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Army Regulations

Disciplinary Control of US Army Personnel Department of the Army Branches of the Army Inspector General Activities & Procedures The Modern Army Records Keeping System (MARKS) AR 27-10 Military Justice AR 27-20 Claims AR 27-40 Litigation AR 27-50 Status of Forces Policies, Procedures, and Information AR 37-104-3 Jumps - Army Pay and Allowance Procedures AR 40-3 Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care AR 40-5 Preventive Medicine AR 40-121 Uniformed Services Health Benefits Program AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness AR 40-562 Immunization Requirements & Procedures AR 50-5 Nuclear Surety AR 50-6 Chemical Surety AR 55-29 Military Convoy Operations In CONUS AR 95-16 Weight and Balance - Army Aircraft AR 115-11 Army Topography AR 135-7 Incentive Program AR 135-91 Service Obligations AR 135-100 Appointment of Commissioned & Warrant Officers of the Army AR 140-10 Assignments, Attachments, Details, and Transfers AR 140-111 Enlistment and Reenlistment AR 140-192 Military Intelligence, Signal Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Signal Units AR 145-1 ROTC Program AR 190-8 EPW, Admin, Employment, and Compensation AR 190-11 Physical Security of Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives AR 190-13 Physical Security AR 190-14 Use of Force by Personnel Engaged in Law Enforcement and Security Duties AR 190-22 Search, Seizure, and Disposition of Property AR 190-28 Carrying of Firearms AR 190-30 Military Police Investigations AR 190-40 Serious Incident Report (SIR) AR 190-45 MP Reports and Forms AR 190-47 US Army Correctional System AR 190-51 Security of Army Property at Unit & Installation Level AR 195-2 Criminal Investigation Activities AR 200-1 Environmental Protection & Enhancement AR 210-10 Administration AR 215-Series Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) AR 220-58 Organization and Training for Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense Operations AR 310-10 Military Orders AR 310-25 Dictionary of Army Terms AR 310-31 Management System for Tables of Organization and Equipment AR 310-50 Authorized Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms AR 340-3 Official Mail AR 340-15 Preparing Correspondence AR 340-16 Safeguarding "For Official Use Only" Information AR 340-18 The Army Functional File System AR 340-21 The Army Privacy Program AR 350-1 The Army Training System AR 350-4 Qualification & Familiarization with Weapons and Weapons Systems AR 350-15 The Army Physical Fitness Program AR 1-32 AR 10-5 AR 10-6 AR 20-1 AR 25-400-2 AR 350-17 AR 350-30 AR 350-37 AR 351-1 AR 351-5 AR 351-20 AR 380-5 AR 380-20 AR 381-20 AR 385-10 AR 385-30 AR 530-1 AR 600-8-2 AR 600-8-22 AR 600-9 AR 600-15 AR 600-20 AR 600-21 AR 600-25 AR 600-31 AR 600-37 AR 600-43 AR 600-60 AR 600-85 AR 600-100 AR 600-200 AR 600-290 AR 601-210 AR 601-280 AR 606-5 AR 608-1 AR 608-50 AR 611-5 AR 611-201 AR 614-3 AR 614-6 AR 614-30 AR 614-100 AR 614-200 AR 621-5 AR 623-105 AR 623-205 AR 630-5 AR 630-10 AR 635-10 AR 635-100 AR 635-200 AR 640-2-1 AR 640-3 AR 640-30 AR 640-10 AR 670-1 AR 672-20 AR 680-29 AR 700-84 The Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Program (NCODP) Code of Conduct, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Army Individual Training Evaluation Program Individual Military Education and Training Army Officer Candidate Schools Army Correspondence Course Program Department of the Army Information Security Program Restricted Areas US Army Counterintelligence Activities Army Safety Program Safety Color Code Marking and Signs Operations Security (OPSEC) Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags) Military Awards The Army Weight Control Program Indebtedness of Military Personnel Army Command Policy and Procedures Equal Opportunity (Superseded By Ch. 6 AR 600-20) Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions for Military Personnel Unfavorable Information Standards of Conduct for Department of the Army Personnel Physical Performance Evaluation System Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program Army Leadership Enlisted Personnel Management System / Promotions Passports and Visas Regular Army Enlistment Program Total Army Retention Program (Reenlistment) Personnel Identification: ID Cards, Tags Army Community Service (ACS) Legal Assistance Army Personnel Tests Enlisted Career Management Fields and MOS's Assignment of Military Personnel to Presidential Support Activities PCS Policy Overseas Service Officer Personnel Enlisted Personnel Selection, Training , & Assignment System ACES Army OER Army EER Leaves, Passes, Permissive TDY AWOL, Desertion Processing Personnel for Separation Officer Personnel Enlisted Personnel / Separations Personnel Qualification Records ID Cards, Tags, and Badges Photos for Military Personnel Files Individual Military Personnel Records Wear and Appearance of the Uniform Incentive Awards Military Personnel Organization & Types of Trans Codes Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing

