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Director's Corner

I directed my first show for the Kaua'i Community Players in Hawaii in 1986; it was Woody Allen's delightful embassy comedy, Don't Drink The Water. And it wasn't a pleasant experience. We put on a good show, but certainly not because of my efforts. For me personally, it was no fun at all and I decided I would be a happy actor and producer, and I swore I would never take on the job of Director again. And this, 23 years later, was the next opportunity. I thought of running in the opposite direction as fast as I could. But when they offered the project to me, the Stage Right board promised that I would enjoy a level of support I never knew existed. Lights, sound, costumes, stage management, everything would be taken care of and I would just have to come and work with the actors. A dream gig! I still should have run away...because it is never, ever, ever that easy. But I must say that absolutely every step of the way, I have gotten everything I asked for. The Stage Right board asked me for a creative vision, then got behind absolutely every facet of it. I don't think I ever heard a `no' through the entire process. Even when I asked if we could do flash pots: Jim Bingham not only allowed them, he showed us how! The biggest surprise came for me at the auditions: 53 actors tried out for this show. Culling that group to the 24 cast members you'll see onstage is the hardest work I've ever done. I wish we could have used every one. It goes without saying that this show could not have happened were it not for the hard and often brilliant work of the actors, the Stage Right and Crighton Theater Foundation boards, and the crew members you'll see credited elsewhere in this program. I'd also like to acknowledge the playwright, Christopher Durang, who actually answers e-mails and was a huge help. Two other people, my friends Don Hampton and W Ryan Willingham, have mentored me more than they realize and contributed to this show on more levels than they could know. If you enjoy the show, it is only because of the people around me. If it's all my fault. Jeff Elkins

Board of Trustees

Mike Goode Molly Goode Greg Kelly Katt Gilcrease Thomas Lockhart Jr. Amy Sowers Carolyn Corsano Wong Steven Wong Webmaster ­ Mackenzie Goode

Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge


The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future ...... Carolyn Wong Ebeneezer Scrooge ......................................................Thomas Lockhart Mrs. Bob Cratchit ........................................................Melissa Singleton Bob Cratchit ................................................................Katt Gilcrease Tiny Tim ......................................................................Mackenzie Goode Little Nell Cratchit ......................................................Kendra Kelly* Cratchit Child 1 ...........................................................Payton Russell Cratchit Child 2 ...........................................................Mac Johnson* Gentleman, Kenneth Lay ............................................Tony Knepper Gentleman, Jeffrey Skilling ........................................Charles Williams Jacob Marley's Ghost ..................................................Quint Bishop Young Jacob Marley ...................................................Sally Johnson* Young Ebeneezer Scrooge ..........................................Rayne Brown* Mr. Fezziwig, The Beadle, Edvar ................................W. Ryan Willingham Mrs. Fezziwig, Beadle's Wife, Hedwig ......................Maredith Zaritski Fezziwig Daughters ..................................................... Kayla Gillam Brandy Lee Bartender ..................................................................... Nick Barfield Clarence (the angel) ....................................................Dan Tippen George Bailey .............................................................Tony Knepper Zuzu Bailey ................................................................. Amber Navarra Monica (the angel) ...................................................... Maredith Zaritski Tess (the angel) ........................................................... Renee Scott The Nice Mrs. Cratchit ............................................... Renee Cannon Serena the maid ........................................................... Oriana Lee Crowd........................................................................... Charlie Johnson Katherine Navarra Oleta A. Baldridge

*Bravo Company member

There will be a 15 minute intermission between acts. Food & Drink only in the lobby, Please!

NICK BARFIELD (Bartender) currently lays his head to rest in the rapidly growing town of Montgomery, Texas. Nick has been involved with the theater for the last year and a half, starting with backstage duties and a walk-on part as a caterer in The Uninvited and additional backstage work with last year's Christmas musical Scrooge.

