and frequently outspoken. I have also enjoyed the freedom to pursue the things which interest me. The freedom to be innovative

sets one apart from just having a job. I'm frequently guilty of pontificating, and tell young medical students that I've always done what I want, and that they should do the same." His formula? "First you must do everything you have to do, then you can do anything what you want." Concerning the status of American medicine today, he remarks though medicine is technologically advanced and our physicians

The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009



nysec raises close to $40,000 for agbu scholarships

NEW YORK ­ On October 24 the agbu New York Special Events Committee (nysec) held its second agbu Performing Artists in Concert, which showcased the talents of a group of outstanding young Armenian musicians. The sold-out event was held at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in Manhattan. As with the inaugural concert held last year, this celebration of music saluted the impressive artistic achievements attained by the various performers in their respective fields. The featured musicians were all recipients of agbu scholarships toward their studies in the performing arts, which has allowed them to be educated at some of the world's most well-respected and prestigious conservatories and universities, including the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Komitas State Conservatory, Yale University, Mannes College of Music, Boston Conservatory, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and the Royal College of Music. The success of last year's debut concert allowed nysec to contribute to future performing arts grants. Thanks to the generosity of agbu's family of friends and the Armenian community at large, this year's benefit performance raised close to $40,000 for the newly established agbu Performing Arts Fellowship Program. "It gives me great pleasure to contribute to your organization and to actually experience the talented musicians it helps support and promote. Bravo!"expressed notable benefactor Paul Khoury. Under the artistic direction of brothers Hrant and Kevork Parsamian, twelve performers collaborated to prepare a distinguished repertoire of music celebrating Armenian and other classical composers, including Babajanian, Khachaturian, Shostakovich, and Schumann. "It was an honor and pleasure to organize the benefit concert for the agbu," expressed Hrant Parsamian. "As much as it was challenging to put such an event together, thanks to the tremendous help of the agbu and its New York Special Events Committee, it was a rewarding experience and a great way of helping the next generation of students. I am looking forward to being part of future events and concerts where I can give back something to the community that has helped me so much in the past." The concert also featured the US premiere of 19-

agbu's bouquet of twelve performing artists in concert.

year-old Gevork Badalian's composition based on five folk songs from the Armenian Genocide, compiled by Verjine Svazlian. Residing in Armenia, the young Badalian has won the top prize at the Ghazaros Sarian Competition, and his works have been performed at various Armenian festivals. Svazlian is an ethnographer and folklorist who has dedicated her life to finding and documenting memoirs and songs of historical characters narrated by eyewitness survivors of the Armenian Genocide. The twelve performing artists were comprised of three violinists: Monika Chamasyan of Virginia, Nazig Tchakarian of New York, and Viktoria Tchertchian of Massachusetts; two cellists: Hrant and Kevork Parsamian, both of New York; two violists: Aleksandr Nazaryan of New York and Anoush Simonian of New Jersey; two pianists: Marina Chamasyan of Virginia and Varta Tchakarian of New York; a flutist: Stepan Dadourian of New York; a marimbist: Sylvie Zakarian of Massachusetts; and an opera singer: soprano Natalie Aroyan of Sydney, Australia. The event was organized by the agbu nysec Committee, chaired by Nila Festekjian and Sossy Setrakian, and included Anita Anserian, Carol Aslanian, Betty Cherkezian, Maral Hajjar, Hilda Hartounian, Maral Jebejian, Gacia Mangassarian, Vesna Markarian, and Vera Setrakian. Performing Artists in Concert contributors included graphic designer Alex Basmagian and coordinator Natalie Gabrelian of the agbu Central Office. nysec committee member and agbu Central Board Member Carol Aslanian noted the importance of

From left, violinist Nazig Tchakarian, pianist Varta Tchakarian, cellist Hrant Parsamian, and violist Aleksandr Nazaryan.

the concert in raising awareness turn will want to find and develop about agbu's Scholarship Program further ways to assist talented and and the agbu Performing Arts Fel- motivated youth. So to them, this lowship Program in particular. "I really was a gesture of future opthink the audience was thrilled to portunity." see the range of talent among these In addition to its mission to extraordinary students." She con- raise awareness among the public, tinued to comment on the overall the event also offered a rare opevening and audience, which was portunity for performers to work attended by agbu President Berge with fellow musicians and reconSetrakian and his wife Vera, as nect with their cultural roots. Perwell as Ambassador Garen Nazar- former Sylvie Zakarian, who plays ian, Permanent Representative the marimba and is originally of the Republic of Armenia to the from Bulgaria, shared her sentiUnited Nations, and his wife Sira- ments on the evening. "It's always noush Nazarian. "I think it was a very exciting to play in front of an wonderful opportunity to have Armenian audience, and since my such an extraordinary audience. instrument is not very popular We had many leaders of the Ar- among Armenians, I was so gratemenian community and people ac- ful for the opportunity. I felt the tive in various organizations, and I audience was coming along for the think these young people were very experience. It was so wonderful to proud to display their talents to be on stage in front of such a resuch a prestigious audience, who in ceptive group of people." She also

commented on the agbu Scholarship Fund, adding, "agbu was instrumental in helping me with the scholarship and with my decision on whether I could make it in the United States. I am entirely grateful to agbu, they have been wonderful, and there are so many others who have similar stories to mine and feel the same way." For decades, agbu scholarships have been awarded to tens of thousands of talented students of Armenian descent who are studying in the performing arts and have demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields. These awards enable recipients to reach their potential, laying the foundation for their future, as they celebrate their heri tage and identity.


Tribute to Dr. Broussalian to include screening of "The River Ran Red"

GLENDALE, Calif. ­ The National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (naasr) and the ucla Friends of Armenian Studies will present a special evening in tribute to the late Dr. Vartkes Broussalian, featuring a free showing of Dr. J. Michael Hagopian's documentary The River Ran Red, on Saturday, November 21, at 7:00 p.m., at the Glendale Central Library Auditorium, 222 E. Harvard Street (2nd floor), Glendale, Calif. in the ucla Friends of Armenian Studies, serving as chairperson of the board from 2001 to 2003.

