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Residence Fee Reminder

Reminder to make your first payment by July 27th, 2010 - this payment is approximately half of the total fees due. See your payment schedule on your application form; or on the Room and Dining Plan Terms and Agreement on the website: under LOGIN. If you haven't paid your fees your residency will be affected. To make your payment: FOR HUMBER STUDENTS: Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Customer Service and Registration Centre NORTH: North Campus D133 205 Humber College Blvd. Toronto, Ontario M9W 5L9 LAKESHORE: Lakehore Campus A118 3199 Lake Shore Blvd. West Toronto, Ontario M8V 1K8


There is an exciting year ahead of you in residence. We are thrilled that you have chosen to live on campus, and we have been eagerly working to make your experience one of a kind. Residence will be one of the most memorable and rewarding times of your life. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge yourself outside the classroom.

Please remember you must pay all your fees by the due dates indicated on the Room and Dining Agreement to continue your residency. You will not be able to move in until the above is completed.

Success lives here.

Important Notice for all Incoming Residents: Cancellation Procedures:

If you have decided not to move into Humber Residences, students must cancel their application online via our website at, go the Apply section and to the cancellation form. Phone calls and emails are not accepted. (Please refer to the "forms" tab and complete the Cancellation form.) Please note that all students who fail to cancel online after May 28th, 2010, will forfeit their $500 deposit, and will be held accountable for all accommodation and meal plan charges until the official cancellation is received. This handbook applies to both North and Lakeshore Residences. Please ensure you follow the procedures and polices for your building and campus.

Read This

This handbook contains all the information you need to know about living in residence. Read it carefully, share it with your parents/ guardians, so they can feel comfortable about where you will be living. You will find information on the residence facilities, the Residence Life Program, and Residence Code of Conduct. Everything you need to know, understand and much more.

FOR GUELPH HUMBER STUDENTS: Your payments must be processed through Web Advisor at:

Completing Your Registration For Move In:


Your Handbook Guide

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Who's who: Your Residence Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Residence Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Safety and Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Living here: What you Need to Know . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Residence Facilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Residence Damage Charges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Residence Code of Conduct . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Reznet Usage Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Services for Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Once you have been approved for Residence, you will receive a letter from the Residences providing information on how to log into the residence website: and complete your registration process. You will only be able to log on AFTER you have been accepted. You must complete the following on the website: You must sign the Room and Dining Agreement You must sign the Adherence Agreement You must complete your Room Preference Form. You must upload your photo onto SRS for Humber Students at and go to "Manage your Photo". For Guelph Humber Students - please wait until early July to get directions from us via email as to how to upload your photo for your Residence card.



Humber Lakeshore Campus

Parking Instructions for Move In Weekend:


(Annex Building) 3120 Lake Shore Blvd. W.

16th Street 15th Street 02/08

Note: Please park your vehicle in visitor parking and proceed to the Student Residence Bldg. R for check in and further instructions. Bring this handbook with you.

Enter here for Move in Registration.

Lake Shore Boulevard West Lake Shore Boulevard West

Kipling Ave.


Student Residence Bldg. R

After parking, please proceed to this building, enter along Lakeshore or through the round-a-bout.


(Robert A. Gordon Learning Centre) 21 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive


Assembly Hall Parking Only


23rd Street


C/7 BUILDING LEGEND - Campus East D/9

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive


E/11 F/15



Father John Redmond Secondary School

L/19 M 21


Residents park here and proceed to Residence Front Entrance for Registration and further instruction.



3199 Lake Shore Boulevard West


CAMPUS SECURITY DESK CAMPUS SECURITY DESK Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Building C ­ Offices for School of Social & Community Services Building D ­ School of Creative & Performing Arts Building E ­ Classrooms and Faculty Offices Building F ­ School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Math and Writing Centre Building H ­ The Business School, HSF, Food Services, Health Services Building J ­ English Language Centre, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences Building L ­ School of Creative & Performing Arts, Theatre Building M ­ Williams Coffee Pub, Security and Parking Buildings G, I and K remain unoccupied






Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE LOCATIONS EMERGENCY TELEPHONE Security To operate, push button. Campus LOCATIONS T will immediately know where youCampus Security o operate, push button. are. will immediately know by the Provide vital information. Staywhere you are. Provide for information. phone to wait vitalsecurity arrival.Stay by the

CAMPUS WALK CAMPUS WALK This program provides a safe walking partner This program provides safe walking partner for students, staff and visitors dayaor night. for students, staff and visitors day or night. This service can be requested at the This service or by phoning Campus Security Desk can be requested at the Campus ext. 8500. 416.675.8500 or Security Desk or by phoning

416.675.8500 or ext. 8500.

phone to wait for security arrival.


BUS STOP Public Transit Systems BUS STOP

PARKING INFORMATION KIOSK Staffed 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., KIOSK PARKING INFORMATION Monday to Friday a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Staffed 6:30 PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS

Public Transit Systems

Monday to Friday ENTRANCES

Public Transit Pick-up/Drop-off


Humber North Campus

Parking Instructions for Move In Weekend: Please park your vehicle in visitor parking and proceed to the Student ResidenceBldg. R for check in and further


instructions. Bring this handbook with you.



Please use the chart below to identify the parking lot that will be closest to your classroom. (Classrooms are identified by the building letter followed by the floor and room number. For example room D225 is located in building D, on the second floor.)

Entrance No.

HWY 27

Lot 1 ­ Buildings M K KX L LX E F FX, Student Residences, Guelph-Humber

LOT 13 LOT 14





Lot 2 ­ Building W, Student Residences, Guelph-Humber Lot 3 ­ Buildings N NX KX J H, Guelph-Humber Lot 4 ­ Buildings N NX, Guelph-Humber Lot 5 ­ Buildings N NX, Guelph-Humber

U e nd rC on str uc tio n

Clo se d



Lot 6 ­ Buildings N NX J H, Guelph-Humber Lot 3A, 7/8 ­ All Buildings Lot 9 ­ All Buildings Lot 10 ­ Parking Information Kiosk (No Parking)

CAMPUS SECURITY DESK Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


fo r Co ns tr

To Queen's Plate Parking

Lot 12 ­ Building A, Swimming Pool


uc tio n

Please use Entrance A for Resident move.



Lot 13 ­ Buildings A B C D E EX F FX G, Swimming Pool Lot 14 ­ Buildings A B C D G Lot 15 ­ Available 2008

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE LOCATIONS To operate push button. Campus security will immediately know where you are. Provide vital information. Stay by the phone to wait for security arrival. PARKING INFORMATION KIOSK Lot 10 Kiosk staffed 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, ext. 4416.


If you park on campus between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., please park in Pay Lot 6 (the charge is $7 per entry). On occasion, Lots 5, 6, and 7/8 may not be available for parking due to motorcycle classes. For further information, please see the attendant at the Parking Information Kiosk at Lot 10 or call 416.675.6622 ext. 4416 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. After 7 p.m., call 416.675.8500.


CAMPUS WALK This program is to provide a safe walking partner for students, staff and visitors day or night. This service can be requested at the Main Campus Entrance or by phoning ext. 4077. BUS STOP Public Transit Systems.


Centre for Urban Ecology

Move in Registration - R Building. Students proceed to park their vehicle in Lot 1. Enter R building entrance for futher instructions. BUS STOP Humber bus to Queen's Plate parking lot September to April, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Queen's Plate Parking


WHEEL TRANS Public Transit Pick-up/Drop-off. PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS




Move In Instructions



Move In Instructions


Please bring a flashlight with batteries Medicine, including general pain reliever Thermometer Face Mask (in case of flu outbreak) Surgical style gloves

The Big Day is HERE!

Move In Day 2010

Residence move is from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday, August 29, 2010. Your Move In Time is indicated in the letter sent with this handbook. Please read through this information package carefully to ensure you are prepared for your Humber experience. · ringthishandbookwithyou(you'llneed B it to refer to the move in day instructions and to complete your move in process) · ouwillfindyourexactmoveintimein Y the letter included with this mailout. Due to the volume of students moving in, it is important that you move in during your assigned time. If you have a concern with your time please contact our office. · nimportantnoteaboutextrafurnishings A ­ furnishings provided in your room/suite will not be removed to accommodate additional furnishings. You must not block entrance/exit doors or vents in your room/ suite. Furnishings must be self standing and in good condition so they can not easily tip. Additional furnishings become the responsibility of the resident and are used at their own risk. Furnishings must be free of odours and bugs, upholstered furnishing (i.e. futons) are not permitted. Your suitemate must approve furnishings placed in the common area. Unusual pieces must be approved by the Residence Manager or designate upon move in. Unacceptable pieces must be removed immediately. Additional furnishing must be removed at time of move out or you may be subject to disposal fees. · leaseleaveyourfamilypetsathomeon P Move In Day ­ we know you love them.... so do we, however, there is a lot of traffic on Move In Day and we will not allow your pets to enter the buildings.

Move In Instructions

1. BRING a cart to move your things in. There may be a substantial distance from your vehicle to your room. We do not have carts available. 2. Follow the signs to the residence - please park your vehicle in the parking lot adjacent to the residence buildings and then proceed to the residence. 3. Proceed to the Registration Desk in the banquet hall (R Building, North Campus.) Lakeshore residents please proceed to the main lobby of the Residence. (R Building, Lakeshore Campus.) 4. Once you have registered, you will know what room and building you have been assigned. Please return to your vehicle, follow directions of the volunteers to the unloading area for your building. 5. Once you have unloaded, return your vehicle to the parking lot. From the unloading area, you will be moving your belongings to your room. Volunteers will be available to help, but due to the large number of students moving in, it may be very limited. 6. Once on your floor, you will meet your RA, find out the time and location of your mandatory 1st floor meeting, unpack and complete your room condition card RIGHT AWAY (it is in your room) and return to the Front Desk. If you have any problems with your room--report it to the Front Desk or enter it on http://pervidi. This room condition report is for your file, to record previous damage existing in the room--NOT for attending to maintenance issues in your room. 7. Sign up for Primus Long Distance and Rogers Cable--booths in lobby. 8. Meet Humber Student Federation representatives--and enjoy music and a BBQ. (BBQ from 11:00am - 3:00pm only.) 9. Parents can meet the Residence Life Manager/ Residence Manager at 2pm at the North Campus in room T132, and at 4pm at the Lakeshore campus in the residence lounge, room 315.

10. Bookstore is open to buy your textbooks from 10:00am--2:00pm Sunday--you can purchase an ethernet cable if you forgot yours. 11. If you have any concerns Residence Management will be available all day.

