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Instructional Manual Level I

Forward........................................................................................4 Meditation The Activation of the Third Eye Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Spiritual Gifts..........7 Invocations....................................................................................12 Structure and Formula an Invocation.............................................................14 Types of Introduction Statements...................................................................15 Types of Command Statements.....................................................................15 Types of Permission Statements....................................................................16 Types of Close Statements...........................................................16 Types of Action Statements........................................................................... 16 Invocations for Daily Living......................................................................... 19 Muscle Testing and Determining Frequency Levels .............................................21 The Chakra's and the Physical Body............................................................. 23 The Seven Natural Laws................................................................................23 Chakra Energies and the Physical Bodies......................................... 30 The Relationship Between the Upper Extremities and the Chakras...........30 The Relationship Between the Lower Extremities and the Chakras...........39 Spiritual Explanations for Single Parts of the Body..............................43 Spiritual Explanations Certain Physical Conditions..............................44 Practitioner Formula for Treatments............................................. ..........45 Steps for Clearing Energy and Hand Positions.............................................45 Rev Mary Margaret Denholm Bio....................................................................52



This gift from Spirit comes to you and all others to bring healing to each and every individual who may read this. Many circumstances upon Mother Earth can easily be changed now if each Temple of Spirit clears, cleanses and aligns to Divine Spirit. It is the hope of the Guardians of Divine Light, the True Teachers and Healing Facilitators of Divinity Spiritual Healing, that all energy that is not aligned to Divinity be given the choice to align to That Which Is Greater Than Themselves. For within this New Age of Aquarius, each individual can create Heaven on Earth. Be now made ready to increase in Spiritual Vibration, Spiritual Wisdom, and greater Spiritual Growth. The Guardians of Divine Light are ready to assist you. As you increase in this understanding, you shall also be more aligned to your own Divinity. As you are more aligned to your own Divine Spirit, you will manifest, accept, and allow the very best of love, prosperity, health, and spirit.


Dear One, Within the understanding of all that is Divinity Spiritual HealingTM, be now open to that which can truly change Your Life, Your Living, and Your Loving. I am just the messenger for Divine Spirit and I am honored to bring this information to you. This is only the first step of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM but it is the most important step towards all healing. The Divinity Spiritual HealingTM Instructional Manuals, Levels II & III, as well as advanced classes will be made available soon. Please regularly visit for updates. These instructional manuals come to you at no charge and you may feel free to pass them along at no charge. The most important thing now is to change the life of each individual, community, country and our world, by increasing Spiritual Vibration and by receiving our Spiritual Gifts. Yes, each one of us is gifted in some way Many people have come to me asking for clarity of their Spiritual Purpose. I tell them this, "Do what is right in front of you. Change the energy in each and every day. It is in this way that Spirit will bring forth the next level of learning and experience." Do not allow the ego to cause obstacles because of fear or the belief that you are small, for each individual has come here with special purpose. Spiritual Confidence and Spiritual Guidance are available should you choose to seek them. Understand that this first level is only the beginning. Be patient with the process of learning and growing. Should you choose to become a healing facilitator or practitioner of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM, CD's and DVD's will be available with the necessary attunements and information for each level. Certification as a healing facilitator and/or practitioner is given upon completion of the Emotional Intensive. It is in this way that all phases of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM can be fully


understood. Authorization by Reverend Mary Margaret Denholm is required for certification to teach Divinity Spiritual HealingTM. Of TMcourse, you must be certified as a Divinity Spiritual HealingTM Facilitator and Practitioner to qualify for teaching Divinity Spiritual HealingTM. In the meantime, if there is a special need or if I can be of any further assistance, I can be reached at 513-892-0623. My business hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-5pm Eastern Standard Time. Divinity Spiritual HealingTM honors all faiths and Spiritual Paths. Divinity Spiritual HealingTM is based on Universal Truths. Take what serves you and use it. Anything that you find that is not in alliance with your belief system, disregard it. In sharing this information, I bring to you that which Spirit brought to me so that I could heal myself. My story can be found in my bio at the end of this manual. May Divine Spirit bless you and bring you all the best. Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev Mary Margaret



Activation of the Third Eye Chakra, Brow Chakra and the Spiritual Gifts

Sit in a relaxed position with hands and feet uncrossed. Close your eyes and take three (3) very deep, slow, cleansing breaths. I would like you to imagine a most beautiful golden star. This golden star is above your head and slightly in front of you. You see it clearly and feel a very special connection to it. You feel comforted by its presence and so drawn to it. This beautiful, golden star begins to turn very gradually. See how the energy of this star becomes brighter and brighter. As it slowly turns, see the beautiful healing energy of this star floating gently above you. This beautiful, healing, energy surrounds and supports your head, your face and your neck; relaxing all muscles and releasing all tension. This Divine Energy calms your mind and fills you with Divine Love. As you take another deep breath, you now release all worry, stress, and tension. There is the knowing that your Spirit is helping you within each moment of your life, your living, and your loving. You can feel the healing energy of your most Divine Self. This beautiful golden essence surrounds and supports your upper back, your chest, your arms and your hands. You can feel your heart fill with the Love of the Divine. Your lungs fill with the Sacred Joy of Creation. With each breath you take you feel more


and more relaxed, more connected to your Divine Spirit. The golden essence of your Divinity surrounds and supports your buttocks and your pelvis, relaxing all muscles and releasing all tension. Notice that with each and every breath you take, you feel more and more relaxed. This beautiful, golden Divine Essence surrounds and supports your thighs, your knees, your ankles and your feet. Your entire body and all the energy that you are, is surrounded and supported. Your entire body feels the energy of your Divine Self and the calm of your Divinity. Take a moment now and feel the calming energy of your Spirit. (Pause) I would like you to look at your beautiful golden star, the Star of your Divinity. As you do, it begins to move forward, ever so slowly. Allow it to guide you. Trust this. These energies are your Heavenly Energies, the energies of your Divinity. The golden star moves towards a beautiful staircase. This staircase is more beautiful than you could have imagined. It may be of gold, silver or marble. It may have diamonds, gemstones, or pearls. It is the pathway to your most Sacred Place. It is the path to your Heavenly Home. As your golden star guides you closer and closer to this staircase, feel yourself beginning to anticipate a wonderful new experience. You feel an excitement, but you cannot be sure exactly why. Spirit is with you. Take a moment to view this very special passageway to your Heavenly Home. (Pause) Step upon the first step very, very gently and as you do, feel the energy of Spirit. You feel lighter and more relaxed. The energy of a higher frequency fills you. Feel the power of Spirit. You feel