Culminating more than forty years of interviews with more than 400 eyewitnesses to the Armenian Genocide of 1915, The River Ran Red is the final film of documentarian Dr. J. Michael Hagopian's trilogy "The Witnesses." About Dr. Vartkes The film was awarded first prize at the 2009 New York International Broussalian Film & Video Festival for Best InterDr. Vartkes Broussalian (1928­2009) national Historical Documentary. was a brilliant economist trained at Vartkes Broussalian. The River Ran Red is about Hagothe London School of Economics pian's epic search for survivors and ucla whose career spanned Duke and ucla; and he served as an of the Genocide who were sent more than half a century. He held advisor to the newly formed demo- to their fate along the Euphrates senior-level positions in various cratic governments of Armenia and River to the Syrian Desert and Der branches of the United States gov- Moldova in the early 1990s. Zor. Footage from many interviews ernment including the Executive Dr. Broussalian served on the na- with survivors carried out over sevOffice of the President; he taught at asr Board of Directors from 1991 eral decades gives the film tremenseveral major universities including until 2003 and was actively involved dous power and immediacy.

About The River Ran Red and Dr. J. Michael Hagopian

Michael Hagopian.

The evening will include a conversation with Dr. Hagopian about the film and he will offer his personal reflections on Dr. Vartkes Broussalian. ucla doctoral candidate Ara Soghomonian will conduct a question-andanswer session with Dr. Hagopian. Dr. J. Michael Hagopian pioneered the effort to document the Armenian Genocide through films such as: Where Are My People, The Forgotten Genocide, The Armenian

Case, The Armenian Genocide, Voices from the Lake and Germany and the Secret Genocide. He holds a doctorate in International Relations from Harvard University. Refreshments will be served prior to the 7:30 screening of The River Ran Red.

connect: ucla Friends of Armenian Studies 310-275-2767 or naasr 617-489-1610

16 ­ 22 November

MONDAY EST 09:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 pm 11:00 pm 11:30 pm 12:00 am 12:30 am 1:00 am 1:30 am 2:00 am 2:30 am 3:00 am 3:30 am 4:00 am 4:30 am 5:00 am 5:30 am 6:00 am 6:30 am 7:00 am 7:30 am 8:00 am 8:30 am 9:00 am 9:30 am 10:00 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 12:00 pm 12:30 pm 01:00 pm 01:30 pm 02:00 pm 02:30 pm 03:00 pm 03:30 am 04:00 pm 04:30 am 05:00 pm 05:30 pm 06:00 pm 06:30 pm 07:00 pm 07:30 pm 08:00 pm 08:30 pm 09:00 pm PST 12:30 am 1:00 am 1:30 am 2:00 am 2:30 am 3:00 am 3:30 am 4:00 am 4:30 am 5:00 am 5:30 am 6:00 am 6:30 am 7:00 am 7:30 am 8:00 am 8:30 am 9:00 am 9:30 am 10:00 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am 12:00 am 12:30 pm 01:00 pm 01:30 am 02:00 pm 02:30 pm 03:00 pm 03:30 pm 04:00 pm 04:30 pm 05:00 pm 05:30 pm 06:00 pm 06:30 am 07:00 pm 07:30 am 08:00 pm 08:30 pm 09:00 pm 09:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 pm 11:00 pm 11:30 pm 12:00 am

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16 November


17 November

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22 November

Immigrants 38-42 Kyanqi Gine

Americayi Dzayn Immigrants 38-42

Kargin haghordum Los Armenios Hamerg Sassounian Commentary Mi Katil Meghr Barev, yes em-Sunday Fort Boyard-Hayer 3 Karmir te sev Immigrants 38-39 Bari Luys Hayer Americayi dzayn Khohanotz YO YO News 2 Yeres 1 original Mer Lezun, mer xosqe Barev, yes em-Saturday Irakanum News Unlucky Happiness Original 1 Yere1 Kyanqi Gine Original 1 Immigrants 38 Bari Gisher Hayer

Bari Gisher hayer Bari Gisher Hayer Kyanqi gine-Repeat 1 Kyanqi Gine-Repeat 2 Immigrants 38 Immigrants 39 News News Unlucky Happiness-Repeat Unlucky Happiness-Repeat 2 Yeres 2 Yeres Repeat Repeat News News Khohanotz Khohanotz Mer lazun, Mer xosqe Fort Boyard Blef News News Bari Gisher Hayer Bari Gisher Hayer Mi Katil Meghr 2 Yeres 1 Repeat Barev, yes em-Saturday News Unlucky Happinessrepeat 1 Yere1 Kyanqi GineRepeat 1 Immigrants 38 Irakanum Bari Luys Hayer Mi katil Meghr Khohanotz YO YO News 2 Yeres 2 original MARIKA Irakanum News Unlucky Happiness 2 Original Los Armenios Kyanqi Gine Original 2 Immigrants 39 Bari Gisher Hayer Mi Katil Meghr 2 Yeres 2 Repeat Yere1 News Unlucky HappinessRepeat 2 Los Armenios Kyanqi GineRepeat 2 Immigrants 39 Irakanum Bari Luys Hayer Fort Boyard YO YO News 2 Yeres 3 original TITUS Irakanum News Unlucky Happiness 3 Original Yere1 Kyanqi Gine Original 3 Immigrants 40 Bari Gisher Hayer

Bari Gisher Hayer Kyanqi Gine-Repeat 3 Immigrants 40 News Unlucky Happiness-Repeat 2 Yeres Repeat News Khohanotz Barev, yes em-Sanday Kargin Haghordum News Bari Gisher Hayer Mi Katil Meghr 2 Yeres 3 Repeat Los armenios News Unlucky HappinessRepeat 3 Yere1 Kyanqi GineRepeat 3 Immigrants 40 Irakanum Bari Luys Hayer MARIKA Aybenaran News 2 Yeres 4 original KIA TATOYAN Irakanum News Unlucky Happinnes 4 Original Kargin Haghordum Kyanqi Gine Original 4 Immigrants 41 Bari Gisher Hayer

