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Shape Casting of Metals. The John Campbell Symposium

Description: Shape Casting of Metals, the proceedings from the symposium held to honor John Campbell for his contributions to the metal casting field, focuses on such topics as: Casting process design and characterization for improved structural quality and reliability, Process­structure­property­performance interrelationships in cast metals, Feeding and gating system design, Shape casting process modeling and improvement, and Molten metal quality and its effect on casting reliability. From the 2005 TMS Annual Meeting held in San Francisco, California, February 13 ­ 17, 2005.


Foreword. Editors' Biographies. *Indicates that the paper contains a video accessible on the CD. Liquid Metal Quality. Session Chair: Diran Apelian. Bifilms--The Most Exciting Discovery of the Century (J. Campbell). A Method to Study the History of a Double Oxide Film Defect in Liquid Aluminium Alloys (R. Raiszadeh and W.D. Griffiths). The Use of Bifilm Index as an Assessment of Liquid Metal Quality (D. Dispinar and J. Campbell). Preventative Metal Treatment Through Advanced Melting (C.E. Eckert, T. Meyer, M. Kinosz, and R. Mutharasan). The Relation Between Al3Ti Particle Formation and Impurity Removal During In­Situ Precipitation Treatment of Al­Ti­X Alloys (S. Srimanosaowapak and K. O'Reilly). Filling and Feeding. Session Chair: John Berry. Gating Design After Campbell--A Practical Experience with the Daily Struggle with Porosity (S. Valtierra­Gallardo, J. Talamantes­Silva, and J.A. Gonz´lez­Villarreal). Filling Mold Cavities at High Flow Velocities Without Turbulence (J. Jorstad and M. Thieman). Designing Reliable Castings (M. Blair, R. Monroe, C. Beckermann, R. Hardin, K. Carlson, C. Monroe, and J. Griffin). Vortex­Gate Design for Gravity Casting (F.­Y. Hsu, M.R. Jolly, and J. Campbell). Characterization of Metal Filling Behavior of Lost Foam Castings Using Real Time X­Ray Technology (W. Sun, H.E. Littleton, and C.E. Bates). The Five Feeding Mechanisms (C.M. Gourlay and A.K. Dahle). A New Experiment for Quantification of Feedability and Permeability in Industrial Aluminium Alloys (Nielsen and S.O. Olsen). Critical Gate Velocity for Magnesium Casting Alloy (ZK51A) (F. Bahreinian, S.M.A. Boutorabi, and J. Campbell).

The Connection Between Filling, Feeding and Applied Pressure in Cast Aluminum Alloys (J.T. Berry, R. Luck, and R.P. Taylor). Solidification. Session Chair: Srintah Viswanathan. The Role of the Eutectic in Porosity Formation in Al­Si Foundry Alloys (S.D. McDonald, L. Lu, K. Nogita, and A.K. Dahle). Mechanism of Eutectic Solidification of Aluminum­Silicon Alloys (S. Shankar, Y. Riddle, and M.M. Makhlouf). Chemical Modification of the Morphology of the Eutectic Phases in Hypoeutectic Aluminum­Silicon Alloys (S. Shankar, Y. Riddle, and M.M. Makhlouf). Heterogeneous Nucleation Mechanisms of TiB2 Particles in Al Alloys (B.J. McKay and P. Schumacher). The Role of Oxides in the Formation of Primary Iron Intermetallics in an Al­11.6Si­0.37Mg Alloy (D.N. Miller, L. Lu, and A.K. Dahle). Observation of Crack Initiation During Hot Tearing [* video] (C. Davidson, D. Viano, L. Lu, and D. StJohn). Prediction of Hot Tearing Tendency for Multicomponent Aluminum Alloys (X. Yan and J.C. Lin). Influence of Temperature and Alloying Elements on Fluidity of Al­Si Alloys (M. Di Sabatino, S. Shankar, D. Apelian, and L. Arnberg). Structure and Properties. Session Chair: Qigui Wang. The Effects of Oxide Films and Porosity on Fatigue of Cast Aluminum Alloys (Q.G. Wang, P.N. Crepeau, J.R. Griffiths, and C.J. Davidson). Estimating Ideal Tensile Properties of Cast Al­7%Si­0.6%Mg Alloys Via Hybrid Mechanical Testing (M. Tiryakioglu and J. Campbell). The Influence of Strontium and TiB2 Additions on the Formation of Porosity in Aluminum Castings and Their Effect on Final Fatigue Properties (P.D. Lee and T.C. Lindley). A Study of Crack Initiation Sites in High Cycle Fatigue of 319 Aluminum Alloy Castings (G.E. Byczynski and J. Campbell). Enhanced Ductility in Al­Si­Cu­Mg Casting Alloys with High Si Content (C.H. Cáceres and J.A. Taylor). "Hard Spot" Defects in Aluminium­Silicon Cast Alloys (X. Cao and J. Campbell). High Pressure Die Casting of Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys--Some Comparisons of Microstructure Formation (H.I. Laukli, O. Lohne, and L. Arnberg). Influence of Ca, Be and Mn on the Structure and Properties of 356 Alloy (S.S.S. Kumari, R.M. Pillai, and B.C. Pai). Fluidized Bed Heat Treatment of Cast Al Alloys (S.K. Chaudhury and D. Apelian). Modeling. Session Chair: Mark Jolly. Computer Simulation of Shrinkage­Related Defects in Castings -- A Review (D.M. Stefanescu).

Computational Modelling of Mold­Filling and Related Free Surface Flows in Shape Casting: An Overview of the Challenges Involved (M. Cross, K. Pericleous, T.N. Croft, D. McBride, J.A. Lawrence, and A.J. Williams). Simulation of Casting Complex Shaped Objects Using SPH [* video] (P.W. Cleary, J. Ha, M. Prakash, and T. Nguyen). Review of Optimization Methods for Casting Simulation (R.S. Ransing and M.P. Sood). State of the Art Review of Use of Modelling Software for Shape Casting (M.R. Jolly). Analysis and Optimization of the Transient Stage of Stopper­Rod Pour (D.D. Goettsch and M. Barkhudarov). "Designing­In" Controlled Filling Using Numerical Simulation for Gravity Sand Casting of Aluminum Alloys [* video] (J.­C. Gebelin, M.R. Jolly, and F.­Y. Hsu). A Front­Tracking Method of Predicting the Solidification Microstructure in Shape Castings (S. McFadden, D.J. Browne, and J. Banaszek). Applications. Session Chairs: Murat Tiryakioglu and Paul N. Crepeau. Development of a Cast Steel Backup Roll (X. Kang, D. Li, L. Xia, J. Campbell, and Y. Li). Applications of Campbell's Casting Rules on High Quality Aluminum Castings (K.­Y. Liao, C.­C. Wong, P.­H. Hsieh, and Y.­Y. Lai). A Rational Approach to Casting -- Building Quality Into the Process (M.I. Cardoso, A.F. Rodriguez, G.K. Sigworth, and J. Talamantes). Campbellology for Ferrari (V. Coombe). Controlled Diffusion Solidification -- Manufacturing Net Shaped Al­Based Wrought Alloy Parts (D. Saha, S. Shankar, D. Apelian, and M.M. Makhlouf). Effect of Die Temperature and Melt Quality on a Commercial Low Pressure Die Casting (G. de Looze). Silica­Free Foundry Sand at Silica Sand Prices (K.P. Harris). The Cosworth Casting Process: Evolution and Benchmark (N.R. Green, A.M. Tomkinson, T.C. Wright, J.P. Evans, U. Fuchs, and S. Tschegg). Author Index. Subject Index.


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