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This edition of the reStart Report celebrates over a year of our work, from January 2009 to June 2010

Summer 2010

A Year of Essential Services and Programs

Kansas City Project Hope

The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which includes $1.5 billion for a national Homelessness Prevention Fund. reStart is the lead agency for the Northeast Service Center, one of four designated sites for the City of Kansas City, Missouri's HPRP contract. reStart received an award of $1.2 million ($3.6 million was awarded to 10 agencies). In partnership with Don Bosco Center and Guadalupe Centers, reStart provides homeless prevention and rapid re-housing services to more than 700 households. To date we have served 232 households in the HPRP program.

reStart Annual Report Volume 18, Issue 2



Kansas City Project Hope provides assistance through rent and security deposits for new or existing tenants who meet specific HUD guidelines. HPRP is based on the "Housing ARTS AT RESTART First" model: reduce and end homelessness (i.e., provide stable housing) then connect individuals with services and case management. Research indicates this model can dra- VOLUNTEERING & "FUN" RAISING matically decrease recidivism.

Case Story: April* is a 26 year old woman with a daughter who is seven. April has been RESTART VALUES and homeless three times in three years. April has worked as a CNA periodically, but her education stopped at the 8th grade. She lost her housing through several domestic vio- MISSION STATEMENT lence incidents complicated by her bipolar/borderline personality disorder, which was un-medicated for a period of time. At times through her crisis, April's sister cared for her daughter. When April was accepted into the HPRP program, she created a goal plan that included addressing her mental health crisis, seeking employment and working toward her GED. April followed her goal plan--she received a mental health assessment, got on medication and is now working through our MODOT program to achieve stable housing. With a home through HPRP and a job, mother and daughter now are reunited. April's future is hopeful--she is working to become a full-time employed driver for MODOT. She seeks guidance from her HPRP case manager when things get difficult and this extra counsel and encouragement helps her to keep her housing stable as she continues building a better future for herself and her daughter. For those who struggle as April has, reStart is here to help them achieve and maintain stability.



Find out how you can support reStart on page 10.

April at work through the MODOT program. For more information on the MODOT program, see page 11.

2009 Year in Review

A Message from the Board Chair & Executive Director

Dear Friends, In many ways, 2009 was a very sobering year. The downturn in the economy resulted in dramatic losses in college and retirement savings, lost jobs, and families facing the threat of losing their homes. Many families, who had taken a job, a home, a family dinner for granted, are now facing the challenge of meeting their most basic needs. Part of our society faces this reality everyday. Where will I spend the night? Will I be able to keep my family dry and warm? Where will we get our next meal? Will I be able to find a job? What does the future hold for me and my family? These are the basic needs of the people we serve every day. Our 2009 outreach to the community was overwhelming. 7,500 persons were served, including 335 families and over 3,000 children. Through our wide range of services, we provided over 102,000 bed nights for the homeless in Kansas City. These numbers are a testament of the impact we are having in ending homelessness in Kansas City. They are also an indication of how real the homelessness problem is in Kansas City. In 2009, eight of our programs had a double digit increase compared to 2008. Six of our programs had an increase of 30% or more: Permanent Housing for Adults Family Emergency Shelter Family Transitional Living Youth Emergency Shelter Youth Transitional Living Teen Hotline Calls 32% 31% 30% 40% 35% 34%

reStart Board of Directors 2010

Executive Committee Dirk Schafer, Chair, JE Dunn Construction Barbara J. Mueth, Vice Chair, Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics John Kinney, Secretary, Attorney at Law Jill S. Hammond, Treasurer, El Centro, Inc. Directors Evelyn E. Craig, reStart, Inc. Sarah Klein, Lockton Companies Leah Kraft, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLP Norma McKelvy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Barry Rogers, GENESYS Julie Schoemehl Kenlie, Inc. Rob Smith, Hallmark Cards, Inc. Tim Stepp, The Kansas City Neurosurgery Group, LLC

2009 Revenues--$3,039,612

United Way 4%

Religious Groups 1%

Special Events 2%

Individuals 3% Corporations 4% Foundations 21% Renovations/ Other 2%

Government Grants 63%

Our mission--most simply put--is to get men, women, children and families "off the street and on their feet." Thank you for your contribution to help us meet our vision each and every day, for the tireless dedication of our staff, volunteers, donors and advocates for continuing to serve those who are in desperate and unprecedented need of our help.