Bari Gisher Hayer Kyanqi Gine-Repeat4 Immigrants 41 News Unlucky Happiness-Repeat 2 Yeres Repeat News Khohanotz Kargin Haghordum Mer Lazun, Mer Xosqe News Bari Gisher Hayer Mi Katil Meghr 2 Yeres 4 Repeat Yere1 News Unlucki HappinessRepeat 4 Kargin Haghordum Kyanqi GineRepeat 4 Immigrants 41 Irakanum Bari Luys Hayer Mer lezun, mer xosqe Khohanotz Aybenaran News 2 Yeres 5 original STEPAN RUBINA Unlucky Happiness 5 Original Yere1 Kyanqi Gine Original 5 Imigrants 42 Bari Gisher Hayer

Bari Gisher, Hayer Kyanqi gine-Rep.5 Immigrants 42 News Unlucky Happiness-Repeat 2 Yeres Repeat News HAYTNUTYUN Mi Katil Meghr News Fort Boyard-HAYER Mer lezun, mer xosqe 2 Yeres 5 Repeat Kargin Haghordum News Unlucky HappinessRepeat 5 Yere1 Kyanqi GineRepeat 5 Immigrants 42 Irakanum RUBINA Arajnordaran Gor Vardanyan Sassounian Commentary 2 Yeres 6 original Mi katil Meghr Yere1 Los Armenios Sassounian Commentary Blef Barev, yes em Kargin Haghordum Fort Boyard-HAYER Hamerg Unlucky Happinnes

Unlucky Happiness Sassounian Commentary Unlucky Happiness-Repeat 2 Yeres Repeat Sassounian Commentary Mer Lezun, Mer Xosqe Yere1 Sassounyan Commentary Los Armenios Mi Katil Meghr 2 Yeres 6 Repeat Yere1 Sassounian Commentary Blef Barev yes em Kargin haghordum Fort Boyard-Hayer Hamerg TITUS Mer Lezun, Mer Xosqe Arajnordaran Armenian Teletime Americayi Dzayn Los Armenios Hamerg Sassounian Commentary Mi Katil Meghr Barev, yes em Fort Boyard-HAYER Karmir te sev Immigrants

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Armenian Reporter Arts & Culture | November 14, 2009

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16 November

MONDAY News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 6:00 9:00 Yere1 6:30 9:30 Cost of lifeSerial 7:30 10:30 ImmigrantsFilm 8:30 11:30 In Reality 8:50 11:50 Good Night,Armenians 10:20 13:20 Cost of lifeSerial 11:00 14:00 ImmigrantsFilm 11:30 14:30 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 12:10 15:10 Telekitchen 12:40 15:40 A Drop of Honey 13:00 16:00 News in Armenian 14:00 17:00 Blef 14:30 17:30 Our Language,Our Speech 15:00 18:00 News in Armenian 15:30 18:30 Yere1 16:00 19:00 Celebrity-Serial 16:40 19:40 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding 17:10 20:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 17:45 20:45 ImmigrantsFilm 18:15 21:15 Cost of lifeSerial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:30 22:30 Good Morning,Armenians 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:30 1:30 Telekitchen 23:10 2:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 0:00 3:00 Cost of lifeSerial 0:45 3:45 ImmigrantsFilm 1:30 4:30 News in Armenian 2:00 5:00 Fort Boyard 2:50 5:50 Yere1 3:20 6:20 Celebrity-Serial 4:00 7:00 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding EST PST 4:30 7:30

16 ­ 22 November

17 November 18 November

WEDNESDAY News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 6:00 9:00 Yere1 6:30 9:30 Cost of lifeSerial 7:30 10:30 ImmigrantsFilm 8:30 11:30 In Reality 8:50 11:50 Good Night,Armenians 10:20 13:20 Cost of lifeSerial 11:00 14:00 ImmigrantsFilm 11:30 14:30 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 12:10 15:10 Telekitchen 12:40 15:40 A Drop of Honey 13:00 16:00 News in Armenian 13:30 16:30 Los-Armenios 14:00 17:00 A Drop of Honey 14:30 17:30 Hello, it's me 15:00 18:00 News in Armenian 15:30 18:30 Yere1 16:00 19:00 Celebrity-Serial 16:40 19:40 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding 17:10 20:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 17:45 20:45 ImmigrantsFilm 18:15 21:15 Cost of lifeSerial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:30 22:30 Good Morning,Armenians 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:30 1:30 Telekitchen 23:10 2:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 0:00 3:00 Cost of lifeSerial 0:45 3:45 ImmigrantsFilm 1:30 4:30 News in Armenian 2:10 5:10 A Drop of Honey 2:30 5:30 Hello, it's me 2:50 5:50 Yere1 3:20 6:20 Celebrity-Serial 4:00 7:00 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding EST PST 4:30 7:30

19 November

THURSDAY News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 6:00 9:00 Cool Program 6:30 9:30 Cost of lifeSerial 7:30 10:30 ImmigrantsFilm 8:30 11:30 In Reality 8:50 11:50 Good Night,Armenians 10:20 13:20 Cost of lifeSerial 11:00 14:00 ImmigrantsFilm 11:30 14:30 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 12:10 15:10 Telekitchen 12:40 15:40 A Drop of Honey 13:00 16:00 News in Armenian 13:30 16:30 Yere1 14:00 17:00 A Drop of Honey 14:30 17:30 Hello, it's me 15:00 18:00 News in Armenian 15:30 18:30 Cool Program 16:00 19:00 Celebrity-Serial 16:40 19:40 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding 17:10 20:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 17:45 20:45 ImmigrantsFilm 18:15 21:15 Cost of lifeSerial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:30 22:30 Good Morning,Armenians 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:30 1:30 Telekitchen 23:10 2:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 0:00 3:00 Cost of lifeSerial 0:45 3:45 ImmigrantsFilm 1:30 4:30 News in Armenian 2:00 5:00 Fort Boyard 2:50 5:50 Cool Program 3:20 6:20 Celebrity-Serial 4:00 7:00 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding EST PST 4:30 7:30

