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Improv ing Energ y Ef f icienc y in Industr ia l Processes

Emerald Endeavors, Inc.

Emerald Endeavors, Inc. (Emerald) is a development-stage company focused on commercializing solutions to improve energy efficiency in industrial processes and to reduce air and water pollution. Our EmeraldSmarterTM Solutions product will improve plant, process and equipment performance and decrease pollutant emissions.


The EmeraldSmarterTM Solutions product integrates proprietary sensor instrumentation, predictive controls, customizable software, and secure wireless communications to provide a new level of intelligence for complete optimization of a customer's plant, process, and equipment. Emerald's key enabling technology is a unique solid-state gas sensor. This sensor can selectively measure nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and carbon monoxide (CO) in chemically and thermally harsh environments, such as those found inside a turbine combustion system. The sensor can continuously gather previously inaccessible information -- before, during, and after the combustion process. Emerald's second major technology is advanced predictive controls. This technology optimizes efficiency, reduces pollutant emissions, and lowers the cost of consumables, operations, and maintenance. Customizable software and wireless capabilities seamlessly join the product for real-time optimization.

Market Potential

The EmeraldSmarterTM Solutions product answers the soaring global demand for clean technology solutions to environmental challenges. Emerald's initial target market is the energy market, where it will focus on natural gas and coal energy production plants, processes, and equipment. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the clean energy sector is estimated to be worth $200 billion in 2010 and has seen rapidly growing investment in recent years. Additionally, the United States, along with China, Italy, and Turkey, have all increased their investments in clean energy by over 100% in the last five years.


Emerald has secured an option to license several internationally protected technologies from the University of Florida. Emerald will first employ a direct-sales approach and seek strategic partners for future target markets. Over time, Emerald's sources of revenue will shift from product sales to recurring service revenue, including product upgrades and maintenance. As R&D efforts result in the generation of new intellectual property, new product offerings will bring new revenue channels. Emerald is already partnering with several major corporations on product development projects. Emerald will produce alpha prototypes and will begin additional name-brand pilot projects af-

ter which Emerald will begin implementing improvements in the product. Emerald will expand the product through additional development and integration of cutting-edge optical sensors for solid and liquid characterization. Emerald will also enhance the product by improving its precision, efficiency, reliability, and quality. Emerald will initially outsource manufacturing and assembly to carefully selected suppliers and contract manufacturers. Emerald's operational strategy emphasizes key partnerships through which Emerald will scale up production and develop a quality management system. These developments will allow Emerald to become certified to ISO­9001 and to achieve other important manufacturing/product standards.

Management Team

Jerome Foster - Chief Executive Officer Mr. Foster has served as an executive with several Fortune 500 companies and has successfully founded four green-energy companies. As an entrepreneur, he has secured over $20MM of venture capital funding. He has also bootstrapped an energy-related company to over $28MM in revenue within three years. Michael Allman - Executive VP, Sales Mr. Allman is a professional engineer with extensive experience in design, construction, business development, sales and project management of control systems for power generation, chemical processing, water treatment, and other industrial facilities. Randy Scott ­ Director Mr. Scott has extensive sales, marketing and management experience. He founded NovaMin Technology Inc., which developed and commercialized a breakthrough ingredient for oral healthcare. Mr. Scott raised over $20MM and recently sold the company for $135MM. Jennifer Marks - Executive VP, Marketing Ms. Marks brings 20+ years in business, product, and market strategy development/execution within large public corporations and private ventures, including sustainable energy and water industries. Kevin McSpadden - In-House Legal Counsel Mr. McSpadden is an attorney with 25+ years practicing before federal/state regulatory agencies and representing companies in energy infrastructure and power generation projects.

Contact Information

Jerome Foster, CEO Emerald Endeavors, Inc. 2202 N. West Shore Blvd Suite 200 Tampa, Florida 33607 Phone: (813) 639-4272 Fax: (813) 639-4272 Email: [email protected] For more information about this UF startup company or other spinoff opportunities from the University of Florida, contact: UF TechConnect® (352) 846-1840


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