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BROWN/RISD Dual Degree Program

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School Now Attending: Instructions to the applicant: 1. To be considered for this program, applicants must complete the supplemental essay and submit copies to both Brown and to Rhode Island School of Design by each institution's application deadline. 2. Students interested in the Brown/RISD Dual Degree (BRDD) program may apply Early Decision to Brown or Early Decision to RISD, but not both institutions. Students wanting to be considered for the BRDD program will be evaluated during Regular Decision only. Notification of the admission decision to each school will occur on each school's reply date. Notification of the admission decision to the BRDD program will take place in early April. Please check our website for more information. 3. If an applicant is admitted to either school under that school's Early Decision Program, the applicant MUST commit to attend that school. Students subsequently admitted to the BRDD program will be exempt from this rule and allowed to matriculate at both Brown and RISD. To the applicant: Please sign and date I have read the instructions above Please return this form as soon as possible but no later than the following dates: Brown University Early Decision: November 1 Regular Decision: January 1 Admission Office Brown University Box 1876 45 Prospect Street Providence, RI 02912 Rhode Island School of Design Early Decision: November 1 Regular Decision: February 1 Admissions Office Rhode Island School of Design Two College Street Providence, RI 02903 Supplemental Essay (You may attach your essay on a separate sheet of paper.) In choosing to apply for the Brown-RISD A.B./B.F.A. dual degree program, your interests and future plans will be influenced and enhanced by the courses offered by both colleges. We are curious as to why you have chosen to apply for this specific dual degree program; please tell us your reasons for selecting it, and what you envision as its impact on your education and career. Date



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