Army Regulations

AR 840-10 Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates AR 930-4 AR 930-5 Army Emergency Relief (AER) American Red Cross (ARC)

USAREUR Regulations/Department of the Army Circulars (DA Cir)

UR 350-1 UR 600-2 UR 600-11 USAREUR Training SGT Morales USAREUR Sponsorship Program DA Cir 611-82-3 DA Cir 623-88-1 Career Management of the Enlisted Force NCO Evaluation Report System

Graphic Training Aids (GTA)

GTA 3-6-5 GTA 5-2-12 GTA 5-10-24 GTA 5-10-27 GTA 8-016(AE) GTA 8-5-45 GTA 8-6-12 NBC Warning and Reporting System Map Reading Coordinate Scale and Protractor Minefield Clearing and Breaching Operations Mine Card Medical Evacuation Procedures (Dustoff Europe) Heat Injury Prevention and First Aid Adverse Effects Of Cold, Cause and Symptoms GTA 9-12-1 Unexploded Ordnance Procedures GTA 17-2-9 Combat Vehicle Recognition GTA 17-2-11 Combat Vehicle Identification GTA 17-2-13 Armored Vehicle Recognition GTA 19-6-5 How to Inform Suspect/Accused of their rights GTA 19-7-1 EPW Basic Commands GTA 30-139(AE) UNPROFOR Mine Data

Department of The Army Pamphlets (DA Pam)

DA Pam 1-1 DA Pam 20-203 DA Pam 20-231 DA Pam 20-236 DA Pam 20-292 DA Pam 25-30 DA Pam 27-21 DA Pam 28-6 DA Pam 28-9 DA Pam 30-60-1 DA Pam 310-1 DA Pam 310-50 DA Pam 350-2 State, Official & Special Military Funerals Russian Combat Methods in WWII Combat in Russian Forests and Swamps Night Combat Warfare in the Far North List of Army Publications & Blank Forms Military Administrative Law Handbook Intramural Sports for The Army Unit Level Recreational Sports Know your Enemy Consolidated index of Administrative Publications and Blank Forms Authorized Abbreviations and Acronyms Developing and Maintaining Cohesion DA Pam 350-15 DA Pam 350-21 DA Pam 350-38 DA Pam 351-4 DA Pam 351-20 DA Pam 360-501 DA Pam 600-8 DA Pam 621-15 A DA Pam 623-205 DA Pam 738-750 DA Pam 738-751 Commander's Handbook on Physical Fitness Family Fitness Handbook Standards in Weapons Training US Army Formal Schools Catalog Correspondence Course Catalog Our Flag Military Personnel Management & Administrative Procedures Soldier's Guide to Education NCOER "Inbrief" The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) The Army Maintenance Management System-Aviation (TAMMS-A)

