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Classic Lanyard Instructions

Fig. 1Fold both strands of Rexlace in half and to find the centers and line the centers of the Rexlace stands on the metal hook. Overlap one color over the other, as seen here.

Fig. 2To make things easiest, number each strand on the cords so that you can see the pattern of each stitch.

Fig. 3Starting with the end strand, (#4,) fold this behind strand #'s 3 and 2, and bring it in front of strand #2.


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Classic Lanyard Instructions

Fig. 4With strand #1, bring this behind strand 2 and 4, and fold it over strand #4.

Fig. 5Repeat steps 3 and 4. Continue this pattern until you have achieved the desired length. To finish: Tie off with an overhand knot. Trim the ends leaving a small tail so that the Rexlace will not unravel.


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Classic Lanyard Instructions



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