20 November

FRIDAY EST PST 4:30 7:30 News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 6:00 9:00 Yere1 6:30 9:30 Cost of lifeSerial 7:30 10:30 ImmigrantsFilm 8:30 11:30 In Reality 8:50 11:50 Good Night,Armenians 10:20 13:20 Cost of lifeSerial 11:00 14:00 ImmigrantsFilm 11:30 14:30 News in Armenian 11:30 14:30 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 12:10 15:10 Telekitchen 12:40 15:40 A Drop of Honey 13:00 16:00 News in Armenian 13:30 16:30 Cool Program 14:00 17:00 Our Language,Our Speech 15:00 18:00 News in Armenian 15:30 18:30 Yere1 16:00 19:00 Celebrity-Serial 16:40 19:40 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding 17:10 20:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 17:45 20:45 ImmigrantsFilm 18:15 21:15 Cost of lifeSerial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:20 22:20 The Armenian Film 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:30 1:30 A Drop of Honey 23:00 2:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 0:00 3:00 Cost of lifeSerial 0:45 3:45 ImmigrantsFilm 1:30 4:30 News in Armenian 2:00 5:00 A Drop of Honey 2:40 5:40 Los-Armenios 3:10 6:10 Yere1 3:40 6:40 Celebrity-Serial

21 November

SATURDAY EST PST 4:30 7:30 5:00 8:00 5:30 8:30 6:00 9:00 6:30 9:30 7:30 10:30 9:00 12:00 11:00 14:00 12:00 15:00 13:00 16:00 13:30 16:30 15:00 18:00 15:30 18:30 18:00 21:00 18:50 21:50 19:20 22:20 20:30 23:30 22:00 1:00 22:20 1:20 23:45 2:45 0:20 3:20 0:45 3:45 2:00 5:00 2:30 5:30 3:00 6:00 News in Armenian Blef Hello, it's me Cool Program Fort Boyard Concert Unhappy News in Armenian Unhappy News in Armenian The Armenian Film News in Armenian Yere1 A Drop of Honey Our A Drop of Honey The Armenian Film Cool Program Yere1 Los-Armenios Blef Cost of lifeSerial VOA(The Voice of America) Yo-Yo My Big, Fat Language,Our Speech 17:00 20:00 Celebrity-Serial

22 November

SUNDAY EST PST 4:30 7:30 News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 A Drop of Honey 5:30 8:30 6:00 9:00 7:00 10:00 8:30 11:30 Hello, it's me Fort Boyard Red or Black ImmigrantsFilm 10:30 13:30 Cost of lifeSerial 13:00 16:00 VOA(The Voice of America) 13:30 16:30 14:00 17:00 Yo-Yo Unhappy

TUESDAY EST PST 4:30 7:30 News in Armenian 5:00 8:00 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 6:00 9:00 Los-Armenios 6:30 9:30 Cost of lifeSerial 7:30 10:30 ImmigrantsFilm 8:30 11:30 In Reality 8:50 11:50 Good Night,Armenians 10:20 13:20 Cost of lifeSerial 11:00 14:00 ImmigrantsFilm 11:30 14:30 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 12:10 15:10 Telekitchen 12:40 15:40 A Drop of Honey 13:00 16:00 News in Armenian 13:30 16:30 Yere1 14:00 17:00 A Drop of Honey 14:30 17:30 Blef 15:00 18:00 News in Armenian 15:30 18:30 Los-Armenios 16:00 19:00 Celebrity-Serial 16:40 19:40 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding 17:10 20:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 17:45 20:45 ImmigrantsFilm 18:15 21:15 Cost of lifeSerial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:30 22:30 Good Morning,Armenians 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:30 1:30 Telekitchen 23:10 2:10 Unhappy Happiness-Serial 0:00 3:00 Cost of lifeSerial 0:45 3:45 ImmigrantsFilm 1:30 4:30 News in Armenian 2:10 5:10 A Drop of Honey 2:30 5:30 Hello, it's me 2:50 5:50 Los-Armenios 3:00 6:00 Celebrity-Serial 4:00 7:00 My Big, Fat Armenian Wedding



Happiness-Serial 19:00 22:00 News in Armenian 19:30 22:30 Good

Morning,Armenians 21:00 0:00 News in Armenian 21:30 0:30 Celebrity-Serial 22:20 1:20 23:10 2:10 0:00 3:00 1:30 4:30 Telekitchen Red or Black Concert News in Armenian 2:00 5:00 Our

Language,Our Speech 2:30 5:30 Blef

3:00 6:00 Celebrity-Serial 4:00 7:00 My Big, Fat

Armenian Wedding

Armenian Wedding

Galerie Raffsonni Exhibits Art Works of Hagop Hagopian

Our gallery is primarily a furniture store, featuring the sophisticated look of Italian design houses like "Giorgetti" of Milan, and the "organic", "urban" handcrafted unique pieces by R.Nardone. Riverside Square Mall (2nd Floor) 390 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack NJ 07601 Tel: 201-342-3000 Website:

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Armenian Reporter Arts & Culture | November 14, 2009



The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009


Knights, Daughters help send goods to Armenia

NEW YORK ­ On November 1 and 2, various members of the New York City metropolitan area Knights and Daughters of Vartan, under the guidance of Grand District representatives Leo Manuelian and Arpi Candan, joined forces with Mike Candan, the Paros Lighthouse Foundation, and friends to help load a container of goods to be shipped to Armenia. This shipment, consisting of 350 boxes of new and used clothes, home goods, toys, and educational and medical supplies, was consigned mostly to the Fund for Armenian Relief and the Paros Lighthouse Foundation offices in Yerevan. The container and trans- Volunteers of the Knights and Daughters of Vartan help load a container of goods to be shipped to Armenia. portation was supplied by the United Armenian Fund. Hrant Candan. Two more contain- from their Corona, Queens, facility. able to help the Candans and friends This is the fourth shipment sent ers of goods are awaiting boxing, The Knights and Daughters of Var- in this venture and were looking forby Mike Candan and his father, labeling, charting, and loading tan said they were very pleased to be ward to expanding their cooperation

so that future shipments may be collected and shipped with greater fre quency and efficiency.

