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Laparoscopy Devices Worldwide 2009

Description: The purpose of this report is to analyze and size the market for Laparoscopy Devices Worldwide, discuss key players, and identify trends impacting the market for these products. Topics discussed include product definitions, types of equipment, applications, procedures, market trends, business strategies, competition, and key players, epidemiology, disease and treatment trends and technology trends. The report provides detailed market estimates and forecasts for Laparoscopic devices in U.S. dollars. Product/Market Segment Analysis and Forecasts by Region (2007-2015) Market estimates and forecasts for Laparoscopy Devices by country/region (US $, 2006 ­ 2014) for: USA; Europe; Japan and Rest of the World (ROW). Product segments include: -Laparoscopes -Access devices -Direct Energy devices -Hand Instruments -Hand Access/ Assist devices -Gastric banding -Internal Closure devices -Insufflators -Female Sterilization devices -Suction Irrigation devices -Reprocessed devices. This report can help in: -Assessing the market for Laparoscopic Devices, growth segments, and growth regions. -Understanding market drivers and restraints, and market segmentation and market ranking. -Business planning, strategic decision making and competitive strategy. -Identifying opportunities for partnerships and alliances. Discussions/Presentations in This Report Include: -Executive Summary -Products, Markets, and Competitive Structure -Market Estimates & Forecasts by Region -Competition, Strategies, Market Share -Market Trends, Drivers & Restraints -Company Profiles -Research Methodology -120 Market Data Tables; 120 Graphs Key Take Aways: -The total US market for laparoscopic devices is estimated to have been $2.58 Billion in 2008, growing to $4.53 Billion by the end of 2015 at a CAGR of 8.9 percent. -Segments with highest growth rate will be gastric banding, energy devices and hand-assist devices. -Leading providers of laparoscopic devices are Aesculap, Covidien (Autosuture, Valleylab), Cardinal Health, Ethicon and GyrusACMI/Olympus. -In the US, it is expected that the trend in use of reusable and reposable devices and accessories in place of disposables will continue in order to contain costs. Market Drivers:

-Safety-related technology innovations will drive the market for direct energy devices with multifunction capability. -Surgeons are increasingly finding new uses for laparoscopy and replacing traditional open surgical procedures and diagnostic procedures with laparoscopy. -Availability of hand-assist (or hand-access, HALs) devices that improve accuracy and precision of laparoscopic procedures, minimizing injury to peripheral organs and improving outcomes. -Increase in rates of obesity and laparoscopic weight loss procedures, in particular gastric banding, which is less expensive and has lower mortality rates than laparoscopic gastric bypass.


Laparoscopic Devices Worldwide Table of Contents SECTION 1 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1.2 KEY MARKET PARAMETERS (KEYMAP GRID) 1.3 LAPAROSCOPY ECOSYSTEM 1.4. SEGMENTATION 1.4.1. Market Segmentation 1.4.2. Alternative Segmentation 1.4.3. Manufacturer/Supplier Segmentation 1.5. MARKET ESTIMATES, ASSUMPTIONS AND DATA RELIABILITY 1.5.1 Revenue Forecasts 1.6. LAPAROSCOPY MARKET ­ LEADING COMPETITORS 1.6.1. Aesculap 1.6.2.Allergan 1.6.3.Boston Scientific 1.6.4.Cardinal Health 1.6.5.Covidien 1.6.6.Ethicon Endosurgery 1.6.7.Microline PENTAX 1.6.8.Olympus Medical 1.6.9.Smith & Nephew Endoscopy 1.6.10.Stryker 1.6.11. Competitive Factors 1.6.12. MARKETSTRAT SRCE Framework for Manufacturers 1.6.13. MARKETSTRAT Competitive Framework for Manufacturers 1.6.14. Laparoscopic Products Purchase Considerations 1.7. MARKET RANKINGS 1.7.1. Ranking of countries by Market Size ­ 2007 & 2015 1.7.2. Ranking of Countries/Regions by Growth Rate (2007-2015) 1.8.MARKET SHARE BY LAPAROSCOPY DEVICE (2007-2015) 1.9. LAPAROSCOPY ­ MARKET DRIVERS & RESTRAINTS 1.9.1. Drivers 1.9.2. Restraints 1.10. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS 1.10.1. Sales & Marketing Strategies 1.10.2. Supply Chain Strategies 1.10.3. Field Service Operations 1.11. LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES ­ TOTAL WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.12. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.13. DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.13.1. Direct Energy Probes ­ World Market Forecasts 1.13.2. Direct Energy Generators ­ World Market Forecasts 1.14. GASTRIC BANDING DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.15. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.16. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.17. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATION DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.18. INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.18.1 Laparoscopic Clip Appliers ­ World Market Forecasts 1.18.2. Endolinear Staplers ­ World Market Forecasts 1.18.3. Endostaplers ­ World Market Forecasts

