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Turbo Mouse; Twice the speed, in half the space.

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Finally, a Mouse that's really quick. One that doesn't require a lot of room on yourdesk. One that's easy to use, even on a desk full of papers. Turbo Mouse from Kensington. Turbo Mouse turns mouse technology upside down. It puts the mouse ball on top, rather than on the bottom like a standard mouse. You move only the mouse ball, not the whole mouse. That's why Turbo Mouse is quicker, quieter, and easier to use. Turbo Mouse doesn't get its speed only from this ease of use. It has an automatic acceleration feature that senses the speed at which you are working and moves the cursor further when you move the mouse ball faster. Turbo Mouse has two mouse buttons - one for right-handed users and another for lefties. And, since it's only 4" x 6", Turbo Mouse will fit neatly at the end of your keyboard. For MacintoshTM, Mac Plus, Apple® Me, or lie, ask for model 62350. For Macintosh SE, Mac II, or Apple IIGS, ask for model 62352. For more information, or a dealer near you, call (800) 535-4242. In NY (212) 475-5200.




Here are a few more things we thought you'd like to know about the Turbo Mouse:

Q: What makes the Turbo Mouse quicker than a regular mouse? A: A regular mouse uses what's called "direct tracking." The Turbo Mouse uses an "accelerator." With a regular mouse, whether you move it one inch slowly or one inch quickly, the cursor will move the same distance across the screen. With the Turbo Mouse, if you move the ball one inch slowly, the cursor moves a certain distance. If you move the ball one inch quickly, the cursor will move a lot further. Q: How does the Turbo Mouse work? A: Turbo Mouse works on the same basic principles as a standard mouse. Roll the mouse ball to move the cursor on your screen. Click or double-click either of the mouse buttons to highlight, select, or open something. Click a mouse button and roll the mouse ball simultaneously to drag something. If you have been using a mouse, it may take you an hour or two to adjust to the different feel of the Turbo Mouse. But once you do, you'll never want to use your mouse again. Q: How does the Turbo Mouse attach to my Macintosh? A: It simply replaces your old Mouse. Connect it directly to your Mouse port. Q: How does the Turbo Mouse attach to my Apple lie? A: To use the Turbo Mouse with a lie, simply connect it to the Mouse/joystick port. Q: Can I use the Turbo Mouse with my Apple Me? A: Yes. However, since the lie does not come equipped for a mouse, you will need to install a Mouse Card before you can use the Turbo Mouse. Once you have installed the Mouse Card, simply connect the Turbo Mouse cable to the port on your new card. (Sorry, Kensington does not make a mouse card.) Q: Is there a way I can still use my old Mouse, too? A: Yes. The Turbo Mouse has a second Mouse port on the back into which you can plug your Mouse and switch between the two devices immediately. Q: What else do I get with my Turbo Mouse? A: The Turbo Mouse comes with a Kensington Mouse Pocket, too, so you'll have somewhere to retire your old mouse with dignity. It attaches to the side of your Macintosh in seconds with the double-sided adhesive provided. Q: What is the life expectancy of a Turbo Mouse? A: Turbo Mouse will last the life of your Macintosh -- maybe longer. Its buttons have a life expectancy of 3 MILLION clicks.

For Macintosh1; Macintosh Plus, Apple® lie, or Ik, ask for model 62350. For Macintosh SE, Macintosh II, or Apple IICS, ask for model 62352.

Kensington Microware Ltd., 251 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10010 (800) 535-4242, In NY (212) 475-5200, Telex: 467383 KML NY, Fax: (212) 475-5996


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