2009 Expenses--$3,139,219

Health Care Program 8% Administrative 12% Homeless Services Development Center 8% 12% Family Emergency Shelter 5%

Dirk Schafer Board Chair

Evelyn E. Craig, MA, CFRE Executive Director

Mental Health Program 12% Permanent Housing Adult 11% Transitional Living 8%

Family Transitional Living 11%

Overnight Emergency Shelter 11%

Youth Emergency Shelter 10% Youth Transitional 1%

Page 2

reStart Annual Report

2009 Service Statistics

ALL PROGRAMS Total Bednights (all programs) Total Unique Individuals Served ALL PROGRAMS--RACE Black White Multiple Races Other ALL PROGRAMS--ETHNICITY Hispanic Non-Hispanic ALL PROGRAMS--GENDER Male Female ALL PROGRAMS--AGE Under 19 20 to 29 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 60 plus EMERGENCY SHELTER FAMILIES Unduplicated Families Served Unduplicated Adults Served Unduplicated Youth Served Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights SUPPORTIVE HOUSING FAMILIES Unduplicated Families Served Unduplicated Adults Served Unduplicated Youth Served Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights TRANSITIONAL LIVING FAMILIES Unduplicated Families Served Unduplicated Adults Served Unduplicated Youth Served Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights 102,233 7,501 YOUTH EMERGENCY SHELTER Unduplicated Females Unduplicated Males Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bed Nights 59% 24% 14% 3% Total Hotline Calls Total Teen Talk YOUTH TRANSITIONAL LIVING Unduplicated Males Served Unduplicated Females Served 3% 97% Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights SINGLE ADULT TRANSITIONAL LIVING 62% 38% Unduplicated Males Served Unduplicated Females Served Unduplicated Individuals Served HOPWA Clients 24% 22% 25% 21% 7% 1% Total Bednights HOMELESS SERVICES CENTER Unduplicated Males Served Unduplicated Females Served Total Individuals Served SINGLE ADULT EMERGENCY SHELTER Unduplicated Males Served Unduplicated Females Served Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights A NEW START PERMANENT HOUSING 21 27 35 62 12,196 Unduplicated Males Unduplicated Females Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights VOCATIONAL LIVING CENTER Unduplicated Males 97 134 194 328 28,482 Unduplicated Females Served Unduplicated Individuals Served Total Bednights 11 9 20 3,318 13 8 21 5,691 59 41 100 36 11,235 108 80 188 2,116 532 1,752

11 4 15 1,530

1,853 1,088 2,941

214 305 372 677 10,420

898 343 1,241 27,235

reStart Annual Report

Page 3


reStart is currently undergoing renovations to our facility to meet the health and safety needs of our guests. As the needs of women, youth and families with children have increased our programs must evolve to meet those needs and create safe space for the people in our care. When complete, renovations will include a new kitchen and communal dining room, more space in the family emergency shelter to serve more families, increased safety and capacity in the overnight shelter, improved single adult transitional housing, and more safety and security features to our 90+ year-old facility.

Campaign Cabinet

Bill Dunn, Sr., Honorary Chair Bob Dunn, Working Chair Diane Botwin Olivia Dorsey Sally Firestone Karen Herman Steve Metzler Dianna Smith We are excited to share that we have 100 percent Board particiKarl Zobrist

The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has issued a $620,000 challenge grant to reStart, Inc. towards our facility renovations. To date, we have secured $241,583 in new pledges--but we still need to raise $682,581 in new pledges by January 2011 to meet the challenge grant. Pledges made over three to five years can be counted towards the challenge grant, regardless of the date the pledge payout begins. Naming opportunities are available--for a schedule of opportunities contact [email protected] or call 816-472-5664 x240. pation -- our board members were among the first individuals to make pledges towards our Mabee challenge grant! Thank you! For more details, see our upcoming Summer newsletter!



Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation BKD Foundation John C.. Griswold Foundation R.A. Long Foundation Robert Fitch Banker Designated Charitable Trust The Sunderland Foundation The Sosland Foundation Thomas Watson Family Foundation Weber Family Foundation Victor E.. Speas Foundation William T. Kemper Foundation

Lockton Companies, Inc. Mark One Electric Company, Inc. Metzler Brothers Insurance Omni Architectural Products-KC, LLC Performance Contracting, Inc. Rensenhouse Electric Supply Stanion Wholesale Electric Tranin Design Associates, Inc. Walker Loudermilk Co Westrope

Religious Organizations Individuals

St. Patrick Nottingham Society Anonymous Bobby Bell Marcia & Eliot Berkley Diane Botwin Joseph & Jeanne Brandmeyer Betty & Charles Byrd Chaffin, Daniel John Connor Evie Craig Sally Firestone Robert Flynn David Garrett Chris Hagelin


Ambrose Packaging, Inc. Bank of the West Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City C.S. Humphrey and Company, LLC Coventry Health Care Country Club Bank Encompass Monitoring Solutions Full Employment Council Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc. Industrial Development Authority JE Dunn Construction Company Keller Associates Realtors KRH Enterprises, LLC

Rodney Harrington David Hill Chuck Hurstod Steve Kallemeier Colleen Kennedy Curtis McClinton Norma Lyons McKelvy Barbara Mueth & Steven Rinne Darren Neas Joe Privitera Dwayne Ramsey Chuck Robinson Gary Roles Mark & Patricia Simcosky Rob Smith Robert Sniezek Mary Steeb Timothy Stepp Mike Waterman Douglas & Julie Welch Karl & Beth Zobrist

Governmental Agencies

Community Development Block Grant Missouri Housing Trust Fund

Page 4

reStart Annual Report



City of Kansas City - Community Development Block Grant/Homeless Services Center City of Kansas City - Emergency Shelter Grant City of Kansas City - Essential Services Grant City of Kansas City - Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) City of Kansas City - Supportive Housing Emergency Food and Shelter Program Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Jackson County COMBAT Jackson County Housing Resource Commission Jackson County Mental Health Fund Missouri Arts Council Missouri Housing Development Commission Missouri Division of Child Services National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Fogel, Joan Forker, Alan & Sharon Fuller, Fred & Nancy Gaebler, David & Reta Galloway, Paticia K Garfinkle, Louise Golden, Jacquelyn Gordon, Rosemary Grenz, Kenneth Hamilton, Lavon & Adam Hammond, Jill & Marcus Handley, Patrick Harkins, Linda & Don Harper, Milt & Deanna Harrington, Rodney Hartel, Donald & Betty Hartman, Kenny & Schoemehl, Julieann Harvey, Charles & Judy Hellerstein, Edith Herman, Michael & Karen Hobbs, David Hobbs, Traci Hodgson, Tom & Mary Hoffmann, Reed & Sharon Hulse, Ruth Johnson, Ann Johnson, Bryan & Linda Johnson, Kay Johnson, Richard Eugene Kaplan, Jerry & Joy Kay, Lula Kemper, Crosby Kennedy, Colleen Klein, Sarah Koenigsdorf, William Kurth, Carolyn Kurth, Marsha Levin, Rabbi Mark Lewis, Mary Maughn Linder, Kathryn Lonergan, James Lynn, William & Frances Mallow, Linda Mann, Benjamin & Elaine Martin, Michael Martin, Norman McCloud, Carol & Thomas McGee, Thomas McMillin Robert & Shirley McMullen, Larry L. & Marilyn A. Mikulecky, Randall & Susan Miller, Michael R. Miller, Tyler Millner, Charles & Naomi Mitchell, D. Lorene Montee, Dean & Marian Mordy, James & Marjory Morgan Stanley Annual Mueth, Barbara & Rinne, Steven Network for Good Newby, Harry Paolini, Tom