so safe, so secure. Step upon the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th steps, feeling lighter and lighter still. You feel the excitement of your Spirit. Take a cleansing breath, releasing any other energies that do not serve you. Now, taking the 5th, 6th and 7th steps, notice the spiritual energy, as Divine Essence fills your body. It may even feel blissful. Feeling lighter and lighter, calmer and calmer take steps 7, 8 and 9. The spiritual excitement grows within you. Take another deep cleansing breath.(Pause) The golden essence of your star still guides you as you approach the top of this most heavenly staircase. As you approach the top of this staircase, as you step upon step 10, on this beautiful floor that stretches out before you, you will see that Spirit has placed a symbol. This symbol is a gift for your psyche. Your psyche can only understand symbols that are spiritually based. Take a moment to bring the energy of this symbol into your conscious mind. This symbol will assist with your awaking and aligning to your spiritual purpose. Take a moment to receive this gift. (Pause) As this symbol is integrated within your mind, you notice a huge door, a majestic door, upon this landing. This doorway to the 5th dimension opens to you; it is so inviting. You have come from this Sacred Place. Your energy has come from this Sacred Place. As you pass through this door, you see the most beautiful garden. Everything is so bright and golden. The colors are incredible and all things bloom as you enter. There is just this feeling of joy and love. Every rock, flower, insect, tree and animal is an expression of Divine Love. They may speak or give you information in another way. You may be


greeted by a guide, angel, master, or loved one. Do not be surprised by this. You are safe and secure. Your Garden has a Higher Spiritual Energy. Take a moment to study the incredible aspects of your Sacred Garden. (Pause) Allow your golden star to guide you to a comfortable place so that you may rest. As you sit there, relax and be at peace. (Pause) This Divinity Spiritual Meditation has prepared you for the activation of the Third Eye Chakra and the Brow Charka. If this is what you truly want then please say the following: "By the Power of my very Divine Spirit and all that I am, I now command and give full permission to gently clear my third eye chakra and my brow chakra of all obstacles and blockages, interference or infection, and all debris energies of these. Bring these chakras gently into balance, aligning to my Divine Self. I accept the Blessings of Sacredness from the Divine Creator. Prepare me for my Spiritual Gifts. I give full permission for this Golden Star of Divinity, the Divinity that I am to gently guide and prepare me for my future work. I align to my Spiritual Purpose and my Divine Destiny. Take three (3) deep breaths. Take a moment now to gently heal and align to your Divine Spirit. (Pause) As you sit within this joyful bliss, eyes closed, within the safety of the Garden, you feel something placed upon your lap. As you open your eyes, you see a gift from Spirit. Trust this, for this predestined gift was to be part of this Spiritual Experience.


Discover the wonderful surprise given to you by Spirit. Ask Spirit for clarification if you need it. Take a few minutes to experience this, when you are ready to return, visualize leaving the Garden through the door and down the staircase. Guided by the Golden Star of Divinity, you will return to the room. Take all the time that you need. When you return, open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and your toes and turn your head. Awaken gently and know the Blessing of Divine Spirit.



Invocations are powerful commands or prayers used to change the direction, situation, or energy of an individual or group. Invocations will only change those conditions or situations with the permission of your Spirit, your Divine Self. Examples of this are physical conditions, emotional, psychological, addictions, karmic, trauma, attachments, belief systems, energetic patterning, etc. Each and every invocation becomes a personal request for Spiritual Action. Invocations invoke the power of Spirit, the Divine Self. By using the word Spirit, we honor all religions and all faiths. Spirit respects all the belief systems of an individual or group. Spirit not only empowers the individual, but also has the authority to choose if the request for change truly aligns to your Divine Path. Nothing can be changed unless your Spiritual Self has given permission. Because Spirit is of the Highest and the Best, That Which Is Greater Than Ourselves, all healing facilitators must respect and honor each individuals beliefs. All healing facilitators must also understand that all healing work is a gift from Spirit and also provides the opportunity for the facilitator to learn, grow, and serve. As the power of the Unconscious Self, your Spiritual Divine Self, connects with your Conscious Self, you will also receive great healing and understanding. Affirmations have been very popular but only effect the conscious and subconscious. They can help to change the patterning within the brain and the nervous system, but they do not engage the Power of the Spirit. Invocations are much more powerful because they engage the Conscious, the Subconscious, and Unconscious. Invocations and the Power of Spirit create the change within each and every cell of the body. In Level II you will learn about DNA and the ability to


clear, change and align the actual DNA through invocations and the power of the Unconscious Spirit. As an invocation is spoken aloud, the supernatural energy of the Spirit can clear, change and/ or enhance any part of Life, Living, or Loving. Remember, an invocation is not a product of the brain or the ego, but it is a beautiful prayer from the heart. Invocations are to be said with an attitude of humility, gratitude, and personal authority. Invocations bring forth all possibilities of healing and they are the spiritual process of the healing. Some healing may happen immediately while other situations and changes may take much longer. Timing is dependant upon the elected contracts, lessons, growth and destiny of the person. Some people have told me that they could not possibly "command" anything to That Which Is So Much More Than They Are. In my early years of spiritual learning I thought the same thing. I received this insight from Spirit; "Even the smallest part of Creation was spoken into existence by the Divine. Each member of Humanity has been given the power to create, co-create or miscreate, depending on their intent and consciousness. The Spirit of each and every person has the power to assist in growth for Sacred Purpose and Divine Destiny. It is the hope of the Creator that all shall receive the awareness of their Divinity". I then realized that invocations were straight forward presentations to the Creator; spoken aloud just as the Creator "spoke" in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.


Structure and Formula of an Invocation

Introduction + "I command" + "and I give full permission" + Action + Close + 3 deep breaths Introduction "I command" A list of possible phrases can be found on page 15. Multiple intro phrases may be combined. This gets the attention of the Universe and states that this is what I want to change, it is a statement of Free Will Choice. This gives permission for your Divine Self, angels and guides to intevene and tells Creation of your intent of Free Will Choice and the desire for their intervention and service. Permission is required for this to occur.

"and I give full permission"

Action Statement This is the statement of your intention; a request of what you want. An example of this may be to clear, change, heal, align or regenerate. You may also request a blessing, infusion or creation. Close Closing with a phrase of power solidifies the action requested. You are saying- This is my new law, now, period, end of story. *The first breath tells every cell of your body to Three Deep Breaths pay attention. *The second breath begins releasing the energies of the body that are interfering with any other action commanded. *The third breath seals the new law within each cell of your body.


