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Life and health in all their dimensions--medical, biological, and social--are the sciences around which Université Bordeaux Segalen has built its identity. The university places humankind at the center of its project and organizes its educational offerings into three broad fields: (i) biology and health; (ii) sciences and technology; and (iii) humanities and social science. The biology and health cluster is unique in the Aquitaine region. Accounting for half of the university's enrollment, it is based on a world-renowned research program. Today, Université Bordeaux Segalen is a vital member of the Université de Bordeaux system, one of the leading higher education and research clusters in France. That cluster is made up of four universities, an institute of political science (Sciences Po Bordeaux), and the Bordeaux polytechnic institute. Major fields of study · Humanities and social sciences: psychology, sociology, education, anthropology · Biology and health: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, paramedical occupations, life sciences, balneology · Sciences and technology: applied mathematics and social sciences, enology · Physical education and athletics Research Through the research it performs, Université Bordeaux Segalen contributes to major medical and scientific advances. The research program is organized around 5 themes: neurosciences; public health and society; basic and medical biology; integrative biology and ecology; and health technologies. The significance of the university's research is by no means limited to France. The university is engaged in numerous European and international research programs. Strengths Individual attention to international students Courses in French as a foreign language Student dining facilities on campus Center city campus Location The university's two main campuses (Carreire and Victoire) are located in the center of Bordeaux close to modern, efficient services that simplify daily life: public transportation, wireless Internet, on-campus dining options, a rich cultural program, high-performance athletic facilities, and numerous student clubs and associations.


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Université Bordeaux Segalen Public Bordeaux 21 474 2000 · Licence · Master · Doctorate · Other national diplomas and of university Yes No Yes 146, rue Léo Saignat ­ 33076 Bordeaux cedex

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Université Bordeaux Segalen

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