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Managed Services - From Network to Application Outsourcing

Description: This study examines the role of telecom industry players in offering managed services, from network to OSS/BSS, billing and application outsourcing. It analyses what managed services are, and identifies the market dynamics and trends. It discusses which players are best positioned to offer managed services to service providers, depending on the network layers: infrastructure, middleware and applications layers. Key questions What are managed services? Why are managed services gaining momentum? What are the different business models existing for Managed Services? What are the solution providers' strategies? Who is best positioned to address each market segment of the Managed Services market?

US$ 6 billion for the Managed Services market This market report seeks to answer the following questions: What are managed services? Why are managed services gaining momentum? What are the different business-models existing for Managed Services? Who is the best positioned to address the Managed Services market and each segment of the market? "In a fast-moving environment and to counter fierce competition from new entrants", says Mathieu LIMOUSI, Project Leader of this report, "telecommunications service providers have to transform their traditional business models by focusing on customer-oriented activities. There has been a switch in carriers' core skills: Service Providers regard Customer Relationship Management, Customer retention, and other marketing activities as their new core activities. To be able to allocate sufficient resources to these activities, carriers outsource non-value added operations". Managed Services can be described as a service which is process-based and which generates recurring opportunities. These Managed Services differ from traditional services which are productdependent or project-based. They encompass a variety of outsourcing activities from Network outsourcing to Hosted Applications through Middleware outsourcing. - Managed Services has become a wide-ranging market which includes outsourcing of the entire value chain of telecommunications carriers' activities - Telco Equipment Vendors are entering into a ferocious battle with IT suppliers to capture market share in the Managed Services field... - ... but each of the players can have their share of the business. - To get the most out of the growing Managed Services market, each player must act immediately - In 2007, the Managed Services market was worth US$ 6 billion, of which telecom players account for around 50%. IT suppliers secured some 30% of the market and other smaller vendors the remaining 20%. This study examines the role of the various telecommunications industry players in offering managed services, from network to OSS/BSS, billing and application outsourcing. It brings a clear view on what managed services are, and identifies managed services market dynamics and trends. It discusses which players are best positioned to offer managed services to service providers, depending on the network layers: infrastructure layer, middleware layer and applications layer.


1. Market Situation 1.1. Managed Services definition 1.1.1. Infra Layer 1.1.2. Middleware Layer 1.1.3. Applications Layer 1.2. Managed Services drivers

1.2.1. Operators Push 1.2.2. Vendors Push 1.3. Managed Services Business Models 1.3.1. Partnerships 1.3.2. Pay as you Grow 2. Competitive Landscape 2.1. Telco Equipment Providers 2.1.1. Alcatel-Lucent 2.1.2. Ericsson 2.1.3. Nokia Siemens Networks 2.1.4. Huawei 2.2. IT Platform Vendors and IT Applications Providers 2.2.1. Unisys 2.2.2. Capgemini 2.2.3. EDS/HP 2.2.4. Atos Origin 2.2.5. Comverse Technology 2.3. Telco Applications Providers 2.3.1. Acision 2.3.2. Smaller Players 3. Market dynamics 3.1. Geographic Trends 3.1.1. Mature markets 3.1.2. Emerging markets 3.2. By Type of Operator 3.2.1. Fixed Service Providers & Integrated Service Providers 3.2.2. Mobile Service Providers 3.3. By Services and Business Models 3.3.1. Infrastructure Outsourcing 3.3.2. Middleware outsourcing 3.3.3. Hosted applications 3.3.4. Partnerships 3.3.5. Pay as you grow 4. Managed Services Opportunities and Threats 4.1. Service Providers Perspectives 4.1.1. Impact on their offering 4.1.2. Impact on their competitiveness 4.1.3. Impact on their customers 4.2. For Telco Equipment Providers 4.2.1. Opportunities 4.2.2. Threats 4.2.3. Action required 4.3. For IT Platform Vendors and IT Applications Providers 4.3.1. Opportunities 4.3.2. Threats 4.3.3. Action required 4.4. Telco Applications Providers 4.4.1. Opportunities 4.4.2. Threats 4.4.3. Action required List of Figures and Tables Figure 1: Network Layers Can Be Outsourced Figure 2: Middleware Layer components Figure 3: Typical Hosted Applications Services Figure 4: Managed Services Market Drivers Figure 5: Which Business Model for Which Operator? Figure 6: Vendors Positioning Figure 7: Alcatel-Lucent Professional Services Figure 8: Alcatel-Lucent Professional Services

Figure 9: Alcatel-Lucent Professional Services Figure 10: Ericsson Managed Services Offering Layers Figure 11: Ericsson Managed Services Ecosystem Figure 12: EDS IT Infrastructure Management Offering Figure 13: Which Business Model for Which Operator? Figure 14: Infrastructure and IT Managed Services Market Figure 15: Number of managed services deals identified, 2004-2008 Figure 16: Breakdown of cumulative managed services by region Figure 17: Managed Services deals in Mature markets Figure 18: Managed Services deals in Emerging markets Figure 19: Managed Services deals by operator type Figure 20: Mobile Service Providers Managed Services deals Figure 21: Managed Services deals breakdown by type Figure 22: Evolution pattern of network outsourcing deals Figure 23: Network Outsourcing providers' market share Table 1: Three Classical Outsourced Applications Table 2: Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services Contracts Table 3: Ericsson Managed Services Contracts Table 4: Nokia Siemens Networks Managed Services Contracts Table 5: Huawei Managed Services Contracts Table 6: Capgemini Managed Services Contracts Table 7: EDS Managed Services Contracts Table 8: Atos Origin Managed Services Contracts Table 9: Comverse Technology Managed Services Contracts Table 10: Managed services deals by region Table 11: Managed Services deals in India Table 12: Hosted application deals by application Table 13: Long term partnerships (from 3 to 10 years)


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