Alexander, Don H. Anderson, Bruce & Nancy Art, Bill & Juana Bajracharya, Allison & Oliver Barr, Joanna & Michael Berkley, Joan & Bert Berry, Keith & Marcia Biblo, Joan Blitt, Irwin & Rita Block, Dan & Laura Brantner, James & Betty Burge, G Wayne Burger, Micheline Burke, Melinda & Michael Burtin, Burnetta Claassen, Robert Cline, Daniel & Toni Connell, Kevin & Nancy Coughlin, Joe Craig, Carrie & Daniel Craig, Evelyn Cummings, Luanne Davis, Garlanda Dean, Melanie DeSieghardt, Fredrick Diddle, Elizabeth Dietrich, Bill & Kate Disney, David & Kathy Donahoe, John Dunn, William Sr. Dyer, Joseph & Sabra Egan, Joseph & Mary Elsberry, Anne Elsesser, James Jr Englund, Blaine R. & Carolyn O. Fahey, Andrew & Courtney Fahey, Joseph & Charlotte Fahey, Kevin & Connie

reStart Annual Report

Page 5


Parks, Delma Perkins, E. M. Pollock, Joyce Pritchard, J. F. Pyle, Stephen & Helen Rand, Brenda M. Ramsey, Dwayne and Peggy Rantilla, Debra Readey, Gordon and Alexandra Readey, John & Ann Reagan, Jackie and Bob Rogers, Barry & Krista Schmidt, Daniel & Patricia Shoop, William & Mary Jean Simmer, William Simmons, Richard & Miller, Tamara Sims, Delmar & Delores Smith, Beth Steiner, Roger & Lisa Stiffelman, Lorraine Stovall, Aletha Ann Tilton, Mr. & Mrs. John Toot, Martha Trice, Eugene & Ruth Vaughn, Larry Veenstra, Sallie & Rees, Jerry Virden, Doris Wagner, H.D. & Chris Walker, T. Michael & Susan A. Waris, Father Gerald Warrick, Calma J. Washburn, R. K. & Jane Weigel, David & Elizabeth Welch, Douglas & Julie Welch, Howard & Lane, Deborah Whitmer, Gary & Margaret Whittaker, Kent Whittington, Charles & Kristin Willock, Mildred Worrel, Richard & Susan Wortman, Arthur Wunsch, Charles & Amy Young, John & Sarah Zarr, James & Ann Ziegenhorn, Dallas Zobrist, Karl & Beth Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas Henry E. Wurst Family Foundation Herman Family Foundation Jacey Fae Hudson Memorial Fund Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City Junior League of Kansas City Kathryn E. Morris Foundation Kauffman Foundation Matching Gift Program Jacob and Ella Loose Foundation Lorraine B. and Norman K. Martin Gift Fund Macy's Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.-MG Metropolitan Arts Council of Greater KC Miriam & Stanley Schwartz Philanthropic F Morgan Family Foundation Morgenstern Family Donor Advised Fund REACH Healthcare Foundation Robert F. & Nancy R. Banker Charitable Fund Soroptimist Kansas City Foundation Sprint Foundation State Street Foundation The Curry Family Foundation The Louis and Dorothy Cumonow Foundation The Massman Foundation The McGee Foundation The Sunderland Foundation The Trudy Foundation United Ways of Greater Kansas City Wal-Mart Stores Inc Walnut Ridge Emergency Assistance Fund William T. Kemper Foundation Woodmen of the World YouthFriends Fund Zoglin Family Fund



AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas American Century Investments Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation Atterbury Family Foundation Fahey Family Foundation Dess L. Caylor Charitable Trust Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation H & R Block Foundation Haake Foundation, Inc. Hall Family Foundation Hallmark Corporate Foundation Hancock Family Foundation Haydon F & F Fund

Advanced Protective Coatings Affinis Corp. Affordable Catering Company AFLAC Worldwide Headquarters Allied Construction Services Inc American Subcontractors Association Assurant Employee Benefits AT&T AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign AWG/SAVE-A-LABEL Axis US Services Bank of America Bethel Bazaar Association BKD Foundation BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City Botwin Family Partners Charity Thrift Mart Children's Mercy Hospital Citi Cards Citibank Customer Service Center Commerce Bank Contract Services Corporation Coventry Health Care Crushed Rock Co.