Cast Biographies

QUINT BISHOP (Marley's Ghost) makes his first appearance on the Crighton stage. He is no stranger to Theatre, however. He holds a BFA and an MA in Theatre. He started acting in earnest in 1973 and since then, he has been involved with nearly 140 productions. Among his favorite roles are Nunzio Christano, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Henry Horatio Hobson, Matthew Harrison Brady, and Sir John Falstaff. He was last seen in Rocky Horror Show at ACE Theatre. He has performed and directed in many Theaters in the Houston Area as well as in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and his native Utah, Some shows he has directed include The Sins Of Sor Juana, Leading Ladies, Death Of A Salesman, All My Sons and To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday. Quint is happy to be here at the Crighton and hopes this will be the first play in many yet to come. Break a leg guys. RAYNE BROWN (Young Ebeneezer Scrooge) is 12 years old and has been studying theatre for 6 years. She has been in several plays such as The Princess and the Pea (leprechaun), Romeo and Harriet (Vinnie), Westward Whoa (Alibi Crabtree), and more! She also enjoys playing the piano and filmmaking. RENEE CANNON (The Nice Mrs. Cratchit) caught the acting bug about three years ago and has been active on stage ever since. The challenges and joys that each role gives her are what keeps her coming back for more! Some of the plays she's been in include A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Tea House of the August Moon, M*A*S*H, Daddy's D'yin, Who's Got the Will? (Sara Lee), Miracle on 34th Street (Miss Adams), My Fair Lady, The Buddy Holly Story (Vi Petty.), A Christmas Carol, the Musical, Annie Get Your Gun and Southern Hospitality (Rhonda Lynn Lampley). In the fall Renee had the opportunity to be cast in a small independent film called Junie's Leverage. Even though filming the movie was a lot of fun and a great learning experience, the stage is where her heart is. Renee grew up in Houston, but has lived and worked in The Woodlands for many years. She teaches kindergarten at Galatas Elementary, and loves her job! Renee' has two sons, Marcus and Mitchell, who are attending college in Houston. They are her biggest fans and they have always encouraged her to step out and explore the world of acting!

KATT GILCREASE (Bob Cratchit) Some of you may remember Katt as Frank Gilbreth in Cheaper by the Dozen or as Dub Dubberly (aka Santa Clause) in Stage Right's debut production Christmas Belles. Katt has appeared in many stage, commercial, television, and movie productions winning a best actor award for his portrayal of Cpt. Noah Hart in the reality based T.V. series Suspect to Superstar: A Family Feud. Two of Katt's latest films Tree of Life starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt and Up and Down, a Cannes Film Festival hopeful, will have their national release in 2010. Some of Katt's favorite roles include Cpt. Arthur Keller; The Miracle Worker, Jonathan Brewster; Arsenic and Old Lace, Geoffrey; The Lion in Winter, Will Stockdale; No Time for Sergeants, and Frank Gilbreth; Cheaper by the Dozen. Katt wishes to thank Stage Right and Jeff Elkins for this opportunity, and always Susan. KAYLA GILLAM (Fezziwig daughter) is making her debut on the Crighton stage. When she's not onstage you can find Kayla at Chili's.

MACKENZIE GOODE (Tiny Tim) started acting in 2004 in the Crighton Kidz production of Shakespeare Comes to Calamity Creek. He has since been seen on stage numerous times following that in such shows as: The Homecoming (Birdshot), M*A*S*H (Ho-Jon), Miracle on 34th Street (Jim) and Romeo and Harriet (Mercutio). Mackenzie is enrolled in the Humphreys School of Musical Theatre, takes dance from Arthur Murray dance studios, takes voice from Robert Collett, and currently acts as webmaster for STAGE RIGHT. W. RYAN WILLINGHAM (The Ghost of Past/Present/Future) is from North Shore in the Houston area and he simply loves Christmas. His first stage performance was singing "Away in a Manger" at the O.S.T. Baptist church at age 5 and his most recent Christmas role was Fezziwig in the musical Scrooge. He has also played a Wiseman, a Shepard, and Freddy, Scrooge's nephew in addition to many other fantastic Christmas roles over the years. His only regret is not to have played the baby Jesus, a role his younger brother received at the O.S.T Baptist church when W. was age 5. CHARLIE JOHNSON (Townsperson) started acting with Crighton Kidz and he is a founding member of Stage Right's Bravo Company. He has performed in Christmas Belles (terrified child) and various showcases. Charlie is 7 years old and attends Buckalew Elementary School where he will be entering first grade. Along with acting, Mac enjoys reading, computers, action heros, and playing outside. Charlie lives in The Woodlands with his parents, sister and brother. MAC JOHNSON (Cratchit Child 2) started acting with