Types of Introduction Statements

The introduction statement that you choose should be one that resonates with your heart and soul. You may use one or more at the same time and it may change at any time. As you grow and continue to change your communication with Spirit, your Spiritual Vibration will increase. Your insights and understandings will also increase. Realize that you may substitute any name in referencing the Higher Power that resonates with your heart. By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, By the power and authority of All Mighty God, By the power of the I Am and All That I Am, By the power of the Christ Consciousness within me, By the power of my very Divine Heart and Soul, By the power of All That I Am, From the Lord God of My Being, By the power of the Divine Creator, By the power of Source By the power of the Divine Designers of Creation, By the power my very Divine Essence of All That I Am, By my Higher Power, By My Higher Self,

Types of Command Statements

I command I so order I demand I claim this healing for myself I so declare


Permission Statement

And I give full permission (always needed)

Types of Action Statements

Invocation to Clear Disharmonious Entities and Energies

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for anything touching me or using me in any way to leave now. Any entities or energies interfering with my energy on all levels of my being; leave now, never to return. Release all interference to my Free Will Choice of perfect health, success and prosperity, and the Unconditional Love of myself and others. Any emotions, thought forms, belief systems, trauma, stress, any energy of disease or pain, change now to Perfect Love and Perfect Health OR LEAVE! So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Align and Regenerate the Electromagnetic Field and the Aura Field

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for a grid of Golden Healing Energy to gently surround and support my electromagnetic field and aura field; healing all energies and repairing all fractures. I give full permission for these fields to gently align and regenerate to the Highest Spiritual Vibration, protecting me in each and every moment for all of my days. So be it. So be it


done now.(3 deep breaths)

Align and Regenerate the Emotional Bodies

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for a grid of Sacred Love to surround and support my emotional bodies; healing all energies and repairing all fractures. I give full permission for my emotional bodies and all energies of these to gently realign and regenerate to the vibration of Sacred Love. I am Love. I am Sacred. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Align and Regenerate the Mental Bodies

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for a grid of Sacred Truth to surround and support my mental bodies; healing all energies and repairing all fractures. I give full permission for my mental bodies and all energies of these to gently realign and regenerate to the vibration of Sacred Truth. I am Truth and I am Sacred. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Realign the Physical Template to the Higher Self

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for the cosmic template of my Higher Self to gently imprint my physical template with the perfect healthy programming of my most evolved self for this incarnation. All energies within my energy that are not of love; change to love; or gently leave. I give full permission for all organs (especially my heart), all glands, (especially my thymus


gland), all systems, (especially my immune system), every cell of this body, all energy that I am, gently realign and regenerate for perfect health, beauty, happiness, a wonderful life, love, wisdom, and my very Divine Spirit. It is my birthright! I deserve it! I claim it! I accept it! So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Release Victim and Martyr Energies

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for all victim and/or martyr energy that I have created in this lifetime or any other lifetime to leave now, never to return. I am no longer a victim! I am no longer a martyr! I am successful in all things! So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Release Judgment

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) for all judgments and criticisms that I have made against myself or others to gently leave now, never to return. And in all those spaces where these things once were, I place the energy of Unconditional Love. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Spiritual Spinal Alignment

(Introduction + I now command and give full permission) to gently align my spinal column, including my neck and tail bone to the perfectly healthy position for this lifetime. Gently releasing all stress and tension; all things that I have put behind me. I give full permission for my body to gently return to perfect balance and per18

fect health. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Invocations for Daily Living

The following invocations will work to clear the Akashic Records as well as to prepare for the clearing of the chakras and all energies related to them. The more you pay attention to your energy and your spirit, to that which is happening in your life, the more you will understand that which you have come to learn in this life. We are more than just 3rd dimensional beings. You may find yourself carrying the burdens of others but it is important to know that you are only spiritually responsible for yourself. The following invocations will work to bring your personal spiritual responsibilities into balance.

Invocation to Release any Pain Associated with Carrying the Burdens of Others

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, and the I am That I am, I now command and give pull permission for all energies of responsibility for others, burden, guilt, or any other emotion that I have carried in my body because of this, to gently be released now, for I now know, within my Spiritual Wisdom, that I am only responsible for myself. Each person is spiritually responsible and spiritually accountable for everything in their lives. I align now to My Divinity, My Divine Self. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)


Invocation for Clearing Energies and Interferences

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit and my very Divine Heart and Soul, I now command and give full permission for all energies of interference, all energies that are negative, gently leave now. As they leave, align me to my Highest and Best. For this day and all days, I honor My Sacredness and I acknowledge the I Am That I Am. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)

Invocation for Daily Maintenance

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit I now command and give full permission for all entities and energies interfering in any way or anything touching or using me, leave now, never to return. Surround and support my electromagnetic field and all other fields and bodies with a Grid of Golden Healing Energy, Sacred Love, and Sacred Truth. Heal all energies, repair all fractures. Align and regenerate all that I am to the perfectly healthy programming of my most evolved self. Regenerate all energy that I am to excellent health and beauty, love and wisdom, happiness and a wonderful life in my most Divine Spiritual Purpose. So be it. So be it done now.(3 deep breaths)


Muscle testing and Determining Frequency Levels

Spiritual Frequency is a unit that is used to measure spiritual growth. The Third Dimensional Frequencies range from 0 thru 100. The Fourth Dimensional Frequencies range from 101 thru 600. The Fifth Dimensional Frequencies have a wider range from 601 to 1,000,000. In monitoring Spiritual Frequency for yourself or others, you will be able to detect major disturbances within the energetic fields, bodies, and energies. Most healers are also sensitives and by that I mean that they may be quite sensitive to food, chemicals, prescriptions, environmental energies, people, or the spiritual energies that surround us. When most sensitives go to the grocery store their frequency declines because all the items at the grocery store are third dimensional energies. A sensitive is created to carry a fifth dimensional frequency and is terribly drained by the lower energies. They are usually more comfortable with people of like mind and sensitivity or in their own homes or places of higher frequencies. In Level I, we will use muscle testing to show the original condition of the energies and, afterwards, to show the results of the healing session. If you are not familiar with muscle testing, have someone help you. Extend your most dominate hand and arm to shoulder level. Have your associate place their hand on the top of the lower arm. Within the statement form say your name. For example: "My name is (your name)." and resist (push up gently) against your associates hand. Your associate is to resist (push down) against your arm. Because you are using your name, and it is true your arm will remain strong. This shows a positive response. Now, say the same statement with a name that is not your name, middle name, nickname, or last name. As you say this


statement, your arm will weaken because it is not truth. This is a negative response. Muscle testing works because within each cell of the body is the energy of each organ, gland, system, everything that we are. The most powerful part of the cell is the Spiritual Self. The cells of your body will weaken if what you are saying is not aligned to Spiritual Truth and conversely, they will remain strong if the words you say are aligned to Spiritual Truth. This can sometimes be surprising because what we may believe to be our truth may not be Spiritual Truth. Units and percentages can be estimated and the results of muscle testing can be adjusted higher or lower. You would estimate higher if your arm remained strong and lower if your arm weakened. When muscle testing and estimating in this way, you will want to use the phrase "At least" until you can prove an exact unit. Test frequency with muscle testing and fill in the grid PRIOR to doing your invocation. Below is an example of a chart that you may choose to use to document your findings.

Frequency Levels ­ Before and After

Entities Spiritual Frequency Electromagnetic Field Emotional Bodies Mental Bodies The Heart Efficiency Factor

Type Unit Unit Percentage Percentage Percentage Percentage




The Chakra's and the Physical Body

Each person is endowed with a chakra system. The chakra system is the energetic hub that keeps the energies of the body together. In visualization, each chakra should be clear and vibrant. (Please refer to the chart on page 29 for a listing of each color that is associated with each chakra.) Any discomfort in the areas associated with the particular chakra may indicate an imbalance. Each chakra is aligned within the chakra tube of light. (This will be explained further in the Level II Manual.) Each chakra receives Prana Energy from the Creator. Prana Energy is the energy of our very existence.