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 1-5 FM 1-102 FM 1-111 FM 1-112 FM 1-113 FM 1-114 FM 1-120 FM 1-303 FM 1-400 FM 1-500 FM 1-506 FM 1-508 FM 1-509 FM 1-513 FM 1-514 FM 3-3 FM 3-3-1 Instrument Flying and Navigation for Army Aviators Army Aviation in an NBC Environment Aviation Brigades Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for the Attack Helicopter Battalion Assault Helicopter Battalion Tactics, Techniques & Procedures for the Regimental Aviation Squadron Army Air Traffic Services Contingency and Combat Zone Operations Air Traffic Control Facility Operations and Training Aviator's Handbook Army Aviation Maintenance Fundamentals of Aircraft Power Plants Maintaining Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE): Maintenance Program Fundamentals of Aircraft Pneudraulics Battlefield Recovery and Evacuation of Aircraft Fundamentals of Rotor and Power Train Maintenance-Techniques and Procedures Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance Nuclear Contamination Avoidance FM 3-4 FM 3-4-1 FM 3-5 FM 3-6 FM 3-7 FM 3-8 FM 3-9 FM 3-10 FM 3-10-1 FM 3-11 FM 3-12 FM 3-15 FM 3-19 FM 3-21 FM 3-50 FM 3-87 FM 3-100 FM 3-101 FM 3-101-1 FM 3-101-2 NBC Protection Fixed Site Protection NBC Decontamination Field Behavior of NBC Agents (Including Smoke and Incendiaries) NBC Field Handbook Chemical Reference Handbook Potential Military Chemical/Biological Agents and Compounds Employment of Chemical Agents Chemical Weapons Employment Flame, Riot Control Agent, and Herbicide Operations Operational Aspects of Radiological Defense Nuclear Accident Contamination Control NBC Reconnaissance Chemical Accident Contamination Control Smoke Operations NBC Reconnaissance & Decontamination Opns Chemical Operations Principles & Fundamentals Chemical Staffs and Units Smoke Squad/Platoon Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures NBC Reconnaissance Squad/Platoon (Fox) Operations Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 5-7-30 Brigade Engineer & Engineer Company Combat Operations (Airborne, Air Assault, Light) FM 5-15 Field Fortification FM 5-20 Camouflage FM 5-25 Explosions and Demolitions FM 5-30 Engineer Intelligence FM 5-33 Terrain Analysis FM 5-34 Engineer Field Data FM 5-36 Route Reconnaissance and Classifications FM 5-71-2 Armored Task-force Engineer Combat Operations FM 5-71-100 Division Engineer Combat Operations FM 5-100 Engineer Operations FM 5-100-15 Corps Engineer Operations FM 5-101 Mobility FM 5-102 Counter-Mobility FM 5-103 Survivability FM 5-104 General Engineering FM 5-105 Topographic Operations FM 5-114 Engineer Operations short of War FM 5-116 Engineer Operations: Echelons Above Corps (EAC) FM 5-125 Rigging Techniques, Procedures, and Applications FM 5-134 Pile Construction FM 5-163 Sewerage FM 5-164 Tactical Land Clearing FM 5-212 Medium Girder Bridge FM 5-232 Topographic Surveying FM 5-233 Construction Surveying FM 5-250 Explosives and Demolitions FM 5-277 Bailey Bridge FM 5-410 Military Soils Engineering FM 5-412 Project Management FM 5-420 Plumbing and Pipefitting FM 5-422 Engineer Prime Power Operations FM 5-430-00-1 Planning & Design of Roads, Airfields, & Heliports in the Theater of Operations - Road Design FM 5-430-0-2 Planning and Design of Roads, Airfields, and Heliports in the Theater of Operations - Airfield and Heliport Design FM 5-480 Port Construction and Repair FM 5-482 Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems FM 5-484 Multiservice Procedures for Well-Drilling Operations FM 5-488 Logging and Sawmill Operations FM 5-490 Engineer Diving Operations FM 5-530 Materials Testing FM 6-2 Field Artillery Survey FM 6-16 Tables for Artillery Meteorology (Electronic) Ballistic Type 3 and Computer Messages FM 6-16-1 Tables for Artillery Meteorology (Sound Ranging) Messages FM 6-16-2 Tables for Artillery Meteorology (Visual) Ballistic Type 3 and Computer Messages and Limited Surface Observations FM 6-16-3 Tables for Artillery Meteorology (Electronic and Visual) Type 2 Messages FM 6-20 Fire Support in the Airland Battle FM 6-20-1 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battalion FM 6-20-2 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Corps Artillery, DIVARTY, and FA Bde Headquarters FM 6-20-10 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Targeting Process FM 6-20-30 FM 6-20-40 FM 6-20-50 FM 6-30 FM 6-40 FM 6-50 FM 6-60 FM 6-71 FM 6-121 FM 6-300 FM 7-7 FM 7-7j FM 7-8 FM 7-10 FM 7-20 FM 7-30 FM 7-70 FM 7-90 FM 7-91 FM 7-92 FM 7-93 FM 7-98 FM 8-9 FM 8-10 FM 8-10-1 FM 8-10-3 FM 8-10-4 FM 8-10-5 FM 8-10-6 FM 8-10-7 FM 8-10-8 FM 8-10-9 FM 8-10-14 FM 8-10-19 FM 8-10-24 FM 8-33 FM 8-34 FM 8-35 FM 8-40 FM 8-42 FM 8-50 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Heavy) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Light) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Observed Fire Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Fire Support for the Combined Arms Cdr Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Target Acquisition Army Ephemeris 1993-1997 The Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley) Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad The Rifle Company, Platoon and Squad The Infantry Battalion The Infantry Brigade Light Infantry Platoon / Squad Tactical Employment of Mortars Tactical Employment of Anti-Armor Platoons, Companies, and Battalions The Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon and Squad (Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry) Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations Operations in a Low-Intensity Conflict NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defense Operations AMEDP-6(B) Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Medical Company Division Medical Operations Center Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Medical Platoon Leader's Handbook Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Brigade and Division Surgeon's Handbook Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Medical Evacuation in a Theater of Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Health Service Support in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Environment Medical Intelligence in a Theater of Operations Combat Health Logistics in a Theater of Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Employment of the Combat Support Hospital Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Dental Service Support in a Theater of Operations Area Support Medical Battalion Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Control of Communicable Diseases in Man Food Sanitation for the Supervisor Evacuation of the Sick and Wounded Management of Skin Diseases in the Tropics at Unit Level Medical Operations in Low Intensity Conflict Prevention and Medical Management of Laser Injuries