Suggested Items to Bring

For Suites & Single Rooms Blankets Linens (double beds for suites) Pillows Clothes Microwavable dishes Clothes Hangers Shoe Racks Clock Radio Hair Dryer Toiletries Office/School Supplies Reference books Calculator Computer and extension cords Bulletin Board Portable, small sound system, no subwoofers or bass speakers

Batteries Painters tape for hanging posters Small vacuum or broom Laundry basket, soap and dryer sheets TV Decorative Items ID, Health Card, Driver's Licence Desk Lamp is provided in suites and S building single style rooms For Suites ONLY Microwaveable dishes Cutlery, can opener Coffee Pot (with auto shutoff) Cleaning supplies Toaster (Toaster ovens are not permitted) Kettle (with auto shut off) Broom and dustpan Cloths, Dish Cloths Sponges Bathmat Toilet Paper Paper Towels Dishpan Cleaning products Garbage bags Extra garbage can Throw rugs

What NOT to Bring

Microwave ovens Hammer and Nails, or hooks with sticky tape, to hang posters you must use painter's tape only. Pets of any kind Candles or incense Cooking appliances other than those stated in the What to Bring section Large volume Alcohol containers or beer bottles Weapons & other illegal devices such as fireworks, BB or paint ball guns, swords etc. or items that are replicas of those items. Fridges or Bar Fridges Large stereos






Who's who: Your Residence Team


2010-2011 Dates

Residence Move-in Day Welcome Week 2010 Classes begin The Alcohol Awareness Week Thanksgiving - College closed 23 Hour Quiet Hours begin Exam/Evaluation period Last Day of Classes - first semester Classes resume Frost Week Residence Life Staff Recruitment begins Residence Life Staff Recruitment begins Public Holiday (family day) - College closed Reading Week 23 Hour Quiet Hours begin Public Holiday (Good Friday) - College closed Exam/Evaluation Period Last Day of Classes August 29 August 30-September 3 September 7 October 4-8 October 11 November 29 December 13-17 December 17 January 10 January 10-14 January 10 January 31 February 21 February 15-21 April 18 April 22 April 25- 29 April 29

Director, Campus Services Terry Kyritsis Associate Director, Campus Services Ext. 77202 Oversees the management of both the North and Lakeshore Residences. Manager Lakeshore Residence, Ext. 73222 Oversees the daily operations of the Lakeshore Residences including front desk, security, housekeeping, maintenance and housing processes Student and Guest Services Co-ordinator North Residences, Ext. 77904 Lakeshore Residence, Ext. 73377 Oversees housing processes, including applications, room assignments, withdrawals and transfers. Front Desk Coordinator North Residences, Ext. 77322 Lakeshore Residence, Ext. 73535 Oversees all front desk processes Assistant Front Desk Coordinator North Residences, Ext. 77201 Lakeshore Residence, Ext. 73536

Housekeeping Coordinator North Residences, Ext. 77302 Lakeshore Residence, Ext. 73335 Responsible for all cleaning services and inventory of rooms. Housekeeping Staff Responsible for cleaning suite bathrooms and kitchens twice monthly. Maintenance Coordinator, North Residences Ext. 77320 Lakeshore Residence Ext. 73335 Oversees maintenance work orders, contract work and preventative maintenance. Food Services Staff Residence Dining Hall Manager North Residences, Ext. 77303 Food Services Director, Lake Cafe Ext. 3323



Residence Life


Residence Life


Residence Life Team

Manager, Student Life, Michael Kopinak, Ext. 4047

Oversees the management of student life on campus, including the Residence Life Program. Office is located at A100.

and ensure that everyone benefits from the Residence Life experience. All Residence Life Staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Academic Cluster Leader (ACL)

Academic Cluster Leaders are senior students enrolled in the same academic school. They are dedicated to providing a range of academically focused programs and activities, act as mentors and offer support to students living in their assigned academic cluster.

Senior Resident Assistants

Senior RA's have had a role within the Residence Life program for at least one year. They assist the RLC in areas such as programming, investigations of Residence Hall violations, on call and emergency situations, staff meetings and more. Senior RA's are assigned a focus area as well as a community of students where they act as the Resident Assistant. Each residence has 2 Senior RA's, one responsible for Community Standards and one responsible for Community Building. Senior Resident Assistants, Community Standards, have extra responsibilities in the areas of discipline, administrative duties and staff supervision. Senior Resident Assistants, Community Building, have extra responsibilities in the areas of group facilitation, programming, administrative duties and staff supervision.

Residence Life Manager, Shaun Carson, ext. 74600 and room R118

Responsible for the Residence Life Program, overseeing the Residence Life Coordinators and endeavours to create a positive balance between academic and social initiatives.

We're Here to Help!

Residence Life Coordinator, North Residences R & T Ext. 72044 North Residences S Ext. 77301 Lakeshore Residence Ext. 73035

RLC's are responsible for the Residence Life Program. The primary role is to uphold high standards of group living by providing educational and social programming, counselling, and discipline. The RLC is also responsible for hiring, training and supervising of the Resident Assistants (RA's).

Resident Assistant Designate (RAD)

A Resident Assistant Designate is chosen for their ability to contribute to a positive Residence environment, and to be a leader in the community. RAD's go through the same rigorous training as RA's and, in the instance that a Resident Assistant position becomes available, the RAD is able to fill that role.

Resident Assistants (RA's)

RA's are students that are trained in a variety of areas including, but not limited to: program development, counselling, crisis management, and dealing with disciplinary issues. They provide a supportive "mentor-like" role on their floors while working to increase school spirit through various programming events and activities. There are 31 RA's for the North Residence and 10 at the Lakeshore Residence. RA's are also on-call for emergencies, where they are required to respond to situations and uphold the Residence Code of Conduct (See page 30 of this handbook). The main purpose of an RA is to develop lasting relationships with their residents, give support

Academic Clusters

Academic Clusters are groups of students who participate within the same academic program. Clusters help ease the transition from high school to post secondary education. They are also ideal for students eager to create social and academic relationships. This year there will be three clusters: the Applied Technology, Environmental (green living), and Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism.



Residence Life


Residence Life


Residence Life is structured around six main objectives that have been established to ensure that high standards of community living and student achievement are consistently maintained in the Residence environment.

Global Citizenship

Residence Life strives to instil a sense of social responsibility and global awareness through educational programming outside of the classroom and community development projects that reach far beyond the residence. With opportunities to enrich their own lives by giving to the community, students learn about the world around them and how they, as students of today, can become the trailblazers of tomorrow.

attending these activities will win The Hawk Cup. The purpose of The Hawk Cup is to encourage school pride and create a sense of community at Humber.


A group of students who will meet to be a part of the decision making process of the Residence. These students will be presented with ideas and plans and be asked to give their input to ensure a student-centred approach is taken in improving your Residence experience.


Each Resident Assistant is responsible for running a number of programs throughout the year for their section. These activities, whether on or off-campus, must meet one of the six areas of the Humber Residence Life Programming Puzzle: Academics, Arts, Community, Citizenship, Wellness and Diversity.

Academic Success

As the primary goal of Residence Life, Student Services Staff and Faculty work closely with Residents, providing resources and training, wherever possible, to support academic goals.


Want to go away for reading week? How about going to a place you can make a real difference in people's lives. Each year, Humber sends residents around the world to rebuild, enrich lives, and help those in need. In 2010, Humber sent 9 residents to the Dominincan Republic where students worked and lived in an orphanage. We also sent 19 students to rebuild homes in Biloxi, Mississippi with Habitat for Humanity.

Community Development

Residence Life seeks to establish a cohesive team environment where common learning goals are shared and good citizenship is practiced thus creating a positive image of Residence Life to the greater community.

Get Engaged and Get Involved

Throughout the year, the Residence offers many leadership opportunities. Watch for postings about opportunities to join groups, organizations, and programs both in Residence and On-campus! Here is a peek at some of the ways you can get involved:


Take an lead role in shaping what welcome week will look like next year. The committee designs, invents and creates the activities for each day of welcome week.

Personal Growth

Residence promotes a positive community life, where personal growth and enrichment are supported. It is recognized that a healthy community can best be sustained in a positive environment.



Rez committee provides the opportunity to work, in partnership with the Residence Life Staff, to create a positive Residence environment and create programming activities and events for the entire residence building. Typical committee events may include athletic games, charity fundraising, and events that celebrate special times of our academic year. Rez committee is comprised of the following members: President, VP-Finance, VP-Programming, VP-Communication, VP-Citizenship and Floor Representatives.

Student Leadership and Empowerment

Residence Life recognizes the significance and impact of student leadership in the Residence community. Encouraging interest and involvement in Residence life allows our students to make the most of their opportunities and gain the most out of their college experience.

The Leadership Institute continues to inspire and craft leadership qualities in students. Presented through a series of workshops, the Institute is designed to help students at Humber find their fit within the Institution and gain the skills necessary for effective leadership in student positions and beyond. Students can discover such things as goal setting, public speaking, and leadership styles as well as leadership opportunities on campus. The Leadership Institute is designed as a certificate program and will be held as a weekend workshop during the year.

How do I Get Involved?

It is important to get involved, as it will allow you to make friends, build relationships, gain valuable work experience, further develop your leadership skills, and enhance your resume. To apply for a position on one of the committees or groups above, please see your RA or phone your Residence Life Coordinator, at Ext. 77301 or 72044, North Residence or Ext. 73035, Lakeshore Residence.


Residence Life promotes and celebrates diversity by creating an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect. Humber Residence is a community of people from diverse racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, physical abilities and sexual orientations. All activities, programs, and interactions are enriched by our acceptance of one another, and the knowledge we gain from these shared experiences. 12


The Food and Rez Forum is an advisory committee that meets regularly to discuss food and residence service issues. One responsibility of this committee is to take suggestions from the Residence population on how to improve food, food service and residence facilities and services quality. These concerns are then presented to the appropriate panel for discussion. Food Forum members also participate in special events provided by Food Services. 13


The Hawk Cup is a series of building & campus-wide programs that challenge the students of each residence, and their respective floors, to "out spirit" one another. Residents who participate in these events will help to garner points for their floors. At the end of the year, the floor with the most active participation in both organizing and

Safety and Security


Safety and Security


Humber Residences provides safe and secure accommodation but we always encourage residents to be alert and aware of their environment at all times. Both North and Lakeshore Residences have 24 hour front desk services and security staff are on duty each night. The Resident Assistants provide a presence on every floor and the Residence Life Coordinators are live-in professional staff who can deal with any emergency situation. Security cameras are located on all floors and all exits on the main floor.

using Humber Pay Phones and Cell Phones 416-675-8500.

Public Safety/Security

North Campus Lakeshore Campus

In any emergency situation call: Ext. 4000 Ext. 4000

Residence Front Desk Line

R desk T desk Ext. 77201 Ext. 77500


The walkway from Campus to the Residence is lit in the evenings. However, we recommend that you walk with a partner or utilize the Campus Walk Program when walking on Campus at night. Campus Walk can be accessed at the Humber Main Entrance, the Registration Information Desk, or the Front Desk of the Residence or you may dial 8500 from your room. There is free access to the Campus Walk by dialling 416-675-8500 from any payphone on campus. The program runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you know you will require this service ahead of time, schedule an appointment by calling Campus Walk at 416-675-8500.


