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Anchor Handling System

PDS2000-Anchor Handling / Barge Management System

!Support of Barges


! !Support of Anchor


!Support of Anchor


!Remote instruction control

to Support Vessels

!Visualization of pipelines

and other obstructions in the area

!AIS support !Shows position and anchor

updates on all Vessels involved

! Integrates seamlessly with other PDS2000 applications

RESON is supplier of singlebeam-, multibeam-, dredge guidance and hydrographic software systems. PDS2000 Anchor Handling / Barge management has been designed to support barges, tugs and stationary dredgers in controlling anchor handling using a wireless communication link. The Anchor Handling assists the operators to carry out their job more efficiently. The program shows in real time the positions of both the barge and all the support vessels. Next to that, PDS2000 Anchor Handling assists the barge operator with planning the anchor patterns. The Barge master can change anchor positions by simply moving one or more anchors to a new position on his screen. For every anchor moved a new Anchor Move request is created. The Barge master can assign these requests to the available tugboats. These assigned requests will show up on Tug's planview as a button indicating an anchor handling request. By clicking the button the tugmaster confirms the request has been received and will be carried out. During the anchor handling, different icons show in real time to all vessels whether the anchor is on board the barge or the tug, what the new anchor position has to be and the new actual position after the anchor is dropped. A helmsman display will guide the tug from the old to the new anchor position. A Log file is maintained and saved of all anchor handlings and can be used for reporting. The planview will also show a color-coded Digital Terrain Model (DTM) with DXF and/ or an electronic sea chart. The DTM can be updated in real time, for example with the progress of dredging work. PDS2000Anchor Handling is available as a stand-alone application or as part of other PDS2000 applications.

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Anchor Handling System

Example anchor handling procedure Anchor Planning The Barge master can plan the new anchor positions by moving the anchors to the required location on the planview . This location is market with a blue anchor Anchor handling Request When the Barge requests an anchor handling it assigns this task to a tug, on the tug an button will appear to indicate that a task is outstanding. Confirmation of Anchor handling Request The tug master will click the button to confirm that the request is received. The Tug will proceed to the present anchor location as indicated by PDS2000. Moving the Anchor When the tug is on location the anchor is picked up and placed on deck, this will be confirmed by pressing the button. The anchor position now becomes the same as the Tug. The Tug sails to the new required location which is indicated by a blue anchor. Dropping the Anchor Upon arrival at the designated location the anchor is dropped, location marked by a green anchor. After the anchor drop the deploy icon is pressed. The new anchor position becomes available to other vessels. Anchor onboard Barge: This symbol is used when the anchor is onboard the barge.

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