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Robert Kiyosaki's New, Rich Dad Site Offers Financial Education Content at No Cost

Learn about cash flow, entrepreneurship, real estate, paper assets, commodities, and more with no-cost content at

Scottsdale, AZ ­ July 19, 2011 ­ Today, The Rich Dad Company, co-founded by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the number one personal, finance book of all time, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," announced its newly-updated site at to offer no-cost, financial education content on a worldwide basis. "Kim and I founded this company because we believe in freedom and fighting for it," says Robert Kiyosaki. "It is our belief that knowledge is the ultimate weapon in the battle for freedom - and financial knowledge, the knowledge most lacking around the world, is the most important part of the arsenal." Access Financial Education Content at No Cost. In addition to all of the fee-based products and services Robert Kiyosaki and his team provides, the newly updated site offers content at no charge to help people: · Learn the latest, cash flow updates related to the current economy. Kim and Robert Kiyosaki provide their insights on economic conditions, investing, cash flow, and more with weekly blogs, special events, links to Tweets, facebook posts, and more. · Discover insider secrets about commodities, real estate, paper assets, and entrepreneurship. After filling out a simple online-registration, members receive a special gift, access to the online version of the CashFlow game, entry to the discussion form, and a monthly e-Newsletter packed with articles, news about upcoming events and much more. · Get a financial education via video. Formerly fee-based content is now being offered for free. Learn about cash flow, debt, preparing for the future, and more via videos from Robert and Kim and their top experts in real estate, commodities, paper assets, and entrepreneurship. "With the June U.S. unemployment rate at 9.2% per The Bureau of Labor Statistics, people need as much help as possible to improve their financial education and survive today's tough, economic times," states Shane Caniglia, director of technology at The Rich Dad Company. "Because of this, we have redesigned our site and added new content to help our audience easily find the information and inspiration they need take control of their financial situation and successfully reach their goals." To access the free information related to cash flow, real estate, commodities, paper assets, entrepreneurship, and more, provide feedback or ask a question, visit About the Rich Dad Company Our company was founded in 1997 based on Robert Kiyosaki's best-selling personal finance book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." While his poor dad's outlook closed his mind to the possibility of financial freedom, his best friend's rich dad elevated Robert's dreams, opened his mind to life's possibilities and allowed him to be financially free. Today, Robert and his team of experts provide financial education via books, seminars, videos, coaching, social media, innovative technology, and the board and Web game, CASHFLOW®, based on Robert's belief that people learn best through simulation. Our mantra is "Knowledge: the New Money." Everything we do has one common goal: to increase your financial knowledge and help you live the rich life. Discover how we can help you on your journey towards a rich life at or call us at 800-308-3585. ### Media Contact: Melanie Rembrandt, Rembrandt Communications , [email protected], 800-PR1-0116



Rich Dad Introduction Release-Final-7-19-11

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