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EMV Migration in Canada: Opportunities & Challenges, 2007

Description: EMV Migration in Canada: Opportunities and Challenges, 2007, is the most comprehensive and authoritative independent strategic analysis and forecast available on the Canadian EMV migration program. It includes a detailed analysis of the Canadian payments landscape and establishes the payment context in which EMV migration will take place. The 115 page report analyses the most important opportunities and threats facing EMV migration in Canada, and identifies the key challenges that will need to be addressed by issuers, acquirers and different classes of merchants for migration to be successful. Detailed forecasts are presented for the migration of credit and debit cards, POS terminals, ABMs and automatic fuel dispensers to EMV. Based on interviews with more than 55 key executives in the industry, as well as extensive secondary research, this detailed report is an essential reference document for organizations both within Canada and around the world involved in planning, implementing, or supplying goods or services to EMV migration programs. Why buy this report? Subscribers to this study will gain an understanding of the dynamics of the complex EMV migration process, its impact on different types of participant, from consumer, to merchant, to card issuer, to acquirer, and how different issuer choices impact on EMV migration costs and influence the future direction of the market. They will have essential information on the needs of different categories of stakeholder in the migration process, on market prospects and opportunities arising from EMV migration, important trends, key drivers and critical issues affecting migration. Subscribers will be able to make well-founded, research-based, strategic decisions about the planning and implementation of successful EMV migration programs. Who should buy this report? This report is essential reading for senior executives from the following types of organizations: -Card issuers, acquirers, integrated merchants, small retailers, ISOs, payment organizations and any other organizations that are likely to be affected by the Canadian EMV migration program. They will have an authoritative, independent and unbiased view of EMV migration in Canada that will assist them in their EMV migration planning and implementation -Suppliers of smart cards, point-of-sale terminals and card acceptance devices, ABMs and automatic fuel dispensers, NFC devices, software and middleware that are keen to succeed in the Canadian marketplace -Professional services and consulting firms that are able to leverage their international experience base in EMV migration through providing services to the lucrative Canadian market, a market that is suffering from a severe skills shortage for the implementation of EMV -Policy makers, financial institutions and suppliers from other countries and jurisdictions that are considering, planning or implementing EMV. They will have access to well-founded, independent comparative information that will inform their own thinking about EMV migration Research Methodology The report is based on interviews with 56 key-decision-makers and experts from Canada and globally, supported by extensive desk research, TSI's own internal databases on the Canadian and global smart card markets, and expert analyst insight. Number of Interviews by Sector Financial Services 20 Retail 15 Suppliers 6 Associations, Consultants and Industry Experts 5 International Experts 5 Other 5 TOTAL 56


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Objectives of the Study Research Methodology A Note on Forecasts Currency Acknowledgements THE EVOLUTION OF PAYMENTS IN CANADA Introduction The Payments Landscape in Canada Cash Payments Debit Card Payments Credit Card Payments Cheques Online Payments Canadian Payments in Perspective THE HISTORY OF CHIP CARDS IN PAYMENT SYSTEMS IN CANADA Stored-value Cards The Mondex Guelph Pilot The Exact Pilot in Kingston The VisaCash Barrie Pilot The Mondex Coup Mid-Course Correction The Mondex Sherbrooke Pilot Dexit IMVCCP CCMP EMV MIGRATION EMV Overview CCD and CPA Processes in a Typical EMV Transaction SDA, DDA and CDA Cardholder Verification THE CASE FOR EMV MIGRATION IN CANADA Fraud as a Key Driver Credit Card Fraud Debit Card Fraud Securing and Modernizing the Payments System Keeping up with International Developments Multi-application Cards and Future Functionality EMV Migration Challenges Issuers Acquirers Merchants Merchants Views on EMV Migration Terminal Infrastructure POS ABMs Automatic Fuel Dispensers The Impact on Consumers IMPLEMENTING EMV IN CANADA Overview Timelines for EMV Migration The Kitchener-Waterloo Trial Assessing the Investment Required Migration Window Wireless Payments

Migration Forecast The Supply Structure The Payment Systems Value Chain

List of Figures Canadian Retail Sales by Sector (2005) Average Annual Growth in Retail Sales by Sector (2001 - 2005) Canadian Banknotes and Coin in Circulation Number of ABMs in Canada by Type Volume and Value of Cash Withdrawals at ABMs in Canada Cash-based Retail Payment Transaction Volumes in Canada Annual Volume and Value of Interac Direct payment Transactions Debit Card Payment Transactions by Sector Share of Number of Transactions at Retail Outlets (1996 - 2005) Share of Transaction Values at Retail Outlets (1996 - 2005) Number of Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards Issued in Canada Net Retail Dollar Volume and Transaction Volumes (Visa & MasterCard) Relative Shares of Visa and MasterCard in Canada Number of Merchant Outlets Accepting Visa and MasterCard Volume and Value of Cheques Cleared through the ACSS in Canada Share of Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) by Payment Type in Canada Payment Transaction on PCE by Payment Instrument Consumer Preferences for Payment Method EMV Transaction Flow Credit Card Fraud in Canada Credit Card as a Percentage of Retail and Cash Advance Dollar Volumes Breakdown of Credit Card Fraud by Type (2005) Credit and Debit Card Fraud in Canada Forecast Number of Credit Cards in Circulation in Canada Forecast of Credit Cards Issued Annually in Canada by Type Forecast Number of Debit Cards in Circulation in Canada Forecast of Debit Cards Issued Annually in Canada by Type Forecast of EMV Cards Issued Annually in Canada Forecast of Installed Base of POS Terminal in Canada ABM EMV Migration Forecast in Canada Interlinked Value Chains: Payments

List of Tables Number of Interviews by Sector Debit Card payments by Retail and Business Sector Primary Issuers of Visa and MasterCard in Canada Key Features of the Mondex Guelph Pilot Key Features of the Exact Kingston Pilot Key Features of the VisaCash Barrie Pilot Key Features of the Mondex Sherbrooke Pilot EMV 4.1 Structure (EMV 2000) EMV Compliance Assessment in Europe (mid-2006) Summary of Merchants' Perspectives on EMV Migration 78Key Features of Payment Organization EMV Migration Policies in Canada Interac's EMV Migration Targets Visa's Liability Shift Attributes that make Kitchener-Waterloo an Attractive Trial Location Number of Retail and Service Establishments by Sector Canadian EMV Investment Requirements


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