Upon hearing the fire alarm, all students must immediately vacate the building. If you discover a fire: sound the alarm. If you hear the alarm: evacuate the building. Please keep this important information in mind if you are involved in a fire evacuation: 1) You must be aware of the appropriate evacuation procedures. Familiarize yourself with the location of all fire alarm pull stations, stairwells, and exits. There will be a test evacuation once per semester. 2) Remember to bring your Rez Card. 3) Do not use elevators. 4) In an orderly manner, make your way to the closest exit or stairwell and proceed to your floor's designated meeting area outside as quickly as possible. If a particular exit is blocked, or you see fire or smoke, use an alternate exit/meeting place. Each floor will have a designated spot and the RA's will have have signs so the students are aware of where they should meet. North Residence ­ Residents are to meet in Parking Lot 1 Lakeshore Residence ­ Residents are to meet on the East side of the residence

towards Kipling Ave away from Lakeshore Blvd. 5) All recreational rooms must be vacated immediately upon hearing the alarm. Evacuate the building in an orderly manner without returning to your room. 6) Walk quickly. Do not run. 7) A Resident Assistant, or designate, will knock on all Residence doors to ensure that everyone is leaving the building. 8) Remain outside and away from the building until the Fire Department, Campus Security, or Residence Staff indicate that it is safe to re-enter the building. 9) Mobility impaired students who are unable to exit the building are to stay in their room/suite and/or, if necessary, ask passers-by for evacuation assistance. Call the Front Desk to notify them of your location. They will notify Security and the Fire Department of your location should a full evacuation be necessary. Residents should place a towel at the base of the door to prevent smoke from entering the room and wave a bed sheet out of the window to indicate to the Fire Department that someone is in the room requiring assistance.

kettle (with automatic shutoff) and coffee maker (with automatic shutoff) may only be used in a suite style kitchenette. All appliances must be CSA Approved and in good working order. Please Note: Smoking and the use of candles/incense is strictly prohibited in the building. Please refer to the Code of Conduct page, 36-37.


In the event of a medical emergency call 9-911 and the Residence Emergency Line at Ext. 77000 North or Ext. 73000 Lakeshore. They will contact the appropriate medical help and dispatch Security. All Residence Life Staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Fire regulations restrict the use of appliances within Residence:

Single Style Rooms (North Residence R & S Building): Appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, rice cookers, toaster ovens, grills and space heaters etc. are not permitted for use in dorm rooms. A microwave (provided), toaster, kettle (with automatic shutoff) and coffee maker (with automatic shutoff) may only be used in a lounge on a dorm style floor. Suite Style Rooms (North Residence T Building & Lakeshore Residence): Appliances such as a rice cookers, toaster ovens, grills and space heaters etc. are not permitted for use in suite style rooms or lounges. A microwave (provided), toaster,


Emergency phones have been installed on campus to provide immediate access to Campus Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use the phone, push the red or black button and Security will answer and automatically know your location. They will ask you to provide vital information. Remain at the phone location to wait for their arrival. Also, it's a free call to security by 14


Safety and Security


Safety and Security



The safety of our Residents is our number one priority. The guidelines and tips in this handbook will help ensure everyone's safety. Compromising security measures in the Residence is not acceptable and will be dealt with according to the Residence Code of Conduct. 1) Residence rooms should be locked at all times. 2) Do not lend out key cards or leave them lying around. If you lose your key card, you should notify the Front Desk immediately. There is a $25 replacement fee for a lost card. There will be a $50 fee for subsequent lost cards. Lending out your keys will result in a $50 fine. 3) Do not leave valuables in a visible location. Identify all personal belongings. The Humber insurance policy does not cover personal possessions or contents. We suggest that you purchase content insurance or check if your parent's home insurance policy includes coverage of your possessions while living in Residence. 4) You should not open doors or sign guests into the Residence unless you personally know the individual. 5) Report any suspicious person(s) or behaviour to the: Residence Emergency Line: North Residence Ext. 77000 Lakeshore Residence Ext. 73000 Public Safety/Security: North Campus Ext. 4000 Lakeshore Campus Ext. 4000 or a Resident Assistant immediately.

6) You should not store large amounts of cash in your wallet or room. 7) Always use the Campus Walk Program when walking on campus at night. Note at North Campus: We recommend that you take the sidewalk along Highway 27 to the Woodbine Centre at all times rather than using the shortcut through the Arboretum. 8) Helpful Hints about voice mail: Do not leave messages on voice mail indicating that no one is home. 9) Report all damaged locks, lights, and other safety hazards to the the work order line, Pervidi. You can access this through any computer at http://pervidi/ This is our on line work order system where you enter maintenance concerns for your building and suite/room. Emergency situations may be reported to the Residence Front Desk for immediate attention at extension 77201 North Residence, 73001 Lakeshore Residence. 10) Post emergency numbers where they can easily be found.

Fire/Smoke Detection: The alarm/voice pattern is four seconds of alarm beeps followed by the verbal message: "Fire, Feu". 1. If the detector announces "Fire, Feu" and fire is present leave your room immediately. 2. If fire is present, alert others by pulling the alarm at the fire pull station (located near the stairs) and evacuate the building. 3. Inform the Residence Font Desk (Ext. 77201 R & S Building, Ext. 77500 T Building, Ext. 73001 Lakeshore) This detector is extremely sensitive and can be set off easily. Notify the Front Desk and open a window to allow any smoke to dissipate. The alarm/voice pattern will stop once the smoke has dissipated. Carbon Monoxide Detection: The alarm/ voice pattern is four short alarm beeps followed by the verbal warning "Carbon Monoxide, Monoxyde de Carbone" this pattern continues until the carbon monoxide is eliminated. 1. If the detector announces "Carbon Monoxide, Monoxyde de Carbone" leave your room immediately. 2. Inform the Residence Front Desk (Ext. 77201 R & S Building, Ext. 77500 T Building, Ext. 73001 Lakeshore) immediately that a carbon monoxide detector alarm has sounded.

The detector also announces, "Caution, Attention" when the unit has detected carbon monoxide concentrations of 100 ppm or higher. 1. If the detector announces "Caution, Attention" leave your room immediately. 2. Inform the Residence Front Desk (Ext. 77201 R & S Building, Ext. 77500 T Building, Ext. 73001 Lakeshore) that a "Caution" alarm has sounded. Low Battery - when battery is low and needs replacing, the LED light will flash and the unit will "chirp" one time followed by the warning message "Low Battery, Pile Faible". This occurs once every minute. Please report this to the Front Desk (Ext. 77201 R & S Building, Ext. 77500 T Building, Ext. 73001 Lakeshore)

Fire Safety Sprinklers

Do not disturb or hang things from the fire safety sprinkler heads in your suite style room, hallways, lounges, studies etc. If they are accidentally activated, the resulting damage will be extensive and expensive for you. You will have over five feet of water in your room in less than 20 minutes.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Fire, Police, Ambulance Public Safety North Residence Lakeshore Residence

9-911 Ext. 4000 Ext. 77000 Ext. 73000

Fire & Life Safety Equipment in your room

Each single room and suite common area has a combination smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector on the ceiling. When the detector reacts to a change in the environment it will beep and then you will hear a voice message, first in English then in French. These detectors are extremely sensitive. Removing/covering a smoke detector is strictly prohibited and may lead to disciplinary sanction, which includes eviction.



Living Here: What You Need to Know


Living Here: What You Need to Know


Building Hours

The front door of the North Residence will be locked from 8:00pm until 6:00am. The main front door of the Lakeshore Residence is locked at 11:00 pm and open at 6:00 am. A Rez Card is required to access Residence at these times. North R Residence: A telephone is located in the foyer area between the two sets of doors. You or your guests may use the telephone to call Residence extensions or to contact the Front Desk Attendant for admittance to the building. As a matter of safety, we ask that you do not let anyone in through the front doors who you do not personally know. Lakeshore Residence: A telephone is located in the foyer between the two sets of doors ­ it has a direct dial to an attendant for admittance to the building. Guests may use the courtesy phone at the desk to call a residence extension.

Front Desk

North Residence R & S Building Ext. 77201, T Building Ext. 77500 or Emergency Line Ext. 77000 Lakeshore Residence Ext. 73001 or Emergency Line Ext. 73000

The Residence Front Desk is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Front Desk employees are trained to answer questions, sign in guests, and deal with any issues that may arise. Residence Life and Security Staff also complete security rounds each evening from 9:00pm until 5:00am to assist with building security.

Front Desk Services:

1. Locked out? You may use a temporary key card but failure to return the key the SAME day will result in a $5.00 fine being applied to your account. A new room key will not be made until your temporary key has been returned. A 18

$10 fine will be issued for every third lock out/use of a temporary key card. 2. Carts are available for sign-out. 3. Cleaning Supplies Vaccuum sign out (general cleanser, rags, window cleaner) 4. Parking passes 5. Signing up for RA events/activities 6. If a light bulb burns out, a new one may be picked up from the Front Desk. Any maintenance issues can be entered on line on 7. Faxes at North Residence may be sent or received at 416-675-3437. Faxes at the Lakeshore Residence may be sent or received at 416-252-0950. The cost is $1.00 per page plus tax. 8. All guests must be signed-in and remain with their Resident at any time of the day. (Please refer to Guest Policy). 9. Please report any safety or security issues to the Front Desk. They will dispatch either a Resident Assistant, security or Campus security. 10. Mail: · Mailispickedupanddeliveredto Resident's mailboxes Monday through Friday. If you lose your mailbox key it is $25.00 to replace. · Outgoingmailcanbeleftatthe Residence Front Desk. · Ifyoureceiveapackageorregistered mail you will be notified by telephone. · Mailcannotbegivenoutoverthedesk. · ail will not be forwarded once M you have vacated your room. It is advised that you use the Post Office change of address card to have your mail forwarded at the end of the term. North Residence: Mailboxes for R & S buildings are located in the main R building lobby. The box numbers correspond with room numbers and each Resident is given a mailbox key. T building mailboxes are located in the main T building lobby. Each suite shares one mailbox; a mailbox key will be issued to each Resident in the suite.

Lakeshore Residence: Mailboxes are located near the main elevators. Each suite shares one mailbox; a mailbox key will be issued to each Resident in the suite.


Single Style Residence - Every floor has at least one lounge equipped with cable TV, microwave, sink and lounge furniture. Suite Style Residence - Every floor has a lounge that is equipped with cable TV and lounge furniture. All lounges are locked to keep items secure. Your Rez Card opens the lounge on your floor. Please do your part and close the door after each use. Lounges are for all residents, please ensure you tidy up after yourself and do not remove the lounge furniture from its assigned area!

immediately after use. Please recycle and put your garbage in appropriate bins. Keeping excess empty bottles or cans, creating monuments to alcohol, and infrequent garbage removal create unwanted odours and attract bugs and pests to the entire floor. So please pitch in and do your part! The cleaner your room, the better you will feel about your environment and your stay here in residence. We have a regular cleaner who enters the suites twice a month only to clean the common kitchen floors and counters and the common washroom floors and sinks. You must prepare your suite in advance by removing all your personal items or they will not clean and you may be charged for a return visit. We will post notices in advance as to when they will be coming to clean. We expect that you will want to make some changes to your room so that you will feel more comfortable. When decorating your room, remember that you are responsible for any damages. Do not make any permanent changes to the room, such as painting, putting nails in the walls, or using duct tape to put up posters. Residents are not permitted to post or paint anything on exterior windows or doors. Residents are provided with bulletin boards outside their rooms to post materials. As stated in the Code of Conduct, no postings shall be permitted on hallway and common area walls in residence. Please keep in mind that your personal bulletin board postings must be appropriate for community living standards and the comfort level of all residents. Helpful Hints: Please use painters tape ONLY to hang your posters and photographs. REMOVE gently and you will not damage the paint in your room. You will be charged for paint chips/ tears.