Armenian calligraphy at alma opens Nov. 15

WATERTOWN ­ Calligraphy artist Anahid Salakian has produced a range of commissioned pieces over the past 25 years. On Sunday, November 15, Salakian will open her new exhibit "Armenian Calligraphy" at the Armenian Library and Museum of America (alma). 10, 2010, with a portion of the proThe exhibit features famous po- ceeds benefitting alma. ems, religious proverbs and hymns Two years ago Salakian had a written in Book Hand, Uncial, Leg- very successful exhibition at the end, Chancery and Old English al- Armenian General Benevolent phabets. The works will remain on Union center in Watertown and display and for sale through January last autumn took part in an arts exhibition held at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. An opening reception will take place at alma's Contemporary Art Gallery on November 15 from 3 to 5 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public. Museum Hours: Thursday-6 to 9 p.m.; Friday, Saturday and Sunday-1 to 5 p.m. Directions, information and a preview of Salakian's exhibition are available at the alma website.


usc Friends of Armenian Music establish educational exchange program

LOS ANGELES ­ The members of the usc Friends of Armenian Music announced a gift agreement establishing the "usc Friends of Armenian Music Audrey Babakhanian Gregor Educational Exchange Program" between the usc Thornton School of Music and Yerevan's Komitas State Conservatory. This agreement was accepted and signed on October 22 by Artemis Bedros, president of usc-fam, Audrey Babakhanian Gregor, a founding member and past president, and Dr. Robert A. Cutietta, Dean of the Thornton School of Music. On October 22, Bedros, Gregor, and Cutietta signed a contract for a $200,000 agreement toward an endowment for the exchange program. Bedros presented the dean with the first installment of $30,000 toward the endowment. Additionally, Gregor signed a gift agreement and donated $10,000 to underwrite the inaugural installment of the educational exchange program to take place during the 2010 academic year and to consist of a faculty member from the Komitas State Conservatory who will visit and give lectures at the Thornton School of Music. The exchange program was made possible through donations received during the 30th anniversary celebration luncheon of the organization. At the luncheon Gregor was honored for her dedi-

Eugene Nichols speaks to eighth graders at the Armenian Sisters Academy, Radnor, Pa., about history that they are studying and he lived through. Photo: Susan Pogharian.

History is brought to life for 8th graders

RADNOR, Pa. ­ In late October, Dr. Eugene Nichols was invited to speak to the Armenian Sisters Academy's eighth graders about a topic they were studying, one which he lived through: the German and Russian occupation of Poland in the 1940s. He and his family lived through bombings, escaped uprisings, and endured separation before an eventual reunion. Soon after the war, Mr. Nichols came to the United States and entered the University of Chicago. He joined the faculty of Florida State University in 1956, and was named a distinguished professor. Although recently retired, Mr. Nichols has been the chief author of many math textbooks. The eighth graders were mesmerized by his talk and asked interesting follow up questions. His presentation brought history to life!

From left: Artemis Belian Bedros, President usc-fam, Dr. Robert Cutietta, Dean of usc Thornton School of Music, and Audrey Babakhanian Gregor.

cation and her 30 years of distin- tory with the musical community guished service to the organiza- of the Thornton School of Music. tion. Her dream is to promote This signed agreement promises to the Armenian musical heritage by perpetuate annually indefinitely. sharing the knowledge and exper- We thank every one of our suptise of the professionals and stu- porters for their valuable contri dents of Komitas State Conserva- butions to this cause.


The roses are in bloom,the blackcurrants ripe. Apples and grapes are on their way.

A comfortable house with a garden in the highly desirable Aygedzor neighborhood of Yerevan is for sale. 2 br, 2½ baths, lr, dr, kitchen, working fi replace, hardwood floors, elegant tiles, on 2 sunny stories (160 sq m total on a 220 sq m lot) newly upgraded. City gas. 24-hour water.

On a quiet street steps away from Baghramian Ave., the location is peaceful yet accessible. Contact Martha at [email protected] for more information.

The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009



Ararat Center concludes sixth season

Loyal clients, ongoing site improvements equal continued progress for facility

GREENVILLE, N.Y. ­ Another Ararat Center season has come to an end and the success is owed to numerous loyal clients, volunteers, friends, and supporters. St. Vartan Camp (six weeks), AUENA's Camp Arevelk (one week), NAMI-NYS (three weekends of programming), the Capital Region Embroiderer's Guild (two visits to the center), the Sacred Music Council's Junior Choir Development Program (one week), St. Nersess Armenian Seminary, St. Vartan Avaks, the Namah Vedanta Center, and the Armenian Young Professionals Fall Foliage group were those that utilized the many amenities of the facility this past season. "The atmosphere makes it nice for our group to be away from the city to reflect and relax," shared Dn. Sebuh Oscherichian, who assists Fr. Mardiros Chevian, dean of St. Vartan Cathedral, in annual Avak trips up to the Center. Dn. Oscherichian continued, "Our group is treated well by the staff and enjoys the area in general," explaining how they conduct Bible studies, go apple picking and shopping in the local area, have onsite movie nights, and more. Likewise, Ara Jingirian, who organizes an Armenian Young St. Nersess seminarians and staff enjoy the surroundings of the Ararat Center Professionals Fall Foliage getaway during their annual student orientation retreat. weekend said of the Ararat Center, "Once you go there, it will be your York facility, a core of dedicated ther enhancing the many benefits home away from home." and hard working volunteers con- of the Ararat Center. In addition to the clients who tinue to make site improvements But even though the mortgage have discovered this upstate New to the grounds and buildings, fur- has been paid, more people are discovering this beautiful location, and site improvements continue... the work goes on as noted by Ararat Center Board Chairman, Thomas Ashbahian. "There is no doubt that we have made great progress in the nearly six years that the Diocese has owned this impressive facility. That said, it still takes a dedicated team and Diocesan-wide efforts to improve upon and sustain our operations while maintaining the level of service we have reached," said Mr. Ashbahian, explaining that the Board is working to bring in even more clients for the 2010 season, planning onsite projects, and have established an endowment fund to help make the facility more self sufficient.

