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r-Controlled Vowels

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Read each sentence. Circle the words that have the r-controlled vowel sound you hear in care, beard, fern, corn, or nurse. Then write these words on the correct line below.

1. On Thursday, Mrs. Kim talked to my class about three kinds of bad weather. 2. She told us about tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms with thunder and lightning. 3. She also told us a way that we can find out how far away a storm is. 4. After you see lightning in the sky, count each second until you hear thunder. 5. For every five seconds you count, the storm is one mile away. 6. I wonder if I will have a chance to try this. 7. On Saturday, I saw dark clouds in the sky. 8. I stared out the window and saw a flash of lightning! 9. I was careful to count each second slowly. 10. Then came the sound of thunder. The storm was near!

11. are as in care 12. ear as in beard 13. er as in fern 14. or as in corn

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15. ur as in nurse

r-Controlled Vowels are, ear, er, or, and ur

Phonics Practice 21



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