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May-June 1994

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May-June 1994 Volume 26, Number 3

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Winchester 1894 Centennial

Sam Fadala

Still going after 100 years. -

COVER. The one-of-akind Winchester Model 94 Presentation Grade rifle was auctioned off at the 1994 SHOT Show for $32,625. Engraving is by Martin Rabeno (92 Spook Hole Road, Ellenville NY 12428). Photo courtesy of US. RepeatingArms Co.




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Remington Goes African

Spotting Scope -


Dave Scovill

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Daisy 1994

Air Rifles -Jess Galan


The Feinstein Lie

Capitol Watch - Neal Knox


Rimfires -A1 Miller


The.300HM Magnum

Wayne van Zwoll

The original big .30. -

Money's Worth in Binoculars

Optics - Wayne van Zwoll


DearEditor 1994 SHOT Show

News from t h e industry. -

John Kronfeld





Craig Fox Huber

KDF Muzzle Brakes

Taming t h e belted magnums. - Roger Stowers

Build an all-weather rifle. -

BlacktailsThe Stealth Deer

Phantom o t h e f Northwest. -Ron Spomer

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5 1 Product Tests



Lawson Cochise Thumbhole Rifle

Innovative classic. -



Old Dogs, New Tricks

Tales from French Creek -

Stan Trzoniec

G. Sitton


Jess Galan

Daisy 1994



Weather version of


nquestionably, the Daisy Manufacturing Co. has hit the ground running full-bore in 1994. This, one of the world's oldest and largest airgun manufacturers - often referred to as "the BB gun giant" - has unveiled several new airguns that are sure to make it big with shooters nationwide. Although Daisy carries a huge selection of airguns in its latest catalog - I counted a total of 34 models - it is the entirely new entries that deserve the bulk of our attention here. Mind you, 1993was also a pretty active year for the folks at Daisy, with the introduction of the remarkable Model 990 Dual Power rifle and the slick Model 500 pellet pistol, the latter a spittin' image of the Beretta 92F combat "wonder-nine." However, it is quite obvious that the design team down at Rogers, Arkansas, has been extremely busy in order to bring us several truly exciting airguns once again. Leading the pack of new Daisy guns is the Model 2001. I first heard rumors regarding this revolutionary new COzpowered rifle a little over a year ago, but, as is often the case in t i field, it hs was difficult at first to obtain solid details. A bit later on, when the rumors became reality, I was asked to keep the lid on until the official announcement was made at this year's SHOT Show. The Daisy Model 2001 is a C0,-powered, bolt-action pellet repeater in .17 caliber. However, the term repeater sure takes on a radically new meaning in the 2001. This rifle features a truly revolutionary, patented 35-shot helical magazine developed in conjunction with none other than Calico, the wellknown maker of those .22 rimfiie and 9mm pistols and carbines fed from their unique mega-capacity helical magazines. Other details regarding the Model 2001 include a monte carlo-style molded stock with extremely realistic woodgrain and plenty of checkering in the pistol grip and forearm areas, a


fully adjustable open rear sight and a blade atop a ramp up front. The receiver is grooved to allow the use of a telescopic sight. Overall, the Model 2001 measures 37.4 inches and tips the scales at 3.1 pounds. It has a rifled steel barrel and the nonadjustable trigger comes with a manual cross-bolt safety. Daisy lists a muzzle velocity of up to 625 fps, which is punchy enough for plinking and informal target practice, as well as dispatching small rodents and other pests. Availability of the Model 2001 is slated for sometime around the middle of 1994. Daisy has also made a big splash with the introduction of yet two more new C0,-powered pistols, the Model 400 d the Model 1700. Both are tremenously faithful look-alikes of worldrenown firearms.






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The Model 400 is a stunning spittin' image of the huge Desert Eagle semiautomatic. Not only does this pistol feature a semiautomatic BB-firing action, but also its function is so realistic that it even has a reciprocating blowback slide action that mimics that of the real McCoy. The 400 comes with a 2 h h o t drop-in BB magazine, a smoothbore brass barrel and a rotary trigger block safety. The sights are fixed, but that should be no problem in a pistol designed for pure plinking pleasure. Top muzzle velocity is set at 420 fps, which is peppy enough for its intended role as a fun gun. This amazing new pistol should be available by the time you read this. The other new pistol is called the Model 1700. Also powered by one standard 12-gram C02 cartridge housed in the grip, the Daisy 1700 is a very close copy of the Glock 17L - the long-slide target version of the famous Austrian pistol. The 1700 measures 11.25 inches overall and weighs 1.4 pounds. It has



The new Daisy Power Line 2001 rifle is powered by CO, and features a patented 35-round helical magazine with capacity for 35 .177-inch pellets.


