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China Retail Sector Analysis (2006-2007)

Description: This "China Retail Sector Analysis (2006-2007)" report provides extensive research and objective analysis on China Retail Industry. This report helps clients to analyze the opportunities critical to the success of future success of retail industry in china. Detailed data and analysis helps potential investors navigate the evolving market of Retail in China. China Retail Industry This section provides the detail analysis of China retailing industry, which has witnessed phenomenal growth in last few years. In year 2005, total retail sales reaches to 755 billion USD. Although organized retail only accounts 20% of total retail sales but with the deregulation of retail in china due to WTO share of organized retail expected to go up. Economic growth, increasing purchasing power & consumer behavior remain the major growth drivers. China retail ­ Retail Formats Retail format covers the most popular & successful retail format in china, which includes the hypermarket & supermarkets, Departmental stores Etc. It helps to analyze the sales growth of Chinas retail formats. Key Findings - As per the research, it was found that Department stores & Convenience Stores registered sales growth rate of 25.7% & 35.6% respectively in year 2005. - Second- and third-tier cities and inland regions in china are going to be the next big retail markets for the retailers. - Large base of strong middle class expected to double in 2020 will drive the future growth of Chinas retail market. - Mergers & Acquisitions among retailers are gathering pace in China for the future expansion & consolidation & also to sort out the barriers such as insufficient supply chain. - China's retail market is highly fragmented. In 2005, Top 100 retailers account only 10.5% of total retail industry. Key issues and facts Analyzed The research report also addresses the issues and facts that are critical to success of China retail industry in general - Future Potential of the industry. - Who are the key competitors in the China Retail Industry? - What opportunities exist for the organized retailers in China? - What will be the major driving forces for the industry? - What are the major regional retail markets? Key Players Analyzed This section covers the key facts about players currently operating in the China retail industry including Shanghai Bailian Group, Beijing Gome Electric, Carrefour, Wal-Mart Stores, Wuhan Zhongbai Group, and China Paradise Electronics Retail Ltd etc. Research Methodology Information Sources Books, Newspapers, Trade Journals, and White papers, Industry portals, Government Agencies, Trade associations. Monitoring Industry News and developments, Access to more than 3000 paid databases. Analysis Method Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Judgmental Forecasting and Cause and Effect Analysis.


1. Analyst View

2. Industry Overview 2.1 Global Retail Market 2.2 Emerging Retail Markets of the World 3. China Retail Industry 3.1 China Retail Industry Growth- By Industry 3.2 Regional Retail Markets 3.2.1 Beijing 3.2.2 Guangdong 3.2.3 Shanghai 3.2.4 Other Major Markets 4. China Retail - Retail Formats 4.1 Organized Retail VS Unorganized Retail 4.2 Hypermarkets & Supermarket 4.2.1 Key Facts 4.3 Convenience Stores 4.3.1 Key Facts 4.4 Department Stores 4.4.1 Key Facts 4.5 Professional Stores 5. Industry Analysis 5.1 Driving Forces 5.1.1 Growing Demand by Social Classes 5.1.2 FDI 5.1.3 Rising Per Capita Income 5.1.4 Food Retail Chains 5.1.5 Consumer Behavior 5.2 Opportunities 5.2.1 Potential Markets 5.2.2 Penetrating to Second- and Third-tier Cities and Inland Regions 5.2.3 Franchising for Medium Size & Small Entrepreneur 5.2.4 Dollar Stores 5.2.5 Vast Consumer Base 5.2.6 Retail Categories 5.3 Challenges 5.4 Competitive Analysis 5.4.1 Expansion and Consolidation 5.4.2 Merger and Acquisition 5.4.3 Top 100 Retailers Performance 6. Recent News & Developments 7. Key Players 7.1 The Bailian Group 7.2 Beijing Gome Electric 7.3 Carrefour 7.4 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc 7.5 Wuhan Zhongbai Group 7.6 China Paradise Electronics Retail Ltd List of Tables Table 2-1: World - Top 10 Retailers, 2005 Table 2-2: World - Top Ten Emerging Retail Markets (2005 & 2006) Table 4-1: Asia ­ Comparison of the Countries on the Basis of Percentage Share of Organized Retailing, 2005 Table 4-2: Sales per Store by Retail Format among Top 30's, 2005 Table 4-3: Performance of Top 30's Retail Formats in China, 2005 Table 5-1: Remarkable Economic Growth & Purchasing Power Table 5-2: Growth in China Retail Sales, by Categories (May 2006) Table 5-3: Number of Retail Business in China, 2004 Table 5-4: China Number of Stores of Major Retail Enterprises (2004 & 2005)

Table 2004 Table Table Table Table Table Table Table

5-5: Major Mergers & Acquisitions by International Retail & Consumer Companies in China, 5-6: 7-1: 7-2: 7-3: 7-4: 7-5: 7-6: Performance of the Top 100 Retail Chain Operators (2001-2005) Bailian Group - Financial Overview Gome Electric - Financial Overview Carrefour - Financial Overview Wal-Mart - Financial Overview Wuhan Zhongbai - Financial Overview Paradise Electronics - Financial Overview

List of Figures Figure 2-1: World - Retail Sales by Geographical Regions, 2005 Figure 2-2: World - Share in Retail Sales by Geographical Regions, 2005 Figure 3-1: China - GDP & Retail Market Growth (2001-2005) Figure 3-2: China - Total Retail Sales (June 2005- May 2006) Figure 3-3: China - Retail Sales Growth, by Products (June 2005- May 2006) Figure 3-4: Beijing Retail Market Sales (2004 & 2005) Figure 3-5: Guangdong Retail Market Sales (2004 & 2005) Figure 3-6: Shanghai Retail Market Sales (2004 & 2005) Figure 3-7: China - Retail Sales by Leading Cities, 2004 Figure 3-8: China - Retail Sales Per Capita by Leading Cities, 2004 Figure 4-1: China - Organized & Unorganized Retail Sales, 2005 Figure 5-1: Socioeconomic Grade C (US $ 10K-34K; Number of Households), 2000-2009 Figure 5-2: Socioeconomic Grade D (US $ US $ 1 Million (2000-2009) Figure 5-4: China - Rising Per Capita Income (1981 & 2005) Figure 5-5: Changing Chinese Consumer Behavior (1995 & 2004) Figure 5-6: Top 100s' Share in National Retail Sales (2001-2005) Figure 7-1: Bailian Group - Stock Performance Figure 7-2: Gome Electric - Stock Performance Figure 7-3: Carrefour - Stock Performance Figure 7-4: Wal-Mart - Stock Performance


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