Field Manuals (FM)

Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures FM 8-55 Planning for Health Service Support FM 8-230 Medical Specialist FM 8-250 Preventive Medicine Specialist FM 8-285 Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries FM 8-505 Army Medical Field Feeding Operations FM 9-6 Munitions Support in Theater of Operations FM 9-13 Ammunition Handbook: A Guide for Ammunition Specialists FM 9-15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service and Unit Operations FM 9-38 Conventional Ammunition Unit Operations FM 9-207 Operation and Maintenance of Equipment in Cold Weather (0º To -60º Fahrenheit) FM 10-1 Quartermaster Principles FM 10-15 Basic Doctrine Manual for Supply and Storage FM 10-16 General Fabric Repair FM 10-18 Petroleum Terminal and Pipeline Operations FM 10-20 Organizational Maintenance of Military Petroleum Pipelines, Tanks, and Related Equipment FM 10-23 Army Food Service Operations FM 10-23-2 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Garrison Food Preparation and Class I Operations Management FM 10-27 General Supply in Theaters of Operations FM 10-27-1 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Quartermaster General Support Supply Operations FM 10-27-2 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Quartermaster Direct Support Supply and Field Service Operations FM 10-27-3 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Quartermaster Headquarters Operations FM 10-27-4 Organizational Supply for Unit Leaders FM 10-52 Water Supply in Theaters of Operations FM 10-52-1 Water Supply Point Equipment and Operations FM 10-63 Handling of Deceased Personnel in Theaters of Operations FM 10-63-1 Graves Registration Handbook FM 10-67 Petroleum Supply in Theaters of Operations FM 10-68 Aircraft Refueling FM 10-69 Petroleum Supply Point Equipment and Operations FM 10-70 Inspecting and Testing Petroleum Products FM 10-72 Petroleum Surveillance - Laboratories and Kits FM 10-115 Quartermaster Water Units FM 10-207 Petroleum Pipeline and Terminal Operating Company FM 10-280 Mobile Field Laundry, Clothing Exchange, and Bath Operations FM 10-286 Identification of Deceased Personnel FM 10-296 Headquarters and Headquarters Units, Graves Registration Battalion FM 10-297 Graves Registration Company FM 10-427 Petroleum Supply Company FM 10-500-1 Airdrop Support Operations in a Theater of Operations FM 10-500-7 Airdrop Derigging and Recovery Procedures FM 10-500-53 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Ammunition FM 10-533 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Trailer-Mounted Lubrication Unit FM 10-562 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment: Rigging Whole Blood FM 8-51 FM 10-602 FM 11-1 FM 11-24 FM 11-25 FM 11-30 FM 11-32 FM 11-41 FM 11-43 FM 11-44 FM 11-50 FM 11-75 FM 12-6 FM 12-50 FM 14-7 FM 14-100 FM 16-1 FM 17-12 FM 17-12-1 FM 17-12-1-1 FM 17-12-1-2 FM 17-12-3 FM 17-12-5 FM 17-12-7 FM 17-12-8 FM 17-15 FM 17-18 FM 17-50 FM 17-95 FM 17-95-10 FM 17-97 FM 17-98 FM 19-1 FM 19-4 FM 19-5 FM 19-10 FM 19-15 FM 19-20 FM 19-25 FM 19-30 FM 19-40 FM 19-60 FM 20-3 FM 20-11-2 FM 20-31 FM 20-32 FM 20-33 FM 21-6 FM 21-10 FM 21-10-1 FM 21-11 FM 21-15 FM 21-16 FM 21-17 FM 21-18 FM 21-20 FM 21-26 FM 21-30 FM 21-31 Headquarters and Headquarters Units, Petroleum and Water Distribution Organization Multiservice Procedures for the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System Signal Tactical Satellite Company Signal Troposcatter Company MSE Communications in the Corps/Division Combat Net Radio Operations Signal Support: Echelons Corps and Below (ECB) Signal Leader's Guide Air Defense Artillery Signal Operations Battalion and Signal Operations Company Combat Communications Within the Division (Heavy and Light) Battlefield Information Services (BIS) Personnel Doctrine U.S. Army Bands Finance Operations Financial Management Operations Religious Support Tank Gunnery Tank Combat Tables, M1 Tank Gunnery (ABRAMS) Volume I Tank Gunnery (ABRAMS) Volume II Tank Combat Tables M60A3 Tank Combat Tables M551A1 Tank Combat Training Devices Light Cavalry Gunnery Tank Platoon Light Armor Operations Attack Helicopter Handbook Cavalry Operations The Armored Cavalry Regiment and Squadron Cavalry Troop Scout Platoon Military Police Support for the Airland Battle Military Police Battlefield Circulation Control, Area Security, and EPW Operations The Military Police Handbook Military Police Law and Order Operations Civil Disturbances Law Enforcement Investigations Military Police Traffic Operations Physical Security Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees, and Detained Persons Confinement and Correctional Treatment of U.S. Military Prisoners Camouflage Military Diving Volume 2 (Mixed-Gas Diving) Electric Power Generation in the Field Mine/Countermine Operations Combat Flame Operations How to Program and Conduct Military Training Field Hygiene and Sanitation Unit Field Sanitation Team First Aid for Soldiers Care and use of Individual Clothing and Equipment Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Procedures Driver Selection, Training, and Supervision, Track Combat Vehicles Foot Marches Physical Fitness Training Map Reading and Land Navigation Military Symbols Topographic Symbols

