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Tien-Chieh Hung

Fish Conservation and Culture Lab Dept. of Biological & Agricultural Engineering University of California, Davis 530-574-3421 [email protected]

EDUCATION Ph.D., Biological Systems Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2008-2012 Dissertation: Biomimetic Solid/Fluid Separation: Theory and Application. Advisor: Dr. Raul H. Piedrahita Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University (N.T.H.U.), 2001-2003 Thesis: The Study of Lipase Immobilization using Chitosan. Advisor: Dr. Wen-Teng Wu Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, National Central University (N.C.U.), 1998-2001 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Postdoc Employee, Fish Conservation and Culture Lab, UC Davis, 2012-present Coordination of a FCCL facility needs-assessment and planning operation between the FCCL and UC Davis Design and Construction Management. Study of the relationship between delta smelt fecundity and feeding habit. Graduate Student Researcher, Biological Systems Engineering, UC Davis, 2008-2012 Design and building a biomimetic particle separator. Design and constructing a recirculating aquaculture system for an endangered species: delta smelt. Study of the particle retention mechanisms used by suspension-feeding fish using CFD simulation. Study of the performance and impact of bead filters in recirculating greenwater aquaculture systems. Participate in the bioenergetics study of delta smelt. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant, Engine Technology, UC Davis, 2012 Faculty Instructor: Dr. Bryan M. Jenkins, UC Davis Energy Institute. Guest Speaker, Engineering: Biological Systems, UC Davis, 2011 Topic: Water filter. Faculty Instructor: Dr. Fadi Fathallah, Dept. of Bio & Agricultural Engineering. Teaching Assistant, Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals, UC Davis, 2010 Faculty Instructor: Dr. Dewey Ryu, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Teaching Assistant, Foundations of Biological Systems Engineering, UC Davis, 2009 Faculty Instructor: Dr. Raul H. Piedrahita, Dept. of Bio & Agricultural Engineering. Teaching Assistant, Foundations of Biological Systems Engineering, UC Davis, 2008 Faculty Instructor: Dr. Raul H. Piedrahita, Dept. of Bio & Agricultural Engineering. Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Biochemical Technology and Bioindustry, N.T.H.U., 2003 Faculty Instructor: Dr. Wen-Teng Wu, Department of Chemical Engineering. PUBLICATIONS Hung, T.C., Piedrahita, R.H., Cheer, A. (2012) Bio-inspired particle separator design based on the food retention mechanism by suspension-feeding fish, Bioinspir. Biomim. 7, 046003 (12pp). Cheer, A., Cheung, S., Hung, T.C., Piedrahita, R.H., Sanderson, S.L. (2012) Computational fluid dynamics of fish gill rakers during crossflow filtration, B. Math. Biol. 74, 981-1000. 1/3