Study Rooms

Suite Style Residence ­ Every floor has at least one Study Room with a work table and chairs. This room is to be used for quiet academic studying or group work. For the enjoyment of all please leave furniture in the Study. There are many study spaces available in residence. Please ask the front desk for locations and to sign rooms out.

Your Room

Keep your room and community clean, and you will keep your well-being! All residents are ultimately responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms. Residents are encouraged to clean once a week including bathrooms and kitchenette areas. If you are living in a shared suite we encourage you to work out a cleaning schedule with your suitemate. Sinks should always be kept clean. Any dirty dishes should be cleaned


Living Here: What You Need to Know


Living Here: What You Need to Know


Room Furnishings

Single Style Rooms: Each room is equipped with a desk, chair, cable jack, Internet access jack, telephone (local area service and voice mail included), mini fridge, bed and mattress, mattress cover, medicine cabinet, closet, wardrobe or dresser, drawers, shelving, electrical outlets, heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors and regular garbage and recycling bins. Suite Style Rooms: Each Suite Style Bedroom is equipped with a desk and chair, garbage can, cable jack, Internet access jack, telephone (local area service and voice mail included), lamp, double sized bed with drawers underneath, closet, electrical outlets, fire sprinklers, ceiling light, self locking door. Each Suite Style room is equipped with a common area that includes a kitchen table and two chairs, fridge, microwave, kitchen sink, cupboards, electrical outlets, fire sprinklers, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, toilet, shower and shower curtain, bathroom sink and mirror. Residents are required to provide their own cleaning materials such as a broom, dustpan, toilet cleanser, non-abrasive all purpose cleansers, j-cloths, small vacuum and toilet paper, and to keep the bathroom and kitchenette clean. Up to two times a month, cleaning staff will clean the shower, toilet and kitchen sink. Room Repairs: To report any maintenance or safety concerns in either Single Style or Suite Style rooms enter onto our Pervidi maintenance line at or contact the front desk for assistance. Someone will rectify the problem ASAP. PLEASE NOTE: If you are aware of any water leaks or damage, please report to the front desk immediately. Completing a work order gives permission for staff to enter your room to fix the reported concerns.

Room Condition Report

When you first move in, you will be given a checklist of things you should look at to ensure your room is in good order. If you notice any problems it is the responsibility of the resident to report it to the Pervidi work order line. Please ensure that you complete a work order for any issues, simply noting them on your Room Condition Report does not mean it will be repaired. Failure to enter your maintenance issues will result in charges to your acccount for any damages, cleaning issues or missing items upon move out.

Cable Tv

To activate the cable TV connection in your room, call Roger's Cable at (416) 448-7354. You can select the specific cable package you would like including the movie channels. In early September, Rogers may offer students a special discounted hook-up fee. Residents must return the cable box to Rogers. Residence is not responsible for lost or stolen boxes. For more information, look for signs or ask your RA.

Internet Access

Every room has Internet access via the Residence Network at no extra charge. Students must follow the HC Acceptable Use computer policy. This policy can be found at the back of the Residence Handbook or online at If you require technical assistance or experience problems with your network connection, contact Customer Care (Computer Help Desk) at extension 4786 for service (North & Lakeshore Residence). Just plug in your ethernet cable and follow the directions. Do not allow another student to hook into your ethernet port as this will disable your port. Once you are set up, this port belongs to you.

Walls and Floors

Students should keep in mind that while decorating their rooms, walls and floors should be maintained in the same manner as they were found. This includes posters and other hangings, which should be hung up using green painter's tape (available at most hardware stores) that may be taken off without damaging or peeling the finish on walls.


Every room includes a fridge. You may not bring your own fridge! You are responsible for keeping the fridge in good condition.



Living Here: What You Need to Know


Living Here: What You Need to Know


Heat/Air Conditioning

Each room is equipped with a dual heating/ air-conditioning unit. The units will be set for air conditioning during the summer months and switched to heating for the winter months. Each unit has separate controls for temperature and fan speed. Air filters in the heating/air-conditioning units are scheduled to be replaced in December and May, or more frequently depending on what is required. (You will be notified of the exact date and time.) We ask you to leave approximately two feet of space in front of the unit in order for the maintenance staff to replace the filter. Maintenance staff is not permitted to move your personal property in order to replace the filters. If there is not adequate room, the Contractor will have to return at another time and you may be charged a service fee. When leaving in December for the holidays please ensure that your windows are closed and that the heat is on low. This will help prevent broken pipes and water damage from occurring in your room.


You are responsible for safe and orderly storage of all your belongings. An indoor bicycle room is available to residents on a first come first serve basis. Residents may gain access from the front desk. Storage facilities for items other than bicycles are not available. A RA will be able to tell you whether or not an unusual item will be allowed in Residence. Do not keep any items in the hallway.

Residence Telephone Service

Local area phone service and voice mail are included in your Residence fees. To make long distance calls, you must sign up with PRIMUS, our Long Distance Provider, or use a long distance calling card. PRIMUS will assign a PAC number that will enable you to make long distance calls from any touch-tone phone (other than pay phones) within Residence and have the charges billed directly to your account. You will be invoiced monthly. To learn more about the PAC card and how to access voice mail, please refer to the Handbook provided by PRIMUS. Voicemail Please set up voicemail upon arrival as this is the primary method of contact should Residence Staff need to reach you. It is also how we advise students of any Critical Incidents. To access voicemail outside of Residence call, North: Ext. 75000 Lakeshore: Ext. 73300

Quiet Hours

Humber Residence's philosophy on noise is simply stated: One person's right to quiet supersedes another's right to make noise. Residents must respect the rights of other residents and maintain a reasonable level of noise. In Residence, noise will always be present including but not limited to: noise from walking down hallways, elevator noise, closing room doors, etc. As a general guide, noise should not be heard from ones room or suite during Quiet Hours. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Excessive or harassing noise is strictly prohibited. Residents are encouraged to approach each other if they have a concern about the volume of noise in their area. Residents may report a noise complaint by calling the Front Desk. Common Floor Quiet Hours Sunday thru Thursday 10:00pm to 9am Friday and Saturday 12am to 9am Study Floor Quiet Hours Sunday thru Thursday 9:00pm to 9am Friday and Saturday 11pm to 9am

Maintenance Requests

If an item in your room requires repair, enter it into the Pervidi work order system or contact the front desk. Notes Regarding Room Access by Maintenance Personnel Note 1: Making a maintenance request gives implied consent that Residence Staff and external maintenance contractors have permission to enter your room for the purpose of conducting associated assessments, repairs, or cleaning. If you do not want someone to enter your room when you are not there, you should indicate this. Note 2: On occasion, Residence Staff may require access to a room to conduct routine maintenance. You will receive at least 24 hours' notice unless it is an emergency situation. (Access cannot be denied in an emergency) Note 3: Residence Staff may be required to temporarily relocate a Resident if his/her room requires maintenance.

Transferred Calls

Humber will automatically transfer calls from the switchboard to a room extension but please give out your extension number to your friends and family to ensure that they won't be delayed in reaching you. Front Desk Staff will not give a room extension to anyone but the Resident, including friends and family.

Outside Callers Direct Line to Residence 416-675-3112 plus (your Ext. Number) North Residence: 203 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, ON M9W 6V3 Lakeshore Residence: 3199 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto ON M8V 1K8



Living Here: What You Need to Know


Living Here: What You Need to Know


Room Transfers

We understand that there are times that students may be unhappy in their current room assignment, and we always do our best to ensure that residents enjoy (or are happy with) their living arrangements. However, with very few (if any) vacancies, we are unable to accommodate everyone's requests. It is important that Residents realize there will be no room changes before Thanksgiving, October 11, 2010 (except in extraordinary situations) and for January intake, room changes will not be allowed before the end of January. In the rare cases where students need to change rooms this must be done in consultation and coordination with the Residence Life Coordinators. Approved transfers may be subject to at $100 room transfer fee. Below are guidelines for room transfer requests. Single Style: Residents in a dorm style room who are requesting a move are to write a letter to the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) stating why they are requesting a room transfer. The RLC will review and investigate your request. If the request is due to a conflict with a floor mate, a mediation session may occur between the parties before a room transfer is considered further. Residents may not request subsequent room transfers if one is granted. Suite Style: Most transfer requests in the suite style Residence will occur because of conflicts with suite mates. Residents should start with the informal stage to help solve the differences with your suite mate. Once you have completed the informal stage, then you can move onto the formal stage, however most conflicts are resolved at the informal stage.

Informal Stage

1. Discuss issues with your suite mate and try to work out your differences. 2. Meet with the RA on your floor. The RA may provide tips on how to overcome the conflict and may meet with you and your suite mate. 3. If necessary the RA may conduct a mediation session with you and your suite mate.

Move Out Process

Remember that withdrawing from residence early does not necessarily mean you will receive a refund. Residents are held responsible for the residence fees until the room can be rented out again, to a maximum of 1 month's charges, plus the loss of the $500 deposit. If you have decided to leave residence before the end of your agreement period, you must withdraw ON LINE, log-in and go to FORMS for the Withdrawal Form. This must be submitted at least one month prior to your departure. On your move out day you must hand in your Residence ID and mailbox key to the Front Desk. Your room will be inspected for damages. After your room inspection and withdrawal paperwork are completed, any refund (ie, dining plan) will be processed. Should you be eligible for a refund, it will be refunded the way you paid for it (i.e. credit card payments will be refunded to the credit card used). Please refer to your copy of the Residence Dining Plan Agreement for more details about refund eligibility. Notify Rogers (and return their equipmentwe do not do this for you), Humber or Guelph-Humber, Primus, your friends, family, subscriptions, of your new or home address as the Residence does not forward or hold mail at the front desk for you. Call Primus customer service and provide new forwarding address. Cancel newspapers and magazine subscriptions. Helpful Hints: · ubmitaWithdrawalFormonlineas S soon as you know the date you are planning on moving out. · oavoidextraroomcharges:makesureyour T fridge is clean, move furniture back to its original position, remove all of your personal belongings and dispose of any garbage. · eturnyourRezIDCardandmailbox R keys. There will be a $25 fee (or charge)

for each item not returned. · akesureyouhavedisposedofall M garbage in your room (and common area).

Meal Plan Refunds

Requests for cancellations and refunds are initiated when you fill out your Residence Withdrawal Form and hand it in to the Residence Administration Office (located at both the North and Lakeshore Campuses). Prior to the end of the winter semester, only amounts above the prorated basic minimum dining plan commitment of $62.90 per week is refundable, less a $50.00 administration fee. At the end of the Academic year, $1950 of any dining plan commitment is non refundable. Please refer to the details regarding refunds in your room and dining agreement. If you qualify for a dining plan refund, a cheque will be mailed to you from `Chartwells' at the address indicated on your Residence Withdrawal Form. Refunds take 3-6 weeks after receiving your Withdrawal Form. Note: The Retail Sales Tax Act states that all dining plans must be prepaid and that they are nonrefundable and non-transferable in order to qualify for the tax-exempt status.

Formal Stage

4. Meet with the Residence Life Coordinator. 5. The Residence Life Coordinator will investigate your request. 6. The Residence Life Coordinator may conduct a mediation session with the parties involved to assist in the situation. 7. A transfer may be granted if the conflict is not able to be resolved and only if space in the Residence permits.