Crighton Kidz and is also a founding member of Stage Right's Bravo Company. He has performed in Cheaper by the Dozen (Dan Gilbreth), Christmas Belles (terrified child), and various showcases and school programs. He is 8 years old and attends Buckalew Elementary School where he will be entering second grade. Along with acting, Mac enjoys reading, Legos, playing outside and sports. Mac lives in The Woodlands with his parents, sister and brother. SALLY JOHNSON (Young Jacob Marley) is overjoyed to be in a Christmas show at the gorgeous Crighton Theatre. She feels blessed to be able to work with such a nice cast and crew. Sally has been involved in six shows at the Crighton Theatre including Romeo and Harriet (Gregory), Westward Whoa (Judy), Christmas Belles (terrified child), Cheaper by the Dozen (Assistant Stage Manager), Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton (concessions), and Southern Hospitality (stage hand). Sally has also played in Alice in Wonderland (Alice) in a theatre camp and has been in other various school and camp plays. Sally is in the fifth grade and lives with her parents and brothers in the Woodlands. She is a member of Stage Right's Bravo Company and enjoys reading and volleyball. She gives a big hug to her mom, Tanya, for all of the support and transportation. KENDRA KELLY (Little Nell Cratchit) was seen previously in Annie Get Your Gun (showgirl) and The Buddy Holly Story (dancer), Romeo and Harriet (Harriet), Miracle on 34th Street (princess / photographer), Jack and the Beanstalk (farmer), Westward Whoa (Honey Hamm), A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley (beggar child) and more. She enjoys singing, ballet, and piano. TONY KNEPPER (George Bailey) was seen previously in Miss Saigon (detective) and A Few Good Men (Cpl. Thomas). He also works backstage (The Uninvited, Miss Saigon). He has 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Tony has been a builder and remodeler for 33 years and likes to jog, ski, and boat. When possible he likes to help out on mission trips and volunteer projects. BRANDY LEE (Fezziwig daughter) is also making her debut on the Crighton stage. If you want to find Brandy, ask Kayla. ORIANA LEE (Serena the maid, Fezziwig daughter) is appearing in her second Christmas show. She made her theatre debut at the Owen Theatre as a Fezziwig daugher and chorus member in the Player's production of Scrooge. Oriana is a student at Montgomery Junior High, a proud big sister to Gwen, and a loving owner of her spoiled kitty, Onyx. She has done many reading plays with her school, her favorite being the role of Amelia Earhardt. THOMAS E. LOCKHART JR. (Scrooge) Tom last appeared on the Crighton stage in Vaudeville (Finally)

Comes to the Crighton and Southern Hospitality. Previous shows include A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Teahouse of the August Moon, My Fair Lady, The Uninvited, and his favorite role of Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th St. where he learned that makeup can really change your appearance. AMBER NAVARRA (Zuzu Bailey) is a Kindergarten student at The John Cooper School. She made her first big debut on stage this past fall playing Tam in Miss Saigon. She has appeared in FOTW's performances of Miracle on Main Street and King of the Jungle. She loves to dance and has made her way to stage performing this past spring in the John Cooper School's performance: A Celebration of Life. She is very excited to be a part of this fun cast and thankful to God and her family for allowing her the opportunities she has. PAYTON RUSSELL (Cratchit Child1) is a 4th grade student at The John Cooper School. She has been involved in theater, dance and singing for over 6 years. Payton performed in Miracle on 34th Street and Scrooge with the Players, various Class Act performances including Oliver, The Aristocrats, 101 Dalmatians, and Broadway Review, as well as DLP's production of Willy Wonka. She is currently part of Class Act's traveling group, Overture. She has also performed in various school performances including Wackadoo Zoo and Stone Soup. She has been very active at Fellowship of The Woodlands appearing in Miracle on Main Street, King of the Jungle, Fear Not Factor, Joseph from the Pit to the Palace, and Three Wise Men and a Baby. Payton enjoys reading and spending time with her little sister and her family. She hopes to get a good education and go to college to become a veterinarian while spending her free time performing. She would like to continue pursuing roles in a wide variety of theaters. She enjoys the stage and would like to develop her love for the theater even further. She is so thankful for all of the blessings God has given her. She is also very thankful to her family who keeps her focused and helps to guide her to be the person God wants her to be. RENEE SCOTT (Tess the angel) Renee's previous roles include Mrs. Cratchit in Scrooge the Musical and Mrs. Clairee in Steel Magnolias. She sang in the chorus of Annie Get Your Gun. During the day she works in Speech Language Pathology for Conroe ISD. MELISSA SINGLETON (Mrs. Bob Cratchit) Melissa Singleton is in the midst of her second year in the Conroe theatre community, her most recent role being Rowena in Biloxi Blues. Her previous roles have included Mrs. Gilbreth in Cheaper by the Dozen, Miss Holloway in The Uninvited and Shirley/Chorus in The Buddy Holly Story. Melissa also experienced backstage work in both Scrooge and Wait Until Dark. She is the proud mother of Oriana and Gwen and cannot wait to share the stage for the first time with her daughter Oriana and her boyfriend Nick.

