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r-Controlled Vowels

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Read each sentence. Find the letters that stand for the missing r-controlled vowel sound in each word. Write the letters on the line. Answers may be used more than once.

air 1. Mom wanted Marie to get her h 2. "Your bangs are hanging ov ar er ir or

cut because her curls were very long. your eyes!" Mom said. t?

3. But Marie didn't want anyone cutting her hair. What if it was cut too sh 4. "It'll be fine," Mom told Marie. "I'll take you this m 5. Marie kept thinking about her hair as Mom drove the c 6. Once Marie stepped into the hair salon, she felt very n 7. Marie sat down and a nice lady with a p 8. When the lady was done, Marie tw It was just right! ning before lunch." to the salon. vous.

of scissors cut her hair. led around in her seat to look at her new haircut.

Say each picture name. Then circle the word that names the picture.

9. a. chair b. cheer c. chain

10. a. stare b. star c. store

11. a. shirt b. short c. skirt

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a. fern

b. fort

c. fork

20 Phonics Practice

r-Controlled Vowels air, ar, er, ir, and or



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