Living Here: What You Need to Know


Residence Facilities


Reapplying to Residence

The process to reapply to Residence for next year starts in the middle of February. Watch for signs around Residence informing you about the process and when applications are due. Space for returning Residents is capped for both Lakeshore and North Campuses. All Residents should be fully aware of the fact that readmission to Humber's Residence in subsequent semesters or following academic years will be contingent upon the following: maintaining a passing average, being in good standing with the Residence Code of Conduct and having made a positive contribution to the Residence Community. The more you have given back to the community, the better your chances! Your application will be scored on these factors. Your RA will also provide information on your contributions to Residence Life.

5) You are responsible for your "Rez Card". Under no circumstances should you lend or give your key card out to guests or other students. Anyone found to have done so faces possible disciplinary action. Lost/Damaged Cards 1) Report a lost card immediately to Front Desk at extension 77201 R & S Building, extension 77500 T Building, or extension 73001 Lakeshore. (You will be held responsible for all charges on cards until your card is cancelled.) 2) If you lose or if your card is damaged, a replacement card will be issued through the Residence Administration Office. For the first replacement card, a $25.00 replacement fee will apply, afterwards, for subsequent replacement cards you will be charged $50.

Laundry Rooms

Each building has laundry facilities with washers and dryers. Each load for either a wash or a dry is $1.65. Residents purchase a laundry card ($5.00) at the Coinamatic card machine and can add money to their cards using cash, debit cards, Visa or Master Card, at the Coinamatic Reload Centre, located in the R Building Elevator Lobby at the North Residence and by the Residence Front Desk at the Lakeshore Residence.

North Residence:

S Building Garbage rooms are located beside each RA room in S_20 and S_56 R Building Garbage centres are located directly across from the elevators T Building Garbage rooms are located behind the elevator in T_24 Garbage rooms are located at the southeast corner of the building in R_01

Lakeshore Residence:

North Residence:

S Building Laundry room is located in the basement on level SB R Building Laundry rooms are located on each floor in R_30 T Building Laundry room is located in T226


We have a number of initiatives to promote a sustainable environment in the residences including: 1) Water saving low flow flush toilets 2) Energy efficient shower heads (please do not replace yours in the suites) 3) Recycle bins in each room - please separate your garbage - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE - bins are properly marked for recyclables and regular garbage 4) Recycle bins in each lounge 5) Energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs - do NOT replace your bulbs - go to the front desk to get proper replacements 6) We use green cleaning products. 7) We use 100% post consumer recycled toilet paper where possible, if you are in a T building suite - please purchase the same 8) Cafeteria - reusuable plates, forks, knives etc - please use these and if you take your meals into your suite, put the dirty plates and cutlery in the designated areas on your floor.

Lakeshore Residence:

Care for your Rez Card

It is important to care for your Rez Card to avoid unnecessary replacement cards. It is recommended that you do not keep the card in your pocket or punch a hole in the card.

Located on R2 directly across from the elevators. If money is lost from machines please call Coinamatic at 1-800-561-1972

Residence "Rez" Card

As a student living in Residence, you will receive a Rez Card which acts as a form of student identification, your room access card and your dining plan card. There are specific conditions and guidelines regarding this card. 1) The Rez Card is used for security purposes. It must be presented to the Front Desk Attendant every time you enter the building. 2) You must show your Rez Card any time a Security Officer, RA or any other Humber employee asks. 3) Between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (North), and 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Lakeshore) you must swipe your Rez card to enter the front doors. 4) You must not alter the card or in any way use the card to give any misrepresentation.

Garbage & Recycling Centres

It is important for everyone to do their part and leave their garbage in the appropriate areas. Creating monuments to alcohol, and infrequent garbage removal create unwanted odours and attract bugs and pests to the entire floor. Single style Residents have garbage rooms and centres that are emptied daily by our Student Housekeeping Staff. Suite style Residents are to dispose of garbage in the garbage chutes. Please ensure that you put garbage inside the appropriate bins/chutes. Cardboard boxes are to be broken down prior to going into a chute.

Help us and the Environment out:

· turnoffyourlights,computersandsound systems, when you're not in your room or lounges · beconsciousofrecycling · usethecoldwatersettingwhenwashing your clothes · takeshortshowers · don'tkeeptheheatonandopenthe windows · opttousethedishwareratherthan disposable dishes 27


Residence Facilities


Residence Facilities



Single Style: The washrooms will be designated as co-ed, female, or male, depending on the floor designation. Washrooms are cleaned daily by Hurley Staff. Please see posted cleaning frequency list to become familiar with the extent of cleaning that occurs. Suite Style: Each suite has a shared washroom. It is the responsibility of the Residents to keep it clean and provide toilet paper. Staff will clean each suite washroom up to twice a month to ensure that the facility is properly maintained. When using any of the common areas, lounges or washrooms, please remember that you share the space with many other students. Please clean up after yourself and leave the space ready for the next person. Who knows, the next person might be you!

Community Kitchens

Community kitchens are available for use, and the access keys can be signed out at the Front Desk of both Residences. It is the responsibility of the Resident who signs out the kitchen to follow posted instructions and ensure that it is clean and tidy before they leave to avoid cleaning/damage fines.

Residence Fitness Room

The North Residence has a fitness room located in room T116. This room provides the Residents with access to fitness equipment right in their own home. Please be respectful of the equipment and follow posted guidelines of use. The Fitness Room is open 24 hours. Lakeshore Residents can access Humber's athletic facility located just to the right of the Residence Front Desk.

Dining Plan Cards can be used at the following outlets on campus: Residence Dining Hall, Residence C-Store, The Food Emporium, LinX student bar - food only, Trattoria, Harveys, Java Jazz, Ackee Tree, Humber Room, Tout Sweet, Williams Coffee Pub, Lake Café, the H Building Eatery which has a Pizza Pizza, Coyote Jacks and Extreme Pita and the Coffee Cart in Building F. All information on hours and locations of our food outlets can be found at http://www.


From approximately December 12th until January 2, there will be very limited food service options available as most of the college closes.

Meeting Rooms and Study Space

Meeting rooms and study space are available at both campuses. These rooms can be accessed with your room key if it is on the same floor you live, OR you can sign out the space at the front desk.

Food Services

You can always find something to satisfy your appetite with a wide variety of food choices readily available in the food service outlets located on campus. Fresh fruits and vegetables, full meals, soup and sandwiches, fast food options, salad bars, and grab-andgo-items are just some examples. All Residence students are required to purchase a Dining Plan, which is incorporated on your Rez Card. Your Rez Card works like a debit card in that each time you make a purchase, the value of the purchase is deducted from your Dining Plan account. To view or to add funds to your dining plan, please visit humber.

Games Areas

At the North Campus, the Banquet Hall area, has a ping pong and fooze ball table and a large screen TV. The Lakeshore games room is located in room 315 and has four large video games and two fooseball tables. Above that in room 415, we have created the movie lounge with a 60 inch plasma tv and comfortable seating.



Residence Damage Charges


Residence Code of Conduct


The following list shows the replacement costs associated with some of the more common items in each room in the event that the items are damaged beyond what can be considered reasonable or normal wear.

Item Mail box key Res ID Card/Guest Card. Bed frame Mattress Mattress Cover Bed Drawers Desk Chair Wardrobe (R); or Dresser (S) Millwork (time and material) Fridge Microwave Desk Kitchen Table Kitchen Chairs Blinds/Curtains Window Safety Latches (removal/repair) Window Glass Repair Screens Lamp Overhead Lights/Suites Phones Smoke/Heat Detectors Tampering /Smoke Detector Carpet/Flooring Mirror Toilet Sink Shower Head Painting Door Viewing Piece Window Pull Handle Fire Sprinklers (Tampering) Door Lock Outside Door Bulletin Board CLEANING R Building (North) $25 $25 $225 $150 $15 n/a $100 $390 n/a $200 n/a $225 n/a n/a $75 $25 $25-$150 $25 n/a $20 $75 $75 $250 $100 $50 (medicine cabinet) n/a n/a n/a $40/wall $25 n/a n/a $250 $150 $25-$150 S Building (North) $25 $25 $225 $150 $15 n/a $100 $300 n/a $200 n/a $225 n/a n/a $75 $25 $25-$150 $25 $20 $20 $75 $75 $250 $100 $50 (medicine cabinet) n/a n/a n/a $40/wall $25 n/a n/a $250 $150 $25-$150 Suites (North & Lake) $25 $25 $250 $175 $20 $50 each $125 n/a Built in wardrobe $25 - $150 $600 $80 $225 $150 $125 $200 $25 $50 - $700 $50 $20 $20 $125 $75 $250 $100-$250 $500 (bathroom) $50-400 $100 $25-50 $80-$250/room $25 $55 $500-(additional costs for labour) $250 $150 $25 - $150 per room

By signing your Residence Contract, you have agreed to abide by the Residence Code of Conduct and other information in this handbook. It is your responsibility to become familiar with all the rules, regulations and other information contained herein.


The Residence Code of Conduct is bound by Humber's Charter of Student Responsibilities and Rights. This document is the accepted Humber statement on appropriate, and inappropriate, behaviour within Humber as a whole. As such, all sections of this document are fully applicable to residence living. The Charter of Student Responsibilities and Rights is available in the Dean, Student Services Office (A100 North Campus), the HSF Office, in the Student Handbook and on the Humber Web site at

their personal possessions and communal spaces. 3. Residence Life Staff are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for all. The policies outlined below will be enforced on Residence property including, but not limited to, the inside of the building, entranceways, roofs, and walkways. 4. It is the intention of those who drafted the Residence Code of Conduct that it remain open to continuing revision in order to conform as closely as possible to the needs of the Residence Community. The basic principles of the CODE OF CONDUCT are COMMON COURTESY, RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM, and RESPECT.


When an incident occurs and/or a student behaves in a manner identified as inappropriate, a violation of the Residence Code of Conduct is deemed to have occurred. A Resident Assistant, Security Officer, Student, or other Residence Staff will complete an incident report detailing the occurrence. This report will include the names of the individual(s) involved, names of any witnesses and their contact information and the details of the incident. This report is then submitted to the Residence Life Coordinator. Within five business days of the incident report being filed, the student(s) named for violating the Residence Code of Conduct will be required to meet with one of the following: Residence Life Coordinator, Senior RA Community Standards, RA, Residence Life Manager, Residence Manager or designate. At this time, the following will occur: 1. The Residence Life Coordinator, or Senior RA or their designate, will investigate the 31


Humber Residence is comprised of a unique community, consisting of people from a variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity means there will be many differences in personal values, interests and lifestyles. The CODE OF CONDUCT defines acceptable behaviour within the Residence in order to ensure a cooperative atmosphere that is safe, secure, and conducive to academic pursuits. This code is based on the following ideals: 1. Every individual in residence is responsible for respecting the rights of every other individual in the community. 2. Every individual in residence has the right to live in an environment where every other individual in the community respects

Furniture moving fee (furniture must be moved back to original position before leaving) $50 Dumping fee for leaving personal items/furniture etc. $50 per item **All damages not listed will be charged at material costs plus applicable labour rate.


Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct


incident with Residence Staff, student(s) involved and any other witnesses. This is to ensure a fair process while the understanding of the incident is clarified. 2. The Residence Life Coordinator or designate will review this report and make a decision regarding appropriate disciplinary measures. Some incidents may be referred to senior administrators for further review. All incidents will be investigated by Residence staff and a judgement will be made based on logic, probablity and the circumstances of the incident. 3. A follow-up letter will be sent to the student. Students will sign for their letter at the Residence Front Desk. NOTE: Failure to return calls, respond to meeting requests made in person or through electronic media or to meet at a scheduled time regarding conduct issues may result in completion of the investigation based on the facts as they are presented in the incident report(s).

particular individuals they will be charged for repair and administration costs. Common Floor ­ Floors in residence, suited to residents who are respectful of others and have less of a need for quiet concentration when studying. Study Floor ­ Floors with extended quiet hours for residents committed to maintaining a quieter residence community. Fines ­ A monetary penalty charged to a Resident for violations of the Residence Code of Conduct. The minimum fine for a violation is $25.00. Peace Bond ­ When a violation of the Code of Conduct occurrs, students may be asked to provide a cheque for a stated amount (i.e smoking in residence, $250). The cheque will be kept to the end of the year and if there are no further violations, the cheque will be destroyed (not cashed). If there are further violations, the cheque will be cashed and the student will incur additional sanctions. Incident Report ­ A documentation tool used to track behaviour that may be unacceptable or in breach of the Residence


Sanctions will be determined by Residence Administration and are categorized into two areas: minor and major offences. Sanctions for minor offences may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following penalties: 1. Written Warning: A resident may receive a written warning letter stating that their actions/choices have violated the Residence Code of Conduct or abused a residence policy. Written warnings will remind the resident that their action/choice was inappropriate and will refer them to the residence Handbook to remind them of the rules. If the behaviour continues after receiving a written warning, the student will receive further disciplinary sanctions. 2. Loss of Privileges: A Resident may lose Residence privileges as a result of inappropriate behaviour (i.e. floor restriction, loss of guest privileges, etc.). 3. Community/Educational Contribution: This sanction involves assigning work or service in the residence or surrounding community that relates to the particular violation of the Code of Conduct. Sanctions in this case may vary from writing an essay to community service hours. If the Resident fails to perform the assigned duty, further sanctions may be imposed. 4. Fine: A monetary penalty charged to the Resident for inappropriate behaviour. 5. Peace Bond: A monetary note (personal cheque), that with behaviour abiding by the code of conduct, will be returned. If Behaviour violates the Residence Code of Conduct, the cheque will be cashed. If the cheque is NSF, the amount will placed on your student account. 6. Restitution: A monetary penalty to recover the loss or damage of residence property as a result of misbehaviour. This levy is nonrefundable.


Acceptable Noise ­ Noise that should be expected in a student living environment during the appropriate times of the day as a result of reasonable living activities. Excessive Noise ­ Intentional or unintentional noise that disturbs others in residence. This includes but is not limited to: banging on multiple doors consecutively; directing stereo/computer speaker(s) noise outside of a room through a window or door; bass from a stereo or computer that can be heard through a closed door or adjoining wall; yelling; screaming, etc. Community Damage Billing­ When common area damage/vandalism occurs and the responsible persons are not identified, repair and administration costs will be charged against every Resident, or a specific section of Residence. Individual Damage Billing ­ When damage/ vandalism occurs and can be attributed to 32


The main purpose of sanctioning is to reinforce the principle of responsible freedom by teaching the students self-discipline, to accept responsibility for their actions, and to accept the consequences of their actions. The following factors are considered when deciding upon any sanction: 1. The unique circumstances surrounding each incident. 2. Prior sanctions assigned for similar and/or past incidents.

Sanctions for major offences may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following penalties: 1. Disciplinary Probation: Residence Administration may place a Resident on probation (discipline or alcohol). When such a sanction is imposed, they will be notified in writing indicating the duration of the probation period. Once a Resident has been placed on probation, any further breeches of the Code of Conduct may result in eviction from Humber Residence. In some cases, a behavioural or alcohol contract may be written indicating certain conditions that must be adhered to. 2. Administrative Relocation: Residence Administration reserves the right to remove a Resident from a particular floor if it is deemed necessary and in the best interests of the community. 3. Restriction: A Resident may be restricted from entering a portion of the building for a period of time. 4. Eviction: is the most serious residence sanction and results in the cancellation of the "Residence Contract". Students who are evicted from residence may also be restricted indefinitely from the Residence property. After a discipline investigation has occurred, Residence administration will notify the resident in writing. The letter will explain the reason(s) for the sanction and will include conditions of the eviction.


· Smoking in residence · drugs in residence - doing drugs or possession of drugs · burning incense or candles · being in or on restricted areas i.e the roof


1. The severity of sanctions may increase for repeat offenders and/or the number of incidents, up to and including eviction from the Residence. 2. Full monetary restitution may be required in any incident that involves vandalism or accidental breakage.


Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct


Note: Anyone removed from the Residence for disciplinary reasons is not eligible to reapply for Residence for a specified period of time. If removed from Residence for disciplinary reasons, students may lose their deposit and risk forfeiting their Residence fees. Evicted Residents may be banned (trespassed) from Humber Residences (North and Lakeshore Campus).

representatives (Student government, Faculty, Student Services' Manager etc). The panel will meet with the student, Residence Life Manager, Residence Life Coordinator, and any other witnesses independently to discuss the situation. The Resident will be notified in writing of the result of the appeal. (An appeal will normally only be granted on the basis of new or additional information.)


As stated in the student's discipline letter, an appeal process is available to students and must be launched within five business days of the discipline sanction date. The appeal process is different for minor and major offences. When appealing a decision, one must appeal the entire sanction (i.e. appeal both the eviction and trespass decision). 1) Minor Offences The Resident must write and hand deliver a letter of appeal to the Residence Life Manager or their designate. The letter must contain the student's reason for the appeal, and any additional facts or witness statements regarding the incident. The Residence Life Manager, or their designate, will review the appeal letter and a meeting may be scheduled to discuss the situation. The Resident will be notified in writing the result of the appeal. (An appeal will normally only be granted on the basis of new or additional information.) 2) Major Offences The Resident must write and hand deliver a letter of appeal to the Director, Student Success and Engagement or their designate in room A100, North Campus. The letter should contain the student's reason for the appeal, and any additional facts or witness statements regarding the incident. If an appeal hearing is granted, the appeal letter will be forwarded to an independent panel of Humber or University of Guelph Humber 34


Regulations for living in the Humber Residence have been established to protect the health (mental and physical), safety, and social welfare of the entire community. They help to provide a climate conducive to study; to discourage dishonesty, vandalism, and personal abuse; to avoid infringement on the rights of others; and to allow the pursuit of educational objectives. EACH RESIDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OR HER OWN ACTIONS AND WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THOSE ACTIONS. IN SOME CASES, RESIDENCE STAFF MAY BE REQUIRED TO ENTER A RESIDENT ROOM IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN SAFETY AND SECURITY OR TO UPHOLD THE CODE OF CONDUCT.


1. Tampering with, damaging, accidentally or purposely setting of a fire alarm, removing fire extinguishers, or any part of the fire alarm system, hanging from pipes, tampering with/setting off sprinklers, or violating fire safety and fire protection procedures is strictly prohibited. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to a sanction, which may include fines, restitution, eviction and/or criminal prosecution.

2. Tampering with, damaging, covering, disengaging, or altering smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or heat sensors is strictly prohibited. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to an automatic $250 fine. A second time offence will result in a more serious sanction, which may include eviction. 3. Burning candles, incense, smoking or any other materials that present a direct threat of fire within the residence are strictly prohibited. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to severe sanctioning, including fines or peace bonds of $250, community service and may be evicted. 4. Humber policy states that all students must evacuate residence during a fire alarm. 5. Tampering with the elevator (i.e. jumping, blocking doors, etc), and inappropriate ringing of the emergency elevator alarm is prohibited. Residents who are found tampering with or damaging elevators will receive disciplinary sanctions that may include restitution for repairs. 6. Fire regulations restrict the use of appliances within residence: Dorm Style Rooms (North Residence R & S Building): Appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, rice cookers, toaster ovens, grills and space heaters etc. are not permitted for use in dorm rooms. A microwave, toaster, kettle (with automatic shutoff) and coffee maker (with automatic shutoff) may only be used in a lounge on a dorm style floor. Suite Style Rooms (North Residence T Building & Lakeshore Residence): Appliances such as rice cookers, toaster ovens, grills and space heaters etc. are not permitted for use in suite style rooms or lounges. A microwave, toaster, kettle (with automatic shutoff) and coffee maker (with automatic shutoff) may only be used in a suite style kitchenette. All appliances must be CSA Approved and in good working order. Note: Residence Administration, as a

temporary solution, will supply space heaters if the heating is in need of repair. 7. Storage of bikes, roller blades, beds, chairs, and other items are prohibited in all exit and hallways. Improperly stored material in exit ways can become obstacles during an evacuation. Residence Staff will remove items left in these areas. 8. No object(s), person(s), or substances are to be thrown, dropped, hung, or ejected through a window at any time. The use of windows as an entrance or exit is prohibited with the exception of emergency situations. 9. Entering or exiting residence, except during a fire alarm, through a non-designated entrance/exit or window, or allowing a person into the Residence through a door/ window other than the main entrance is prohibited and will result in a $100 fine. 10.Fire Regulations restrict the posting of materials in common areas and on Residence room doors. Residents will be asked to remove excess material and any inappropriate or offensive items. Residents are also prohibited from writing on doors with markers or putting stickers on their doors.

Section 2: SMOKING

Humber Residence is a smoke-free facility. Residents are strictly prohibited from smoking anywhere inside the building. Leaning or extending out of windows to smoke is also prohibited. Residents who violate these policies will be subject to severe sanctioning, including fines or peace bonds of $250, community service and may be evicted. Note: Sealing doors or using perfumes, scented candles, and/or deodorizers to deliberately cover or mask the smell of smoke is prohibited. Smoking is only permitted outside the residence in the designated areas (beyond the yellow painted lines). Residents found


Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct


smoking inside these identified boundaries will be subject to a fine. This rule applies to residents, students, guests and staff regardless of weather conditions. Residents will be held responsible for the fine of his or her guest.

Section 3: DRUGS

Federal, provincial and municipal law, and Humber policies, state that it is illegal to use, sell, or possess illegal drugs (including marijuana), controlled substances, nonprescription drugs and/or prescription drugs not prescribed to the person in possession of these drugs. ANY Resident who violates this policy may be evicted on their first offence, and may also be subject to additional sanctions, which may include, suspension or expulsion from Humber, and/or prosecution under the legal system. Drug paraphernalia is also prohibited in residence. Please be advised that Humber reserves the right, at any time and without further notice, to take any measures deemed necessary to ensure that the Residence is free of illegal drugs.