1.18.4. Endosuturing Devices ­ World Market Forecasts 1.19. LAPAROSCOPES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.19.1. Rod Lens Laparoscopes - ­ World Market Forecasts 1.19.2. Video Laparoscopes ­ World Market Forecasts 1.20. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.21. REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS 1.22. SUCTION/IRRIGATION DEVICES ­ WORLD MARKET FORECASTS SECTION 2 ­ LAPAROSCOPY PRODUCTS & MARKETS 2.1. OVERVIEW OF LAPAROSCOPY PRODUCTS AND PROCEDURES 2.1.1. Procedure 2.1.2. Laparoscopy vs. Open Surgery 2.2. WORLDWIDE LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES MARKET 2.3. EPIDEMIOLOGY 2.3.1. Common Laparoscopic Procedures 2.4. APPLICATIONS OF LAPAROSCOPY 2.4.1. Laparoscopy in Gynecology 2.4.2. Gastrointestinal Laparoscopy 2.4.3. Weight Loss Surgery 2.4.4. Cancer 2.4.5. Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy 2.4.6. Laparoscopy in Urology 2.4.7. Pediatric Laparoscopy 2.5. TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2.5.1. Trans-cervical Systems 2.5.2. Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) 2.5.3. Endo GrabTM from Virtual Ports Ltd. 2.5.4. The Ternamian ENDOTIPTM from Karl Storz 2.5.5. The Rebound HRD device from Minnesota Medical Development, Inc. 2.5.6. Disposable Fixed-tip Electrode and Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM) from Encision Inc. 2.6. COSTS AND REIMBURSEMENT 2.7. BUSINESS AGREEMENTS, MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS 2.8. REGULATORY UPDATE 2.8.1. Bovie Medical Corp. Filing for ICON GP Generator 2.8.2. Covidien, 2008 2.8.3. Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Sep 2007 2.8.4. Aragon Surgical Inc., 2008 2.8.5. Innovata PLC and Baxter Healthcare Corporation, 2008 2.8.6. Minnesota Medical Development, Inc. (MMDI), 2008 2.9. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES MARKET 2.9.1. Market Definition 2.9.2. Suppliers 2.9.3. Lap Access Devices - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.10. LAPAROSCOPIC DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES MARKET 2.10.1. Market Definition 2.10.2. Electrosurgical Devices 2.10.3. Energy Sources 2.10.4. Ultrasonic Energy 2.10.5. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Device Suppliers 2.10.6. Purchase Considerations/ Preferred Features 2.10.7. Total Market for Direct Energy Devices - Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.10.8. Direct Energy Probes - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.10.9. Direct Energy Generators - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.11. LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BANDING MARKET 2.11.1. Market Definition 2.11.2. Obesity Statistical Overview 2.11.3. Suppliers 2.11.4. Gastric Banding Devices - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.12. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS MARKET 2.12.1. Market Definition 2.12.2. Reposable, Reusable and Disposable Instruments

