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Photoresist and Photoresist Ancillaries

Description: Photoresist and associated ancillaries can be found in the Photoresist and Photoresist Ancillaries report. This report covers Strippers/Removers, Developers, ARCs (anti reflective coatings), and other ancillary chemicals. Included are market trends and statistics as well as technical trends surrounding lithography requirements and EUVL technology. Photoresist manufacturers are hoping this year to gain back 95 percent of their 2008 revenue levels, or about $1.14B, following a 25 percent drop in resist usage in 2009, according to a new report from Techcet Group, "Photoresists and Photoresist Ancillaries, Semiconductor Critical Materials Report 2010." Revenues are expected to continue to grow more than $1.5 over the next three years. Flash memory is clearly in the lithography driver's seat, fueling demand for 193 immersion with double patterning, followed by DRAM and micrprocessors. Market revenue history and forecast are provided on each material, in addition to market shares. The table of contents for this report is also attached.


1 PHOTORESISTS 1.1 Photoresist Summary 1.2 Overview 1.3 Background 1.4 Key Technical Trends and Timing 1.5 Technical Background 1.6 Photoresist Supplier Competition and Differentiation 1.7 Immersion Fluids 1.8 Topcoat Materials 1.9 The Difficulty With EUVL 1.10 Market Size 1.11 Market Share 1.12 Supplier Base 1.12.1 Dow Chemical Electronic Materials (formerly Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials, Inc. and prior to that, Shipley Company) 1.12.2 JSR 1.12.3 AZ Electronic Materials (formerly Clariant, formerly Azoplate) 1.12.4 Fuji Photo Film (formerly Arch Microelectronic Chemicals) 1.12.5 TOK 1.12.6 Sumitomo/Sumika Electronic Products 1.12.7 Shin-Etsu MicroSi, Inc 1.12.8 Dong Jin 1.13 U.S. Market by Product 1.14 Pricing 1.14.1 Competitive Position 1.14.2 Future Pricing 1.14.3 Phasing out of Universal Resists 1.15 Alliances / Mergers & Changes to Supply 1.16 Capacity Issues / Raw Material / Supply Chain 1.17 Technology and the Future 2.0 PHOTORESIST ANCILLARIES 2.1 Photoresist Ancillaries Summary 2.2 Key points, Ancillaries 2.2.1 Strippers/Removers 2.3 Developers 2.4 ARC's

2.5 Other Ancillary Chemicals 2.6 Market Share and Market Status 2.6.1 Strippers/Removers Good and the Bad 2.6.2 Antireflective Coatings (ARC's) 2.6.3 Developers 2.7 Other Ancillary Products (EBR, Primers or Adhesion Promoters, Specialty Solvents) 2.7.1 Capacity Issues/Raw Material/Supply Chain Figures Figure 1. Process Flow for Single and Double Patterning Figure 2. Illustration of the defect 4/5/2009 to reduction accomplishments since 2004. Figure 3. Lithography Exposure Tool and Technology Roadmap from ITRS 2006 Figure 4. 1.2 NA Water Immersion Lens Figure 5. Lithography Tool Cost as a Function of Time Figure 6. The Increase in Numerical Aperture as a Function of First Year of Manufacture Figure 7. Average Time Required to Develop a "Mature" Resist & Process Figure 8. Percent Photoresist Market by Technology Node (in US $) Figure 9. Schematics of Wet versus Dry Lithography Figure 10. Three Alternatives to Traditional Topcoats that Allow the Adjustment of the Surface Properties Without Affecting the Resist Performance Figure 11. Schematic of a Prototype EUVL System from ASML Figure 12. Evolution of the EUVL Source Power from 1996 to 2009 Figure 13. Worldwide Estimated Photoresist Market Size (in US$) (SEMI ONLY) Figure 14. 2008 Estimated WW Resist Market Shares Figure 15. 2009 Est. U.S. only Resist Market Shares. Figure 16. Photo Bleachable Contrast Enhancement Technology Figure 17. Worldwide Market Share, Strippers and Removers Estimate for 2009 Figure 18. World Wide Estimated Market Size, Strippers/Removers Figure 19. The 2009 Est. WW Estimated Market Shares For All Arcs, By $ Revenue (preliminary) Figure 20. Total World Wide Market Size, All ARCs Figure 21. World Wide Developer Market Size, in US $ Tables Table 1. International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors Technology Node Evolution Table 2. Results of a Recent Survey of Lithography Experts Regarding the Likely Insertion Date for EUV Lithography Table 3. Stop-Light chart for Gen ­ 1 Immersion Lithography's Technology Challenges as Defined During the 1st Sematech Workshop Table 4. Stop-Light Chart for the Three Defined Immersion Lithography Generations from the 2007 Sematech Workshop Table 5. The k1 Values for Each Technology Node as a Function of Exposure ? Table 6. Estimated Worldwide Regional Consumption of Photoresist (%Share of $)


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