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To reveal God's life and the power of salvation to all Nations through the preaching of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ His son.

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Park Inn Hotel Silver street Northampton NN1 2TA


To call ALL Nations back to the everlasting light and to uncover the mystery of God's promise to mankind enveloped in the spoken word of God...

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory [1corinthians2:7]

Statement of beliefs We believe in

1. One God creator of ALL things We believe that there is one God, creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three Manifestations: Father, Son and Holy Spirit [1corinthians 8:6] 2. Jesus Christ the son of God We believe that Jesus is the son of God. We believe that Jesus Christ was true God and true man, having been conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered, died, descended to the dead and on the third day He rose from the dead for our total salvation. He is coming back to take the church. We believe that His blood atones for our sins and iniquity. 3. The Holy Spirit We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the third person of God, sent to empower the church and fulfil God's purpose on earth, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, but the evidence of the Holy Spirit's

indwelling presence is a changed life. [Acts 1:8, 2:2-4]

4. The Bible We believe that the scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are the inspired word of God without error and in the original writings, and complete revelation. We believe that the Bible is the true infallible word of God, which cleanses our souls. [2 Timothy 3:16,17]

5. Man's need for salvation We believe that man was created in the image of God but fell into sin and is therefore lost, and only through regeneration by the Holy Spirit can salvation and spiritual life be obtained. Therefore, every professing believer must have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, for apart from Him we can do nothing. We believe in the personal and imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope. We believe in the rapture, that the dead in Christ will rise first, and those who are alive and

remain shall be caught up to meet Jesus in the air. [ 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17] 6. Life after death We believe that after death, eternal life begins, in heaven or hell, based on one's decision to live according to God's word or rebel against God. We believe that there will be a bodily resurrection of all the dead; of the believer to everlasting blessedness and joy with the Lord, and of the unbeliever to judgement and everlasting conscious judgement. 7. The Church of Christ

exhorting, and admonishing believers in the ways of God.

We believe that it is God's will to heal and deliver His people today as He did in the days of the first Apostles and it is by the stripes of Jesus that we are healed, delivered and made whole. Further, we also believe that as New Testament believers, we have authority over sickness, disease, demons, curses, and every circumstance in life, in the name of Jesus. [Ephesians 4:7, 11-16; 1Corinthians 12:4-7] 9. Tithes and offerings

We believe that the true Church is composed of all such persons, who through saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been born again by the Holy Spirit and are united together in the body of Christ. 8. Gifts of the Holy Spirit We believe in the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the uniqueness of God's given abilities in each person and that they are for edification and completeness of the body of Christ. We accomplish this destiny by instructing, teaching,

We believe that tithing and bringing offerings into the local Church is a major covenantal obligation that we have toward God as His partners, for the support of all the ministries of the Church, the poor, homeless, the widows, and otherwise unfortunate. [Malachi 3:10]

Our dream

To teach, equip believers and to unleash them into their God given gifts lying within them as to expand the Kingdom of God To raise a people that are passionate about reaching the lost for Christ, discipling them to attain to maturity and then releasing them into their callings. To reach the hurting, discontented, distressed, misunderstood, frustrated and confused with a message of hope To reach out to Nations with the gospel, irrespective of racial, cultural and religious beliefs and bring them to unity for the expansion of the Kingdom.

The Church values

All are valuable in the sight of God - We believe that all men are valuable in the sight of God and that no individual is any more important than another. Servant Leadership and Ministry ­ We believe that the motivation for all ministries within the local Church should be based on the principle of servant hood. Empowering environment ­ We believe in empowering individuals to realise and fully walk in their giftings and callings. Stewardship and ownership ­ We believe that as born-again believers we are joint heirs with Jesus and therefore we will have to give an account concerning how we administer what God has entrusted to us, whether it is people, finance, relationships or churches.



To Pastor believers and to equip the saints


To encourage and motivate the men of the house in the things of God and in personal matters.


To reach out to the lost and the dying world in general, by taking God's message to them.


To encourage and groom women of Excellence.

3. DISCIPLESHIP TEAM (GAIUS TEAM) To help young people grow into over comers.

- To teach and help new converts and other members who may be experiencing difficulties to grow spiritually. - To contact and visit all new members, visit the sick and to give any necessary assistance.



To teach our young ones


To lead the Church into the presence of God through worship and praise.


To make sure every one in our services feel at home


To intercede according to the vision of the church To carry out administrative duties; Management, Secretarial Financial etc

MEMORY VERSES Romans 5:8, John 3:16, John 6:37


1. The way of Salvation THE PROBLEM ­ We are born under SIN, JUDGEMENT, DEATH & OPPRESSION by Satan: Romans 3:23 6:23, 5:12, Hebrews 9; 27, Rev 20; 1115. THE SOLUTION ­ God provided in his Son Jesus Christ the only way to be saved and freed from these things; Romans 5: 8, Isaiah 53: 4-6, John 14:6, 1John 3:8, Acts 4:12 WHAT MUST I DO? ­ When you believe in Jesus and what He did for you when He suffered and died on the cross and you repent of your sins and receive the Risen Jesus you receive eternal life. You receive him by calling on His name. John 3:16, 2Cor 7:10, Romans 10:9-13, Isaiah 55:6-7 You are assured of your Salvation by FAITH and FAITH alone. i.e. Believing God's Promises; Eph 2:8-9, John 6:37, Titus 1:2

2. Benefits of Salvation You were born again i.e. you became Spiritually alive: John 3:3, 1 Pet 1:23, Eph 2:1-2 You were Adopted ­ You have a new identity as a child of God: John 1:12, Romans 5:1 Eph 2:19 You were forgiven all your sins ­ Isaiah 1:18, Hebrews 8:12, John 5:24. You received Christ's righteousness. 2 Cor 5:21, Romans 5:1, Romans 8:1 You received eternal life i.e. the life of God and a new nature. Romans 6:23, John 3:16, 2 Cor 5:17, Ezek 36:26-27 You were redeemed from all Satan's power SIN, SICKNESS, DEMONIC OPPRESSION, POVERTY, DARKNESS etc.1Pet 1:18-19, Gal 3:13-14, Isaiah 53: 16, 1 Peter 2:24, 2 Cor 8:9.

