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Professional Garde Manger: A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Food Preparation, Study Guide

Description: Maintaining the features that have made Professional Cooking and Professional Baking standouts in the marketplace, Professional Garde Manger presents culinary students and professional working chefs with comprehensive and visual coverage of everything they need to know to master the cold kitchen. This new text on garde manger work provides step-by-step techniques and procedures covering 375 recipes and 400 recipe variations for the garde manger chef. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings and more than 500 new photos, it covers topics ranging from simple salads and hors d'oeuvres to mousellines and charcuterie specialties to careers in the field. This much-awaited text provides a complete look at this specialized area in culinary arts. Features: - Same proven pedagogical features and easy-to-follow recipe layout as Professional Cooking and Professional Baking, including chapter pre-requisites and objectives, key terms, and questions for discussion. - Focus on teaching and mastering skills necessary to be successful as a garde manger chef, with reinforcement in practicing recipes provided. - Chapter pre-requisites reinforce knowledge and skills students should have and review prior to beginning each chapter for best learning outcomes - Sidebars throughout the text present special topics, including The History of... and The Science of... boxes, which add interesting insight and detail - Over 500 new photographs illustrate by step-by-step processes and techniques and beautifully presented finished dishes - More than 375 new recipes and over 400 recipe variations combine to offer the most comprehensive selection of recipes encompassing numerous styles and techniques available - Plating blueprint diagrams accompany many finished dish recipes show how the final presentation is built - Thoroughly revised and updated, Wiley CulinarE-CompanionTM Recipe Management Software now includes video clips demonstrating basic skills for use as prework or review, and contains all recipes from the book -- and more! - Complete ancillary package including Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, Study Guide, PowerPoints, and enhanced Web site - Test bank available in Respondus for upload into any course management system


Recipe Table of Contents. Preface. - How to Use This Book. Acknowledgments. 1.The Garde Manger Profession. - The History of Garde Manger. - The Successful Garde Manger Chef. - Opportunities in Garde Manger. - Garde Manger Facilities and Equipment. 2. Sauces and Dressings. - Introduction to Emulsion Sauces. - Vinaigrettes. - Mayonnaise. - Classic Mayonnaise Sauces. - Contemporary Mayonnaise-Based Sauces and Dressings. - Dairy-Based Sauces.

- Cold Sauces Made from Vegetables and Fruits. 3. Simple Salads and Tossed Salads. - Salads Made from Leafy Greens. - Salad Ingredients. - Purchasing Salad Greens. - Cleaning, Fabricating, and Storing Salad Greens. - Four Methods of Preparing Simple and Tossed Salads. 4. Cold Vegetables and Fruits. - Vegetables in Garde Manger Work. - Applications for Cold Vegetables. - Understanding Vegetables. - Fruits in Garde Manger Work. - Applications for Fruits and Fruit Dishes. - Understanding Fruit. - Purchasing, Storing, and Managing Produce. - Fabricating Produce. - Preparing Vegetables for Raw Service. - Cooking Vegetables and Fruits. 5. Complex Salads. - Understanding Complex Salads. - Understanding Arranged Salads. 6. Cold Seafood. - Understanding Seafood Classifications. - Types of Cold Seafood Dishes. - Cooking Methods for Cold Seafood. - Seafood Mousses. - Seafood Served Raw. - Raw Shellfish Specialties. - Caviar. 7. Cold Meats. - Applications for Cold Meats. - Preparing Cold Meat Products. - Raw Meat Dishes. - Meat-Based Mousses. - Foie Gras. 8. Cold Soups. - Understanding Cold Soups. - Preparing Cold Soups. 9. Garde Manger Sandwiches. - Understanding Sandwiches. - The Four Basic Sandwich Elements. - Types of Sandwiches. - Making Sandwiches. - Sandwich Procedures and Recipes. 10. Cold Hors d'Oeuvres. - Understanding Hors d'Oeuvres. - Types of Hors d'Oeuvres. - Presenting Hors d'Oeuvres. - Serving Hors d'Oeuvres. - Preparing Canapés. 11. Cured and Smoked Foods. - Understanding Curing. - Ingredients for Cured Foods. - Curing Procedures.


Brine Curing. Dry Curing. Introduction to Smoked Foods. Ingredients. Smoking Temperature. Equipment for Smoking. The Smoking Procedures. Foods Preserved in Fat.

12. Sausages. - Understanding Sausages. - The Anatomy of a Sausage. - Types of Sausages. - Ingredients. - Equipment for Sausage Making. - The Four Phases of Sausage Production. 13. Pâtés, Terrines, and Charcuterie Specialties. - Pâtés and Terrines. - Equipment for Pâté Production. - Preparing Pâtés and Terrines. - Galantines, Ballottines, and Pâté Roulades. - Storing and Presenting Pâtés. 14. Cheese and Other Dairy Products. - Fresh Dairy Products. - Fermented Dairy Products. - Cheese. 15. Mousselines. - Introduction to Mousselines. - Understanding Mousseline Forcemeats. - Ingredients for Mousselines. - Preparing Mousseline Forcemeats. 16. Aspic and Chaud-Froid. - The Challenge of Aspic and Chaud-Froid Work. - Aspic. - Chaud-Froid. - Mayonnaise Collée. - Aspic and Chaud-Froid Work. - Surface Décor for Aspic and Chaud-Froid Work. 17. Condiments, Embellishments, and Décor. - Finishing Touches. - Condiments. - Embellishments. - Décor. 18. Buffets and Food Bars. - Understanding Buffets. - Food Bars. Appendix: Basic Preparations. Bibliography. Glossary. Subject Index. Recipe Index.


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