2.12.3. Suppliers of Hand Instruments 2.12.4. Purchase Considerations for Hand Instruments 2.12.5. Hand Instruments - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.13. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST (HAL) DEVICES MARKET 2.13.1. Market Definition 2.13.2. Dexterity® Pneumo SleeveTM from Dexterity Surgical Inc. 2.13.3. Hand Port from Smith & Nephew 2.13.4. Gelport Hand Access Device from Applied Medical 2.13.5. OmniPort from ASC Ltd., marketed by Covidien 2.13.6. LapDisc from Ethicon/ Johnson & Johnson 2.13.7. Hand-Assist Devices - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.14. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATOR DEVICES MARKET 2.14.1. Market Definition 2.14.2. Suppliers 2.14.3. Insufflators - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region (2007 ­ 2015) 2.15. LAPAROSCOPIC INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES MARKET 2.15.1. Market Definition 2.15.2. Suppliers 2.15.3. Total Market for Internal Closure Devices - Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.15.4. Laparoscopic Clip Appliers - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.15.5. Laparoscopic Endolinear Staplers and Cutters - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.15.6. Laparoscopic Endostaplers and Cutters - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.15.7. Laparoscopic Endosuturing Devices - Market Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.16. LAPAROSCOPES MARKET 2.16.1. Market Definition 2.16.2. Suppliers of Laparoscopes 2.16.3. Purchase Considerations for Laparoscopes 2.16.4. Types of Specialty Laparoscopes 2.16.5. Total Market for Laparoscopes -- Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.16.6. Rod Lens Laparoscopes ­ Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.16.7. Video Lens Laparoscopes ­ Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.17. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES MARKET 2.17.1. Market Definition 2.17.2. Suppliers 2.17.3. Female Sterilization Devices ­ Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.18. REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES MARKET 2.18.1. Market Definition 2.18.2. Reprocessed Lap Devices - Estimates/Forecasts by Region 2.19. SUCTION-IRRIGATION DEVICES MARKET 2.19.1. Market Definition & Leading Providers 2.19.2. Suction/ Irrigation Devices - Estimates/Forecasts by Region SECTION 3 - UNITED STATES MARKET FORECASTS 3.1. TOTAL MARKET FOR LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 3.2. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES 3.3. LAPAROSCOPIC DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES 3.3.1. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Probes 3.3.2. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Generators 3.4. LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BAND DEVICES 3.5. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS 3.6. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST DEVICES 3.7. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATION DEVICES 3.8. LAPAROSCOPIC INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES 3.8.1. Laparoscopic Clip Appliers 3.8.2. Laparoscopic Endolinear Staplers and Cutters 3.8.3. Laparoscopic Endostaplers 3.8.4. Laparoscopic Endosuturing Devices 3.9. LAPAROSCOPES 3.9.1. Laparoscopic Rod Lens Laparoscopes 3.9.2. Laparoscopic Video Laparoscopes 3.10. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES 3.11. REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES

3.12. LAPAROSCOPIC SUCTION IRRIGATION DEVICES SECTION 4 ­ EUROPEAN MARKET FORECASTS 4.1. TOTAL MARKET FOR LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 4.2. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES 4.3. LAPAROSCOPIC DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES 4.3.1. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Probes 4.3.2. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Generators 4.4. LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BAND DEVICES 4.5. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS 4.6. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST DEVICES 4.7. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATION DEVICES 4.8. LAPAROSCOPIC INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES 4.8.1. Laparoscopic Clip Appliers 4.8.2. Laparoscopic Endolinear Staplers and Cutters 4.8.3. Laparoscopic Endostaplers 4.8.4. Laparoscopic Endosuturing Devices 4.9. LAPAROSCOPES 4.9.1. Laparoscopic Rod Lens Laparoscopes 4.9.2. Laparoscopic Video Laparoscopes 4.10. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES 4.11. LAPAROSCOPIC REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 4.12. LAPAROSCOPIC SUCTION IRRIGATION DEVICES SECTION 5 ­ JAPANESE MARKET FORECASTS 5.1. TOTAL MARKET FOR LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 5.2. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES 5.3. LAPAROSCOPIC DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES 5.3.1. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Probes 5.3.2. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Generators 5.4. LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BAND 5.5. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS 5.6. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST DEVICES 5.7. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATION DEVICES 5.8. LAPAROSCOPIC INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES 5.8.1. Laparoscopic Clip Appliers 5.8.2. Laparoscopic Endolinear Staplers and Cutters 5.8.3. Laparoscopic Endostaplers 5.8.4. Laparoscopic Endosuturing Devices 5.9. LAPAROSCOPES 5.9.1. Laparoscopic Rod Lens Laparoscopes 5.9.2. Laparoscopic Video Laparoscopes 5.10. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES 5.11. LAPAROSCOPIC REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 5.12. LAPAROSCOPIC SUCTION IRRIGATION DEVICES SECTION 6 ­ REST OF THE WORLD (ROW) MARKET FORECASTS 6.1. TOTAL MARKET FOR LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 6.2. LAPAROSCOPIC ACCESS DEVICES 6.3. LAPAROSCOPIC DIRECT ENERGY DEVICES 6.3.1. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Probes 6.3.2. Laparoscopic Direct Energy Generators 6.4. LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BAND 6.5. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND INSTRUMENTS 6.6. LAPAROSCOPIC HAND ASSIST DEVICES 6.7. LAPAROSCOPIC INSUFFLATION DEVICES 6.8. LAPAROSCOPIC INTERNAL CLOSURE DEVICES 6.8.1. Laparoscopic Clip Appliers 6.8.2. Laparoscopic Endolinear Staplers and Cutters 6.8.3. Laparoscopic Endostaplers 6.8.4. Laparoscopic Endosuturing Devices 6.9. LAPAROSCOPES 6.9.1. Laparoscopic Rod Lens Laparoscopes