Section 4: ALCOHOL

At Humber, we promote responsible and sensible drinking of alcoholic beverages. Humber strictly upholds the Provincial Law that prohibits the possession, sale to, or giving away of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of nineteen (19). Students who do not drink responsibly or who consume alcohol underage will be placed on an alcohol contract. Humber Residence also prohibits alcoholic beverages in all public areas in the Residence including stairways, hallways, laundry rooms, washrooms, front lobby, elevators, study rooms, conference rooms, and the surrounding grounds. Alcohol may only be consumed in private rooms and lounges. Consumption of alcohol in lounges must be in a plastic container (plastic cup or water bottle) or aluminium cans. Further to the above, the following rules apply 36

with regard to the consumption of alcohol in Humber Residence: 1. Residents who are under the legal drinking age of 19 who are reported or found to be drinking/intoxicated will be placed on Alcohol contract and will face sanctions including fines, peace bonds, educational sanctions and may be evicted. 2. Beer Bottle Policy: The possession of glass beer and malt liquour bottles is prohibited in Residence, including but not limited to resident rooms or suites, common rooms, lounges and community kitchens. If a Resident is found with beer bottles (opened or unopened) they will be confiscated and/or disposed of by Residence Staff. A Resident may retrieve any unopened, confiscated beer bottles within 48 hours, with the understanding that the Resident must remove the bottles from residence immediately. Possession of glass coolers, vodka bottles and other alcohol contained in glass bottles is permitted. In addition to the listing in Part E: Types of Sanctions in the Residence Code of Conduct, residents may incur fines for possession of beer bottles. 3. When transporting alcohol, students must adhere to the following conditions. · oopenalcoholispermittedoutsideofa N student's room/suite, lounge areas or the community kitchen (North Campus). · All containers must be closed with a proper lid. A closed container is defined by being able to turn it upside down without any spillage, such as a plastic water bottle or thermos.

6. Students and/or guests may not participate in room crawls or drinking games. 7. Kegs and other large volume containers over 60 ounces ( i.e. Bubbas, Texas Mickey's, etc.) are not permitted in Residence. These items will be confiscated and disposed of. 8. Students who violate the alcohol policy and those who consume or possess alcohol while under 19 years of age will be placed on an alcohol contract.

Harassment Policy

As stated in the Humber Human Rights Policy, "Humber is committed to providing an equitable working and learning environment that promotes and supports academic achievement. To this end, Humber will strive to ensure the applicability of the rules of natural justice to achieve fair treatment of all members of the Humber community and will endeavour to create an environment free of harassment and all forms of prohibited discrimination." Residence Administration is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all members of the community. Any act that restricts or infringes upon students' rights as noted under the Student Charter of Responsibilities and Rights will result in disciplinary action. Harassment, as defined by Residence Administration, is inappropriate comments or conduct in relation to a person or group of persons that has the effect or purpose of creating a hostile or intimidating living, working or educational environment. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in Residence. Sexual Harassment is: 1. Any sort of unwanted sexual attention of a persistent or abusive nature made by a person who knows or ought to know what they are doing. 2. Any implied or expressed promise of reward for complying with a sexually oriented request. 3. Any implied or expressed threat of reprisal for refusal to comply with a sexually oriented request. 4. Any verbal or physical conduct that employs sexuality, sexual identity or sexual orientation in what may reasonably be perceived as hostile, intimidating or offensive in manner. Sexual Assault According to the criminal code, sexual assault is defined as any unwanted sexual contact accomplished without consent. 37


Humber prohibits the possession of firearms, ammunition, explosive devices including but not limited to: fireworks, firecrackers, explosives, or highly flammable materials. The possession and/or discharge of BB or air guns, paintball guns, any object that emits any form of projectile, including but not limited to, water pistols, target toys, slingshots, knives, swords or other lethal weapons, including martial arts equipment are also prohibited. Replicas (including toys) of the above weapons, or any object that creates cause for alarm, are also prohibited. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to a sanction, which may include eviction. Security and/or the police will be notified, and the offending weapon/ object will be confiscated. Humber reserves the right to search any room(s) where suspicion exists of a concealed weapon or any of the aforementioned items.

Humber staff reserve the right to inspect and dispose of improperly transported alcohol.


Physical abuse, threats of violence, or conduct that threatens the mental or physical health or safety of any person will not be tolerated in the Humber Residence. Such conduct may lead to eviction from the Residence and, where appropriate, may lead to campus disciplinary action or legal prosecution.

4. Alcohol delivery services are banned from Humber property. The procurement of alcohol from delivery services will result in disciplinary action. 5. Students may not make or brew wine, beer or spirits on Humber property.

Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct


Consent shall be defined by Humber as the act of willingly and verbally agreeing to engage in specific sexual contact or conduct. Consent may only be obtained when both parties are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Humber will take all reasonable steps to ensure the residence environment is free of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a criminal offence and may be treated as such. First year students are required to attend sexual assault training that is provided by the Residence Life Staff.

Acts of Intolerance

Harassment in the form of violence that consists of verbal and/or written violation of an individual's rights will not be tolerated. The harassment may be racial, sexual, religious, or personal in nature, through graffiti, spoken comments, obscene telephone calls, or any other conceivable manners. In the Humber Residence, this form of behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE and will lead to disciplinary action up to and including eviction. The influence of drugs or alcohol will not in any way mitigate the consequences of documented behaviour, or limit the responsibility of the individual(s) involved. Examples of behaviour, activities and comments that are not acceptable include, but are not limited to: 1. Posting and/or distributing materials in Residence (this includes bedroom doors, unit doors, washrooms, hallways, mailboxes, bulletin boards, message boards, windows, lounges, stairwells, elevators, front lobbies, laundry rooms, bike rooms, storage rooms, etc.) that are racist, sexist, homophobic, inappropriate, offensive or threatening in nature. 2. Voice mail, e-mail, web based or written messages that are inappropriate, obscene, hostile, offensive and/or threatening. 3. Writing and/or drawing graffiti anywhere in residence buildings. 38

4. Repeatedly making unwanted contact (physical, verbal, written or otherwise) or following another person without his/her consent. 5. Practical jokes, raids, pranks of any sort are considered harmful and dangerous. Actions that are demeaning and/or offensive, or those that interfere with the rights of another Resident group of students, are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly targeting one person or group of people, posting inappropriate signs of any kind, tampering with personal or Humber property, acts of vandalism, and any other act that may be considered, directly or indirectly, offensive or demeaning to any group or individual. 6. Engaging in inappropriate behaviour and/or inciting others to engage in inappropriate behaviour.

Residence). Sports such as frisbee, golf, football, etc., are prohibited. Roller blades must only be worn outside the buildings and must be removed before entering the building. Residents involved in these activities may be charged with damage costs. Skateboarding is prohibited in and around the residence property.


· Residentsareonlypermittedtobring portable, bookshelf, or mini-sound systems into their rooms. Excessive noise from stereo systems or computer speakers may result in Residence Administration requiring the Resident to remove the stereo system/ computer speakers from residence. · esidencedoesnotpermittheplayingof R electric guitars, drums, trumpets, etc. on the floors. When listening to music at night, residents may be required to wear headphones. · Residentsarealsoaskedtoturnoffall noise making items such as televisions, computer speakers and alarm clocks when not in their room or away for the weekend/ extended period of time. Residence staff may enter a room to turn off the item causing the noise disturbance. Common Floors: Are suited to residents who are respectful of others and have less of a need of quiet for concentration when studying. Common Floor Quiet Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 10:00pm to 9am Friday and Saturday 12am to 9am Study Floors: Are suited to residents who are respectful of others need for quiet and concentration when studying. Study Floor Quiet Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 9:00pm to 9am Friday and Saturday 11pm to 9am During exam time, study hours are extended to a 23-hour period throughout the residence.

Damage & Cleaning Fees

The Resident must maintain his/her unit in a clean and orderly condition in accordance with building, and health and safety standards and regulations. Regular cleaning inspections will occur by the Resident Assistant. If the unit is found to be in poor condition, the Resident will have 24 hours to remedy the situation. Should the room fail re-inspection, Residence Staff will be dispatched to clean the room and the Resident will be charged a minimum $100 cleaning fee. Repeated infractions may affect residency. Custodial staff regularly clean common areas such as lounges, hallways etc. However, it is the responsibility of all residents to clean up after their personal use of common areas in residence. If there is abuse (damages/ vandalism) the individuals responsible will receive individual damage charges. Should we be unable to determine the person(s) responsible we will use community damage billing to recover the costs of the damage.


Residents are financially responsible for all accidental and/or deliberate damage to private rooms/suites, furnishings, and all common areas on each floor. Residents, who are responsible for excessive damage and/ or cleaning, may find their room agreement revoked for the following year and/or face other disciplinary sanctions. Furniture must not be removed from the resident's room/suite. Altering the room/ suite in any way is not allowed (i.e. removal of door closures, screens, etc.) For safety reasons the removal of windows or window screens to enter or exit the building is strictly prohibited. Further to the above, note the following: 1. Theft of property will not be tolerated, this includes taking furniture from lounges or failing to pay for an item from the cafeteria. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to a sanction, which may include eviction. 2. Residents must not run or conduct athletic activities within residence except in the designated work out room (North


Excessive or harassing noise is strictly prohibited. Students must respect the rights of other students and maintain a reasonable level of noise. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Study (quiet) hours will be strictly enforced (See Below). Humber Residence philosophy of quiet: ONE PERSON'S RIGHT TO QUIET ALWAYS SUPERSEDES ANOTHER'S RIGHT TO MAKE NOISE.


Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct



Whether verbal or written requests are issued, compliance with the requests of Humber Staff is necessary. Failure to respond or follow the directive of a Humber employee will be severely dealt with under the Residence Code of Conduct. Failure to return calls, respond to meeting requests made in person or through electronic media, or to meet at a scheduled time regarding conduct issues, may result in additional sanctions being assessed and completion of the investigation based on the facts as they are presented in the incident report(s). All Residence Staff, including RA's, security, desk staff, and management, are employed to assist in the provision of a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment.

Section 10: GUEST POLICY

Residents have the privilege of signing in guests into the Humber Residence. The guest policy is to assist with the safety and security of all members of the community. Remember, you are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your guest at all times. This means, if they violate policy, it is treated as you violated that policy. Residents who abuse or choose not to follow the Guest Policy will receive discipline sanctions that could lead to the loss of guest sign-ins, bans or fines. · esidentsmusthaveallguestsregistered R through the Residence Desks. Guests will become an official registered guest for the current Academic Year. Valid photo identification, excluding Health Cards and SIN numbers, must be presented when registering as a guest and for every visit thereafter. a) A resident may only sign in 2 Registered guests at a time. b) A resident can host one (1) overnight guest in a night. c) A resident is limited to signing in guests up to three consecutive overnights in a month.

d) A guest may not stay overnight more than 9 nights in a month. (cannot be signed in by one resident for 9 days in a month; and then be a guest of another resident for 9 days in the same month). e) A guest is considered overnight when they are signed in or stay between the hours of 1 am to 7 am · esidenceAdministrationreservestheright R to restrict the number of guests allowed to be signed in by a resident during certain times of the year. Please take note of the following: · esidence Move in Day (August 29, R 2010) ­ no guests are to be signed in, this excludes parents, friends and family members who may enter the residence to help residents with their move. · esidence Welcome Week (August R 30- September 3, 2010) ­ no guests are allowed to be signed in. · uring exams & the HSF Gala- one D overnight guest only · esidenceAdministrationwillattemptto R post notification about changes to the guest policy two weeks prior to the date of restriction. However, it may be necessary for Residence Administration to restrict guest sign-ins without prior posted notice should there be extenuating circumstances or a concern for the safety and security of our residents. · Residentsmustaccompanytheguestthey are hosting at all times. · esidentsmustensurethattheGuest(s) R they are hosting follow the Residence Code of Conduct. As such, any violation of the Code will result in disciplinary action for both the resident and their guest. Ultimately, the resident is responsible for the conduct of their guest and will be held accountable for any misconduct by those signed-in under their name. · esidentswillbeissuedtwo"GuestCards" R that remain at the front desk. Each time a Registered Guest is signed in they will receive a card. Guests must carry this card with them at all times and show residence staff and or security this card when

requested. When the guest signs out the card is returned to front desk.