Rifle 153

capacity for up to 60 BBs and can spit them out at up to 420 fps. In addition, this pistol features a rear sight that is adjustable for windage, plus a dovetail receiver that allows the installation of Daisy's own brand-new No. 7809 Electronic Point Sight or a pistol scope with %-inch mounts. Frankly, mounting a scope on a BB pistol seems a bit exaggerated; however, the Point Sight is a wholly different proposition that does add a new dimension to fast-paced plinking fun with this pistol. The 1700 has a smoothbore steel barrel and molded construction throughout. This model, I am assured by the folks at Daisy, will be on dealers'shelves by early spring. Although not a brand-new model by any means, Daisy has reintroduced one of that company's all-time classics that should bring back lots of fond memories among those kho, like yours truly, never completely outgrew the BB guns of their childhood. The Daisy Model 225, also dubbed the American Legend, is the latest version of one of Daisy's most successful BB guns ever, the No. 25 trombone action BB repeater first marketed back in 1913. The "new" Model 225 still features that same traditional pump mechanism, but the pump handle is a lot beefier than before, plus a checkered pistol grip and monte carlo-style plastic stock with raised cheekpiece and a fully adjustable rear sight. A manual cross-bolt trigger safety completes the works.

Daisy is also paying tribute this year to another of their top-selling BB guns, the Model 1894, an identical copy of the legendary Winchester 94 leveraction carbine. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Winchester 94, this year Daisy will produce a Limited Edition 1894 Commemorative of their Model 1894 BB carbine. This Limited Edition model features an octagonal barrel, silk-screened receiver with the gold-colored legend Limited Edition 1894-1994 and a commemorative medallion in the stock. It is a foregone conclusion that this Limited Edition model is destined to become a collector's item in years to come, as have other Daisy commemorative models of recent years that now fetch much higher prices than when they were first marketed. The Models 2001,400 and 1700 are all marketed under Daisy's Power Line logo, which means they are recommended for ages 16 and older. These new models will also be eminently affordable, another reason why I expect them to sell like the proverbial hotcakes. The Model 225 and Limited Edition 1894 carbine are marketed under Daisy's Youthline logo, which in turn indicates they are recommended for ages 10 and older with adult supervision. The latter cannot be emphasized enough. Airguns, including regular smoothbore BB guns of low power, are not toys and should never be given to children to be used without direct adult supervision.





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Shooting Rest For L&g Range Accuracy.

= l

Steady StixTM vork like bi-pods (ithout the hassle of a firearm mounted device. Allows firearm to get on target fast and to "track game without changing position. Fast height adjustment w i t h u n i q u e "Slip/Swivel/Clamp" for prone, sitting, or kneeling positions from 6" to 36". Firearm sights level instantly on uneven ground. "Quick Couplers" allow quiet set up and compact transport in the field. Cushion foam feature protects gunstock finish. Lightweight (1 0 oz.), durable construction features rigid fiberglass rods and tuff thermoplastic fittings. Includes handy belt pouch.

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After many years out of production, Daisy is bringing back the latest version of their No. 25 BB gun. The new version is dubbed the Model 225 American legend.

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May-June 1994


rhey specialize in aetaiie



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1994 SHOT


John Kronfeld

here were so many new products at the 1994 SHOT Show, it is difficult to cover them all. So the next best thing to do is to touch on those products that made the greatest impression. The first stop was at Remington's booth, and the first item to catch my attention was their new line of Model Seven rifles. For 1994 they are offered in stainless steel with a synthetic stock and chambered in .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington and .308 Winchester. It's the perfect lightweight M e for those who hunt hard in all sorts of rugged terrain and weather environments.

does it have an all stainless steel construction with a synthetic stock and a fluted barrel, but it also has an odoff muzzle brake. This is accomplished by twisting the muzzle brake sleeve % of a turn to either open up the brake or block it off. It is a fascinating concept, and it works perfectly with no basic change in the bullet's point of impact. A full length review is in the works for

Rm i.

Savage didn't just stop there for 1994. Their new M-116SE is a Safari Express rifle. Not only does it come with the odoff muzzle brake, a stainless steel barrel and a beautiful walnut stock, but the bolt also incorporates controlled feeding. It will be chambered in .458 Winchester Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum.


a K ounce copper sabot slug. Also, for those who shoot trap and skeet at ranges that are being scrutinized by the EPA for lead pollution, Remington has come out with 12 and 20 gauge steel target loads. The Safari Grade rifle ammunition l i e has been expanded to include a 160-grain Swift A-Frame bullet in the 7mm Remington Magnum. This round works. I just came back from a trophy mule deer hunt in New Mexico where I used it to take a fine buck. While we're on the subject of my New Mexico hunt, Savage Arms provided the M-116FCSAK for the hunt. Not only

U.S. Repeating Arms (Winchester) wasn't asleep at the switch either. They have expanded the number of chamberings and configurations available with the pre-64 (claw extractor/positive feeding) action, and it is now available in stainless steel in 10 calibers. Al l together, I count 74 new bolt-action configurationsin Winchester's catalog.