The Seven Natural Laws

The Law of Cause and Effect and the Root Chakra

The Law of Cause and Effect clearly indicates that for every action there is a reaction. Thrust your hand or your energy upon another and the effect will be felt. The lower primal energies of the Root Chakra react to our fears, frights, desires, and survival. Creation and evolution were built upon this law. Whether it is "survival of the fittest" or "being in the wrong place at the wrong time"; life is determined by this law. Procrastination collects within the root and can interfere with our prosperity. To clear and balance the root chakra and align it to the Law of Cause and Effect, say the following invocation:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for all energies of my root chakra to be


gently cleared of all interference, obstacles, or blockages. Gently release all energies of procrastination and allow my birthright of prosperity now. I release all fear. I give permission for my root chakra to gently come into perfect balance and harmony. Align and regenerate this chakra to My Divinity and to the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)

The Law of Compensation and the Sacral Chakra

The Law of Compensation declares: That which we have done to others, will also be done to us. As energy is given or received, there is compensation given, good karma or bad karma. Karma, conscious or unconscious, elected or not, is the continuous energy of checks and balances. The clearing of negative karma is driven by the Souls Mission to clear imperfection and imbalance, enabling it to return to the Divine Creator. Intimacy and entitlement issues will be reflected within the sacral chakra. To clear and balance the sacral chakra and align it to the Law of Compensation, say the following invocation:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission, for my sacral chakra to gently be cleared of all interference, obstacles, and blockages. I gently release all fear of trusting myself or another. I release all fear of intimacy. I give permission for this chakra to gently come into perfect balance and harmony. I align and regenerate this chakra to my Divinity and the Spiritual Law of Compensation. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The Law of Attraction and the Solar Plexus

The Law of Attraction aligns us to the integrity of our Sacred Divine Intention. We attract either through the integrity of the Spirit or as a function of the Ego. The Universe does not care whether we are negative or positive. The Universe delivers to us that which we project. The solar plexus is the charka of Personal Power. To clear and balance the solar plexus chakra with the Law of Attraction say the following invocation:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my solar plexus chakra to gently be cleared of all interference, debris, dependency, obstacles, and blockages. I now command for all pain, disturbance, difficulty, or negative energy within this chakra to be cleared. All power that has been given or has been taken; be released from wherever it may be. Be cleansed and purified by the Holy Divine Spirit and returned within Divine Direction and Divine Intention. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)

The Law of Love and the Heart Chakra

Sacred Spiritual Love is the strongest and most creative force of Divine Creation. The Law of Love commands that all Love that is given with the purest of intent will be returned a hundred fold. Spiritual Love is the Unconditional Love of the Divine. This Sacred Love is given freely, without expectations or judgment. We choose whether or not we will experience this love. Our heart chakra


opens when we feel we are worthy of love. As we release all heartache and sorrow, we can accept the love of another. We can only receive love from another as we truly love ourselves. Use the following invocation to clear and balance the heart chakra and align it to the Law of Love:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit and my very Divine Heart and Soul, I now command and give full permission for all that I am to be gently cleared of all obstacles and blockages to my Unconditional Love of self and others and to my accepting the Unconditional Love from my God, my Spirit, and all others. If I am needy or if I am dependant, release me from this so that I may attract a healthy love, a love that honors my sacredness. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)

The Law of Truth and the Throat Chakra

The Law of Truth aligns us to the integrity of our Personal Truth. Personal Truth is expressed within many different words and many different vibrations. The Universe hears all the words that we say as truth, but Spirit knows if we are speaking our truth or not. If we do not speak our truth, our body feels it as unnatural and it can create a blockage. The Law of Truth and the Law of Attraction bring to us that which we speak. Our Truth creates our reality. Energies within the throat chakra may or may not align to Sacred Truth. As we grow spiritually, we align more to the Sacred Absolute Truth of Creation. To clear and balance the throat chakra and align it to the Law of Truth, say the following:


By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my throat chakra to gently be cleared of all interference, obstacles, and blockages. I gently release all unspoken truth and all fear of being heard. I give myself full permission to speak my truth and honor all expressions of Divine Self. I align my throat chakra to my Divinity and the Spiritual Law of Truth. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)

The Law of Freedom and the Third Eye Chakra

The Law of Freedom is infused within the third eye chakra. Spiritual Freedom is promised to all of Creation and it is Free Will Choice that gives us the freedom to decide how we live our life. We determine our destiny as we choose what is spiritually aligned and what is not. This law also gives us the freedom in Spirit to choose our parents, our lessons, our challenges, our partners, our purpose, and our destiny for each and every incarnation. Our Soul presents the mission, Spirit selects the preparation and path, but we choose the Dream of Living and how we live that Dream. To clear and balance the third eye chakra and align it to the Law of Freedom, say the following:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my third eye chakra to gently clear of all interference, obstacles, and blockages. Gently release all energy of assault or attack on all levels, layers, and dimensions. Re27

lease all energy that has interfered with my personal freedom. I am Free. It is my birthright! I align my third eye chakra to my Divinity and the Spiritual Law of Freedom. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)

The Law of Life and the Crown Chakra

The Law of Life is expressed through Divinity and the Essence of the Personal Relationship with the Divine. As each of us become one with Divine Spirit, our crown chakra opens and spiritual vibration increases. This Law of Life gives continuing Spiritual Support and the opportunity to increase Spiritual Growth. Our surrender to That Which is Greater Than Ourself through prayer, faith, grace, and the greater understanding of our Divinity allows us to surrender the ego and become one with Divine Spirit. To clear and balance the crown chakra and align it to the Law of Life, say the following:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit I now command and give full permission for my crown chakra to gently clear of all inference, blockages, and obstacles to my Divine Connection. I gently release all belief systems, thought forms, dogma, and projections not aligned to the blessings and energies of the Spiritual Law of Life. My personal relationship with That Which Is Greater Than Myself, is my Divine Right. I give myself permission to align to my Divine Self and to also align to my Higher Power. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The Seven Major Chakras, Corresponding Colors and Spiritual Laws


Spiritual Law of Life Spiritual Law of Freedom


Spiritual Law of Truth

Spiritual Law of Love Spiritual Law of Attraction

Spiritual Law of Compensation Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect


Chakra Energies and the Extremities of the Physical Body

The energies of the five major chakras of the trunk of the physical body also affect the surrounding chakra. Within the physical system there are over 144,000 chakras. The lower chakras also affect the arms, elbows, knees and legs. The Chakra Systems will be more detailed in Manual II

Sides of the Body Defined

The right side of the body is a masculine energy. It is associated with action, the Knowledge of Spirit and courage. Relationships stored within the right side of the body would include father, brother, boss, son, uncle or any other male that may have been associated during the early, formative years of life. The left side of the body is a feminine energy and is associated with intuitively feeling nature, the Wisdom of Spirit and sensitivity. The relationships associated with the left side of the body include mother, sister, daughter or any other female associated with the formative years of life. In the instance of adoption, even though there may be no biological connection, a Spiritual Contract exists. The spiritual energies of an adopted family are the same as a biological family. In the case of a nanny or caregiver, any resentment or negative emotion will be hidden within the trunk of the body.