THE STATESMEN CHORUS (Barbershop Quartets) is one of over 800 chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society with an extensive a cappella repertoire, and maintains a continuing commitment to preserving and singing in the barbershop harmony style. Their music appeals to audiences of all ages and they have been performing for audiences in Harris and Montgomery counties since the chapter's founding in 1982. Janet Burnett, the Statesmen Music Director, is a life-long "barbershopper", and is one of very few women directors associated with the Barbershop Harmony Society. DAN TIPPEN (Clarence the angel) lives in New Waverly with his wife Helen. Since retiring from Harris County CSCD in 2006 has actively participated in theater. He was a Muleteer in Man of La Mancha; Mr. Duecht in The Buddy Holly Story; one of the Goodfellows in Scrooge the Musical, and the Asst. Commisar in Miss Saigon. He is currently an adjunct professor with the Lone Star College system, member of the Tree of Life Lutheran, and Walker County Master Gardener. CHARLES WILLIAMS (Gentleman, Jeffrey Skilling) is proud to be making his debut with Stage Right for this play. He is no stranger to the theatre world having been with Houston Grand Opera as an extra for 25 years. He spent 5 years with Country Playhouse in Houston in many backstage areas. He has appeared in the Conroe theatre scene in 4 plays with the Players. By day, he has worked in Houston in patient registration/insurance verification for Methodist Hospital for 35 years. He thanks his best friends Jason, Jon and David for their support. CAROLYN CORSANO WONG (The Ghost of Past/ Present/Future) has had the pleasure of performing on the stage of the historic Crighton Theatre numerous times. She was last seen as Fanny Brice in Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton. Carolyn finds no greater satisfaction than making people laugh: so many of her favorite credits include comedies such as Noises Off (Quad C), Arsenic & Old Lace (ACE Theatre, CP), Exit the Body (ACE Theatre) and Moon Over Buffalo (ICT, and Playhouse 1960). Chemist by day and actress by night, Carolyn is also a founder of STAGE RIGHT, the VP of Artistic Staff, wife to husband Steve and Mom to Michael. She and her beloved dog Harley are proud members of the Montgomery Pet Partners. She dedicates this show to Glen Lambert. MAREDITH ZARITSKI (Mrs. Fezziwig, Beadle's Wife, Hedwig, Costumer) has been in many shows including the premier of Armchair Texas (Angie), The Fantasticks (Louisa), Quilters (Jody), Once Upon a Mattress (Winnifred), Oklahoma (Ado Annie), Grease (Frenchy), Annie Get Your Gun (Winnie Tate), and most recently as Poppy Norton-Taylor in Noises Off. Maredith is a student at Sam Houston State University majoring in Theatre.