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 21-33 FM 21-60 FM 21-75 FM 21-76 FM 21-150 FM 21-305 FM 22-5 FM 22-6 FM 22-8 FM 22-9 FM 22-51 FM 22-100 FM 22-101 FM 22-102 FM 22-103 FM 22-600-20 FM 23-1 FM 23-8 FM 23-9 FM 23-10 FM 23-11 FM 23-14 FM 23-23 FM 23-24 FM 23-25 FM 23-27 FM 23-30 FM 23-31 FM 23-33 FM 23-34 FM 23-35 FM 23-41 FM 23-65 FM 23-67 FM 23-91 FM 24-1 FM 24-2 FM 24-11 FM 24-12 FM 24-17 FM 24-18 FM 24-19 FM 24-22 FM 24-24 FM 24-26 FM 24-27 FM 24-33 FM 24-40 FM 25-1 FM 25-2 FM 25-3 FM 25-4 FM 25-5 FM 25-51 FM 25-100 FM 25-101 FM 26-2 FM 27-1 FM 27-2 FM 27-10 Terrain Analysis Visual Signals Combat Skills of the Soldier Survival Combatives Manual for the Wheeled Vehicle Driver Drill and Ceremonies Guard Duty Unit Cohesion Soldier Performance in Continuous Operations Leader's Manual for Combat Stress Control Military Leadership Leadership Counseling Soldier Team Development Leadership and Command at Senior Levels The Army NCO Guide (Superseded by TC 22-6) Bradley Gunnery M14/M14A1 Rifles and Rifle Marksmanship M16A1/M16A2 Rifle Marksmanship Sniper Training 90MM Recoilless Rifle, M67 M249 Light Machine Gun in the Automatic Rifle Role Antipersonnel Mine M18A1 and M18 (Claymore) Dragon Medium Antitank/Assault Weapon System M47 Light Anti-Armor Weapons MK-19, 40MM Grenade Machine Gun, Mod 3 Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals 40-MM Grenade Launcher, M203 M72A2 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) Tow Weapon Systems Combat Training with Pistols & Revolvers Sub-Machine Guns, Caliber .45, M3 & M3A1 Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50 HB, M2 Machinegun, 7.62mm, M60 Mortar Gunnery Combat Communications Spectrum Management Tactical Satellite Communications Communications in A "Come-As-You-Are" War Tactical Record Traffic System (TRTS) Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques Radio Operator's Handbook Communications-Electronics Management System (CEMS) Signal Data References: Signal Equipment Tactical Automatic Switching Tactical Automatic Circuit Switching AN/TTC-39 Communications Techniques: Electronic Counter-Countermeasures Tactical Visual Information Doctrine Training Unit Training Management How to Conduct Training in Units How to Conduct Training Exercises Training for Mobilization and War Battalion Task force Nuclear Training Training the Force Battle Focused Training Management of Stress in Army Operations Legal Guide for Commanders Your Conduct in Combat under The Law of War The Law of Land Warfare FM 27-14 FM 27-100 FM 30-5 FM 30-10 FM 30-15 FM 31-12 FM 31-19 FM 31-20 FM 31-20-5 FM 31-36 FM 31-70 FM 31-71 FM 31-82 FM 33-1 FM 33-1-1 FM 34-1 FM 34-2 FM 34-2-1 FM 34-8 FM 34-10-1 FM 34-10-2 FM 34-10-7 FM 34-25-1 FM 34-25-3 FM 34-35 FM 34-36 FM 34-37 FM 34-40-7 FM 34-40-9 FM 34-43 FM 34-54 FM 34-60 FM 34-80 FM 34-81 FM 34-81-1 FM 34-85 FM 34-85-1 FM 34-130 FM 38-746 FM 41-5 FM 41-10 FM 43-5 FM 43-12 FM 43-20 FM 44-1-2 FM 44-4 FM 44-8 Legal Guide for Soldiers Legal Operations Combat Intelligence Military Geographic Intelligence (Terrain) Intelligence Interrogation Army forces in Amphibious Operations (The Army Landing Force) Military Free-Fall Parachuting Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Doctrine for Special Forces Operations Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Special Forces Night Operations Basic Cold Weather Manual Northern Operations Base Development Psychological Operations Psychological Operations Techniques and Procedures Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Collection Management and Synchronization Planning Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Reconnaissance & Surveillance & Intelligence Support to Counter-Reconnaissance Combat Commander's Handbook on Intelligence Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (REMBASS) Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) Equipment Handbook Quickfix Operations Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint Stars) All-Source Analysis System and the Analysis and Control Element Armored Cavalry Regiment and Separate Brigade Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Special Operations Forces Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) Operations Communications Jamming Handbook Direction Finding Operations RECCE-J Multi-Service Procedures for Requesting Reconnaissance Information in a Joint Environment Battlefield Technical Intelligence Counterintelligence Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Weather Support for Army Tactical Operations Battlefield Weather Effects Conversion of Warsaw Pact Grids to UTM Grids GK Conversion (Mideast) Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield Logistics: Packaging Management Joint Manual for Civil Affairs Civil Affairs Operations Unit Maintenance Operations Division Maintenance Operations General Support Maintenance Operations Air Defense Artillery Reference Handbook Operations and Training, Chaparral Small Unit Self-defense against Air Attack