The Relationship Between the Upper Extremities and the Seven Major Chakras

The upper extremities, arms, elbows, wrists and hands are representative of the energies of our formative years, our parents and our siblings. As we mature, these unprocessed energies and emotions may cause pain within these parts of the body. If these repressed emotions and energies can be understood, they can be gently processed and permanently released from the body.

Upper Arms

The energies of the left upper arm reflect the mother and or maternal issues and the energies of the upper right arm reflect the father and or paternal issues. The upper arm is also associated with the throat chakra. Within the upper arm, pain may represent unresolved emotions, assumed parental judgments, and/or release of dependency in many forms. Infection in these areas can easily represent resentment, anger, or tension within these parental relationships. The invocation to gently start the process of releasing is:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my throat chakra to gently be cleared of all interference and all negative influence to the upper arms of my body. Align this chakra for perfect balance and harmony to my Highest Good. All pain will now be released. All interference to my upper arms, including all emotions and energies suppressed within these areas are now gently released. I release all dependency with


my parents. I release all belief systems, thought forms, emotions and energies that do not align to my Higher Self, to my Life, to my Living. I honor myself and speak my truth. I honor my parents and give myself permission to love them freely and completely. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The elbows represent inflexibility and/or stubbornness with parents, siblings and/or close family members that are associated with the formative years and conversely the energy of the heart chakra. When there has been deep emotional pain or heartache, it may take the form of anger and be suppressed within the elbows. The left elbow is connected to mother, sister, or a feminine family member and although you may be reading this as an adult, these are the people of your early formative years. The elbows are where a negative influence or emotion can be stored within the body. The right elbow may reflect childhood pain associated with a father, brother, uncle or other male family member. In knowing that our hurts, if kept suppressed, can only lower our spiritual vibration and our excellent health, it is our responsibility to release the energies and emotions that have caused us pain. Use the following invocation to begin releasing these suppressed energies:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my heart chakra to gently release all hurt, all heartache, and all emotions or energies interfering in any way with my elbows. Align this chakra for perfect balance and harmony and to my Highest Good. Release all pain, all suppressed


emotions and energies interfering in any way. I give myself permission to have boundaries and in honoring those boundaries I honor myself and all others. I can love my family and also honor my decisions and my sovereignty. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The forearms are connected with the solar plexus chakra which governs base instinct and fear. Within the forearms of the body, there may be infection or pain that may reflect anger or resentment. The left forearm reflects the energies of a sister, aunt, female cousin, or any female relative that was influential in the formative years. The forearm on the right side of the body represents an uncle, brother or other male family member. In order to invoke Spiritual Healing within this area, say the following:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my solar plexus chakra to gently release all interference to the energy of my forearm. Align this chakra for perfect balance and harmony and to my Highest Good. All power that has been taken, be now returned. Any interference to my will, be now released. I further command all relationships with my siblings and other family members to be now released of all judgments, resentments, criticisms and dependencies. I release all negativity within these relationships. May Spirit bless these relationships and if they are not to my Highest Good, I release these relationships totally and completely. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)



The wrists are connected to the sacral chakra which holds the development of intimacy and trusting in the self and others. Within the first part of our life, as we develop, those beliefs and fears of our parents and others can increase tension within the wrists. If those beliefs do not correspond to our Personal Truth, we can develop confusion and/or chaotic energies within the wrist area. The wrists of the body are deeply connected to decisions regarding these same family members. The left wrist represents a female member of the family, and right represents a male member of the family. Uncertainty and all manner of poor decisions can lead to stress and pain within the wrist area. In most cases, it is better to acknowledge the problem rather than dwell upon the problem. Surrender it to Divine Spirit and request guidance and clarity. To wrestle with some family situations will only build the energies rather than resolve them. All situations that have been surrendered to Divine Spirit can then be given Divine Guidance and resolved within Divine Direction. To gently release any blockages in the wrists, say the following:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for the sacral chakra to gently release all energies and emotions that do not align to my Personal Truth. Align this chakra for perfect balance and harmony and to my Highest Good. Any interference to my wrists, gently be released now. All pain, be removed. All confusion and chaotic energies, be now gently removed. I must be true to myself. I align to my Personal Truth and my Sacredness. I relax into the flow of Divine Spirit and align to my Sacred Path. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)



Within the energy of the hands are the many acupressure points of the body. All energetic pathways meet within the hands and these are the points to which our life energy may be accessed. With this in mind, the hands signify great healing for all areas of the body. The hands and their connection to the root chakra can affect any area of the body. As we receive with the left hand and release with the right hand, it is important to note that this flow of giving and receiving must be maintained. Giving and receiving are a spiritual energy that requires balance. People who have a tendency to give too much of themselves, their money, their time and/or their energy will attract a person who will take of that same energy. Within all relationships, we should strive to attract to ourselves an equal, someone who will maintain this balance. This can not be done unless we ourselves are healthy, balanced, and self reliant. We must be our Best Self. Within the giving of time, money, experience, and many other things we can truly spiritually grow and align to our Divine Self. The left hand is connected to all female family members and our response to them and the right hand, in similar fashion, represents all male members of the family. Do we wish to release them or do we wish to bring their energy to us? And if we bring their energy to us, is it truly healthy? If it is a difficult relationship, there may be great strain put within the hands and the areas of the arms. If it is a toxic relationship, this toxic energy can be spread throughout the body and can cause great damage elsewhere. Remember, most family energies are karmic energy. Within karmic energy there can be many difficulties. Within these karmic relationships, it is important to understand that boundaries may be necessary with certain people. A relationship can be maintained only if both parties spiritually honor one another. Say the following invocation for relief within the hands:


By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for my root chakra to release all fear, especially that fear connected with my early life experiences. Align this chakra for perfect balance and harmony and to my Highest Good. Release all pain and fear. Release all dependency within my family relationships. Allow me to release all energies that no longer serve me in this lifetime. All relationships that are not for my Highest Good, be now gently released within Divine Intention and Divine Direction. Bless all family members; I honor them as I honor myself. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The Relationship of the Upper Extremities and the Seven Major Chakras

Right - Masculine Left - Feminine

Upper Arm






The Relationship of the Lower Extremities and the Seven Major Chakras

Right - Masculine Left - Feminine







The Relationship Between the Lower Extremities and the Seven Major Chakras

Within the seven major chakras of the body, the spiritual centers within the trunk of the body, are the energies that are connected to each part of the lower extremities. The feet and the legs are associated with our adult life as opposed to the upper extremities which are associated with our younger, formative years. The energies of the lower extremities are in direct relation to our partners, spouses, children and grandchildren. Understanding the relationship of the lower extremities with energies associated with these relationships can easily explain the source energy of pain, discomfort, damage or accident. Understand that all energies within the body are an expression of all that has been within this lifetime and in some cases all that has been within previous lifetimes. This will be explained further in the Level II Manual.


