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DEANS AND CHAIRS: PLEASE DISSEMINATE TO YOUR FACULTY AS APPROPRIATE NOTE: this is a limited funding opportunity. Please review the internal proposal and review criteria listed below as well as the information about Northwestern's Limited Submissions process and review committee at The Office of Research Development (ORD) has received information on the The Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr., Foundation Grants Program. Note: This opportunity is limited in that Northwestern may nominate only two candidates per cycle. SUMMARY OF OPPORTUNITY The Foundation has broad interest in "advancing knowledge in the various fields of medical and health research." Mallinckrodt is most interested in basic research with upstream potential for impacting disease. Clinical research projects are not eligible for consideration. The intent of the sponsor is to support research projects, whether of highly promising early career scientists or of senior investigators, at the time when startup funds are limited. It is not the intent to support projects already under way and receiving significant grant support, or to provide longrange funding beyond an initial 3year period of support. ELIGIBILITY The foundation has historically funded tenureline assistant professors. SUPPORT PROVIDED Based on historic data, grants are awarded at $50,000$60,000, per year, renewable for up to three years. IMPORTANT DATES May 17, 2011: Internal Letter of Intent deadline (mandatory)* May 26, 2011: Internal proposal upload deadline (by midnight) June 14, 2011: Internal notification to candidates August 01, 2011: Full applications due to the Edward Mallinckrodt Jr., Foundation *Faculty members interested in putting together an internal proposal are required to send a letter of intent to Alden Chang at [email protected] by midnight via email on May 17, 2011. The letter of intent can be submitted in the text of an email message. INTERNAL PROPOSALS Internal proposals are submitted by invitation only. They should be generated utilizing 1inch page margins and in 12 pt. Times New Roman. When complete, the internal proposal should be uploaded as a single PDF document into Depot for the Limited Submissions Committee to review. 1. A current CV including bibliography of peer reviewed articles (four pages max) 2. A summary of your project comprised of a half page abstract that can be understood by the general public preceding a scientific overview of your project (2 pages max combined)*

3. A recommendation letter from your department/division chair. The letter should detail knowledge of your qualifications and potential as demonstrated at Northwestern and articulate the institution's support of for your research in general and for the proposed startup project in particular. Candidates are strongly encouraged to read the program description to better understand what should be included in the candidate's proposal to the Limited Submissions Advisory Committee and program requirements in general. Internal Proposal files should be named "LastNameFirstInitialFY11MallinckrodtAugust.pdf," replacing "LastName" with the PI's last name and "FirstInitial" with the PI's first initial. Please follow the instructions below to upload the file to Depot: UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS 1. Click on the Depot ticket provided to you in the invitation email from Alden Chang to access the "FY11 MallinckrodtAugust" Depot folder. 2. Click the Upload button. 3. Click the Browse button and navigate to your file on your hard drive or network. 4. Click the Open button in the file selection dialog. 5. Click the OK button in Depot. (Note: You will get a tiny confirmation message upon upload. If you do not see it, you may contact Alden Chang for a verbal or written confirmation) Please note that uploads to Depot are time stamped. Also note that the Depot system does not allow you to overwrite a previous upload. If you need to upload a revised proposal BEFORE the stated deadline, please contact Alden Chang. CONTACT INFORMATION Limited Submissions web site: Alden Chang, ORD Research Administrator, [email protected], 8474670043 Susan Fisher Miller, Associate Director, [email protected], 8474917547


Microsoft Word - FY11 May Mallinckrodt Announcement.docx

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