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Rice Lake Area School District

to show parents the advantages of standards based reporting.

to help parents better understand what standards are and how they work.

to give parents a better understanding of how the standards based report card works.

"What students should know and be able to do."

Agreed upon by educators at all levels of education

Wisconsin calls the Standards...Model Academic Standards/Common Core State Standards District learning priorities linked to Standards

Aligns to Standards Based instruction Sets common, rigorous expectations for academic performance for ALL students across the district Provides a results-focus on learning, not other factors used previously in grading systems

Why Standards Based Reporting?

Emphasizes self-assessment and growth, not competition Makes marking and grading more consistent

Provides a basis for accountability and real-life application of learning Addresses developmental knowledge and skills over time

Parents will see their child's specific strengths and weaknesses within each content area. Students are compared to set criteria based on academic learning, not to other students.

The process is NO SECRET to the students.

Kindergarten through second grade will not receive overall grades. Parents will be able to see how their child performs on the individual standards for each subject area. This easily shows you your child's strengths.

This also shows you where your child is having difficulty.

First Grade Report Card

Standard-based Report Card Grade

Student Progress

Trimester Progress Toward the Standard

E Excellent G Good S Some N No Progress (blank) 4 Performing Beyond End of Year Goals

End of Year Attainment of Standard

3 Performing At Expected Level

Not Assessed

2 Progressing But Not at Expected Level

1 Little Evidence of Achievement

Students will be assessed on the progress they make

each trimester.

Each trimester reflects student learning progress

toward Trimester

1 2 3

meeting the end o f the year state content Timetable Report Cards standard. December 10

September 1 ­ December 2 December 3 ­ March 11 March 12 ­ June 8 Elementary Conferences October 21-26 Elementary Conferences March 15-17 June 11

If a student is receiving extensions or interventions

they are indicated by an *.

Standards based education and reporting...

is not new. is aligned to classroom instruction. reflects learning instead of behavior. gives parents a clear picture of academic achievement.

can be more rigorous than other ways of grading.

Grade 3-5

Trimesters 2010-2011

Follow current grading until

report cards are developed as part of curriculum review.


K-5 Standard Based Report



Standards Based Report Cards

14 pages

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