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 44-12 FM 44-16 FM 44-18 FM 44-18-1 FM 44-30 FM 44-43 FM 44-44 FM 44-48 FM 44-63 FM 44-73 FM 44-80 FM 44-85 FM 44-90 FM 44-100 FM 46-1 FM 54-23 FM 54-30 FM 54-40 FM 55-9 FM 55-10 FM 55-12 FM 55-15 FM 55-20 FM 55-21 FM 55-50 FM 55-60 FM 55-312 FM 55-450-2 FM 55-450-4 FM 55-450-5 FM 55-501-1 FM 55-501-2 FM 55-502 FM 55-509-1 FM 55-511 FM 57-38 FM 57-220 FM 63-1 FM 63-2 FM 63-2-1 FM 63-3 FM 63-4 FM 63-6 FM 63-11 FM 63-20 FM 63-21 FM 63-23 FM 71-1 FM 71-2 FM 71-3 FM 71-100 Multi-Service Procedures for Airborne Warning and Control System Ground-Based Air Defense Operations Platoon Combat Operations - Chaparral, Vulcan, and Stinger Air Defense Employment: Stinger Stinger Team Operations Visual Aircraft Recognition Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Platoon and Squad Operations Avenger Platoon, Section, and Squad Operations Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Sensor Platoon FAAD/SHORAD Battalion Operations, Heavy Divisions Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Hawk Platoon Operations Visual Aircraft Recognition Patriot Battalion and Battery Operations Hawk Battalion Operations U.S. Army Air Defense Operations Public Affairs Operations Materiel Management Center Corps Support Command Corps Support Groups Area Support Group Unit Air Movement Planning Movement Control in a Theater of Operations Movement of Units in Air force Aircraft Transportation Reference Data Army Rail Transport Units and Operations Railway Operating and Safety Rules Army Water Transport Operations Army Terminal Operations Military Convoy Operations in CONUS Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations Multi-Service Helicopter External Air Transport: Single-Point Load Rigging Procedures Multi-Service Helicopter External Air Transport: Dual-Point Load Rigging Procedures Landing Craft Operator's Handbook Harbor-Craft Crewman's Handbook Army Watercraft Safety Introduction to Marine Electricity Operation of Floating Cranes Pathfinder Operations Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training Support Battalions and Squadrons, Separate Brigades and Armored Cavalry Regiment Division Support Command, Armored, Infantry, and Mechanized Infantry Divisions Division Support Command, Light Infantry, Airborne, and Air Assault Division Corps Support Command Combat Service Support Operations - TAACOM Combat Service Support in Low Intensity Conflict Logistics Support Element Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Forward Support Battalion Main Support Battalion Aviation Support Battalion Tank and Mechanized Infantry Company Team The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task force The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade Division Operations FM 71-100-2 Infantry Division Operations Tactics Techniques, and Procedures FM 71-100-3 Air Assault Division Operations FM 71-123 Tactics & Techniques for Combined Arms Heavy forces: Armored BDE, BN Task force, and Company Team FM 90-2 Battlefield Deception FM 90-3 Desert Operations FM 90-4 Airmobile Operations (How to Fight) FM 90-5 Jungle Operations FM 90-6 Mountain Operations (How to Fight) FM 90-7 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration FM 90-8 Counter-Guerrilla Operations FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain FM 90-10-1 An Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built-Up Areas FM 90-13 River Crossing Operations FM 90-13-1 Combined Arms Breaching Operations FM 90-18 (CSAR) Multi-Service Procedures for Combat Search and Rescue FM 90-20 Multi-Service Procedures for the Joint Application of Firepower FM 90-21 (JAAT) Multi-Service Procedures for Joint Air Attack Team Operations FM 90-22 (Night) Multi-Service Night and Adverse Weather Combat Operations FM 90-26 Airborne Operations FM 90-29 Noncombatant Evacuation Operations FM 90-31 AMCI Army and Marine Corps Integration in Joint Operations FM 100-1 The Army FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization & Equipment FM 100-5 Operations FM 100-6 Information Operations FM 100-7 Decisive Force: The Army in Theater Operations FM 100-9 Reconstitution FM 100-10 Combat Service Support FM 100-11 Force Integration FM 100-13 Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD) FM 100-15 Corps Operations FM 100-16 Army Operational Support FM 100-17 Mobilization, Deployment, Re-deployment, Demobilization FM 100-17-1 Army Pre-Positioned Afloat Operations FM 100-18 Space Support to Army Operations FM 100-19 Domestic Support Operations FM 100-20 Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict FM 100-22 Installation Management FM 100-23 Peace Operations FM 100-23-1 HA Multi-Service Procedures for Humanitarian Assistance Operations FM 100-27 USA/USAF Doctrine for Joint Airborne and Tactical Airlift Operations FM 100-30 Nuclear Operations FM 100-38 UXO Multi-Service Procedures for Operations in an Unexploded Ordnance Environment FM 100-63 Infantry-Based Opposing Force Organization Guide FM 100-103 Army Airspace Command and Control in a Combat Zone FM 100-103-1 ICAC² Multi-Service Procedures for Integrated Combat Airspace Command and Control FM 100-103-2 Multi-Service Procedures for the Theater AirGround System (TAGS) FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Symbols FM 700-80 Logistics


Army Regulations

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