Winchester Model 94 fans take note. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Model 94, Winchester will build 94 rifles designated Custom Limited Edition Centennial; there will also be a Limited Edition High Grade and the Limited Edition Grade I. All models will be chambered in .30-30 Winchester. The numbers of the last two series have not been announced yet. Ruger, never to be outdone with new products in any given year, introduced

For the varmint shooter, Remington has come out with an all stainless steevsynthetic stock package that has one interesting new twist -the barrel is fluted, allowing the barrel t o cool faster during extended firings. The rifle wl be chambered in 223 Remington, il 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift and .308 Winchester.

New ammunition from Remington includes a 12-gauge, 3-inch magnum round with a 1% ounce copper sabot slug and a 20-gauge, 2%-inchround with Browning's new BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) can be used to fine tune accuracy.


Rifle 153

a beefed up Model 77/22 in 2 2 Hornet (77/22 Hornet). The classic look and light compact construction make this rifle a prime candidate for a starter varrninter for the wife or kids. Rumor has it that the rifle will be chambered in 223 Remington for 1995.

Ruger's Old Army (cap and ball) revolver will be available this year without adjustable sights in stainless steel, the New Model Single Six is now available with fixed sights, and there's a Sporting Clays version in the 20gauge Red Label. For Vaquero fans (the Vaquero is Ruger's answer to the Colt SNfured sight revolver), this year it will also be chambered in .44Magnum and .44-40 Winchester, but it may be hard to come by. Ruger already has orders for 97,000 of-these sixguns. Two of the most intriguing items from Ruger this year are a PK-89 with an integral laser system at a reasonable price. (A prototype was at their booth, but it is so new that it does not appear in their catalog); and a stainless steel 28-gauge Red Label on a new, l i t frame. The gun is cataloged, but it was not available at the SHOT Show. Browning's hot item is the BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System). The BOSS has two functions: it acts as a muzzle brake and modifies the harmonics of the barrel. This allows the shooter to optimize the accuracy of either the BAR or A-Bolt rifles with any brand of ammunition or handloads. Now one can use his favorite bullet and get it to shoot subminute-of-anglewith the BOSS. The highlight of Colt's display was the airing of the Cadet. It is a fine looking stainless steel 2 2 rimfire pistol and bears a strong resemblance to the great Colt Woodsman of years gone by. For now it comes with a 4%-inch barrel. Weatherby's booth had no new products, but they did add some new finishes on some of their shotguns. Their attitude this year was that their existing lines of rifles, shotguns and scopes have been so successful that they could hardly keep up with the demand for these products. Thus the decision was made to concentrate on filling orders for these existing highly successful products before they bit off any more in the way of new products. I strongly agree with this philosophy. Getting away from the rifle, pistol and shotgun arena, from the compo-

stainless sykhetic (left), Savage Model 116 FCSAK with a composite stock, fluted stainless barrel and on-off muzzle brake (center) and i



nent and accessories people, we could flood a baseball field with the new products that I will b reviewing, in : depth, throughout the year. Perhaps the most innovative item is from the Swift Bullet Company in Quinter,

Kansas. Besides expanding their line of partitioned rifle bullets with bonded front cores to include the 2 7 0 and 6.5mm cartridges, they introduced a partitioned pistol bullet in .44 caliber. Weights will be 240 and 300 grains.

May-June 1994


"The Rock" reloading bench is from Production Industries (240 Teller, Corona CA 91719). It is manufactured from industrial strength steel and guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. rifle and pistol bullets, has added several more: two 9mm Makarov (.363 inch) bullets - a 95-grain JHP and a 100-grain FPJ; .38 Super (.356 inch) 150-grain Fp, .45caliber, 300-grain JSP 6mm, 80-grain Blitz Varminter; .277inch, 135-grain HPBT MatchKing; and a .33&inch, 215-grain SBT GameKing. Nosler added two new bullets to their line. The one that will probably attract the most interest is a 40-grain, .223inch Ballistic Tip for the varminters. I tested this bullet extensively last summer and fall, and it is awesome as far as performance and trajectory goes. The other bullet is for the IPSC shooters, a 135-grain,.357-inch FMJ.

Swift will have a 300-grain partitioned bullet later on this year for the .454 Casull.

