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High-Performance Single Grade Diesel Engine Oils exceeding API Service CF Performance Levels

Petronas Motolub CS3 CF series are high performance diesel engine oils specially designed for use in heavy duty, high speed turbocharged highway and off-highway diesel engines applications. Its advanced additive system ensure excellent control against wear, high temperature piston deposits, corrosion, foaming and oxidation stability. It also provide excellent resistance to bore polishing, a high level of wear protection and ensure superior engine cleanliness.


Recommended for use in severe duty four stroke turbo-charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines both on-highway and off-highway, running high or low sulphur diesel where API CF, CD or CC of the recommended viscosity grade is required. The SAE 10W and 30 are also suitable for used in transmission, differentials or final drives in equipment where CD/ TO-2 fluid is required.

Customer Benefits

· · · Excellent high temperature piston cleanliness and deposit-free turbocharger deposits. Excellent dispersancy, minimize soot induced oil thickening and associated engine wear. Outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance to maintains excellent engine cleanliness. Prevention of low temperature sludge formation Excellent TBN retention effectively neutralising the acidic by-products of combustion.


· · · · · API CF/SF MB 227.0 (Quality) MIL-L-46152C / MIL-L-2104D Allison C-3 Cat TO-2

· ·

Product Typicals


Density @ 15 °C, kg/l ASTM Colour Pour Point, °C Flash Point, °C Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C @ 100 °C Viscosity Index Cold Cranking Simulator @ - 20 °C, cP TBN, mg KOH/g 35.83 5.9 107 2370 11 107.7 11.9 100 11 145.4 14.7 100 11 224.2 19.5 98 11


0.8834 2.0 -36 220


0.8977 2.5 -6 240


0.9014 3.0 -6 250


0.9048 3.5 -6 260

Customer Advice

For further assistance on product MSDS, recommendation or technical queries, please liaise with the regional technical services engineer or contact HQ technical engineers.


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