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reStart Annual Report


Desco Coatings, Inc. DST Systems Matching Gift Program DST Systems, Inc. E & K of Kansas City, Inc. Evenergy Marketing Fagan Company Fournier Group Chartered Full Employment Council - Next Generations Hallmark Corporation Henry I. Marder Hermes Landscaping HSI Outstate Disbursement Account 2008 JE Dunn Construction Company JM Fahey Construction Company Kansas City Does Drove No 74 Kansas City Elks Lodge No.26 Kansas City Public Library Keller Associates Realtors Knights of Columbus - Council 4962 Lockton Companies Inc Mark One Electric Company, Inc. Markel Underwriters & Brokers Metzler Brothers Insurance Omni Architectural Products-KC, LLC Schloegel Design Romodel, Inc. Score Chapter 19 Shorman & Associates Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLP Southside KC Optimist Club TapanAm Associates Tax Increment Financing Commission Tenet Healthcare Foundation The University of Oklahoma U.S. Fire Cabinet & Accessories UMB Bank Warden Grier LLP Youth Opportunities Unlimited Covenant Presbyterian Women's Association Culbertson Chapel United Methodist Church Downtown Kiwanis Elmwood United Methodist Church Fairview Christian Church Faubion Men's Club First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Christian Church of Bonner Springs First United Methodist Church-Kearney First United Methodist Church-St. Louis First United Methodist Church of Blue Spr First United Methodist Church of Raytown First United Methodist Church/Woods Chape General Board of Global Min NY Gracemor Christian Women's Fellowship Grundy Center United Methodist Church John Knox Kirk Joy Sunday School Class Kidder United Methodist Church Lee's Summit Christian Church Liberty United Methodist Church Liberty United Methodist Women Linwood Service Auxiliary Linwood United Women Linwooders Class Loyal Workers Class Maple Grove Church Maplewood United Methodist Church Missouri Annual Conference United Methodist Church Mt. Washington United Methodist Church Keyasta New Hope Christian Church New Hope Methodist Church New Hope United Methodist Church New Horizons United Methodist Church North Cross United Methodist Church Northeastminster Presbyterian Church Oakton United Methodist Church Park Hill Christian Church Rabbinical Association of GKC Raytown Christian Church Red Bridge United Methodist Church Rich Hill United Methodist Church Savannah United Methodist Church Second Presbyterian Church Shawnee Park Christian Church Southwood UCC St. James United Methodist Women St. Luke's United Methodist Church St. Luke's United Methodist Women St. Patrick Nottingham Society St. Paul's United Methodist Church St. Thomas More Parish Terrace Lake United Methodist Men The United Methodist Church-Harrisonville The United Methodist Church-Nevada, MO United Methodist Church-Lexington United Methodist Women-Grain Valley United Methodist Women-Grandview United Methodist Women-Windsor United Methodist Women-Creighton United Methodist Women-New Hope UMC


All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church Altamont Methodist Church American Baptist Women Antioch Community Church Arley United Methodist Church Asbury United Methodist Church Ashland United Methodist Church Avondale United Methodist Church Bethel United Church of Christ Blue Ridge United Methodist Church Friendly Class Broadway United Methodist Women Cain Grant AME Church Centennial United Methodist Church Central United Methodist Church Crusader's Class Cherokee Christian Church Christian Church of Greater Kansas City Clinton United Methodist Church Colonial Church of Prairie Village Community Christian Church Congregation Beth Torah Country Club Christian Church Country Club Congregational Church

reStart Annual Report

Page 7


United Methodist Women-Red Bridge United Methodist Women-Springfield United Methodist Women-Terrace Lake United Methodist Women Christ UMC United Methodist Women of Blue Springs United Methodist Women of First United United Methodist Women of Harrisonville United Methodist Women of Nevada, MO United Methodist Women of Odessa, MO United Methodist Women-Faubian United Methodist Youth Fellowship - Warsaw Virginia United Methodist Women Visitation Church Waverly Christian Church Women's Division Women of Second Presbyterian Church Women's Service Group-FCC McHenry, Barbara Anne McKelvy, Alfred A. McKelvy, Norma J. Meek, Shelley L. Mitchell, Byron O. Mitchell, Steven L. Morrison, Margie Moss, Mary C. Mueller, Janet Mueth, Barbara J. Nordhus, Matthew G. Reith, Susanna D. Reynolds, Joetta E. Schaefer, Nancy K. Schafer, Dirk Dean Schulkin, Andrew L. Shelton, Leah Shifflett, Stephen E. Simpson, Don S. Sims, David E. Smith, Kelly Cathlene Smith, Paulette Smith, Robert Lee Stephens, Brandee R. Swanson, Patricia A. Swanson, Steven A. Sweet, Eleanor S. Thompson, Barbara Vander Hamm, Nathan Venator, Stacy Warrick, Calma J. Wehry, Nicole A. Welch, Julie A. Wheatley, Colleen K. White, Kim G. Witte, Donald R. Yount, Elizabeth J. Zobrist, Karl & Beth