connect: 1-212-686-0710 ext. 120

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lous dinner/mezza and full casino! 6-11 P.M. Ararat Home Deukmejian Hall: 15105 Mission Hills Road Mission Hills. NOVEMBER 21, 7:00 PM. Phone: 818 838-4860 The Ever-Ringing Belfry: The Legacy of Komitas. St. Andrew NOVEMBER 21, 7 PM. Dr. Armenian Church, 11370 S. J. Michael Hagopian's DocStelling Rd. Cupertino. Con- umentary "The River Ran cert in commemoration of the Red". In tribute to the late birth of Komitas featuring the Dr. Vartkes Broussalian, Seemorgh Ensemble directed come see a free showing of by Artin Der Minassians. $29. "The River Ran Red" featuring over 40 years of interCall 510.868.0695 views with genocide surviDECEMBER 5, 6:00 PM. St. vors and witnesses. Free. Andrew Armenian Church Tal- Glendale Central Library ent Show. Come see the best Auditorium, 222 E. Harvard entertainment St. Andrew has St., Glendale to offer! St. Andrew Armenian Church, 11370 S. Stelling Rd., Cu- NOVEMBER 27, 8:30 PM. pertino. $20. Call 408.777.8688 Annual Thanksgiving dinner dance with Paul Baghdadlian. DECEMBER 31, 7:30 pm. New Pasadena Armenian Center. Year's Eve party. Location: St. RSVP req'd. Call 818.247.1717 Paul Armenian Church - Haig or 818.956.8082 Berberian Hall: 3767 N. First Street Fresno. Admission: $50. NOVEMBER 28 - 11 AM and per person. For more informa- 4PM. Hoy Lari Children's tion contact: 559-431-5259 or- Concert - 2 shows. Location: El Portal Thearte: 5269 [email protected] Lankershim Blvd North HolSouthern California lywood. Admission: $23.00. For more information conNOVEMBER 21 - Ararat tact: (310) 600-0207, hoyHome Casino Night VI. Fabu- [email protected]

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The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009


From Armenia, in brief

Five cases of H1N1 reported in Armenia

Last week we reported that there were no reported cases of the H1N1 flu in Armenia. On November 9, Armenia's Health Ministry confirmed that there were three cases of H1N1; two of those inflicted were Armenian nationals who had returned from Moscow and a third was an Iranian national, who had just arrived in Yerevan from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. All three cases were confirmed after laboratory examinations. According to Armenpress, the patients were being treated at the Republican Infection Hospital and that the Iranian national had already fully recovered, and departed for Iran. Though the Armenian laboratories confirmed that these cases were indeed the H1N1 flu, final confirmation from a London laboratory is expected. Minister of Health Harutyun Kushkyan said that this is a procedure requested by the World Health Organization ­ the first 10 cases at least must be confirmed in their regional laboratory, which is in London. Currently, the Health Ministry is working in cooperation with big partner organizations to import the necessary medication to Armenia. A special task force has been set up by the ministry, including a hotline and a website, www.moh. am for the public. On November 11, two more cases were identified, bringing the total number of infected to five cases. "Two more persons infected with suspected H1N1 have been taken to [Yerevan's] Nork Infection Hospital," Shushan Hunanian told RFE/RL. "The diagnosis has been confirmed as a result of tests." One of the two is an Armenian citizen who returned to Yerevan from St. Petersburg, Russia, and the second is an Iranian national. According to Ms. Hunanian they are under doctors' care and their condition is satisfactory.

Wintertourism centerin Armenia.

He also noted that as the winter Martiros Saryan's season approaches, facilities in the paintings at the worldPresidentSergeSargsyanmetprivatelywithGerardL.CafesjianinYerevan, north of the country are preparing Nov.7.ThateveningthepresidentattendedtheopeningoftheCafesjian for winter tourists. While Tsakh- renowned Tretyakov CenterfortheArts.ThepresidentandMr.Cafesjianalsohadadinnermeeting kadzor and Jermuk are considered State Gallery, Moscow thepreviousday.Photolure. to be winter tourism centers, ski tourism is also developing in Gy- A collection of paintings by Armenia's beloved artist Martiros umri. tract with a consortium consisting of omy, 422,807 tourists visited ArmeSaryan will be on display at the Arpa-Sevan OJSC (Armenia) and Sade nia this year between January and Five more years needed prestigious and world-renowned (France) to repair a 35.4 km section of September, compared with 399,691 to clean up mined Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow the Arzni-Shamiram, Lower Hrazdan, last year. in 2010 on the 130th anniversary Artashat, and Shirak canals. of his birth. Sixty-six paintings and Mekhak Apresyan, director of territories in NKR According to MCA, more than the tourism department, said that According to the Halo Trust, a Brit- graphic works will be part of the 110,000 residents in about 200 although there was an increase in ish nongovernmental organization exhibition. communities will be able to have numbers, the tempo of growth reg- accredited in Nagorno-Karabakh, The director of Martiros Saryan's reliable access to water in Ararat, istered over the last several years the highest index in the world of Museum in Yerevan Ruzan SaryAragatsotn, Armavir, Kotayk, and has slowed. The average annual the number of mine victims per an said that the Days of Saryan will Shirak marzes. growth in tourism was about 20­25 1000 people is in Karabakh. From also be take place in the Russian It is expected that the recon- percent annually until the econom- 1995 to 2008, 234 mine incidents capital. An album of his paintings struction will take 18 months to ic crisis began. complete, which will include cleanAccording to ministry officials, ing of the canals, rehabilitation of tourists to Armenia come mainly outlets and gates, and utilization of from Georgia, the countries of the monolith concrete, reinforced con- CIS, the European Union, and North crete and such advanced technolo- America. There has been a presence gies as shotcrete. of tourists also from Turkey for the Additional projects within MCA- past two years. It is important to Armenia's Irrigation Infrastruc- note that nearly 62 percent of tourture will involve the rehabilitation ists visiting Armenia are diaspora of 17 pumping stations, construc- Armenians.