6.9.2. Laparoscopic Video Laparoscopes 6.10. LAPAROSCOPIC FEMALE STERILIZATION DEVICES 6.11. LAPAROSCOPIC REPROCESSED LAPAROSCOPIC DEVICES 6.12. LAPAROSCOPIC SUCTION IRRIGATION DEVICES SECTION 7 Competitor Reviews A Henniss Ackermann Instrumente GmbH Advanced Endoscopy Devices Inc. Aesculap USA Almedic Allergan, Inc Anton Hipp GmbH Applied Medical BK Surgical Ultrasound Bovie Medical Corporation BuffaloFilter Bauer und Haeselbarth-Chirurg GmbH Biomed Importers Pvt Ltd. Boston Scientific Corp Blueendo Bryan Corp C. R. Bard, Inc. Cambridge Canada Endoscope Corp Cardinal Health Carl Zeiss Meditec Civco COMEG Endoskopie GmbH & Co KG Contec Medical Ltd Cooper Surgical Inc. CorTek Endoscopy Inc Cory Brothers Ltd Covidien/ Autosuture Dufner Instrumente GmbH EFER Eisenhut Instrumente GmbH Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co Ltd Elmed, Inc. Endoscopy Support Services Inc. Elektromedizin GmbH Ethicon Endosurgery Fiegert-Endotech Medizintechnik GmbH Fujinon Endoscopic Systems Geister Medizintechnik GmbH GENICON GIMMI GmbH Gyrus ACMI Inc. Hans Hermann GmbH Hayden Medical, Inc Henke-Sass Wolf GmbH Hi-TEC Medical GmbH Innovamed Intuitive Surgical KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG Kencap Ltd KS Instrumente Karl Schad Labotect Labor-Technik-Goettingen GmbH Lawton GmbH & Co KG Medizintechnik LEXION Medical, LLC Lumenis Ltd. MAHE International Inc Marina Medical Instruments Inc

Medical Innovations Medical Optics Medicon eG MediVision Inc Microline PENTAX Novare Olympus Medical Systems Group PAJUNK GmbH Palex Medical SA Patton Surgical Pilling Weck Canada LP Plasma Surgical Limited Precision Optics Corporation Prosurgics, Inc. Proxy Biomedical Limited Qiao-Wei Medical Instruments Co Ltd REMA Medizintechnik GmbH Richard Wolf GmbH Schoelly Fiberoptic GmbH Shanghai Medical Instruments Co Ltd. SIMULAB CORPORATION Smith & Nephew Endoscopy SOLOS Endoscopy, Inc. Starion Instruments SterilMed Southmedic Inc Stryker Corp Surgical Science SurgRX, Inc. TAUT Inc. Tekno-Medical Optik Chirurgie GmbH Trendlines Group Trokamed GmbH Valleylab Virtual Ports Ltd. WISAP GmbH Viking Systems Inc. W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. XION Medical GmbH SECTION 8 - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY


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