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Mahatma Reiki Level 1 Class

The ,,I AM Presence Reiki

Phoenix location

Sunday, September 12th, 2010 10:00 am ­ 5:00 pm

Call 602-267-7506 to register

In this Class you will learn: A profound hands-on healing art form The history of Reiki in general and Mahatma Reiki specifically How to do a full body treatment on self and others Three sacred symbols that work with the energies of Empowerment, Divine Mother, and Love/Absentee Healing Creating Sacred Space White Light Meditation Absentee Healing / Sending healing energy long distance Brain wave states for healing & current body/mind scientific studies

With this class you will receive: An attunement connecting you with this sacred lineage and with the Ascended Master realm. This attunement includes a powerful guided meditation. A certificate that qualifies you as a Mahatma Reiki Level 1 Practitioner A manual and CD with which includes the attunement visualization

Fee is $150. Mahatma Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energy that treats and empowers the whole person: body, mind, emotions & spirit; releasing blocks at the causal level of disease. It induces deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security & well-being. People trained in this healing art report a greater access to and integration of themselves on a soul level and profound shifts in their spiritual development. I am often asked about the difference between Usui & Mahatma Reiki. I experience Mahatma Reiki as pure light (transcendent) & Usui Reiki as life force energy (grounding). The difference is in the radiance of the energy of the symbols and the origin of the system. Mahatma Reiki has an Egyptian influence. There are nine symbols total and two more levels of training, Reiki 2 & 3, after this class.

Class is taught by Debbi Brown, a Reiki Master-Teacher of four lineages: Usui, Mahatma, Karuna and Violet Flame as well as a Healing Touch Therapist who works closely with the Angelic realm. Debbi has over twenty five years in the healing arts and spirituality studies with many elders and experienced healers. To learn more visit. or email [email protected]

"The Mahatma Reiki is everything my spirits been wanting. It bypasses my ego completely. Healing sessions with others & on myself are steady and stronger. I can't thank you enough for passing along this wonderful gift." --- Rick B. "I have to tell you how much I love the Mahatma Reiki energy. The energy is so beautiful and gentle, yet strong. I really resonate with the symbols and feel a personal connection to them. Wow!" --- Leslie G.


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