Tretyakov StateGalleryin Moscow.

Armenia's President Sargsyan in Hungary

Armenia's President Serge Sargsyan traveled to Budapest, Hungary, November 9-10, for the first state visit to that country since Armenia's independence. There he met with Hungary's President Laszlo Solyom, chair of the Hungarian Parliament Bela Katona, and Prime Minister Gordon Bayna. Over the course of his two-day visit, President Sargsyan stated that Armenia hopes to give new impetus to boosting bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Hungary, his press office stated. President Sargsyan and the Hungarian prime minister also met with the participants of the Armenian-Hungarian business forum, which was underway. While in Budapest, the Armenian president placed a wreath on the memorial to the Armenian Genocide, a khachkar (stone cross), and met with members of the Armenian community there. Within the framework of the state visit, President Sargsyan and President Solyom participated in the opening ceremony of an exhibition organized by the Military History Institute of the Hungarian Defense Ministry. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of Armenian-Hungarian military relations.


This year, more Armenians also left the country to vacation elsewhere. About 399,650 people have traveled out of Armenia. Mr. Apresyan, according to Armenpress, said that his department's focus is to showcase Armenia as a center for tourism, highlighting the rich historical and cultural heritage and traditions of Number of tourists to the country. "We also participate actively numerous tourism exArmenia increased this hibitionsinheld in different counyear tries of the world," Mr. Apresyan According to the Department of said, to help promote tourism to Tourism of the Ministry of Econ- Armenia.

tion of up to six gravity schemes, upgrading of tertiary irrigation systems in over 70 communities, and improvements to the Ararat valley drainage system. Total investment in the MCA-Armenia Program is expected to amount to about $180 million by the time the program ends in 2011.

Grammy Award­winning American musician and renowned guitarist George Benson gave a concert on November 12 in Yerevan for the first time ever. During a press conference earlier that day, he said that he had prepared a very "rich" concert program for his fans. The Central Bank teaching musician was invited to Yerevan by Ameriabank for celebrations of the center to open in opening of its head office. Shushi George Benson's recording career According to Mediamax, a teaching began at the age of 21 as a jazz guicenter of the Central Bank of Arme- tarist. He is also known as a pop, nia (CBA) will be opened in Shushi, R&B, and scat singer. He topped Nagorno-Karabakh. This center the Billboard 200 in 1976 with the will be one of the most important triple-platinum album "Breezin.'" modern institutions for education In the late 70s and 80s Benson's and training of financial and bank- focus was pop, but in the early 90s ing personnel in the country. he returned back to classical jazz This endeavor was finalized when and acoustics. During this time the chair of the CBA Artur Ja- period he cooperated with the favadyan met with President Bako mous Count Basie Orchestra and Sahakyan of Karabakh on October then created his own band, Big f 7, in Stepanakert. Boss Band.

have taken place in Karabakh, resulting in 69 killed and 327 injured. Thanks to the efforts of the Halo Trust, almost 78 percent of the mined territories and 55 percent of the former militarized territories have been cleared of mines. Seventy-four percent of arable lands, 14 percent of roads, 10 percent of pastures, and 1 percent of forest areas were also cleared. According to specialists at the trust, five more years are needed to clear all the mined territories in NKR.

will be published within the framework of the 130th anniversary of his birth, including a photo exhibition on his actual birthday.

The legendary George Benson in Yerevan

On November 11, the Millennium Challenge Account - Armenia (MCAArmenia) signed a $15 million con-

MCA-Armenia provides additional $15 million for canal reconstruction

Thereservoirat Kechut,where theArpa-Sevan waterway originates.