Hornady introduced a .50-caliber BMG match weighing 750 grains' This bullet may be a little harder for me to test, but I'm working On it. Hernady is also offering the new Chronomax, a chronograph that comes with its own sawhorse type stand. If One keep me writing all year about new products, it's B1ount; and this year was no different' Most notable from the Good 01' Boys on the Snake River was the expansion of their line of TNT varmint bullets

with an 87-grain, .257-inch bullet; a 90grain, .277-inch bullet; and a 110-grain, 7mm bullet. RCBS unveiled a new concept in primer seating, utilizing the arching motion of a curved slide. As the hand grip is closed, it forces the curved slide under the primer cup and seats the RCBS also offers a power case trimmer - The Trim Pro ~ t ah low-rpm/high-torque motor and a precision cutter. Barnes had an exciting new wrinkle. Now many of their X-Bullets will incorporate a boat-tail. This allow those who like the X-Bullet to take longer shots with improved trajectory. Sierra, with an already broad line of

Winchester is making their Fail Safe bullet available as a component. It's now available in .270, 7mm, .308 and .338 calibers. Factory loads are also available in .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .30-06, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum. Winchester also introduced two new Ball powders. One is a rifle powder called Magnum Rifle (designated Below left, Speer has expanded their line of TNT varmint bullets to include most popular calibers. Below, Hornady's .5O-caliber match bullets are packed 20 per box.




Rifle 153

left, Hornady launched a new self-contained Chronomax chronograph for I994 while Eagle Electronics (right) announced the "AccuNav SDort GPS." a hand-held

Chester, .270 Winchester, .30-06 and .300 Winchester Magnum, fans will be pleased with its performance - especially if you push heavy bullets in these calibers. The second powder is called Action Pistol and is designated WAP. Preliminary data shows that this powder has a wide range of calibers and bullet weights. It will find application in the 9mm Luger, .38 Super, .40 S&W, lOmm Automatic and the .45 ACP.


Rifle loads, black-powder rounds like the .50-90 and .50-140 Sharps, longrange rounds, Sierra "Palma" bullet data and Schuetzen rifle cartridge data. At the Lyman booth, I thought I would need a whole day to review all their new products. Actually, what held me there so long was their two new publications: Big Game Cartridges & Rifles and Pistol and Revolver Handbook 2nd Edition. I started to browse through them, and I couldn't put them down. For the Winchester Model 94 fans, Lyman has re-introduced the famous No. 2 tang sight, the sight that the Lyman Company was founded on in 1878. With the sight comes both the .093 inch quick sighting aperture and a .040 inch large disk aperture and replacement rear stock screw and a front tang screw. I also got to playing with their new one inch digital micrometer and 6 inch digital dial caliper, and like the kid I am, I didn't want to put it down. If you need to measure items like cast bullets, case base expansion and case lengths so you'll know when to trim and overall cartridge length (and your eyes aren't so hot, like mine), either one or both of these new Lyman products is a must for serious handloaders. There were also four new cast bullet moulds added: .429-inch, 245-grain roundnose (with 4 to 5 grains of Bullseye, it is perfect for Cowboy Shoots); .452-inch, 200-grain WFN; .406-inch, 240-grain FN and a .439-inch, 370 grain RN bullet for the .43 Spanish. Berger Bullets - kno'wn for its long range match bullets - has come out with a 6mm (.243 inch) bullet for match

Two other items caught my attention at the Winchester booth. A complete line of unleaded handgun loads (the bullet is totally enclosed and the primer has no lead in it). This is perfect for indoor range work where the EPA is starting to get sticky about air-borne particulant lead. The other interesting product was a hunting round for the Swedish 6.5x55mm. With thousands of excellent surplus rifles flooding the market in this caliber, this round should receive a warm welcome.

From Accurate Arms, we did and didn't get any new powders. An announcement was made that they have bought the Scot Powder Co. line and will have them on the market later this spring. What we did get new from Accurate Arms was a great reloading manual for all the standard cartridges along with data for odd-ball rounds like the .50 AE, NRA High Power Service

that it needs a one-in-7-inch twist to stabilize and the standard twist in 6mm rifles is one in 10. This is going to be another hard product to test, but I have an Olympic match rifle lined up to do the testing. Harrington & Richardson had an interesting little item that they're now almost sold out of for 1994, the .410 Tamer Shotgun. Made of stainless steel with a composite stock, this little shotgun can be easily held and fired with one hand. Its popularity will be with those who fish in the southeast and axe worried about the poisonous snake paying an unwanted visit. Western hunters are also intrigued with the Tamer as a pot gun for mountain hunts. Those camping in the western states during wann weather may also want to have one along for rattlers. VihtaVuori Oy, the Finnish powder maker, will make available later on in 1994 a line of rifle powders that is supposed to increase the velocities, at safe pressures, of most high intensity rifle

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May-June 1994



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