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ISO 10373-6 Test bench

Laboratory Range

The most reliable tool for e-Passport and contactless card compliance checking

Conformity and interoperability testing Set of antennas and boards according to ISO/IEC 10373-6 and ICAO Sturdy support Accurate position and manipulation Compliant with contactless readers/ testers from Micropross Application field: laboratories

ISO 10373-6 Test bench Overview

Dedicated to laboratories working in contactless smart cards field, the Micropross test bench allows to carry out all the tests defined in the ISO/IEC 10373-6 standard ICC (proximity cards) and e-Passports. This part of ISO/IEC 10373-6 standard deals with test method and equipment which are specific to contactless e-Passport for the purpose of confirming their compliance with international standard. The aim of this standard is to ensure the interoperablity between contactless products: readers and contactless e-Passports. The tool comes with the complete set of antennas for PCD and PICC testing, as well as the probe the oscilloscope.

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ISO 10373-6 Test Tool


Test PCD antenna Calibration setup board Two sense coils Sense coil balance board Calibration coil Reference PICC Loaded reference PICC PICC load modulation test High impedance probe CD containing the user manual and C program samples

Technical specifications

Limits of utilisation

A digital sampling oscilloscope and a RF amplifier optional are needed

Contactless e-Passport and contactless cards testing

The ISO 10373-6 Test Tool for e-Passport developped by Micropross can be associated with methods for testing charcteristics of contactless e-Passport and contacless cards for the purpose of confirming their compliance with international standard:

Load modulation measurement Frame timings measurement Verify the ability of a PICC to receive PCD commands

Reader testing

The ISO 10373-6 Test Tool developped by Micropross can be associated with methods for verifying the behaviour of a PCD according to international standard:

Ability of a PCD to power a PICC Minimum load modulation signal from the PICC detection Qualification of the PCD operating volume Timings measurement

Tuning the test environment

Different components delivered with the ISO 10373-6 Test Tool for e-Passport allows the user to control the tuning of the test environment :

We provide you not only an useful product but also an efficient technical support and our experience. Micropross is at your disposal for any user requirement. Micropross is an ISO 9001 V 2000 certified company.

Magnetic field measurement Antenna tuning e-Passport alignment on the ISO 10373-6 Test Tool Symetry of the mechanism

Boards and mechanics

The tool includes a set of antennas and boards designed following the specifications defined in the Standard. Those different pieces of equipment are necessary to proceed tuning and testing. In addition, a robust mechanism allows to obtain an accurate positionning of the various components. This ensures the reproductibility and the quality of the measurements.

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Detailed specifications available upon request. May 2008. Non-contractual document specifications subject to change without notice.

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