Cast & Crew

Oleta Baldridge

Nick Barfield

Quint Bishop

Rayne Brown

Renee Cannon

Jeff Elkins

Katt Gilcrease

Kayla Gillam

Mackenzie Goode

Mike Goode

Angela Graves Charlie Johnson Mac Johnson

Sally Johnson

Kendra Kelly

Tony Knepper

Brandy Lee

Oriana Lee Gerald Livingston Tom Lockhart

Amber Navarra

Katherine Navarra

Payton Russell

Robert Schlembach

Renee Scott

Melissa Singleton

Rob Sisco

Dan Tippen

Charles Williams

W. Ryan Willingham Carolyn Corsano Wong Maredith Zaritski

JAMES BINGHAM (Technical Director) Executive Director of The Crighton Theatre Foundation for the past 19 years, Jim was last seen on the Crighton stage in Southern Hospitality and as the Commander in South Pacific. His most notable role here was as Oscar in The Odd Couple. Jim has been involved with theatre for over 35 years in shows ranging from Aida to 1776. Welcome to the Crighton! JEFF ELKINS (Director) has produced and performed on stages as diverse as the Lihue Parish Hall in Kaua'i, Hawaii, and the Schubert Theater in Century City, LA, over a 45-year theatrical career that began at age 7. He has been seen numerous times on the Crighton stage, most recently as the deejay Hipockets Duncan last year in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, but is directing in this historic venue for the first time. MIKE GOODE (Assistant Director) Mike has occasionally performed on stage (Arsenic and Old Lace) and has helped with concessions, lights, props, curtains, ringing the gong and most recently as a kid wrangler backstage during Cheaper by the Dozen and working lights for Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton. MOLLY GOODE (Stage Manager) Molly has handled back stage duties at the Crighton Theatre ranging from kid wrangling to assistant stage manager and most recently as stage manager for The Buddy Holly Story and Christmas Belles. Molly is renowned for making sure that no cast or crew was ever hungry during the making of any production she is involved in. ANGELA MYERS GRAVES (Choreographer) began her dance training at the early age of five with Harlingen, TX. Dance instructor Frances Jennings Schofield. Graduated Sam Houston State Univ. 1971, BAT, dance and physical education. Owner/operator Angela Myers Academy of Dance 1979-1995. Volunteered as a chorographer/performer with shows at the Crighton Theatre since 1981 with shows including Guys and Dolls, Picnic, Chicken Every Sunday, Man of La Mancha, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Red, White, and Hot. She has lent her talents to the Walden Follies since 1989. She is a past board member of Montgomery County Performing Arts Society and The Walden Follies. She is married to Jim Graves living at beautiful Villa Graves and has a daughter, Ashley Myers Hancock (owner of Honey Bee Ham) and son, Zachary Myers, a San Diego realtor. She owns two home-based businesses, Doncaster Fashions, and Isagenix, consulting for health and weight loss. GREG KELLY (Set Design) Greg is a founder of STAGE RIGHT and has served as technical direc-

Technical Staff

tor and set designer for Christmas Belles, Love Letters, Southern Hospitality, Cheaper By the Dozen, and Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton. Greg's experiences also include several onstage roles (preacher in Arsenic and Old Lace), serving as a musical director on several occasions, and many times working the backstage prior to, and during plays, musicals and concerts. He is a mathematics teacher at Moorehead Junior High in Conroe and serves as the Minister of Music at the River Pointe Baptist Church, also in Conroe. GERALD LIVINGSTON (Props) is no stranger to the Crighton having played many roles in plays and musicals. Some of his previous shows include My Fair Lady and Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton. ROGER ORMISTON (Lighting Design) has been involved with theatre for over 35 years. Performed on-stage in numerous productions as well as nearly every backstage role. Served on the Crighton Players board of directors three times, once as Secretary and once as President. Created the Crighton Players web site and was their first webmaster. Currently involved with lighting design, setup and programming for both the Crighton and the Owen theatres. SARAH ROBERTS (Front of House) is one of the smiling faces that greet you in the lobby of the Crighton Theatre. She has worked the front of house and backstage in many capacities, especially when her daughters, Amanda and Susan are onstage.

ROBERT SCHLEMBACH (Assistant Director) is seventeen and has worked on and been in several plays including Nativity Story (Baby Jesus), Merry Christmas Charlie Brown (Linus), Come Alive (Roman soldier and Tech producer), Competition Piece (Sarah), Noises Off (Tim Alsgood, set crew), Scrooge (Young Ebenezer, Nephew Fred), Annie Get Your Gun (Cowboy and Cossack), Once Upon A Mattress (set crew), The Man Who Came To Dinner (set crew) and Twilight Zone: The Time Element (Ensign, Captain Franklin, sound crew). Other than performing on the stage, he has a passion for directing, editing, and acting in his own movies. Out of theater, he enjoys writing and being the drummer for several rock bands. He is very excited to be the assistant director to such a great cast, and sincerely hopes that everyone enjoys the show. ROB SISCO (Sound) was born in Winchendon, MA thirty years ago. He is the youngest of 3 brothers, a chemical engineer by training, and an avid comic book collector. This is Rob's first time working as a sound engineer in a theatrical performance and is