Residents are not permitted to enter unauthorized areas unless accompanied by a Residence staff member. This includes areas not normally used by persons other than staff including, but not limited to, locked basement areas, roof tops, mechanical rooms, or any area marked "off limits to unauthorized personnel" or "staff only," etc. Accessing these areas is prohibited and will result in eviction. Residents and/or guests are prohibited from being on the roofs of the residence buildings. Any littering, throwing, dropping or displacement of objects to or from roofs or windows is strictly prohibited. Residents who are caught accessing the roof of residence may be evicted.

Should a Guest Card be lost or not returned:

· esidentswillonlybeabletosignina R guest based on the number of cards. (i.e. if one card remains only one guest can be signed in) · eplacementCardswillbesubjecttoa R replacement fee of $25 and subsequent cards will be subject to $50 fees and will take a minimum of one week to be replaced. · esidentswishingtoreplacetheirlostguest R card(s) must meet with their Front Desk Supervisor to have them replaced. · houldaresidenthavemultiplecardsthat S need replacing, guest privileges will be suspended for longer periods of time and may be subject to an increased fine. Residents wishing their guest to stay an extended period of time must place this request in writing to the attention of the Residence Life Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance of the guest arriving. The Residence Life Coordinator will review the request for the extension and either approve or deny the request. violations by guests may lead to immediate cancellation of being a Registered Guest, and other disciplinary sanctions may apply.


Removal or relocation of furniture, fixtures, chairs, dining hall china, exercise equipment, appliances etc. is not permitted. Residents may not move Residence furniture in lounges/ banquet halls/studies/ etc., into their private units. Residents who violate this policy will be subject to a sanction, which may include restitution, eviction and/or criminal prosecution. Residence Administration has the right to rearrange/relocate lounge furniture, microwaves, etc. based on the demands and needs of Residents. Residents may bring in additional furnishings (book shelf, tv/computer stand, chair) to their rooms or suites under the following guidelines: · urnishingsthatareprovidedintheroom/ F suite may not be moved or relocated from a room/suite to accommodate additional furnishings. · urnishingsmustnotblockentrances/ F exits to a room and/or heating and air conditioning units/vents. · urnishingsmustbeself-standing(i.e. F do not require fastening to walls/ceiling) and have sturdy construction (ie not easily 41


Residence Code of Conduct


Residence Code of Conduct


tipped over causing harm to an individual). Additional furnishings become the responsibility of the Resident and are used at your own risk. · urnishingsmustbefreefromodoursand F bugs/pests. · pholsteredfurnituresuchas;couches, U recliners, love seats, futons etc. are not permitted. · oursuitematemustapprovefurnishings Y that are placed in the common areas of a suite. · nusualfurnishingsmustbeverified/ U approved by Residence Staff upon move-in to ensure that it is acceptable. Unacceptable pieces of furniture must be removed from residence as directed. · dditionalfurnishingsmustberemoved A from residence upon move out. Failure to remove additional furnishings will result in disposal fees.


· DVERTISING/POSTERS:Onlyorganizations A or individuals who are members of, or are affiliated with Humber will be allowed to advertise within the Residence. All announcements must be delivered to the office of the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) where they will be approved for posting. All postings not approved by the RLCs will be removed. · ostersandotheradvertisingmaterialsmay P only be placed on one of the designated bulletin boards available in each hallway in the Residences. NO MATERIALS SHALL BE PLACED ON WALLS IN THE RESIDENCES UNLESS APPROVED BY RESIDENCE MANAGEMENT. Residents may not place anything on their doors and can only use the cork board located adjacent to their respective doors. · esidentsarenotpermittedtopostorpaint R anything on exterior windows. This applies to both dorm and suite rooms.

· ELINQUENTACCOUNTS:Shoulda D student's account become delinquent, the Residence Manager or their designate may take several steps, including blocking further registration in academic courses, withholding transcripts and diplomas, and/ or evicting students from the Residence. · OLICITATION:Noadvertising,selling,or S commercial solicitation is permitted in the Residence. · alsifyingResidenceidentification/key F cards, using someone else's key card to gain access to the Residence or to a room other than your own, or using old residence ID to gain access is strictly prohibited. · herunningofcables/wiresoutof T windows and use of satellite dishes is prohibited and will be removed at the expense of the student. Unauthorized access to cable is prohibited. · esidentsshallnothavepets,including R fish, hamsters, mice, snakes, spiders etc. in residence. · esidentsmaynotoperateabusiness R venture of any kind within the confines of their room. · Residentsmaynotbringshoppingcarts into Humber Residence. · Gamblingformoneyisnotpermitted within the residence (i.e. poker). · esidentsmustfollowtheHCnet R Acceptable Use computer policy. Those who choose not to follow this policy will receive discipline sanctions from Residence Management and /or the Humber IT Department. This policy can be found at the back of this handbook.

Where to Find Other Policies Affecting Students:

Standards of Conduct - see HSF handbook Charter of Student Responsibilities & Rights is available on-line at www.humber. ca/charter Acceptable Use Policy - Applies to all members of the Humber Community using the College's computing and networking facilities. Further information is available from the Chief Information Officer, at Ext. 5459 or in room D161 or online at

Human Rights Policy - Copy available in Humber's Human Resources Centre, Room B304. Further information and assistance is available through the Counselling Department or within your school. This policy is available online at downloads/HumanRights.pdf Academic Appeals Process - Copy available from the Registrars' Office. University of Guelph-Humber Students should contact their Admissions & Programs Advisor for the academic appeals process. Academic Regulations - available on-line at academicregulations.htm University of Guelph-Humber students can find the academic regulations at




Reznet Usage Guidelines


Reznet Usage Guidelines


Network Connections


RezNet is a high-speed (30 Mbps) Internet service accessible throughout Residence (North and Lakeshore). RezNet is managed by Information & Technology Services and is offered free of charge to Guests of Residence. This document identifies and summarizes the conditions by which Information & Technology Services offers RezNet connectivity. As a responsible RezNet user, you are asked to abide by all points. Failure to do so may result in loss of RezNet connectivity and/or disciplinary action.

300 Kbps). Online music retailers like iTunes and Napster are not affected. Note: E-mail clients must use as their SMTP server. All other routes are blocked. There is a limit of 40 recipients on all mail. This is to ensure that Humber is not listed as a source of SPAM.

distribute. Make sure downloads (music, movies, software, etc.) are legal. Do not risk copyright or intellectual property right violations by downloading and then sharing files without permission.

Maintenance and Support:

Phone support is available through the Technical Services Desk by dialling extension 4786. Please do not engage Facilities Management or the Residence Front Desk with RezNet issues. The quickest and easiest way to get help is always to call the Technical Service Desk. During the first few days of the Fall semester, Support Agents are available in the Lobby to answer questions and help with connectivity issues. Please do not hesitate to engage them. Agents also have step-by-step tip sheets and other documentation Guests might find helpful. Each suite in Residence is configured to work with only one computer. Swapping out one computer for another will disable the network jack. Use the public, wired ports in the Common Areas instead. Contact the Technical Service Desk if you suspect your jack is disabled.

Information & Technology Services provides very limited support for routers, hubs, and switches connected to RezNet. Users are responsible for all connectivity issues beyond network appliances. Please consider calling the manufacturer for additional, more comprehensive, support. Like all complex networks, RezNet requires regular maintenance and Guests may experience occasional service interruptions. Information & Technology Services strives to advertise outages in advance and limit their frequency and duration. Patience and understanding is appreciated.

Protecting One's Self:

As a rule, everything originating from your computer is your responsibility (whether you generated it or not). It is extremely important to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and your computer. 1) Do not share personal account information (username or password) with anyone, not even your friends, relatives, or roommates. 2) Use passwords others cannot easily guess. A good password is... a. Unique to each system b. At least six or more characters in length c. Not a real word found in any dictionary d. Uses a mix of uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) letters e. Includes at least one number (0-9) f. Makes use of special characters (%, $, @, *, etc.) 3) Never leave an application logged-in and unattended. When you are finished using an application, log out or completely exit from it. 4) When you are going to be away from your computer for an extended period of time, lock the screen or completely shut it down. 5) Install antivirus software and keep it up-todate. PC-cillin is supported by Humber and is available in the Bookstore for $10. 6) Run a current operating system and keep it patched. Turn off any services (file sharing, network printing, etc.) you do not need. 7) Keep academic data on your H-drive. Keeping data on the H-drive makes it portable and protects you from hard drive failure and theft. Note: You should not assume everything on the Internet is legal to possess and/or

Policy Enforcement:

Minor infractions are generally resolved informally. That being said, Information & Technology Services reserves the right to logically disconnect any compromised computer from RezNet. In such cases, users are expected to follow instructions from the Technical Service Desk so that their RezNet connection can be immediately re-enabled. Repeated minor infractions or misconduct of a significant nature will be referred to Humber Administration and may result in disciplinary action. Depending on the nature of the infraction, sanctions may include the loss of RezNet privileges, dismissal from Humber, and/or legal action.

Respecting Other Users:

RezNet is a shared resource. Everything that happens on RezNet has the potential to affect other RezNet users and the Internet at large. No outbound traffic is being blocked, but traffic is being shaped (managed) to give Web, FTP, e-mail, and chat priority over available bandwidth. RezNet users are asked to refrain from the following activities: · Installingawirelessaccesspoint · ServingupWebpages · OfferingDHCPorBOOTPservices · Creatingabridgetoanexternalnetwork · Scanningorexploitingnetwork vulnerabilities · Attemptingtobypassinternalsecurity systems · Unauthorizedorattemptedunauthorized use of an account · Reading,copying,changing,ordeleting another user's data Due to excessive bandwidth demands, peer-to-peer file sharing within Residence is being blocked. External file sharing (Gnutella, KaZaA, e-Donkey, BitTorrent, etc.) is shaped as a low-priority service (shared 44


Services for Students


Services for Students


This section describes the services available to students on campus. All information (hours, locations, contacts, etc.) can be found at the listed websites

Campus Prayer Room

North D223 Lakeshore E104 Campus Prayer Room is available for use by all students.

Parking and Lockers

Photo Identification

The Photo ID card is the mandatory ID for students in full-time attendance at Humber. It is required for borrowing materials from the library, accessing the Athletics facilities and the student pub. It may also be needed when applying for student discounts at on- or offcampus organizations.

Athletics and Recreation

For more information about athletics please visit the website:

Public Transit

Office of the Registrar


Peer Tutoring peertutor/

Financial Aid


Copy Centre

Computer Shop

Health Services ­ Health Centres

Career Centre

www. Online job postings at (access code: hcollege)

International Student Services

Disability Services

Library Services

Counselling Services

Media Services

Interfaith Chaplaincy Service

Public Safety




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