The feet, the left being of female energy and the right being of male energy are energetically connected to the root chakra, the spiritual center of the groin. The feet represent the freedom and energetic action to move into or out of certain situations as well as the ability to move through the energy of this lifetime. People who are stagnate or "feel stuck" within their life or any part of their life may develop problems within the feet or toes. Acupuncture points to all organs and systems are located within the soles of the feet. Each vital meridian is connected to the energy of each toe. As with acupressure points, these points are a direct connection the energy of life. Reflexology is a healing modality that works directly with these energies and the study of reflexology may help to bring more clarity to this. Because of the connection of these points to the earth, the


confinement of shoes, boots and other shoe apparel can cause blockages in all areas of the feet. For this reason, it is very important to wear comfortable and properly fitting shoe apparel. To clear and align each foot to the root chakra say the following:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and give full permission for all interference within my feet and toes and all energy surrounding these, to be now gently cleared. Allow my feet and my toes to be free, moving forward within this life, within all phases of my life. Allowing me to feel empowered as I am grounded to Mother Earth. I now command and give full permission for my root chakra to gently clear and be brought into perfect balance and harmony. My feet will now to gently align to my root chakra. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The ankles are connected to the sacral chakra. The energies of the sacral chakra are deeply enmeshed within our personal relationships, careers and security. The energy of the ankle reflects the ability or inability to make decisions. An ability to make a decision will be reflected in a strong energy of the ankle and an inability may cause pain, swelling, or any other damage within the ankle area. Say the following invocation to clear your sacral chakra and align your ankles:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command


and so order all energies of my ankles to be cleared of all interference, pain and difficulty. Release my inability to make decisions. Guide me within all relationships and situations of this, my Sacred Path. I further command for all energy of my ankles to gently align with my sacral chakra. So be it. So be it now.(3 deep breaths)


The calves are directly aligned to the solar plexus. When we feel that we can not move forward in any situation, our personal power can be taken. The energy of the calves reflects the ability or inability to move forward within this lifetime. Any pain, discomfort or difficulty in this area may mean that blockages exist. It is important to understand that if we feel that we can not move forward due to any life situation, we also lose our personal energy. The following will guide you towards clearing this area.

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and so order all interference, obstacles and blockages within my calves to gently leave now. All energies preventing me from moving forward in his lifetime gently leave now! I give myself full permission to move freely forward on my Sacred Path in this lifetime. I align the energy of my calves to my solar plexus. So be it. So be it now.(3 deep breaths)



Within the knee area, the most common interference is that of stubbornness and inflexibility in situations. Keeping in mind that the left knee is the female side and the right is male, know that the knees can reflect relationships with co-workers, bosses, friends or others who have an influence on your life. It is important to not only set boundaries within these relationships but to also keep those boundaries firmly in place. We must not stay in the energy of anger or resentment. The area of the knees is connected to the heart chakra which controls our emotions. The following invocation will align the knees to the heart chakra and clear all associated energies:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and so order my knees and all energy of my knees to now gently release all interference, all pain, disease or difficulty. I gently release all energies of inflexibility or stubbornness. I release all obstacles and blockages that are preventing me from keeping clear boundaries and effectively asserting these boundaries. I align my knees and all energies of my knees to my heart chakra. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


The thighs are connected to the throat chakra. The throat chakra is aligned to the Law of Truth and the expression of Personal Truth is a birthright given to us by Divine Creator. When we do not speak our truth, or are unable to express our views, opin42

ions or authentic self, the throat chakra becomes blocked. To clear and align the thighs, please use speak the following invocation:

By the power and authority of Divine Spirit, I now command and so order for my thighs and all energies of my thighs to now gently release all obstacles, blockages, unspoken words, emotional truths that have not been expressed. I now give full permission for my thighs to gently align now to my throat chakra. So be it. So be it done. (3 deep breaths)


Spiritual Explanations for Single Parts of the Body

Feet Ankles Calves Knees Thighs The feeling of being stuck The inability to make a decision Inability to move forward Stubbornness and inflexibility Stores unprocessed emotions

Hands and Wrists Inability to let go or forced to stay in an uncomfortable position Elbows Upper Right Arm Lower Right Arm Upper Left Arm Lower Left Arm Teeth Pancreas Liver Heart Bladder Intestines Left Kidney Right Kidney Both Kidneys Lungs Stomach Inflexibility due to family law Father and paternal issues Issues with brother, male cousin, uncle Mother or maternal issues Issues with sister, female cousin,aunt Foundation, the home, each tooth is connected to an organ or part of the body Lack of or non acceptance of sweetness in your life Chronic anger, in order to release anger it must first be processed to sorrow Love, heartache, grief, sorrow Holding onto emotional energies, not letting go Holding onto emotional issues and/or control issues Processing of female issues Processing of male issues The systems batteries for our energy and also the energy of partnerships The inability to experience or participate in the joys of life, not feeling supported The giving or taking of your personal energy, feeling small


Eyes Ears Shoulders Back, Behind the Heart Mid-Back Lower-Back

Can not or will not see the truth Can not or will not hear the truth Feeling Burdened and responsible for others Emotional issues Mental issues Financial issues and worries, not feeling supported

Spiritual Explanations for Certain Physical Conditions

"Itis" Ailments Anything ending in "itis" such as arthritis can be caused by candida, parasites, or lack of food enzymes. Detox regiments are suggested. Nervous System Environmental toxins Emotional reaction triggered by fear Stress and tension caused by frustration and lack of self expression Unprocessed chronic anger Parasites Judgment of self Toxicity in the body Unprocessed anger Spiritual disease requiring clearance and surrender Judging others The unfinished business of seven generations can be inherited


MS Allergies Asthma TMJ Cancer Polyps in Colon Headaches Green Eyes Infection Addictions Hip Pain Spiritual Inheritance

