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For all of our voucher buyers, PLEASE REVIEW the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding our 7-Night Resort Stay Voucher, as they are very helpful at explaining our program. Q. How do I Register my Voucher? A. After the purchase of your Voucher, you will receive your Groupon transaction number, which is also your Voucher number. This will come from Groupon by email. Simply use the transaction number to enter the registration/redemption website at Please note two important factors; 1) It may take up to 48 hours for the transaction number to be synchronized between Groupon and the registration website. 2) You must register your voucher at within 60 days from the date of purchase. Vouchers not activated within the 60-day activation period are subject to an additional cost of up to the Full Promotional Value, not to exceed $1101. Q. Why is there only a partial listing of participating / available resorts? A. Because resort availability fluctuates naturally. As time progresses, resorts will both remove availability (as rooms are booked) and add additional availability (as rooms become available to book). You will be able to view available inventory that is within 6 months of the date which you are visiting the inventory link. There is ample inventory provided for future dates should you choose to upgrade your voucher, but only resorts that have available inventory within the current 60-day window will be available to confirm without an upgrade. Q. Why is there a 60-day room reservation requirement for a free resort stay? A. This program is designed to give our fulfillment partners the opportunity to fill (book) rooms that may otherwise go un-booked.. Typically, if a resort has inventory that isn't reserved within 60 days of their booking dates, it's highly likely that those rooms will remain un-booked. Via this special promotion, our fulfillment partners release those rooms to us to make available to you at a significantly reduced rate, otherwise you wouldn't normally have access to book at these private resorts with such significant discounts. However, your Voucher also offers the added benefit of being able to upgrade your Voucher for resorts that are checking in more than 60 days from the booking date at highly discounted rates. This gives you the greatest flexibility, choice and value. Q. If I buy the voucher now, can I travel 1.5 years later? A. You have up to 1 year (from date of purchase of this voucher) to "book" your reservation. Once you book a reservation, your travel must be completed within a 60-day window of your reservation date for free accommodations, or within a 6-month window when upgrading. For example, you may buy the voucher today but not want to travel until the end of next March. Therefore, you'll need to book your vacation within a 60-day window of your desired travel dates at the end of next March for free accommodations, or consider upgrading your voucher for more flexibility. Q. How do I upgrade my voucher? A. There's no need to upgrade your voucher in advance. When viewing accommodations with further advanced notice than 60-days, the upgrade cost will be displayed. If you desire to book accommodations with an upgrade cost, you simply pay that upgrade cost when booking those accommodations. In this case, your Voucher is actually upgraded when it is redeemed for accommodations with an upgrade cost.

Q. If I see a resort that I like now, will it be available in the future when I want to book my travel? A. Unfortunately, due to the promotional nature of this offer and the nature of the booking process, there is no way for WRI to guarantee availability at any of the accommodations at any given time. Keep in mind, that inventory will fluctuate naturally as rooms are booked and additional rooms are made available, as time progresses. Q. Are the extra fees at resorts in certain areas? A. At some resorts there may be daily local energy taxes and / or city ordinance taxes that the resort has no control over. These are usually nominal though, being approximately $5.00 - $7.00 per night. Q. Can I split up the 7 days and spend 4 nights at one resort and 3 nights at another resort? A. Your 7-Night Resort Stay voucher may only be booked for seven nights consecutively. If you need to check out early, there should be no penalty for doing so, but you may not break up the seven nights between different resorts. Q. If the room / resort I want to book says "1 bedroom / 4 people," does each person have to pay $399? A. This 7-Night Resort Stay Voucher is for a flat fee, not per person fee. You will only be charged a flat fee of $399, not per person fee, as long as the number of people in your party does not exceed the room occupancy stipulated by the resort you book. If you select a room that has a greater occupancy than the number of people traveling in your party, you will not be penalized (charged extra). Q. If the room/resort occupancy indicates 4(2A 2C), what does this mean? A. It means that the room can occupy 4 persons, however only 2 of the persons can be adults and the other 2 persons must be children. To determine the age of children, consult the detailed resort profile. When a room shows just a single number for occupancy, then all of the occupants can be adults. Q. Are meals and airfare included in this price? A. The $399 fee is for the reservation of the room only. At most of the resorts, the resort taxes and fees are already included. Therefore, supplemental airfare, meals and car rental fees are not included. In some instances miscellaneous energy or city taxes may be required that equate to approximately $5 to $7 per day. In the case of All-Inclusive properties, there is a meal/activity plan available for an additional charge upon check-in. All-Inclusive properties are clearly identified within the redemption website listings. Q. Can I book from a resort that's shown on your website? A. By purchasing this 7-Night Resort Stay voucher, you will only be able to book from this redemption website The inventory shown on our website is accessible to book by our subscribing WRI Members only. Q. Can I use this voucher toward one of your cruises? A. This is a "Resort Stay" Voucher and may only be used at one for the resorts listed on this website. Q. Do I have to sit through a sales presentation if I buy this voucher? A. No, this is a "no-strings attached" deal! However, you may be invited as any other guest would be, and many of our guests purchase vacation programs from these properties.

Q. What can we expect our room to be like? A. Our resorts are generally rated 3 ­ 5 stars and rooms are typically "condominium-style," which is great for families, singles and couples alike! This means each unit usually has a private bedroom with a separate living area (unless the room is described as a "studio"). Most rooms have pullout sofa beds, a dining area and often the rooms have full kitchens. Some of our resorts even have a washer and dryer in each unit! When previewing the currently available resorts on our inventory link, please click on the resort for a full description of each resort's amenities and unit features. Q. Are pets allowed? A. Our resort accommodations do not allow pets. Most resorts have very strict guidelines for pets for the disabled, so please check directly with the resort if you require the use of a guide animal. Q. Are there blackout dates? A. There are no blackout dates, per se. We simply allow you to book whatever rooms our fulfillment partners release to us to make available to you, as a voucher buyer, on our inventory link whenever they become available to book. Q. Are any of your resorts all-inclusive? Can we pay an upgrade fee to get an all-inclusive package? A. This promotion is for a "Resort Stay" only, and therefore the voucher is not all-inclusive. Some resorts are mandatory all-inclusive resorts and you will be required to pay additional All-Inclusive fees upon check-in. These resorts are clearly identified with a YES in the All-Inclusive column, and the All-Inclusive fees are fully disclosed and must be acknowledged before confirming the resort. Others may offer optional all-inclusive package upgrades, but they vary in cost and availability by resort. You will need to check directly with the resort that you book to find out if they offer an all-inclusive package upgrade and if so, what their fees will be. Q. If I book a resort and change my mind about the room or dates, can I change my reservation? A. Once you've booked a resort, your reservation is considered FINAL and therefore non-changeable and non-refundable. So please, plan / book carefully!

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Microsoft Word - WRI FAQ 11-06-11.doc
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