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Race & Ethnic Studies Institute

Jennifer Bratter

Rice University

Friday, March 28, 2:30pm 326 Academic Building

Does Multiracial Matter: A Case Study of Racial Health Disparities

Jenifer L. Bratter (PhD 2001, University of Texas at Austin) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rice University. Dr. Bratter research explores the implications of racial mixing (i.e. interracial family formation, multiracial identity) for current understanding of the salience of racial distinctions within three sociological domains: the family, health, and identity. In the realm of family, her work explores how interracial couples and multiracial adults navigate the color line in a post-civil rights America select spouses and partners, maintain relationships, parent their children. In the area of health, Dr. Bratter's has recently initiated a project examining how the realities of multiple-race reporting, and thus multiracial identity, complicate what is known about health disparities between racial groups. Finally, Dr. Bratter's research is exploring the meaning of blurred racial identity more broadly through drawing connections to blurred gender identity. A new project conducted with Dr. Kristen Shilt is identifying possible parallels between mixed race identities and transgender identities. Dr. Bratter has recently published works appearing in Social Forces, Family Relations, Population Research and Policy Review, as well as several upcoming book chapters.

Reception to follow at 6:00pm at the home of Dr. Joe and Clairece Feagin

Sponsored by: Race & Ethnic Studies Institute Department of Sociology



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