Practitioner Formula for Healing Facilitation

Divinity Spiritual HealingTM is best done on a massage table, but it can also be done in a chair You will find that most people feel so relaxed that they will prefer to lie down. If you are going to work with a massage table, be certain that the surface is clean and that you are working with clean linens. You may want to place a disposable sheet, (paper towels and paper table cloths work great for this), over the surfaces that the client will come in contact with. You will also want to have on hand a comfortable, soft pillow, a tubular pillow and a light blanket. The comfortable pillow should be made available to the client to place under their head when lying on their back while the tubular pillow will be placed under their knees. Also be certain that you have a chair available for the session. You will begin the session with the chair placed at the head of the table. Assure your client that this session is all about them and whatever their Spirit would like them to experience and/or achieve. Always ask if they prefer music and ensure that they are comfortable. Ask permission to lightly touch them and then place your hands, one on the Solar plexus and one on the Navel. (figure 3A) Within your mind, confirm to yourself your intent to be a vehicle of healing and that you are ready to be guided through the healing session. Before you begin your healing facilitation, be certain to align yourself to your Divinity and your Divine Spirit. Realize that you are a healing facilitator and that only Spirit can heal. To be a good facilitator. you must listen to. and come to trust your instincts. You may be instinctively guided to move your hands to an area that is not in the standard flow, trust this. All indicated invocations will be conducted verbally and can be found on pages 16-20. During the invocation, you will use your hands to clear the aura field of the client. This is primarily accomplished through the use of the hand positions on the following


pages. If you have not been attuned to the energy of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM then you may want to purchase the CD's or DVD's of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM. The CD for Level I contains the "Clearing of the Third Eye", "The Introduction to your Healing Angel", and "The Attunement to Anchor the Energy of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM". These are instrumental in fully aligning your energy to Divinity Spiritual HealingTM but do not qualify you to be a practitioner. At the time of this publication, only Reverend Mary Margaret Denholm herself can provide this qualification. If you are not a certified practitioner of Divinity Spiritual HealingTM and would like to become one, you can achieve certification through greater study and by completing the Emotional Intensive. Until certification is achieved, you may wish to perform these invocations on yourself so that you may feel the difference in your energy. Keep in mind that no healing or other energetic inference may take place without the permission of your Spirit. You have authority over your energy and your energy only, however; in the case of a spouse, child, or grandchild you have Spiritual Authority grounded in your pure intent.

Steps for Clearing Energies and Hand Positions for Clearing the Energy

Beginning the Session

To begin the session, you will say a small prayer asking for alignment to Your Divinity. You should understand that the healing energy that passes through you is then passed on to your client. Your personal energies are not passed on within a Spiritual Healing session and in this same manner, the energies of the client are not passed directly to you. While clearing the energies of another


person, you may be guided to pull an energy away from an area that is in need of healing. To do this, you will simply visualize yourself pulling the energy away from the person and sending it to Divine Source. It is the intention of the facilitator that sets the tone of the session. If the intention of the facilitator is selfish, greedy, or negative in any way, the healing session will not be at a the Highest Spiritual Vibration and may not feel as fulfilling as it might have otherwise been. If the intent of the facilitator is not pure it will not harm the client but it will create karma for the facilitator. The Spiritual Energy of the invocations will be the same as they would be in any healing facilitation session. You should always work and learn from those who have been professionally and spiritually certified. When clearing the energies of another, you may be guided to pull an energy away from area. In all that you do, trust Spirit, pay attention to all Spiritual Messages that you receive. Spirit may consciously or unconsciously prompt you to move your hand, ask a question, or just be silent. Learn to recognize these promptings by Spirit and act accordingly. Even if healing does not appear to be taking place; we cannot assume anything. Spirit always has a plan and each person has their own Personal Path. It is your goal to be an open vessel for the Highest and Best of Spirit. It is important to understand the influence of lower entities. Lower 4th dimensional entities are attracted to the Light of an individual. Some of these may be minor nuisances; others may be sophisticated and try to control an individual. A good example of this is chronic anger or addictive behavior. All of Creation is Light, but these entities can and will work to interfere with any level of a person's life energy by working to control a persons ego and mind. As you would clean your house or your car, so should the energy of the body, mind, and spirit be cleaned and protected. Doing just a clearing, will not protect a person from further entities. To assist in the removal of lower level entities, the following invocations in combination with the noted hand positions are to be done in the


order provided. These invocations will work to align a person to protection against spiritual assault. Also, remember that the body will become weakened or fractured again if there is any terrible stress or trauma. Monitor yourself and your clients as spiritually directed and needed.

The Repair and Alignment of the Electromagnetic Field and the Aura field

Each session will begin with the standard position. (Figure 3A) Place the right hand on the solar plexus and (Figure 3A) the left on the navel. Before you begin, take a moment to feel any fractures in these fields. An incredible heartache can leave a fracture in the heart chakra and in turn leave the heart and lungs vulnerable to assault or disease. A facture near the groin or sacral center may be the result of sexual abuse or incest. A fracture near the head can cause incredible distraction, disorientation, or forgetfulness. As the invocation from page 16 is said aloud, you may be drawn to the most vulnerable areas. Allow Spirit to direct you and fill your energies so you may share the wonderful healing of Spirit.

Align and Regenerate the Emotional Bodies

Place one hand over the heart and thymus chakras. (this position is between and above the breast) and the other hand close to the organ of the heart (at the bottom of the bra line). (Figure 3B)


While working within this position, the invocation from page 17 will be used. ***Never touch the breast or the groin directly. After doing the invocation, you may feel that you need to clear the area surrounding the entire body. An aura clearing can be accomplished without physical touch, but by placing your hands an inch or so from the body.*** Remember, when taking the frequency of the emotional bodies, it will reflect the average of the emotional bodies of the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions. When you are facilitating this part of the healing process, ask to see the energies within these three dimensions. Continue working until the energy becomes quiet and moves smoothly and freely.

(Figure 3B)

Align and Regenerate the Mental Bodies

Let your client know that you will now be working in the heart area to regenerate the mental bodies and that you will progress to the head area. As you work in the head area, your mind or the clients mind may begin to wander. You can help to control this by focusing the intent to quiet the unnecessary chatter, remove interference, and initiate the possible release of judgments, and criticisms. Share this with your client and let them know that as things come to their mind; if those things are not pleasant, they should take a deep breath and give it to their Spirit, God, Master, etc. While working in this position, you will use the invocation


found on page 17. Place your hands in the same position that was used for the repair of the emotional bodies (Figure 3B). This is important when healing the mental bodies because the neurotransmitters of the heart are the same neurotransmitters of the brain. Yes, your heart can have a mind of its own. After saying the invocation, your intent is to clear and bring healing to the neurotransmitters of the heart and all related energies. As the energy of the heart has completed its clearing, move to the chair at the top of the table. Once seated, you will gently place both hands on the underside of the head. (Figure 3C) Pause in this position until prompted by Spirit to move on. By this point, the client should be in an extremely relaxed state, comfortably and easily allowing you to lift and turn the head. Gently turn the head to place one hand underneath and then gently turn the head to the other side, placing the other hand underneath.


(Figure 3C)

(Figure 3D)

(Figure 3E)

(Figure 3D) Both hands should be covering the top of the neck, the brain stem, and the lower back skull. Stay in this position until the energies clear. When prompted to move on, you will gently turn the head in the same manner moving the hands to cover the back of the skull. (Figure 3E) Continue to give energy and if you find that there is a need for release, prompt your client to take a deep breath and say "LET IT GO!!!" Continue to give energy until you have felt the prompting to move on then turn the head to each side and place your hands on the top of the head. Remain in this position until you have felt the release. (Figure 3F) This part of the session may take a significant amount of time, continue until (Figure 3F) the energy quiets and becomes smooth.

Realign the Physical Template to the Higher Self

The invocation for this position can be found on page 18. Start with both hands on solar plexus.(Figure 3G) You will be intuitively prompted to touch the physical template (Figure 3G) along certain points that "scream out" for clearing. You will sense the areas that need attention. Continue this until the energy becomes quiet and smooth.