very thankful to Stage Right for the opportunity and looks forward to participating in future Stage Right performances. AMY SOWERS (Costumer) has performed in many productions over the past fifteen years. Favorite roles include Elaine in The Miss Firecracker Contest, Mary in How the Other Half Loves, Pamela in The Uninvited, and Marmee in Little Women. She was most recently seen as a dancer in Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton. Amy has been cast in an Internet series, Sessions with Amy was recently cast in an independent film Renaissance of Death! JIM TATUM (Sound Designer) has a daughter who had the leading female role in Fantastics. She asked me if I would do some behind the scenes work for the director. I did, and then later I was asked to build a set piece for 1776. I did. Later I was asked to work back stage for A Flea In Her Ear. From here you can see that my performing career was on a roll. Then I was contacted by the director of It's A Wonderful Life to work the sound board and sound equipment for her show. I have now worked sound and sound design for over 25 shows. I alternate working shows at the Crighton Theatre and the Owen Theatre. I also work children's shows and road shows at the theatres. I am retired and I have a great job working at the theatres. STEVEN `WILDMAN' WONG (Lights and Producer) started his "career" on the stage 35 years ago as a drapery consultant. Previous shows include Quilters, The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, and Stephanie Hero while in Plano, TX where he spent many seemingly sleepless nights working tech after the actors went home. His memory is so bad he has refused parts with lines so he doesn't have to remember what to say. Now he gets to try out the new light board while staying close to his family ­ onstage and off.

Letter from the President

"When I'm worried and I can't sleep I count my blessings instead of sheep And I fall asleep counting my blessings When my bankroll is getting small I think of when I had none at all And I fall asleep counting my blessings" - Irving Berlin While we have created a light-hearted view of the season through a parody of Christmas classics with "Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge" we know that the past year has been a difficult one for many in the Montgomery County area. That is why we have opted to continue with the food bank drives for the holidays. To date we have collected over 700 lbs of food. Last year we worked with Interfaith to collect toys. The need is great and we ask your help to make the holidays a little brighter for our neighbors. The meaning of Christmas was best summed up by Raynerd Chisum's character in Christmas Belles when he recalls the nativity scene in the same way Linus retells Christ's birth in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Looking back over the past year we reminisce about events that went well and friends that we have lost such as Glen Lambert, director of the Vaudeville show. Christ's birth is a poignant reminder to embrace hope even in the most difficult of times. We are glad that the Crighton is part of your holiday traditions and pray you will have a safe and prosperous New Year. Best Regards,

Steven Wong

ACE Theatre for the furniture and being one of the first theatres to answer the call for a more supportive arts scene. Peggie Miller, Doc Fennessy, Craig Jones, Brad Meyer and Ozzy Osborne for getting the word out about the show Kim Kelly for being the welcoming voice of the Crighton box office Katt Gilcrease for construction of props and set pieces Tania Johnson for her help with anything that needs doing Kimber Sadler for the photos of the show

Show Supporters

TSF Inc-Producer Molly & Mike Goode-Director · Jim & Angela Graves-Director Karen & Mike Olson-Stage Manager · Dr. Bruce & Mimi Bastian-Actor

Corporate Sponsors and Underwriters:

Season Subscribers

Mark & Jackie Jackson Duane & Beulah Jordan Terry Keeling Jo Keller Garlaine & Emmett Kelly Paul & Peggy Knapp Suzanne Koepke Sheralyn Kussman Steven Jones Ellen & Bill Lackey Jan & Jim Larson Henry & Kaye Lartigue Karen & Charles Laukaitus Jim & Kathy Linse Ron & Myra Liston* Margorie Love Troy Marler Sandy & Guy Martin Sandra Matson Faye McAdams Jean McCarthy Mike & Pat McClemore Donald & Norma McClure* Troy & Linda McCrary Brad Meyer Ray & Barbara Mildren George & Harriet Miles Cliff & Peggie Miller Perry Miller Phyllis Molnar Ron & Sandy Myers Mary Meyers Donald Niepoetter Betty Norton Bessie & Jerry O'Brien Karen Olson Ozzy & Susan Osborne Phil & Phyllis Palmer

Thanks to our season subscribers who have shown their trust in us and allow us to bring you entertainment at the historic Crighton Theatre.