Benedict, Joyce A. Bogart, Charles Alan Boykin, Resia M. Brill, Johna R. Brown, Sherrie D. Bumgardner, Deb N. Byrd, James D. Cline, Steve P. Coker, Eva M. Craig, Evelyn E. Davis, Thomas A. Donald L. Haverkamp Donelson, Marlene L. Durkin, Mary Cecilia Flanegin, Kelly S. Fulgham-McCoy, Karen Garza Ruiz, Theresa A. Gaskell III, Arthur H. Gilmore, Kimiko C. Gray, Elizabeth T. Guezuraga, Sallie S. Hammond, Jill Harris, David L. Hathaway, Jermiah Alexander Haynes, Jesse L. Head, Howard H. Honeywell FM&T Huggins, Roosevelt R. Johnson, Sharon M. Jones, Wanda P. Kanatzar, Kerry D. Kelly, Shirley D. Kemper, Rufus C. Krigsten, Lisa M. Lauterwasser, Mary K. Lavallee, Gerald E. Lawson, Jean Ann Lilijegren, Kathryn Long, Margaret Maple, Sari R. Marchand, Jennifer A. McGaugh, Wayne H.

RESTART IS GRATEFUL!! Please be assured that whatever your gift, in-kind or cash, and no matter the size, reStart is ALWAYS grateful to you and appreciates your support of our mission! Due to space limitations, we regret that we are unable to include the name of every donor to reStart.

If we have misspelled your name, please accept our apologies! Please contact us at 816472-5664 or email [email protected] to provide us with the correct spelling.

Page 8

reStart Annual Report

Youth Programs at reStart

In 2009, reStart provided Emergency Shelter and services to 188 youth, Transitional Housing and services for 15 youth and provided outreach support throughout Kansas City to 1,752 contacts. In tough economic times, youth are at higher risk for homelessness. reStart is looking for adult mentors to commit to two Mondays per month, from 5:307:30pm. Each session will feature activities such as bocce ball, bowling, crafts or game nights and dinner provided by Anthony's Restaurant. If interested, please contact Amber Giron, Director of Youth Services, at 816-4725664 x238 or at [email protected]

reStart's homeless youth enjoying activities in the community with volunteers and mentors!

YOUTH HOTLINE 816-309-9048

Arts at reStart

reStart is in its 7th year of partnering with local arts agencies and artists, including the Lyric Opera, Coterie Theatre, Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey and others to provide arts performances, experiences and education for homeless youth and their families.


reStart is pleased to have the HALO Foundation (Helping Art Liberate Orphans) providing Art Therapy for two hours one day per week on-site at reStart to children and youth in our programs. Club HALO volunteers also organize weekly trips for youth in our programs to visit the HALO Learning Center where they can participate in selected arts activities (choosing from a variety of fine arts) with leadership and guidance to encourage self-expression and self-esteem.

From youth trips to the Lyric Opera to special holiday parties for Christmas-- we thank all the volunteers, board members, staff and the entire Kansas City community for your contributions that made 2009 a wonderful year for the guests at reStart!

reStart Annual Report

Page 9

Volunteering and "Fun" Raising

Priority Needs

Bar Soap Washcloths Towels Razors Travel size (soap, shampoo, lotion) Deodorant (men's and women's) Shampoo Toothbrushes Toothpaste Coffee Sugar Shower Shoes Pillows Twin Sheets Baby wipes Diapers in sizes (2, 3, 4,5) First Aid Kits Laundry Detergent One of the Best Choices you can make to support reStart --

reStart receives $30 for every thousand Best Choice labels we turn in. Peel off those labels and send them to: reStart, Inc. 918 E. 9th Street Kansas City, MO 64106

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways in which you can help reStart. Special Offerings at your place of worship Hygiene products drive (full size and travel size) Homework Help tutors Chili Cook-Off, Spaghetti Dinners, or Pancake breakfasts Stuff back packs for Back to School or donate school supplies Adopt -a-Resident for the Holidays Donate auction items to revUp for events Story Time or Game Time with the children or youth Host a holiday (Labor Day, MLK Day, Valentine's Day, etc.)