Release Victim and Martyr Energy

The invocation to release victim and martyr energies can be found on page 18. All victim and martyr energy collects within the top of the backbone, this is known as the victims nodule. Place one hand on the top of the backbone and the other hand on the front of the chest below the neck. Keep your hands in this position until the energy becomes quiet and smooth. (Figure 3H)

(Figure 3H)

Release Judgment

The invocation to release judgment can be found on page 18. Place one hand on the solar plexus and place the other hand on the sacral chakra. (Figure 3A) The energy at the bottom of the spine releases all judgment and criticism energy held within the hips. The hips and the head (Figure 3A) are the two most common places to store judgments, criticisms, and the energies associated with them. But do remember that a judgment may be held within any part of the body. Judgments and criticisms may be rooted or


connected to an emotion, thought form, or agreement. This position will allow these energies to be released. You will feel the shift in flow when you have completed this position. More knowledge of this will be shared in the Emotional Intensive.

Spiritual Spinal Alignment

Sit in a comfortable position to the right of the client. Place one hand under the neck and the other hand under the lumbar area (tail-bone/lower back). (Figure 3I) Refer to the invocation located on page 18 to clear this area. As the energy clears, healing energy will move back and (Figure 3I) forth between both hands. Allow this movement between hands to occur several times so that the spine may align completely and properly. You will know that you have completed this step when the energy has become settled.


Reverend Mary Margaret Denholm [email protected]

Reverend Mary Margaret Denholm is a nationally known spiritual healing advisor and healing facilitator. She is a metaphysical and medical intuitive as well as a teacher of multi-dimensional patterning and cellular healing. Under the guidance of her spiritual guides and protectors, "The Spiritual Guardians of Truth", Reverend Mary Margaret learned the most original and extraordinary of techniques. Reverend Mary Margaret sees unwanted entities and energies which interfere with health, happiness, and prosperity. It was during a health crisis of her own that she learned to release trauma and program her body and mind for good health. Reverend Mary Margaret helps those who want to heal and understand their body, mind, and soul. She can help to explain some of the mysteries of this and other lifetimes. Reverend Mary Margaret can see beyond the veil. Those who are willing to move forward on their spiritual journey consider Reverand Mary Margaret's insights enlightening, even life-changing. Any interaction with Reverend Mary Margaret, whether it is a lecture, a group healing, or a private session, is an original, often extraordinary experience. Spiritual healing can enhance one's personal, professional, and spiritual life. Those who desire the realization of their true potential are ready to release any interfering emotion, energy, or belief system. In the late eighties, Reverend Mary Margaret devel55

oped her gifts of intuition and healing. She studied with many teachers in the physical realm. Years later, however, she had no idea how her life would be drastically changed and how her life purpose would be defined. In spring 1995, Rev. Mary Margaret became seriously ill and nearly lost her life. During March of that year, she saw many doctors, yet none recognized or diagnosed her true condition. One day, she was rushed to the hospital as she slowly drifted into a delirious coma, a coma that kept her between life in the third dimension and death. Observers recount how Reverend Mary Margaret, although delirious, struggled to return to this life. Due to the severity of her brain swelling, the doctors gave her family no hope. Miraculously, exactly three days later, she awoke, but remembered nothing. As she became more conscious, Reverend Mary Margaret saw pages and pages of ancient manuscripts flashing before her eyes. She learned that no one else could see the beautiful golden energies surrounding her face, nor did they see the symbols and hieroglyphics that appeared before her eyes. For seven days, this information was fed into her psyche. Instinctively, Reverend Mary Margaret realized she was being prepared for something unique, something very spiritual. During the weeks that followed, as doctor visits, testing, and medications continued, Reverend Mary Margaret became weaker. The pain was excruciating. She was unable to walk, and her body had swelled to twice its size. She was again admitted to the hospital. A week later, she lost her eyesight. It was at this point that she was transferred to a major teaching hospital in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Reverend Mary Margaret could not walk and she was totally blind. Her optic nerve and optic artery were destroyed by the medications. Her immune system had failed and her kidneys and liver were barely functioning. Her blood platelets, which had been in the


several hundreds of thousands, were now only at 7,000. Her body was swollen and mutilated from the medication. Her face was unrecognizable to those who knew her. Rev. Mary Margaret's life hung by a thread. . . between life and death. . . between this reality and the next. The misdiagnosis and high doses of medication, steroids, and chemotherapy brought her again near death. She had only two hours to live. As a last resort, doctors tried kidney dialysis; but her condition was so severe, no hope was given. It was during this time that Reverend Mary Margaret had her first near-death experience. She went to a beautiful place and as the angels greeted her, they told her it was not her time. Several days later, Reverend Mary Margaret went into a 40-hour blackout. It was during this time that the Christ appeared to her in her hospital room. He told her to have faith and courage. He told her she would live and gave her information regarding her future work. Reverend Mary Margaret had many visitations and many out-of-body experiences during this time. When her spirit returned to her body, Reverend Mary Margaret knew that unless she took charge of her health, she would surely die. Using her intuition, she saw her future life. She asked for clarity and direction. Although the health practitioners were not optimistic, they nonetheless cooperated with her requests. She taught the hospital staff the science of kinesiology (muscle testing). Together, they tested all her blood, blood platelets, and medications. She asked for nutrients to boost her immune system. Family and friends also brought foods to heal the blood. Area healing practitioners came to the hospital and gave their all to help her. Reverend Mary Margaret's health improved. She believed she would heal, and she did, in fact, heal. No longer would she require a kidney transplant; her kidneys were healed. Her blood platelets, while still low, were improving. Doctors told her they had done all


they could. Now, she could finally leave the hospital. Reverend Mary Margaret arrived at her parents' home in May 1995. She could neither walk nor see. Like a child, she was totally dependent upon her parents. She credits their care, love, and attention to every detail for her recovery. She gradually became stronger and healthier. Although she could not sit up or stand, she believed she would walk again. Slowly, from wheel chair to walker, from walker to cane, within two months, she was walking independently. Reverend Mary Margaret believed she would regain full use of her eyes, and her eyesight continues to improve. On the other hand, her Spiritual Sight and intuitiveness also improved. She never lost faith and learned how to heal herself in the most special and gentle of ways. She knew this would be her mission: to teach those of pure intent and vision how energies can be changed to health and happiness, to help people understand their goodness, to show people they do have choices and are not victims or sinners. We are the most beautiful gods and goddesses, the children of the Creator. We are love, truth, and light. We co-create our reality in this existence. Our soul has a patterning for growth, a patterning that allows us to REMEMBER our spirit. Humankind is only weakened by those factors which are judgmental and unkind. All things not of love are also not of the Spirit. Each one of us can make a difference. Let us learn together. Many Blessings! Rev Mary Margaret Denholm Website: Email: [email protected] Blog Talk Radio Show: Office Phone: 513-892-0623




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