MEMORY VERSES John 1:12, Heb 8:12, 1Pet 1:18-19


Read chapter to chapter prayerfully beginning with the Gospel of John. Study at least a chapter a day seeking answers to the following questions (What do I learn) 2 Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 2:4-5; when you a. About God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? received b. About who I am in Christ? Christ, you started a New Life, the God king of Life. c. About the major doctrines of the Bible e.g. salvation, This life calls you to certain responsibilities. God has The Holy Spirit, Holiness etc changed your nature (regeneration Titus 3:5-6) separate yourself from the old life of sin and live a Holy d. Is there a promise I can claim? life i.e. a life according to God's word (Romans 6:1-4; Is there a command I can obey or something in which I must change? James 1:22 Galatians 5:19-24) separate yourself from influences Attend Church and become part of all and friendships which may lead you back to sin. Get activities of God's rid of signs of Satan's rule in your life e.g. burn things People. Heb 10:25; Ps 84:10. Get baptized in of witchcraft and false religion. water Mathew 28:18-20 Acts 19:18-20; Heb 12:14. Tell others about Jesus and the salvation we Develop a personal relationship with God i.e. pray have in HIM i.e. privately and READ and study God's word. 1Thess Witness. Luke 24:46-48; Proverbs 11:30 5:17; Math 6:6-13 (Worship, consecration

3. Your New Life in Christ and its Responsibilities

confession of sin, supplication and intercession, spiritual warfare, thanksgiving as a form of prayer) 2 Tim 3:15-17; Heb 4:12; 2 Tim 2:15, Psalm 119:7

Begin to serve God with your substance i.e. through Tithes and Offerings. Mal 3:8-10; Proverbs 3:9-10

Holy Spirit Baptism and Life in the Spirit Our God is a Trinity i.e. One God in Three persons Matt 3:16-17; 2 Cor 13:14 You belong to the Father, the Son, who died for you and the Holy Spirit works in your life. God, however, wants to fill you with the Holy Spirit for the purpose of giving you power to live and to serve Him. Titus 3:5; Acts 1:8; 2:1-4; 2:28, Romans 8:26-27, John 14:15-18, 23; 16: 7-14; 1 Cor 14:2-5, Jude 20; Luke 11:9-13. HOW TO RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST Believe and give thanks ­ Mark 11:24 Begin to speak in tongues ­ Acts 2:4 Keep a relationship with the Holy Ghost The Holy Spirit comes into your life as a Helper, a Leader And as a Friend. You have therefore to live your life in communion (friendship, obedience and dependence on the Holy Spirit. Zech 4:6; 2 cor 13:14, Romans 8:26; 1 cor12; Gal 5:22-25; Rom 8:14 Let the character of the Holy Spirit come through in your life, as well as desiring the abilities or gifts which the Holy Spirit gives.

The Church and Divine order a. Revealed word International Chapel is a house that God is building through us the members. It is God's Army. Join the house, join the army. Ephesians 3:14-15; Isaiah 4:6-7; 2 Tim 2:3; Matt 16:18 b. You must not live to yourself, but love God's people, John 13:34; Acts 2:41-42, 46. Become a part of God's building -the church. c. The Church, God's family and army is a place of Relationships and order God is your Father, Christ is our Head, Lord and Chief Shepherd God set Apostles and Prophets in the Church to pioneer His work and be Spiritual fathers to us and our leaders Eph 2:20; 1 cor 12:28 God sets Pastors or elders in the Church to be Shepherds to us in the local Church and teach us God's word and lead us in God's service. 1 Tim 5:17, Acts 20:17

God set Spiritual mothers in the church to be mothers and also to teach younger women. Rom 16:13; Titus 2:4-5; John19:27 God set the flock in the church to be Brethren, and also to have a natural respect for people older than ourselves. 1Tim 5:1-2, Rom1:13; Heb 2:11. God expects you to have a Spirit of loyalty, honour, submission, and sonship to those in Spiritual authority over you. Pray for them. 2 Tim2:1; Heb 13:17:18 God set ministers in the Church to equip you to serve Him. Eph 4:11-12 77. OUR WAYS IN THE LORD The Lord and foundation of our Church is the Lord Jesus Christ. Matt 16:18; 1 Cor 3:10-11; Pet 2:25; 1Pet 5:4 Our teaching, preaching, worship and way of life are based only on the Bible, the word of God and not on traditions and religious practices. Gal 1:18; 2Tim 3:15-17; Matt 15:9; James 1:22.

As you join to worship and serve God, get involved in the following; Mid week services ­ Heb 10:25 Home cells Acts 20:20 Prayer meetings Acts 3:1 If you are a lady seek to belong to a ladies group Titus2:3-5. Like wise, if you are a man.

*If you are led or interested to serve God, feel free to approach one of the leaders.



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