Charles & Jean Abernathy Joyce & David Alff Jan & Dan Allen Doug & Carol Aycock Jackie Barker Charles & Elizabeth Barry Dr. Bruce & Mimi Bastian Pamela Bazan* Jack Bechtel Bruce & Mary Beckham John Benes David Dow Bentley III Myra Marie Berryhill Dee & John Berryman Steve & Jean Biespiel* James Bingham Kevin & Beverly Blair Barbara Blom Richard & Penny Bloom William Breitenbach Vern & Carol Broz Diana & Dwayne Brush Sandra Butler Margo & Powell Campbell Shirley & Don Carpenter Bobby & Cynthia Carter Marilyn Cason Suzanne Chambers Carolyn Childers J. Stan Cillesse Jubilant Cargo Company Claude & Joyce Cooke Stephen & Karan Crooks Bill Crowl* Clyde Cruikshank Connie & Larry Danley Barbara DeWitz Darin Dillon

*indicates original season subscriber

Harvey & Karen Dorland Sandy Dotson Jos & Aart Dronkers Ken & Debbie Dunbar Stephanie Ecuyer Bobby & Cynthia Elliott Jay Elms Bob & Pat Evans Roberta Evans Barbara Faith Doc & Carol Fennessy Marvelle & Gene Finch Bob Fitch Richard & Dee Gentzel Denise & David Gilbertson Seth Gilley* Ms. Len Goldmann Mike & Molly Goode Jim & Angela Graves Tom Grayson Rudy Grothe David & Debbie Hairel Charle & Betty Harrell Lynn Hawthorne Joyce Heine Elaine Herod Robert & Ruth Hille B. J. Hinson Bill & Maria Hoffman Kathy Hollar Francine Hope Dr. D. Sue Horne James & Judy Horshok Sarita Hudson Russ & Jane Huson Ronald & Gail Inferrera Karen Ives Bob & Theata Jackson

Nancy Penny Scott & Susan Porter Virginia Porter Lee Pruitt Kit Randolph Kay Richards Valerie Rieke Sandy Ritchie Sarah Roberts Marie Romig Bea Rouse Eva Rusler Betty Rutter Karen Scott Kathy Sellstrom Tommy & Debbie Shelton Evelyn & Danny Shephard Maroline Sherry Cynthia Simper Nancy Suehs Nancy & Rusty Smith George & Amy Sowers Patricia Tankersley* Marty & Warren Taylor* Linda Thomas Jo Tibbetts Lou & Micki Tichacek Jean & Clayton Todd Frank & Robin Toms Carol VanErt Kenneth Vornsand John & Sandy Wagner Margaret Walters Jim & Sylvia Wiggins Larry Winters Ray & Dorothy Woodall August Wunderlich Chris & Gert Ziegler

· "Idea of the Year.""SuperSlow®Exercisewillmakemost impactonmankind'shealthforthenextcentury"-New YorkTimes. · ConroenativeKenHutchinsdirectedtheworld'scornerstone osteoporosisstudyandistheworld'sleadingexercise researcher. · Benefitnowbyusingourcustomlow-frictionmachines designedbyKenforthehumananatomywithtrue resistance. · Theonlywindowintothebody'sothersystems(skeletal, respiratory,circulatory,nervous,digestive),isthroughthe muscularsystem. · Managedw/participative-groupstylebySteveKasmiersky, MissiFletcher,KathyHutchinsDaniel,Kam&VickieHutchins.

2009-2010 Season

Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton!

For the 75th birthday bash for the Crighton Theatre STAGE RIGHT will do what has never been done before at the Crighton - a vaudeville show! Singing, comedy acts, magic, and more! Sept. 11-27, 2009

Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge

by Christopher Durang A farcical send-up of the perennial Dickens Christmas classic with jabs at other Christmas classics. If you're looking for Scrooge's redemption - look elsewhere. If you just want a good laugh, then join us! Dec.4-19, 2009


Music & lyrics by Cole Porter Benny Green & Alan Strachan's mixture of biography and song celebrating the life of Cole Porter. Don't miss this swellagant party! Feb 19-Mar. 7, 2010

Dearly Beloved

by Jones, Hope, Wooten The first in the trilogy that started it all! The Futrelle sisters are throwing a wedding ­ Fayro style! Someone should tell the bride and groom. Apr. 16-May 2, 2010


by Meehan, Strouse & Charnin Leapin' Lizards! The popular comic strip heroine takes centerstage in one of the world's best-loved musicals. July 23-August 8, 2010



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