1. 2. 3. 4.

Four easy steps to making an online donation to reStart ...

Go to: Click on the "Donations" link on the left side Click the "Donate Now" icon on the reStart donor edge page Make a safe and secure donation transaction to reStart!



We graciously welcome your ideas that match your gifts and talents in service of reStart's mission. Please contact William Bates at 816-472-5664 x 244 or [email protected]

reStart is deeply grateful for the support of our ecumenical partners! 2009 Warmth from the Heart Legislative Reception

Page 10

reStart Annual Report

Special Events & Partnerships

Thank you to our generous sponsors for the 2009 5th Annual revUp for reStart at the Armacost Museum .

On Saturday, June 19, 2009, the 5th annual revUp for reStart event raised $65,372 to provide support to the more than 7,500 homeless men, women, youth and families with children reStart served in 2009. The JM Fahey Construction Company was the evening's honoree. Peter Yelorda, of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City was the Honorary Chair. Over 200 guests enjoyed seeing the wonderful vintage car collection housed at the Armacost museum while supporting the homeless through the event auction and activities.

Sonnenschein Nath & Rosental LLP Sprint TIF Commission Warden Grier PC Jennifer Atterbury Evie Craig Sallie Guezuraga Sarah Klein Barb Mueth and Steve Rinne Rosemary Yarmo Silverman Karl and Beth Zobrist

More Event Sponsors:

Affinis Bank Midwest Desco Coatings, Inc. Contract Services Corporation JE Dunn Construction Company Metzler Brothers Insurance Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics Commerce Bank

Look for highlights of the 2010 revUp event in the upcoming Fall Newsletter. If you are interested in attending the 2011 revUp for reStart event to see the Armacost Museum car collection and support the homeless, call 816-4725664 x240 for details!

2009 revUp Event Committee

Barbara Mueth, Co-Chair Dirk Schafer, Co-Chair Sarah Klein, Sponsorship Chair Julie Schoemehl, Live Auction Chair Norma McKelvy, Silent Auction Chair Kathy Disney, Photographer Kelly Schafer, Food Chair

Missouri Department of Transportation provides jobs for the homeless

Throughout 2009, reStart planned the launch of a new program in partnership with Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) to provide chronically homeless individuals with the option of immediate daily employment at job sites within the city. MODOT and reStart recently finalized a contract whereby reStart's Homeless Services Center provides workers for MODOT projects -- presently 7 individuals work for minimum wage pay as grounds crews. With an untested program, all parties involved believed that behavioral issues and other challenges might arise. Since May, we have had the same crew and no problems. Most important, the benefits of gainful employment have allowed two of the MODOT workers to move into permanent housing, one worker has gained housing and regained visitation rights with her child, and the remaining workers are saving their income to achieve stability. We are grateful to MODOT for this innovative partnership! For more information on this program, call Mary Yount at 816-842-1199 x101. Page 11

reStart Annual Report

Nonprofit Org. US Postage


918 E. 9th Street Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone: 816.472.5664 Fax: 816.472.6127

Return Service Requested Visit us on the web at

Are Our Records Up-to-Date? Please take a moment to look at the label on this newsletter and let us know of any changes or corrections we need to make. Thank You Very Much!

Kansas City, MO Permit No. 5239

To receive our newsletter by email contact [email protected] with your request

reStart Mission and Values


reStart Inc. is an interfaith ministry with homeless persons committed to providing shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women, youth and families with the goal of helping them move toward independence and self-sufficiency and ending homelessness in our community.


We selflessly serve those who come to us insecure and worried about their daily survival. We show no disparity in acceptance among all who seek our help, dispelling fear and creating trust. We revere our ecumenical foundation that secured this shelter of hope for the homeless. We focus on those who are served not those who are serving that they may feel valued and accepted while they are with us. We believe in justice and maintain our guests' dignity with confidence and respect. We gain satisfaction in seeing our guests' self-determination and hope leading to independence. We work where the need is greatest--in the urban core of our city. We invest in a better future by making deposits in human capital today.


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