The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009



Georgia to remain vital transit route for Armenia

Regardless of whether or not Turkey put an end to its blockade of Armenia

by Tatul Hakobyan

KARS, Turkey ­ Armenia is a landtheTurkishrail system.The locked country that is also blockdistancebetween aded by two of its four neighbors. Armeniaand One needs only to look at a map to theBlackSea understand the dire situation; terissmallervia ritorially the smallest of the former Georgiathanitis Soviet republics, it is blockaded to viaTurkey,and the west by Turkey and to the east theraillinesin by Azerbaijan. In fact, 80 percent of Turkeytravel the length of its borders is closed, moreslowly, and with it, all roads, rail lines, and owingtothebad pipelines from Turkey and Azerbaishapeofthelines. jan into Armenia are also closed. Armenia has a border that's a mere 40 kilometers long but tion, Georgia will be forced to reduce nia's foreign commodity circulation extremely important along the transportation tariffs by a certain is realized via Georgian rail and length of the Araks River, which amount. Armenia naturally will also Black Sea ports. If we look at the it shares with its southern neigh- benefit to an extent from Turkish map, will it be possible or advantabor, Iran. For Armenia, the border transit lines, initially by land tran- geous for Armenia to transport its with Georgia is more vital because sit. However, in the coming decades, cargo through the Turkey-Armenia the main land, rail, and seaborne thanks to its geographical position, border, if it is opened, via Turkish transportation routes, which allow and the good condition of its rail rail and Turkish sea ports? Armenia to connect with the out- lines and ports, it is Georgia that will side world, pass through Georgia. continue to remain the most impor- A slow trip The rail line from Yerevan to the sea About 70 percent of Armenia's for- tant transit country for Armenia. ports of Batumi and Poti are three eign commodity circulation is retimes shorter than the rail line from alized through Georgian territory In pitiful shape ­ via the Georgian rail system and The lifting of the Turkish blockade Yerevan to the Turkish port of Samwould signifies the following: the sun. Moreover, while the Georgian the ports of Batumi and Poti. The natural gas pipeline through land border crossings (one at Alijan- railroad travels over mostly flatwhich Russian natural gas flows Margara by the Araks, which is only lands, the Turkish rail line passes into Armenia passes through Geor- 40 km west of Yerevan, and the Kars- primarily through mountain ranggian territory. A few years ago an Gyumri border crossing) will open; es. Why should Armenia make use TheGyumri-Karsrailwayattheborder.Photolure. alternative Iran-Armenia pipeline the Kars-Gyumri rail line between of the Turkish rail line when it is Georgian transit will significantly Baku establish normal relations, was built. However, today Armenia Turkey and Armenia, which has three times longer and in such bad continues to use Russian gas. The been idle since 1993, will open. Air shape? If it takes Armenian cargo lose value for Armenia when there then Armenia can reconnect with gas that reaches Armenia through transit between Armenia and Tur- less than a day from Yerevan to is a resolution to the Nagorno- the Iranian rail system also. The Iran is converted to electricity and key, which was also closed for a few Batumi, then from Yerevan to the Karabakh conflict and Armenia and Yerevan-Tabriz-Tehran rail line years by Ankara, reopened in 1996. Turkish port of Samsun it would Azerbaijan establish normal rela- has also been idle for the past two sent back to Iran. tions. In that case, aside from the decades because it passes through The re-opening of the Russian- Today, there are regular flights be- take more than two days. Even if Turkish transit tariffs are Georgian rail system, Armenia will Nakhichevan. Georgian Upper Lars-Kazbegi land tween Yerevan and Istanbul, and in Armenia and Iran have come to border crossing can only have a the summer months between Yere- incomparably cheaper than Georgian also equally make use of Azerbaitariffs, still, in the coming decades jani railroads that will take it to its a political decision to build a new small effect on Armenia's economy van and Antalya also. If the border is opened, will Ar- Armenia will be using Georgian rail most important strategic, political railroad, which will cost somebecause for Armenia the Georgian rail and Black Sea ports have the menian cargo transport imme- lines because the Turkish railroad, and economic partner, Russia and where between 1 and 2 billion doldiately benefit from Turkish rail which was built a hundred years ago, then on to Europe. lars. If that railroad is built, it will most significance. However, there are no expecta- be significant, but once again it will In the event that the blockade lines? It will benefit only minimally is simply not in a condition to carry tions that in the near future there not replace the Georgian railroad. by Turkey is lifted and the Turkey- because the present physical con- out cargo transportation. It takes passenger trains 45 hours will be a resolution of the Kara- For Armenia, perhaps the re-openArmenia border re-opens, Armenia dition of the Turkish rail system will have new alternative routes to is not promising. Simply put, the to travel from Kars to Istanbul. This bakh conflict and the railroads ing of the Abkhazian rail line would the outside world. With competi- Turkish rail system is in such pitiful means that Turkish trains travel, connecting Armenia and Azerbai- be more significant ­ but remains shape that it is impossible to trans- on average, 20­25 km/hr. And it jan ­ Yerevan-Nakhichevan-Baku unrealistic, taking into account the As of last week, Tatul Hakobyan is an port serious amounts of cargo. is exactly for this reason that the and Ichevan-Baku ­ will begin current state of Russian-Georgian analyst with the Civilitas Foundation. f As we noted, 70 percent of Arme- Turks themselves rarely use trains. operating. In fact, if Yerevan and relations.


CRD expands space weather monitoring on Mt. Aragats

YEREVAN - The Cosmic Ray Division erating their corrosion, and play damage. Accurate measurement (CRD) of the Yerevan Physics Insti- havoc on satellite electronics. and characterization of these altute (YerPhI) operates one of the largThe Lviv Space Research Institute beit weak radio signals can give est cosmic ray monitoring networks of the Ukrainian Academy of Sci- valuable advance warnings on the at its research stations on Armenia's ences and the Cosmic Ray Division impending CMEs and geomagnetic Mt. Aragats. CRD scientists are cur- are partnering with each other to storms. Professor Hartmut Gemrently adding two new categories of establish the LLEMI-417 magneto- meke from the Karlsruhe Research monitors in cooperation with their metric stations on Mt. Aragats in Center in Germany introduced an international research partners. order to measure the variations in antenna to measure these weak raMagnetic field disturbances in the magnetic field around the earth. dio signals to the CRD in the Fall the interplanetary space (between This summer the first magnetomet- of 2008. Capturing the data from the sun and the planets) can alter ric station was installed at CRD's Nor these antennas requires very sothe magnetic field surrounding the Amberd research station at a 6,000 phisticated electronics. CRD's elecearth. Interplanetary magnetic foot altitude on Mt. Aragats. A simi- tronic engineers demonstrated the field disturbances occur due to vio- lar geomagnetic field monitoring feasibility of collecting data from lent processes from the sun, such station will also be installed at CRD's such an antenna and in the sumas the ejection of large volumes Aragats Research Station at an 11,000 mer of 2009 three antennas with of hot, charged matter known as foot altitude. This new instrumenta- the associated electronics were incoronal mass ejections (CME). The tion will allow CRD scientists and stalled at CRD's Nor Amberd and interplanetary magnetic field vari- their partners to directly correlate Aragats research stations. Data ations add to the earth's magnetic cosmic ray and geomagnetic data to from these antennas proved that field often dramatically changing better understand space weather. the radio measurements have sufWhile CMEs contribute to geo- ficient precision to enhance space the earth's magnetic field. This phenomenon is known as a geo- magnetic storms, they also gen- weather forcasting techniques. magnetic storm. Depending on its erate characteristic radio signals Future plans include manufacseverity, it can induce damaging which travel at the speed of light turing these antenna systems at current surges in electrical power and reach earth before the CMEs YerPhI and deploying them at localines causing widespread blackouts, and the magnetic fields that ac- tions around the world to improve f induce currents in pipelines accel- company them arrive to do their space weather forecasting.

CRDphysicist David Pokhsraryan, engineerKaren Arakelyanand colleaguesfrom theKarlsruhe Research Institute inGermany testingthedata transmission fromtheradio antennas.


The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009

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The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009

The Armenian Reporter | November 14, 2009


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