Hung, T.C., Piedrahita, R.H. (2011) The performance and impact of a bubble-wash bead filter in a recirculating green water larval culture system for delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus), Aquacult. Eng. 45, 60-65. Hung, T.C., Fu, C.C., Su, C.H., Chen, J.Y., Wu, W.T., Lin, Y.S. (2011) Immobilization of cellulase onto electrospun polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofibrous membranes and its application of the reducing sugar production from microalgae, Enzyme Microb. Tech. 49, 30-37. Fu, C.C., Hung, T.C., Su, C.H., Suryani, D., Wu, W.T., Dai, W.C., Yeh, Y.T. (2011) Immobilization of calcium oxide onto chitosan beads as a heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production, Polym. Int. 60, 957-962. Fu, C.C., Hung, T.C., Chen, J.Y., Su, C.H., Wu, W.T. (2010) Hydrolysis of microalgae cell walls for production of reducing sugar and lipid extraction, Bioresource Technol. 101, 8750-8754. (Times cited: 11) Fu, C.C., Hung, T.C., Wu, W.T., Wen, T.C., Su, C.H. (2010) Current and voltage responses in instant photosynthetic microbial cells with Spirulina platensis, Biochem. Eng. J. 52, 175-180. Fu, C.C., Su, C.H., Hung, T.C., Hsieh, C.H., Suryani, D., Wu, W.T. (2009) Effects of biomass weight and light intensity on the performance of photosynthetic microbial fuel cells with Spirulina platensis, Bioresource Technol. 100, 4183-4186. (Times cited: 10) Chiou, S.H., Hung, T.C., Giridhar, R., Wu, W.T. (2007) Immobilization of lipase to chitosan beads using a natural cross-linker, Prep. Biochem. Biotech. 37, 265-275. Hung, T.C., Giridhar, R., Chiou, S.H., Wu, W.T. (2003) Binary immobilization of Candida Rugosa lipase on chitosan, J. Mol. Catal.: B Enzymatic 26, 69-78. (Times cited: 72) SELECTED ABSTRACTS AND PRESENTATIONS Piedrahita, R.H., Hung, T.C., Angela, C. (2012) From understanding suspension-feeding fish to the design of a biomimetic particle separator, SHPE National Conference 2012, Fort Worth, TX. Eder, K.J., Hung, T.C., Thompson, D., Piedrahita, R.H., Loge, F.J. (2012) Advancements in delta smelt acoustic tagging, 2012 Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) Workshop, Folsom, CA. Eder, K.J., Hung, T.C., Thompson, D., Hoang, R.U., Mosquera, T., Piedrahita, R.H., Loge, F.J. (2011) Delta smelt acoustic telemetry: a feasibility study, 10th State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference, Oakland, CA. Liu, J., Piedrahita, R.H., Hung, T.C. (2011) Malachite green adsorption by activated carbon from aquaculture waste water, CIGR International Symposium on "Sustainable Bioproduction-Water, Energy, and Food", Tokyo, Japan. Chiou, S.H., Hung, T.C., Wu, W.T. (2002) Applications of chitosan for separation of cholesterol, 5th Asia Pacific Chitin & Chitosan Symposium, 630-636, Bangkok, Thailand. PATENTS Piedrahita, R.H., Hung, T.C., Biomimetic solid separator, US Patent (Patent Pending). RESEARCH GRANTS Hung, T.C., Lin, J.Z. (2005) Development of water dispersible granules, a safer pesticide formulation, SBIR Taiwan. Funded NT$1,000,000. INDUSTRIAL WORK EXPERIENCE 2/3

Research and Development (R&D), Chia Tai Enterprise Co., Ltd., 2003 ­ 2007 Formula and formulation design of over 30 kinds of pesticides and fertilizer products. Promotion of cooperation on cases between Chia Tai and academic institutions or government. Application of governmental financial supports (SBIR, 1Z930073). Design and rearranging the flow paths of the plant. Scale-up preliminary laboratory-scale achievements. Establishment of the design and developed portions of the ISO9001 system (Identified by SGS). Interior auditor of Chia Tai Company. ACADEMIC SERVICE Reviewer, International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture, 2011 Teacher, Mathematics and Science, Ke Xin Private Learning Center, 2002-2003. Vice-president, Student Association of the Chemical Engineering Department, N.C.U., 1999-2000. CERTIFICATIONS & PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES). Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA). Certification of pesticide administrator (No.97-B00113). PADI open water diver (No.0609A56233). Republic of China technician of aquarium culture (No.130-001386). Republic of China technician of horticulture (No.133-003961). HONORS & AWARDS Henry A. Jastro-Shield Research Scholarship Award, 2010 and 2011. Golden Key Honor Society Invitee, 2008 and 2009. Keep Walking Fund of Diageo, 2007. REFERENCES Raul H. Piedrahita, Ph.D. Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering University of California, Davis Angela Cheer, Ph.D. Department of Mathematics University of California, Davis Bryan M. Jenkins, Ph.D. UC Davis Energy Institute University of California, Davis Kai J. Eder, Ph.D. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of California, Davis Wen-Teng Wu, Ph.D. Department of Chemical Engineering National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

[email protected] 530-752-2780 [email protected] 530-554-2912 [email protected] 530-754-8531 [email protected] 530-754-6411 [email protected] +886-6-2757575 ext. 62001




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